I tune out the rest of the carnival or fair or whatever you want to call it now as she pulls me aimlessly through it. Sarah unusually hides her visage with her golden locks and gives me the uttermost incredulous look when we are at the borderline of the festival. I stop and she halts, and I look around through the forest to see where she's planning on taking me. Turning around I look at the carnival and examine all the people and balance my choices out. My eyes deadlock on Sam when he appears smiling coming around from the teacup ride. His eyes catches on to my gaze and I don't have time to react before I pulled into the woods leaving him behind. I'm too distracted dodging these branches and tree stumps and the adverse dominance of Sarah. The girl knows how through a guy against a tree. Bringing me out of my thoughts she crashes her lips against mine. Unexpectedly, I dive into the kiss automatically moving in a rhythm that matches hers as my hands roam around her body. They travel down and reach her hips. I press her against me and it all starts to kill me inside when I grab her ass. I want this so bad from the descendant of Aphrodite herself, but even her power can't will me to do the things with this girl. "I'm sorry," I whisper as I push her off me running deeper into the woods.

Now this is happening again. The part that's breaking in me. I don't know what is, or why it's happening but I hate the feeling of it. It happened when I was too eager to put on the shirt Sam gave me when we were in the restroom changing from the ink splat prank Mark gave us. Like when he returned, Sam was walking immensely slow in my eyes but I guess everything seems to slow down when I'm around him. In this time, I couldn't but help not to wonder why his eyes were so glued on me. Inspecting my body like the alien I actually am. When I looked back at him everything changed and he tossed the shirt to me. Too awkward for the time being I quickly pulled the sweater over my head. I followed his gaze downward as he was looking until everything was concealed. And then the sadness flooded again. I thought the whirlwind of these emotions would have stopped when I realized I loved Sarah. But in all, it became worse when I knew who I truly fell in love with. Yes of course it was Sam, since the first time I sensed him in my presence but it all became too real when I got back home the night of my run. "Please John, tell me you aren't in love." Henry spoke instantly when I walked through the door. I don't remember him ever giving me a liable statement on how he would come to a speculation like that. I answer in the affirmative before he starts to rant and rave about more protection. I pick up barking Kosar giving Henry Sarah name and head up to my room. The dog continuously kept sniffing my neck, so I can only guess that's what happened on our planet. And since I wasn't here, Henry was the host of this torture Kosar put me through the whole night.

The next morning Henry was explaining how I could break the news to her and that's when it hit. He said we sense the one we love first before we actually fall in love. And I saw Sarah first and the I felt the connection after she left. So for a fact I know it couldn't be her. But then that only leaves one person; Sam. I figured since I should be there for him when no one ese would step up I fell in love. That he needed someone to love him and I really don't object since he's really an attractive individual. Even for a guy, but I think mostly that's the connection between us speaking. A scream brings me out of my thoughts and I freeze. Again it pierces through the night sky and I follow it knowing it could only be one girls out in the woods. Sarah. I force my legs faster as I follow where the sound started and prepare myself for whatever comes up. I shine the light through my palms letting me see in this dark night, and increase my speed. The feminine screams start to become more distant. I fall to the ground from the log that I jumped over? No, I noticed I was attacked and I quickly put my bearable burning hands to this perpetrators with night vision goggles. I kick him off me and I stand up to then keep the three others masked men down. One comes at me from my left swing with his right fist. Reflexively I lean back to miss the hit. I grab his arm, punching the one who comes straight forwards to me in the mouth sending back. I take the arm bending it so it's behind his back send a strike with my knee to his stomach. I turn to the one who's there a couple yards away shining my hands to him. Confusing him with the disarray of lights dancing at a distance from him I jump, doing a back flip, knocking him to the ground. I land in a crouching position and quickly stand back up. I can feel the sweat beading down my face and my hoodie half off. I run back to the run I punch earlier, stomping the one back down that I kneed, and throw the bloody lip against the tree. Grabbing his collar I demand that I know where the girl is and he just says he don't know. I send my elbow into his jaw following the high pitch scream again. I figure that it was one of the masked guys making the rustling sound in the bushes as I ran my way to the sound. When I finally reach the point where I see Sarah and Mark I release the legacies of their use and set her free. I push my back, putting Sarah behind me. He tries to come at me bro! I tak his fist, pinning him to the ground twisting his arm. Sarah screams for me to stop, and I release this pathetic Mark.

Hurrying to Sams house all I can muster is how he saw me use my legacies. Did he follow us into the woods? Was he part of the this whole scheme Mark put him up to see if I was a feak or not? Or was it that it was all a coincidence he accidentally seen me use them? Is it because he knew, and he had a feeling that tonight was just a time to exploit me about 'What I Am'? I approach the address in the text messages, dismissing all of the questions. I'm going to go in with a clear mind. I raise my hand to knock, but he appears from the garage. I go to where he is and walk pass him on my way in. He stay by some old truck and demands to know what I am. He continuously ask if I'm on of them, and who else from my planet is here. Undoubtedly he knows I'm not the only kind and doesn't believe me when I say I'm just like him. But I'm not. I'm entirely different. "What are you talking about?" I ask him. He's going off on these theories and it seems like he had too many watchings fo UFO things on Discovery. I pretend bimbo for a second until he pulls out his phone. Acknowledging he has photos, I feel my face go blank. I quickly step to him and grab his phone. I step back from the frightened guy and search through his phone. All that I see are regular preset photos and one of him and what looks like his Dad. I question him, and he quickly gets defensive and attempts to take the phone from my hand. By some imaginary force, I push him back against the vehicle with me pressed against him. I just feel like I cornered another predator fighting over this phone. I can feel his hands around mine as I hold his phone in my hand. With my other hand it's around his collar keeping him Sam still against the truck. Now we both are entered into each other real personal space and I can feel his breath against my lips. He takes a huge fearful gulp that scares before before he spoke.

"What are you?" He ask. "I definitely know you're not human by what I saw in the forest." Not wanting to lie anymore, I tell him now because some day down the line I'll have to anyway. I stare into his brown eyes and let my eyes travel down the contours of his face to his lips. He nervously licks them and I feel the need to feel what they're like. I look back into his eyes taking a step back, but not too far to break the short distance. His lips that look to soft are slightly parted and the fear in his chocolate eyes draw me in even more. I look deeper into his while his are gazing down and seconds later when he looks back into my eyes I lean in to kiss him. I dive into his mouth and know that this here is what I've always wanted. I sent my tongue across his bottom lip and dived into his mouth again, this time taking his lip. I realize his lower lip and groan to the feeling of his tongue clashing against mine. Surprisingly he begins to lead the kiss and I release the grip I had on him and he flips the position we're in. He's pressed against me now as I drop his phone to have both of my hands entangled with his. I begin to feel this heat surge through me and I notice that this kissing is going to far when I feel my jeans becoming to tight. I break the kiss turning my head to the side and Sam begins to kiss and suck on my exposed neck. I let out a pleasurable restrained grunt as he kiss on the spot and I swiftly move from him. "S-S-Sam, wait hold on." I stutter out. He turns around looking hungry with dark lust filled eyes and I hold up my hands to stop him. He looks unsure of why he's not moving until he gets it; I'm not pushing him back. He looks down at his chest and sees the small fields holding him back.

"I was right," Sam mumbles out. "I knew it. You aren't human." He says brightly.

Hey, how did you like that. I know it isn't much, but it was just a reoccurance that continuously derived my brain. I was gonna go insane. Though I left out some parts, I felt it wasn't as a big deal to have the fight and have John take Sam with him romantically and because of his Father involvement. But yeah, dislike if you please. :)