Of Coffee Shops and Comic Books

Epilogue: Hazel

One Year Later

The sun burned brightly on this beautiful, warm and wonderful summer Los Angeles Friday afternoon. A slight breeze compensated for the heat, which the people who were outside at a park were very grateful for.

"Alright players, the rules are... There. Are. No. Rules. Every man for himself!"

"We're splitting up into two teams, Puck." Mike chimed in without any eye contact towards his direction as he looked over Tina's gun before handing it back to her.

"Oh... right. Well, besides that it's every man for himself," Puck amended with a smirk as he swung his weapon over his shoulder.

"You're an idiot," Quinn said airily as she passed by, adjusting her vest filled with ammunition.

"Do you want to play or not?" Puck retorted back, he brought his gun back into both is hands. Quinn rolled her eyes as she continued to walk away.

"You ready for this?" Santana questioned as she tied a red bandana behind her neck. Her eyes shifted down as she eyed her girlfriend.

"Of course I am" Brittany answered back happily, she was on the ground doing a few leg stretches. "We've been practicing for the past three weeks," Those dark blue denim shorts should have been illegal on her but Santana didn't mind one bit. The contrast of Brittany's pale tone against the shorts and simple black tank top made her just as stunning to the other girl.

"Team Captain for The Justice League is Santana Lopez and for The Avengers it's Sam Evans. Since I'm not playing and have appointed myself as referee, the numbers should be even on each side. Captains, come up here and shake hands." Kurt announced. The two aforementioned people did as they were told and nodded at one another.

Santana was about as opposite to Sam, physically wise, as anyone could be. Her hair was up in a simple ponytail, those trademark glasses were placed on her face, the red bandana just below her chin and covered her neck in a triangle formation, she wore a white tank top with a Superman logo on the chest tucked into a pair of mid-thigh length khaki shorts. She had around her waist, a belt full of ammo for her gun, which was slung behind her back with a strap cutting down across her torso. On her feet were Robin socks, but those were mainly covered up by the Red, Blue and Yellow (Superman inspired) Nikes.

Sam had his blonde hair side swept to the left, a blue bandana tied around his right bicep as if it were an armband, a black wife-beater with an Iron Man crest on the middle covered mostly by a vest covered in ammo and green shorts which ended at his knees. His feet were donned with red, blue and white (for Captain America) converses. He held his gun in his right hand easily. Both had two streaks of their respective colors under their eyes, right above their cheekbones, like a football player's.

"Coin flip for first choice," Blaine added as he also went to where Kurt was and handed him a quarter.

"Heads" Sam yelled out enthusiastically.

"Tails" Santana followed as Kurt tossed the coin up into the air.

"And the verdict is... Heads. The Avengers get first dibs," Sam fist pumped the air with a loud "Yes!" while Santana scoffed with a roll of her eyes and crossed her arms.

"Choose wisely, Trouty." She told him, an eyebrow raised expectantly at the team captain of the opposing team. Sam rubbed his chin thoughtfully as his eyes examined each person. He was silent for a minute before a smile spread upon his (guppy) lips.

"Brittany," Santana's head snapped up and her eyes widened before she shot a disapproving glare to Sam.

"What?! You chose my girlfriend?! You better be reconsidering that decision," She warned with a snarl as her hands dropped down to her sides with balled up fists.

"Santana," Brittany stated calmly as she gave her a look with a raise of both her eyebrows.

"You should be on my team, Britt," She replied back in explanation.

"But she does play for your team,"

"Shut the fuck up, Puck." Santana snapped. Puck raised both his hands up in surrender but his pompous expression remained the same.

"Santana." Brittany cut in again, "It's just one game. Relax." She took a slight pause and a flash of something went through her eyes before she started up, "Or are you afraid that I'll kick your ass on the other team?" A confident, smug smile formed on her face. Santana's eyebrows shot up, she was a little taken aback. Also there was no denying to how hot Brittany was to her despite that little cut into Santana's ego.

A round of "oh"s resounded through the group. Santana cleared her throat before regaining her own confidence and countering back. Two could play this game.

"Oh please, you think you can beat me at this? You're on, babe." She crossed her arms over her chest.

"Just don't be a sore loser when we win," Brittany placed a hand on her hip, the smirk never leaving her lips.

"I hope you can back up those words by the end of this," Santana told her while keeping direct eye contact as Brittany brushed past her. Before she could turn away, Brittany caught her arm and leaned closer, her lips barely touching Santana's ear.

"You know I will," Brittany whispered hotly against her. Santana licked her lips and Brittany quickly pulled away and gave a quick wink and sauntered off to where Sam was.

Oh yeah Lopez, you did well.

The picks for the remaining teams went by smoothly.

"Alright, players on Team Justice League please put on the red bandanas. Team Avengers do the same on the other side, but with the blue bandanas there for you guys,"

Team Justice League included: Santana, Puck, Quinn, Mike, Mercedes
While Team Avengers consisted of: Sam, Brittany, Tina, Blaine, Rachel

"Justice League, Avengers. Are you ready?" Kurt asked, he was answered with yells from both teams. He nodded and smiled in accordance.

