*Throughout the whole time I was here, I tried my damnedest to figure out what Mr. Eff was up too.

+Tricky little bastards aren't they? Did you find out what he was up too?


For the next couple of hours I found myself sitting on the bed as the rest of the group roamed around the bed room. Well… most of the group. Mr. Eff was staring me down from his chair with everything in him. I couldn't find it in myself to turn away from those red piercing eyes even if I tried.

'I have to get home.' I thought as my eyes stayed locked on to the bastard's. 'He's changing me.'

'Sis,' Mr. Eff started in a hurt tone. 'Do you really believe that I'm the one changing you?'

'Yes.' I replied without a second thought.

'I'm not the one changing you Little Miss Sis.' He stated simply. 'I'm just here for the ride on your spiral downward. I was pulled towards your anger like I would anyone else's if they took me away from my master and Johnny. ' I frowned as I brought my legs against my chest and wrapped my arms around them. 'In a way, I'm actually trying to prevent you from turning into Johnny.'

'How's that?' I asked in seconds.

'I didn't have to warn you about getting sucked into that wall. I did all the killing when it was needed. I don't have to be talking to you right now; explaining it all to you like a parent would a child.' A sudden feeling of someone rubbing my back in a comforting matter came to me, making me jump. I didn't like that feeling at all. I didn't like not knowing who or what was touching me. 'I did all that because I'm your friend.'

I licked my lips and let this sink in. He didn't have to tell me about what was going on. Hell, he didn't even have to be nice to me like he was…

'Maybe… Maybe he is my only friend in this world.'

'Of course I am,' He answered. 'Besides the child. He means you no harm.' I stared to my feet. 'Psycho Doughboy just wants you to kill yourself for his own amusement. Nailbunny isn't really any help for you. Meat hasn't told you to do anything on the lines of getting out and enjoying yourself. The bear could give two shits about you. Little Miss Sis,' I stared up to Mr. Eff. 'I'm the only one that's here, and willing, to help you out of this place.'

I stared at the T.V. that was in front of me for a moment, letting the word set into my brain. So he wasn't the reason as to why I was changing… It was the world itself that was changing me. It made since in away. The people in that world had a way of rubbing you the wrong way and pissing you off to no end. That and why wouldn't I change in that world?

It's kind of like a drug. You start off as your normal self when you first start. Then in the end you change into something that's completely different from what you once were. But the question was, was Mr. Eff really meaning to help me out, or was it one big act to get something bigger? Psycho Doughboy said he was trying to do something when I almost killed myself.

Was that a lie?

And what the hell was he talking about Mr. Eff trying to get away from him?

… Was he trying to get me to kill so he could become real and get away from Psycho Doughboy and Johnny?... it made somewhat of since. But what did the wall of skin in the dream have to do with anything?

'It's a sign of slipping into madness.' I thought, finally adding it all together. 'But that still doesn't answer what the hell Mr. Eff wants with me after I reach that state, and him becoming real doesn't make since if that's what it's all about because Johnny's almost has that done…'

'Like a said Little Miss Sis,' Mr. Eff hissed, making my blood run cold. 'I'm only he for the ride down. Just as Psycho Doughboy was when you were in a state of wallow.'

'Then why didn't Meat come into my head when I went out with Todd and you?' I asked in a matter-of-fact tone. 'He's in that area.'

'That sensation wasn't strong enough for him to do so at the time when you were out.' He answered calmly. 'Besides, he's for feeling and getting out more often to enjoy yourself. We were just out to get a quick bite to eat.'

'What about Nailbunny?' I shifted a little on the bed, but kept my eyes locked on Mr. Eff. 'He talked to me-,'

'But not in your head.' He pointed out to me. I lowered my eyes, sighing through my nose. 'And he's only for Johnny really, seeing as how he's his sane part of mind.'

I blinked at let everything settle in.

'So… My rage has gotten to the point in this world that you can talk to me in my head now.'


'And the more I think about harming someone in this world, the more I get pulled into the wall that's a sign of madness.'

