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Of Coffee Shops and Comic Books

AU Brittana- A gorgeous, coffee shop cashier and a nerdy, comic-book savvy college student. It's nothing much, but it's funny how life works to bring together two people sometimes. Or you could just blame the best friend who forgets to mention that she knows the both of them. Holy crazy acrobatics, Batman.

Ch. 1: Girl at the Coffee Shop

A pair of curious brown eyes peaked over the top of a laptop towards a cashier counter just about 10 feet away. The smell of coffee beans along with baked goods were prevalent in this quaint coffee shop. A feeling of warmth and welcome evident in the atmosphere. There was light conversation scattered throughout the sparse patrons within and the sounds mingled with the soft, soothing background music.

The set of previously mentioned mocha eyes met those of a blue color within a matter of seconds of straying from the laptop screen. Santana let out a small squeak of surprise and quickly averted her eyes back down. She sunk down further into the couch and tried to become as small as possible as to hide behind her 15 inch macbook pro.

"Way to go with the leering, Lopez... you've been coming to this coffee house for the past month and you still don't have the balls to even hold a decent conversation with that gorgeous cashier," Santana self-criticized as she shook her head slightly. She scratched the side of her temple and readjusted the headphones that were plugged into her ears. Turning up whatever song was playing on her iTunes, she tried to block out the heat of embarrassment that crept up.

Santana Lopez: from the small town of Lima, Ohio, 20 years of age, of Hispanic descent, entering her third year of college with the hopes of becoming a doctor... or at least something pertaining to the medical field. You could say it was from the influence of her father (who's a successful doctor back in Lima) combined with those damn, dramatic TV medical shows (House M.D., Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, etc.) which she enjoyed watching religiously every week, that got her interested in pursuing this path. She graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA and here she was now in the West Coast attending UCLA, pre-med at the moment.

The extra curricular activities of being apart of Glee club and a cheerleader for all four years (head cheerleader for two of those years) definitely helped in her admission. You could also say that she was a bit of a nerd, not only in the academic aspect, but also in the superhero and comic book world. Santana kept this more on the down low during her high school career, but now that she was out of that god-forsaken town she was more comfortable with herself.

Hence, the reason for her current outfit; a blue Superman shirt with the man of steel himself shooting his heat vision from his eyes with 'I'm not always this nerdy' printed on it, simple black shorts and a pair of black converse. To top it all off she wore her glasses while her dark hair was up in a pony tail.

A pretty laid back attire for someone who's personality could be best described as "bitchy", but that side of her only came out when someone pissed her off. And that was actually quite often since Santana had a low tolerance for most people and her anger management wasn't all that great either. (Santana called her alter-ego -who lashed out at practically anyone and everyone- 'Snix' just like when Bruce Banner turns into the Incredible Hulk). Still, she managed to have a few people who were able to look past those features. Sam Evans, Noah "Puck" Puckerman, Mercedes Jones, Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry composed her core group of friends that she relied on in high school.

Despite the fact they could be annoying in their own ways, with Berry being the top offender, Santana trusted them with anything. All of them except for Rachel, who pursued her dreams to the Big Apple at NYADA, migrated to LA for the next stage of their lives. Quinn and Santana at UCLA, Mercedes at USC, Sam at CSULA and Puck ditching higher education for his pool cleaning business, which was somehow working for him rather well.

She sat in the middle of a lumpy, yet comfortable dark brown couch with both her feet propped up on the edge of a small table set in front of her. The laptop she was currently hiding behind was perfectly balanced on her mid-thighs and stomach. Her eyes scanned over to the Anatomy textbook (flipped open to the human integumentary system) directly placed to her left side. The glasses she was wearing slid down the bridge of her nose a little bit so she pushed them back up along with a sigh and a brush of her hand to fix her side bangs.
It was her favorite spot to be in... possibly due to the fact that she had a wonderful view of why she came to this place -almost everyday after her classes were done- to study.

A month ago

After just finishing her first Anatomy lecture class that she was taking over the summer, Santana decided to have a change of scenery for her studies. She was tired of trying to study at home with her roommate, and supposed best friend, Quinn, who was always pestering her over something. Also, she got enough of the school library during the regular school year. Santana just wanted something new and refreshing to experience.