Santana pulled up her bandana over her nose and glanced and Brittany, who was tying a blue bandana over her forehead. The two locked eyes and even though Brittany couldn't see her smile, she saw the crinkle lines around Santana's eyes, indicating a smirk. Brittany shot back a lopsided smile and then mockingly blew her a flying kiss. Santana cocked an eyebrow up knowingly with a curt nod. Oh it was totally on.

"Let the first annual Nerd Nerf Gun War, begin!"

About five minutes into the battle, Santana had already managed to hit all of the opposing players... including Sam at least three times (for revenge) and Rachel at least five times (because it was fun to hear her scream), except for one. Her main target kept darting out of her range with a flawless turn or dodge every time Santana got her in her sights. Dark eyes scanned the open park area for a flash of blonde hair and blue eyes. She knew it wouldn't be easy. Once this nerf gun war was planned about a month ago (they had to wait for confirmation of Kurt and Rachel coming back from New York to visit for a week) she and Brittany had been practicing their target practice on Quinn, Puck and other various things. They had both bought their own guns to prepare for this day. To say the least, Brittany had been a natural with a quick shot and accurate aim.

She finally spotted her a few meters away. With a smirk Santana reloaded her N-Strike Elite Rampage and sprinted off to catch Brittany.

It was as if Brittany had planned to have Santana chase after her. She led them to a more secluded area of the park where it was only the two of them and a few trees for cover. The rest of the battle was a good twenty yards away from them.

"You can't hide!" Santana screamed out as she trailed Brittany a few paces behind her. She couldn't get a clear shot with her gun and all the weaving and bobbing Brittany was doing. They both were out of breath and sweat glistened on their bodies.

"Who said anything about hiding?" She called back, throwing her head to the side to make sure Santana could hear her. Santana could barely make out a smile on her face which all the more hardened her resolve to get her.

She cocked her gun and tried to take a steady aim and fired just as Brittany rounded the corner of a tree. She heard a yelp but wasn't sure if her aim was true. She held a smile on her face until...

"Santana!" Brittany moaned out, causing Santana's blood to run cold.

"Oh shit... oh shit oh shit," Ran through Santana's head and her legs began moving before her head could register it.

"Brittany?!" Santana immediately sprinted over to her girlfriend, who was sprawled out on the grass and dropped down to her knees to where she was on the ground. "Are you okay?" She pulled down the bandana over her mouth and frantically inspected her as she placed a hand over her forehead. Unknowingly to her, Brittany slowly inched her hand (that was clutching her gun) into an upright position for aiming...

A pang of pressure hit Santana's thigh. She looked around, bewildered at who got her, but as she turned her attention down to where she got hit, she found Brittany's hand on the trigger of her own N-Strike Elite Retaliator. Her eyes trailed up from the blue gun to the connecting hand and arm and was met with a devilish smirk and blue eyes sparkling with amusement.


"That's cheating," Santana grimaced as she relaxed from her previously hunched forward position.

"It's not my fault that your doctor instincts kicked in," Brittany told her as she pushed herself up into a sitting stance.

"I'm not a doctor yet, I just got into the program for this fall," Santana got up and extended her hand to help the other girl up.

"All's fair in love and war." Brittany shrugged indifferently before accepting the hand and stood up as well.

"Is it?" Santana tilted her head to to side and gazed at her accusingly.

"Definitely," Brittany replied back easily.

"How so?"

"Well..." Brittany drawled on, "for starters I still got you. But to make you feel better I'm willing to component,"


"Yeah, compromise. For every shot I fire that actually hits you, I'll give you a kiss," Santana scoffed at Brittany's words. She wasn't that easy.

"That sounds so tempting, but that's bribery. I don't play dirty." She kept a straight face on as Brittany stepped closer to her.

"Fine, for every shot that you get on me, tonight it will be a minute that I'll be in that one outfit that you like so much." Brittany smirked in triumph as she saw Santana's hardened expression change to that of disbelief.

"You mean the-"

"Uh-huh," Brittany cut her off, knowing that they were on the same page now.

"Holy sweet baby Jesus, Batman" Santana rushed out in a whisper, her lips stayed slightly parted.

"It'll be motivation for the both of us to get what we want," Brittany added as she lifted her hand up and trailed a finger teasingly down the left side of Santana's face. Brittany noticed the dilation of Santana's pupils as she bit her lip.

"You got yourself a deal," Brittany's smile reached her eyes at Santana's answer.

"Good, now we can get back to everyone else," She dropped down her hand and started to walk away from her.

Santana, in one quick motion, pinned Brittany's left hand on hers and a strong arm securely around her waist to a nearby tree to halt all her movement.

"Where do you think you're going?" Santana told her in a low voice, her eyes became darker as she gazed directly into Brittany's blue ones.

"Back to the battle. You've been so excited to play for the past month, shouldn't we go back?" Brittany feigned innocence as began to fiddle with the red bandana around Santana's neck with her free hand.