'Very good Little Miss Sis.' Mr. Eff sneered. 'You're starting to get the idea of things.'

'But… What does that have to do with me being stuck with you and what you have planned?'

'There is a plan.' He replied coldly. 'But that plan is something that will become clear when the time comes.'

"Sis?" I snapped out of my conversation with Mr. Eff to see Todd looking up at me over the edge of the bed with Meat and Psycho Doughboy at his side. His brown eyes turned to the floor below him as he messed with his small hands. "I-I been trying to talk to you-,"

"The kid's been trying to get you out of that weird catatonic state you've been in for the past three hours." Meat chimed in for Todd, making him squeak in fear at his tone of voice.

My eyes widened in shock hearing what Reverend Meat had said just then.

"T-Three hours!?" I repeated.

"He's been talking to you, hasn't he?" Psycho Doughboy said, glaring over to Mr. Eff that was glaring back at him. "Brain washing again are we now Mr. Eff?"

"Only preaching the truth Psycho Doughboy." Mr. Eff climbed onto the bed and stood on the edge of it, glaring down at everyone. "What does it matter to you anyway?"

"Because I know how you work." He shot back at his opposite.

"And that's better than you." Mr. Eff hissed. "So stay out of my way and stop trying to interfere with everyone's time out of hell."

"We won't be able to stay away forever Mr. Eff." I frowned at this. "You and I both know this."

It grew quiet.

I cleared my throat making everyone turn and look to me.

"I think it's time we head out and go to a different hotel." I stated, standing up and having Squee run over to me and wrap his arms around my legs. "The smell of the body is starting to bug me a little, and I'm guessing that Squee's really not fond of it either." I picked up Squee and sighed. "So let me get everything put together and we'll head out." I smiled softly at Squee. " 'Kay?"

Todd nodded his head and hugged Shmee at the same time.

I placed him on the ground and started to get everything gathered for us to leave the hotel.

Luck for me, when I was getting dressed, the person prior to us having the room left their black jacket. I threw away the weed I found in the pocket and put it on to cover the stab that I had from Johnny on my side. My side still hurt like someone was jabbing it with their finger over and over for the fun of it. At that point in time, Squee was in the back of the car with Reverend Meat and Shmee when Psycho Doughboy and Mr. Eff were up front with me. I turned on the car.

"Everyone here?" I asked, looking over everyone. "Nailbunny?"

"Yes," He replied, making me glance down to see him sitting on my lap. "I'm here."

"I forgot I placed you there…" I rubbed the back of my neck in embarrassment, saying, "Sorry 'bout that…" I turned to see Mr. Eff and Psycho Doughboy fighting over who was going to set in the middle so they didn't have to worry about falling out the car because of the missing door. I raised an eyebrow. "You two do know that you could sit in the back with Meat and Squee. There is enough room."

"I really want to sit in the back of the car with a brat and a fat bastard," Mr. Eff snarled. "I'll sit in the front and take my chances of falling out of the car."

"Same." Psycho Doughboy mumbled, crossing his arms.

I sighed and started to drive the car. I didn't really know where we were going to stay. But I knew that we had to keep moving in order to stay out of sight of Johnny. That was the one thing I had to do. If I didn't I would die. That wasn't something I wanted to do.

The sound of the engine was the only thing that broke the silence between all of us. I really didn't like awkward moments like those. I wanted people to talk around me so it didn't seem too weird. Then again, having talking objects seems to out rank that. We finally got to a part of the town that seemed to be completely abandoned. Really, no one was outside or anything. If you didn't know any better, you would have thought that it was a ghost town.

I frowned looking around the streets as the feeling of paranoia started to wash over me. What if Johnny killed a whole god damn town? What if this was planned out? I stomped on the brakes at one of the thoughts that passed my mind, Squee screaming in fear at the act.

What if someone planned this out?