So while walking out of campus and down the block, she stumbled upon a cozy looking coffee shop, Pinky's. It was the best decision she ever made, in her opinion, to walk inside. She was met with the wonderful smell of coffee and a refreshing cool gust of air conditioning once she entered through the doors. A few chairs and couches with tables were spread throughout the span of the store. Santana was so caught up with taking in everything, she didn't notice that it was her turn to order in line at the counter.

"Hi, what can I get for you today?" a voice asked, grabbing her attention.

"Oh... can I... uhh" Santana started as she walked, her eyes focused up at the chalk menu hanging above and behind the counter.
She finally aimed her vision back down and took a good look at the person who she was talking to. Her words got lost in her throat as her gaze settled on the blonde haired, blue-eyed beauty before her.

"Holy blonde bombshells, Batman" Santana mused silently to herself.

The cashier had on a black visor which contrasted greatly with the fair color of her hair that was tied up in a bun. This somehow managed to bring out the blue eyes that observed Santana at the moment even more. A warm smile was also plastered on the face of the girl opposite of Santana, who was quite frankly speechless. In fact, she was frozen for about a full minute.

"Are you alright?" the cashier inquired, her tone laced with concern. Her eyes softened as she slightly cocked her head to the side.

Was it mentioned before that Santana was gay? Well, yeah then there's the fact that... she's a lesbian. It was always known to her, but it wasn't until she was well into her third year of high school that she finally accepted it.

Santana's still not sure when her mindset went from "I'd love to have that girl's body" to "I'd love to do that girl's body". Either way, it didn't change that Santana Lopez is in fact 100% gay. At first she was terrified at this realization, but somehow she managed to gather up the courage to come out Quinn first. She was her best friend after all, that was, when they weren't being cut throat bitches to one other for the purpose of the social hierarchy.

Quinn's only response to her was, "Geez, took you long enough, Lopez" which both elated and surprised Santana.

"What do you mean, it took me long enough?" she replied back with a bit of edge in her voice.

Quinn shrugged, "I've seen the way your gaze would linger a little longer on girls than guys, and please, have you even heard yourself talk about your celebrity girl crushes?"

Santana had no come back for that one.

"But, I'm happy that you finally decided to tell me, it means a lot, and just so you know while the rest of them have their suspicions too... they're just as accepting as I am" Quinn continued on.

"What, have you guys had discussions about my sexuality behind my back?" Santana questioned, half-jokingly.


Santana rolled her eyes, but she felt like most of her anxiety disappeared. She sighed in relief and Quinn took this opportunity to give Santana a comforting hug.

"This doesn't change anything, unless, you know... you have a crush on me or something..." Quinn added as she pulled away after a few seconds.

"Q, shut the fuck up, no I don't have a crush on you, so don't worry about that" Santana told her, "You're my best friend and like a sister to me, so that's like incest... gross"

"Okay, just making sure, cause you never know." Quinn cracked a smile while Santana scoffed and pushed her away.

Just as Quinn had said, the rest of their friends were just as accepting when Santana told them a few days later.

"Satan, I knew from the first time I saw you that you were as straight as a rainbow, but that's alright with me, I got your back girl" Mercedes told her with a knowing smile.

"The way you described Zatanna when we were having our debate on DC vs. Marvel chicks that one day after school was the give away for me," Sam explained as he shrugged sheepishly.

"After countless late night games of Halo, Grand Theft Auto, Black Ops, Gears of War and Mario Kart, you never gave in to my constant offers for you to sleep with me was the game changer," Puck said in his turn, a cocky eyebrow arched up as he added, "besides, who would say 'no' willingly to this?" he pointed to himself. Santana let out a single laugh before her fist collided with his arm.

Of course Rachel had been the last one for her input on "Santana's Coming Out"

"It's probably because I was blessed with 2 gay dads that I could see the real you, Santana, it was obvious to me that you were struggling with trying to keep everything buried deep inside of yourself. But always know that there's no problem with exploring the sapphic world of love, I happen to have a wonderful appreciation for the female form. I, however, do not share the same fondness for it as you do... but I applaud you for finally coming to terms with this,"

Santana looked at Rachel, unamused with her rambling.

"Thanks for that Berry, you could have just said you had really good gaydar like Mercedes to save your breath, but then again it's not like you ever need that much oxygen in the first place"

Apparently, subtlety was not Santana's strong point, because when she came out to her parents they had the same air of positive indifference to their daughter's news.