"All that teasing and you think I'd let you go that easily?"

"Well..." Brittany trailed off, shifting her hand to Santana's face to fix her glasses.

"You planned this all along didn't you?" Santana continued her interrogation as she pressed her entire body against Brittany's. It didn't matter that they were both covered in their own sweat.

"Maybe," Brittany said coyly as she brought her hand down.

"And to think, after almost a whole year of being together, I'd finally figure out when you do this to me," Santana scoffed at herself for not being able to see Brittany's true intentions sooner.

"I always get what I want, honey."

"That you do,"

With that Santana brought their lips together and within a few seconds Brittany grabbed onto the bandana around her neck to pull her closer as it turned into a full blown, sloppy, open-mouth kiss. Both of their eyes shut closed immediately. All that teasing was definitely worth it. Santana dropped Brittany's hand and moved hers to place behind Brittany's neck. After a few moments Santana disconnected their lips and turned her head to lightly nip at Brittany's earlobe and place butterfly kisses just behind her ear and caused a few gasps from Brittany's lips. Her hands went from Santana's bandana down to just under her ribcage and buried her face at the crook of Santana's neck and shoulder. She could feel Brittany's hot breath against her skin. Brittany clutched onto Santana's sides roughly and hooked a leg around Santana's lower back in an effort to bring their two bodies closer together. Santana pushed Brittany harder against the tree but Brittany didn't seem to mind since she tilted her head and recaptured Santana's lips and took no time to slip her tongue into her mouth.

They were too engrossed in one another that they failed to sense the two additional people who appeared before them.

"HEY, NO SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY!" A voice shouted out, causing the two to break apart and look in their direction.

"Get lost, Quinn." Santana growled at her. Brittany decided to not pay attention to the newcomers and turned her head back to suck on Santana's pulse point on her neck.

"You're supposed to be the Captain of this team and you're making out with a member of the opposing team!" Quinn continued on with her nagging. Santana was getting distracted with Brittany nipping at her neck and wanted nothing more than to get back to their previous actions. The combination of being so turned on, but not able to fulfill the feeling and the two people interrupting them caused Santana to become irritated very quickly.

"Being Captain gives me the authority to do whatever I want. So again... Get. Lost." Santana seethed back, she tried to keep her thoughts straight, but she felt Brittany's warm tongue trail up to her jaw. She tried her hardest to suppress the moan she so wanted to release through her mouth.

"But-" Rachel began to speak but was interrupted with Santana whipping out her gun and shooting Quinn in the arm.

"Friendly fire!" Quinn yelled out. Rachel shut her mouth and backed away slowly.

"Give us five minutes and I promise we'll be back in the game," Brittany spoke for the both of them as she took a second to stop teasing Santana. Quinn huffed and sighed before she turned around and brought Rachel with her.

"You're very welcome," She called out over her shoulder, but it fell on deaf ears.

"Five minutes?" Santana asked in between kisses.

"Did you want ten?" Brittany replied back after a few seconds.

"Five minutes is more than enough time," Santana slipped her hand under Brittany's tank top, which had ridden up to expose her stomach.

"That's what I thought," Brittany told her breathlessly. About a minute later she pulled away and placed a hand between her and Santana.

"Five minutes is up," She explained as Santana frowned in confusion.


"We're saving the rest for tonight, you can add the remaining time to it. Now come on, back to the war zone," Brittany shifted away, retied the blue bandana over her head and then bent down and picked up her gun from the ground. They both had dropped theirs sometime during their time they were wrapped up in each other.

Santana sighed and followed suit. A small smile was evident on her lips. She checked her gun to make sure it was still in good condition and slung it over her shoulder as she started to walk back to where everyone else was. Brittany slipped her hand into Santana's and interlocked their fingers together.

"I love you so much," She told her when Santana turned her head to look over at her.

"I love you, too." Santana's smile widened and she gave Brittany a small mouse kiss on the lips. Brittany giggled and scrunched up her nose. She let go of their hands and placed them on Santana's cheeks to pull her into a full kiss.

Brittany brushed her nose against Santana's after they parted. In a flash Brittany smirked and dashed off to continue on with the nerf gun war, leaving Santana to blink twice before laughing and running off to everyone else.

To say that the past year was easy would have been a lie. Like any couple, Santana and Brittany had their ups and downs. Their fights over significant and nonsignificant things, but they were able to get through them, with the help of their friends. Also, with them being a week away from their one year anniversary, it proved to all be worth it. Santana was pretty sure she wanted to spend the rest of her life with this girl, (and that Brittany felt the same way) but that would come up at a later time. She just recently been accepted to Med School at UCLA which would take her a few more years to graduate. Brittany would be done in a couple years and just got a paid internship with the LA Times. They had their whole lives ahead of them to achieve still. So for now, they were making the most of their young lives with their closest friends.

And to think, it all started with a gorgeous, coffee shop cashier and a nerdy, comic book savvy college student crossing paths with the help of a mutual friend. Life works in funny ways to bring two people together for love.

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