'No…No, that wouldn't work though… Who would have the power of making a whole town vanish in thin air?' I let this ponder for some time. 'God might be able too. But isn't God a fat, lazy bastard in the comic? So he's out… Then the only one that would be able to would be… The Devil.'

I rubbed my head.

'But what would the devil want with Johnny killing crazy fan girls and one person that just started reading the damn comic!' I slammed my fist against the steering wheel. 'GOD DAMN IT I DON'T GET IT!'

There was a knock on my side of the car making me jump. I looked up in shock seeing the last person I thought I would.

The girl I let out of the basement. I rolled down the window and leaned out a bit.

"Hey," I said in shock. "W-Where have you been? I thought you died because I couldn't find you in Johnny's house." She looked down to her gray convers and messed with her hands.

"I was scared of you then, seeing as how you were the only one in the basement standing up to Johnny." She moved some of her blond hair out of her eyes. "It was very brave of you."

I rubbed the back of my head with closed eyes and chuckled at her kind words.

"Not really brave as stupid."

'I'd say so.' Mr. Fuck's voice rang in my head. I held in my laughter, seeing as how I did bring that one on myself. I sighed placing my hand back on the steering wheel.

"Where have you been anyway?"

She replied, "I found someone that allowed me to stay at their place."

I widened my eyes hearing this.

"Really?" She shook her head with a kind smile. "It's hard to believe that someone would let a stranger into their house." I narrowed my eyes at her. "And in a place like this too…"

"You have to believe me when I say this!" She replied with wide eyes. "I would never lie to you after what you did for me!" I investigated her face not fully believing every word she said to me. Her brown eyes seemed to dart down to the ground after sometime of me staring at her. "How about you meet the person that took me in?"

"Uh?" I asked.

She smiled softly at me again as she looked back to me.

"I don't have anything to hide from you," She went on. "Why don't you come meet the person that took me in?" I licked my lips and turned to the steering wheel. What did I have to lose? She was the other person in the basement that got out with me…

"Alright." I mumbled, making her smile more at me. "I'll go and meet this person that helped ya out." I glared at her from the corner of my eye, and said, "I'll meet you somewhere close to see if I can trust you first though."

She pointed to a building on the other side of the street. "What about that club over there?"

I glanced over to the club to see it was close for the day time. It looked okay, but I wasn't fond of that many people being around me. I let this roam around my head for a moment and thought out some things that could happen if I agreed to go to the club. It was a crowded place, so the chances of getting killed were small…

"Fine." I chimed after a while. "I meet you there at nine tonight."

"Sounds good." She started to walk away from me. "Bye!" She waved to me.

I saw something in her eyes that made me frown. It only flickered in her eyes for a moment, and then it vanished. I said goodbye and drove off to find a hotel. That girl didn't seem right in my eyes. She was up to something. It was something about her that made my gut turn.

"Ms. Sis." Squee's voice piped up from the back. I looked in the rearview mirror, giving him my full attention. "When are we going to see that nice lady?"

I averted my eyes back to the road.

"I don't think it's a good idea if you go along with me Squee." His eyes became sad hearing me say this to him. "It's not because I don't wanted you to Squee," I stated fast seeing his eye water in the mirror. "It's just if you go with me and something happened, and you were to get hurt… well, I just couldn't forgive myself if anything happened to you…"

I took a left with the car and went on.

"That's why I'm flying solo on this one." I spotted a hotel that was open. "Mr. Eff, Psycho Doughboy, Nailbunny and Reverend Meat will watch after you when I'm gone." I pulled over to the side of the road and parked the beaten car. "I promise," I turned to the back of the car to Squee's round eyes. "Nothing bad is going to happen to me or you."

"Promise?" He repeated, the tears in his eyes slowly fading away.

"Cross my heart and hope to die," I added, running my finger over my heart. "Stick a needle in my eye."

He smiled happily. I was kind of dumbfounded by this. I would have thought that Squee would have screamed in fear at what I said to him. Maybe he was finally getting the idea of how I acted. I smiled happily back at him.

Things seemed to be going right for once.

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