"Mija, your father and I knew all along, there's nothing to be ashamed about" her mother told her, "just make sure that you find a nice girl once you're ready"

"We still love you and it's nice to know that you won't have any unexpected pregnancies, now you can focus on your studies a bit more" her father stated before directing his attention back to his iPad.

"Okay, well... cool...?" Santana said, shocked at the relative nonchalant replies of her parents. They were okay with her being gay.

"This is freaking ridiculous Quinn, I expected something completely different" Santana huffed into her phone.

"Relax Santana, take it as it is. Most people aren't as lucky as you, so be thankful"

After a few seconds Santana sighed in defeat as Quinn's words sunk into her mind.

"Yeah, I guess you're right..."

Santana cleared her throat and pushed up her glasses as she tried to find her voice to reply back. The other girl still had a concerned expression on her face as she waited patiently.

"Yes, err, sorry... Actually I, uhh wanted to know what you would recommend?" she stammered, her voice sounded an octave higher at the beginning of her sentence but she got it back to her normal range. That warm smile that entranced Santana earlier returned upon the cashier's lips.

"Well, I've personally tried everything on the menu and they're all pretty good. But my all time favorite is the white chocolate mocha"

"I'll take a medium white chocolate mocha, then"

"Coming right up" With another small smile aimed at Santana, the cashier turned around to get the attention of her fellow co-worker.

Santana took this opportunity to take a look at what the other girl was wearing: khaki shorts that showed off a pair of nicely toned legs that lead up to her mid-thighs before disappearing under the material, a simple yellow collared shirt and a matching black apron (with the visor) over it, the strings of it tied at the small of her back. Santana's eyes, however, drifted a little bit lower.

"Stop staring at the backside of this girl, you're more classy than this" Santana chastised herself. She straightened up and shifted her eyes elsewhere before the other girl could notice. "She does have a nice ass though..."

Santana looked down at her own outfit. Denim shorts, a white tank top underneath an unbuttoned red flannel with the sleeves rolled up to her forearms.

"Way to win the gayest outfit ever worn today, Santana" she thought, scrunching up her nose slightly as she pushed up her glasses again. Very Clark Kent-esque in her opinion.

"Here you go," Santana looked up and found blue eyes staring back at her once more. Her cold drink was already set down on the counter.

"Oh, right... thanks, so h-how much?" Santana had never stuttered so much in a single conversation before. If stuttering was an Olympic sport, hands down she would win gold. She had never at that moment wished so much that she had the cool attitude of Bruce Wayne when at one of his many rich-ass parties.

"For the night?" At the blonde's blunt words, Santana's eyes shot wide open. She was definitely not expecting that. Her face was instantly feeling flustered. Yeah, Santana really wished she was the caped crusader right now. She saw a playful smile and a raised eyebrow on the other girls face, her eyes tinged with some amusement. It changed to that of slight embarrassment when she noticed Santana's somewhat distraught appearance.

"Oh god, I'm kidding... sorry, bad joke" The cashier lightly pounded a fist to her forehead to hide the reddish color emerging on her cheeks. Santana regained her composure a few seconds later and immediately replied back.

"No, it's cool, it's just been... you know, a long day for me," she offered a shy smile as she slid a five dollar bill on the table. "Keep the change, Brittany" Santana added taking note of the white name tag pinned on the cashier's apron as she took hold of her drink.

"Same here. Okay well... enjoy your drink" Brittany said back while picking at her hands, out of nervous habit it seemed. Santana nodded and the two shared another capricious smile before Brittany's co-worker cut in.

"Britt, can you help me out here?" a rather high male voice called out.

"Yeah Kurt, be right there," with that Brittany walked around to the back and disappeared behind a door.

Santana searched the room for a place to sit, her eyes found a couch not too far away. She set down her drink on the table in front of it, her bag to the side, and pulled out her laptop, textbook, and headphones. She finally situated herself, with her feet up on the table and her laptop set on her thighs.

Santana chanced a look at Brittany, who was across the room helping out another customer. She took a sip of her drink, and was pleasantly surprised at how much she liked it and smiled to herself before turning her attention back to bones of the body that were shown on her laptop screen and open book pages.


This had to be at least the fifth time that Santana had been caught staring within the past month. After their first encounter, she had decided to keep coming back to Pinky's Coffee House everyday after her class. The next day she was disappointed that Kurt -whom she assumed as gay as herself due to the fact that he probably used whole can of hairspray on his hair alone- was the one at the cash register and not Brittany. She ordered the same thing she had previously and made a habit of sitting in the same spot to just study.

Santana was lucky to have Brittany take her order a few times, but they didn't have much conversation because it was always on the busier side when Santana made her way inside the shop.

So here she was, settling for stolen glances from the couch and at times small smiles, even though Santana would get too embarrassed to look back up, only after she was sure Brittany would go back to work.
The vibration from her shorts pocket caused Santana to take out her phone and see a text message from Quinn.

Hey, I have your comic-book thing, where are you? I'm bored

Santana smiled, her order of the Brightest Day trade from Amazon probably came in, she was behind a bit on her comics lately. She wasn't into the Green Lantern as much but it was the current big time comic that covered most of the DC universe.

Cool, I'm at Pinky's just studying a bit

She didn't have to wait long for a reply back from her roommate.

Studying or creeping?

Santana exhaled in annoyance, Quinn knew her so well it was astounding at times. They've known each other for the past 6 years... so there's that.

Shut up... both... maybe, idk

She could just see Quinn laughing at her.

K I'll be there soon

Determined to uphold her defense, Santana texted back with a final:

About 10 minutes later, Santana looked up and was staring right at the cover of her Brightest Day trade. Quinn held it in front of her face before she sat down to her right side.

"You're very welcome" she started as she crossed her legs and sat up straight. Quinn was always more proper and well-mannered, for the most part, than Santana. She was even wearing a light blue baby doll dress and a pair of off-white flats. An off-white headband was also placed on her short blonde hair. Practically the poster girl for the perfect looking well-rounded Christian girl, oh how looks can be so deceiving.
Santana took out her earphones and set down her laptop on the table.

"Thanks, I'm so excited to read this"

"I bet you are" Quinn deadpanned.

"Shut up, Fabray" Santana quipped back while holding onto her comic defensively.

"So, where is she?"

"Where's who?"

"This girl you've been eyeing for the past month and haven't had the courage to ask out" Quinn stated knowingly, her hazel eyes glinting with a hint of mirth.

Santana crossed her arms over her chest.
"...at the cash register..." she mumbled. Quinn smirked at her best friend, she had won this one.

"Quinn?" both Santana and Quinn didn't notice the newcomer who had walked up to where they were sitting.

"I thought it was you," Santana's jaw dropped, it was none other than Brittany who was speaking and standing before them. She noticed that Brittany wore a pair of light blue skinny jeans and a white sleeveless collared buttoned-up top that was tucked into her pants. Her hair was casually down, framing her face perfectly. The black apron and visor were pleasantly missing from Brittany's attire. Santana turned to Quinn and gave her a questioning look. The other girl had chosen to ignore this and stood up from her seat to greet Brittany.

"Brittany! I didn't know you worked here, too... what a small world" she said as she hugged the taller blonde.

"Yeah, just something over the summer, you know?" Brittany explained. Her eyes went from Quinn to Santana, who was still sitting down and rather confused.

"Oh, sorry. How rude of me, this is my roommate and friend, Santana" Quinn said gesturing to her.

"Hi, Santana... nice to know your name now," Brittany gave her that heart warming smile again and a small wave. Santana nodded and stood up as she noticed that she was still clutching onto her comic tightly. She set it down on her textbook before joining in on the conversation.

"Hi, I'm sorry, but I'm sorta confused on how you two know each other?" Santana pointed to her and then to Quinn.

"Didn't I tell you, Santana? Remember that dance class I started taking for fun a few weeks ago? Well, Brittany here is the teacher's assistant for it" Quinn said with another sly smirk. Santana's eyes narrowed dangerously towards her.

"Also, we had a writing class together last quarter" Brittany spoke happily, completely oblivious to what was happening between the two best friends.

"Quinn, you seemed to have forgotten to inform me about this" Santana replied back sarcastically.

"It probably just slipped my mind, you know... we're all so busy with school and everything" Quinn gave a wave of her hand to show the lightness of the situation to her.

"Can I get you anything, Quinn? I'm on my break right now, but I can ask Kurt to make something"

"Sure, Britt. I'll just have whatever Santana has,"

"Cool, I'll be right back"

Both Santana and Quinn sat back down in the couch. Santana waited until Brittany was out of earshot before questioning Quinn, quite harshly.

"Quinn. What the hell?! You know Brittany?! Why didn't you tell me?!" Santana snapped in a half whispering and half speaking voice.

"I didn't know that they were the same Brittany until I started dance class with her. The way you described her sounded familiar, but it hit me once I saw her again." Quinn told her, still smiling. "Also, I couldn't be completely sure until today anyway, and it's fun to mess with you."

"You're such a conniving little bitch, it's a wonder how we ever got along in high school" Santana sighed with a scowl on her face.

"We didn't, remember? It took a while" Quinn reminded her. "And takes one conniving little bitch to know one"
Santana's jaw visibly clenched, but Quinn was merely stating the truth. Luckily Brittany came back with Quinn's drink in hand before anything else could be said.

"Here, Quinn" Brittany handed the cup to her and then took a seat on the couch adjacent to them on the right side. Santana for some reason felt a feeling of sadness that Brittany didn't sit next to her. But it did allow her a full view of the other girl, so she wasn't complaining.

"Thanks Brittany, how much do I owe you?"

"Oh, don't worry about it. It's on the house this time"

"Really? Thank you, then"

"Just work your butt off for me in the next dance class and we'll call it even" Brittany giggled a little bit at her own statement and Quinn did too. She then looked over to Santana, who had been obviously staring at her the entire time. Her blue eyes noticed her shirt and it brought about another smile to her face.

"Hey, I like your shirt, it's pretty cool" Brittany complimented towards Santana. Santana looked down at what she was wearing, briefly forgetting her outfit that day, and gave a nervous laugh.

"Oh, this? Uhh... thanks, it's really nothing... Superman's just kind of my homeboy"

"You wouldn't shut up about it when you got it from that convention? What was it?" Quinn interjected. Santana once again narrowed her eyes at her best friend.

"Comic-Con, Quinn... the biggest international convention for pop culture and it's held in San Diego"

"Yeah, that one" Quinn said airily while Santana full on glared at her. Brittany simply began laughing at the exchange between the two.

"I like the glasses combo you have going on with it too. Actually, you always wear them everytime I see you in here. Are you secretly Superman, or I mean... Clark Kent?" Brittany stated the last part quite seriously.

"Oh my god this girl made a reference to Superman... I may be falling in love" Santana thought to herself as her lips curved up into a genuine smile for the other girl. "Hold up, it's a little early to be thinking about love here"

"I guess you just have to wait and see to find out" Santana replied back, quite confidently to her surprise. Brittany raised both her eyebrows as if to say "Oh really now? Challenge accepted."

"Brittany, I need some help, please" Kurt's pleading voice cut through their conversation yet again.
Quinn, Brittany and Santana looked over to the cash register to Kurt, who looked like he was in a bit of trouble. There was a small spill that could be seen from where the trio was sitting.

"Can't you clean it up yourself?" Brittany asked somewhat teasingly as she got up from her seat.

"These shoes are Louis Vuitton! And don't even get me started on my whole outfit" Kurt practically shrieked in protest to Brittany's response.

"Give me a minute," Brittany said to Santana and Quinn.

"Not a problem," Quinn replied back and Santana just nodded. Brittany gave them both a grateful smile before walking over to her co-worker.

"I still don't understand why you wear these types of things to work, Kurt" She began, looking for a towel behind the register.

"Every opportunity you have should be dedicated to fashion," he declared back as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Quinn turned to Santana and had that stupid smirk on her face.

"Kurt's totally gay" Santana asserted before noticing Quinn's expression. "Doesn't your face hurt yet?" she added on menacingly.

"When are you gonna ask her out?"


"She likes you,"

"You don't know that..."

"From that little interaction you two had there, I'm surprised that nothing has happened yet,"

"Shut up, Quinn" Santana could practically see her glasses beginning to fog up. The heat from being flustered settling on her cheeks.

"I mean, considering how much of your nerd status just showed..."

"I hate you" Santana was really having a hard time with the come backs today.

"Ask her for her number"


"Why not?"


"There's nothing that's stopping you here but yourself, Santana"

"Alright... I'll do it tomorrow,"

"No, do it now!"

"What's the difference if I do it tomorrow rather than now?!"

"Just ask for her number already. The worst she can do is reject you and you can go back to your creeping. The best is that you two get to know each other and possibly more"

"I'll ask for her number, when I feel like it, okay?!" That wasn't the most sophisticated come back that Santana had, but it was what she felt was appropriate for this situation.

"I'm just trying to be a good friend here,"

"You're doing a really shitty job at it,"

"Stop being such a baby and man up,"

"Wrong gender there, genius"

"You know what I mean, smart ass" Quinn said as she rolled her eyes at Santana, still thinking that she was being incredibly childish.

"Hey, sorry guys but I guess I gotta get back to work now, Kurt's kinda hopeless without me sometimes" Brittany apologized when she came back a minute later.

"It's alright, we were actually going now, weren't we Santana?" Quinn looked over to Santana with the notion of a challenge evident in her eyes. Santana knew what Quinn was trying to do.

"Uhh, right..." Santana said as the two of them stood up.

"Oh, okay then, I guess I'll see you around?" Brittany seemed to say with slight dejection in her voice.

"Actually, Brittany... I was wondering if..." Santana started nervously. Quinn tried to hide another smile that was creeping upon her face. Brittany also had a soft smile on now, waiting for Santana to continue.

"Umm... I-would it be... okay if-" Welp, Santana was showing the signs of crashing and burning fast, she just couldn't form the right words anymore. Her confidence that she had earlier in their conversation disappeared.

Brittany's hand rose up over her mouth to cover her giggling at Santana's behavior. Quinn was just off to the side, enjoying this show of seeing her best friend being so unconventionally timid and apprehensive.
The taller blonde stepped closer to Santana -who immediately stopped talking and breathing- bit her bottom lip (which actually caused Santana to focus her attention from those piercing blue eyes to pink lips), took out a folded napkin from her hand, and slipped it into one of Santana's pockets.

"I could hear what you and Quinn were talking about when I was with Kurt. Next time don't wait so long, okay?" Brittany told her with a wide smile. She readjusted Santana's glasses since they looked like they were so close to falling off her face.
Santana could only utter a raspy "yeah" before Brittany took a step back, trying to stifle her amused laughter.

"Bye!" Brittany said cheerfully to Quinn and Santana and she disappeared to the back of the store. Santana was shocked, to say the least, at what had just happened. It finally occurred to her that she had that napkin tucked in her pocket, so she fished it out and opened it. In black ink was a 10-digit phone number with Brittany's name right underneath it.

"You're very welcome," Quinn told Santana, repeating what she has said earlier when she walked in.

"I have never had so much loathing, yet appreciation for you at one time until this very moment, Fabray"

"Come on, we do have to go, I gotta stop by the grocery store to pick up dinner for tonight" Santana pursed her lips together but she turned around to gather her things.

The two made their way towards the exit but Quinn gave a wave to Brittany, who was standing behind the cashier counter now, before stepping outside. Brittany saw them and waved back. She looked directly at Santana and gave her a quick wink. Santana grinned and was about to wave goodbye but Quinn took ahold of her arm and pulled her out.

"Let's go, hurry up! I know you feel as invincible as Wonder Woman right now, but I'm hungry" Santana looked into the the store through the glass doors and saw Brittany laughing at them, not with any malice but it was obviously light hearted.

"Fine, fine, but only because I'm in a good mood right now. And for your information, Diana of Themyscira is not invincible, she deflects bullets with her bracelets,"

"How much of a geek can you get?" Quinn asked as she stared at Santana.

"You want to go get food or not?" Santana retaliated to change to subject.

"Yeah, whatever" The two walked down the street to where Quinn parked her car. They both got in and strapped in their seat belts. It was a few minutes into the drive when Quinn decided to talk again.

"So when are you gonna call her?" She began to lightly tap on the steering wheel in time to the song playing on the radio.

"Quinn." Santana stated in a tone unwilling to pursue this conversation.

"I'm just wondering, I say don't give it more than a week"

"I'll do it tomorrow" Santana huffed, shifting her body away from the driver and directing her attention out the window to the blur of buildings they were driving past.

"If you say so, Master Bruce," Quinn said in a fake english accent.

"Just drive, Alfred" Santana told her in a low voice as she saw Quinn shrug from the corner of her eye, signaling the end of that topic.

Santana was glad that was over with, but she couldn't help the smile that appeared on her lips as she thought back to the girl at the coffee shop. Now all she had to do was to call Brittany within the next few days and see where this thing would go. Easy enough, right?

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