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Bobby arrived sooner than expected.

After Dean lowered the shotgun and ushered the gruff hunter into their little motel room, he went to stand beside Sam. The youngest Winchester shot the older hunter a weak grin that turned into a grimace when another bolt of pain hit his head. Two visions in a row had practically drained him and all Sam wanted to do was sleep for a month.

"You look like hell, Sam." Bobby chided softly and Sam chuckled dryly.

"I feel like it." He admitted, rubbing his temples in the hopes that some of the pain would subside. Suddenly, there was a glass of water before him and two small pills in his older brother's hand. Wordlessly, he accepted the pills and chased them down with some of the cool liquid.

"So, Dad's here?" Dean asked quietly and Bobby frowned.

"Yeah," He replied. "Got a call from a hunter in the area and she told me that your daddy tried to recruit her for a hunt."

"A hunt to get me." Sam completed softly, feeling nothing but grief wash over him. His older brother shot him a sympathetic look before facing Bobby once more.

"And did she—?" Dean questioned.

"No, she turned him down flat and then called me." The gruff hunter answered.

"But Dad is here," The youngest Winchester insisted. "And he's looking for help."

"Yeah." Bobby said softly, pain flashing in his eyes. Sam rose from the chair he was sitting in and shakily crossed to the window. Outside, the sun was beginning to rise and the rays of light were lightening up the darkened sky. The stars were slowly fading away as their lights blinked out one by one. It was shaping up to be a beautiful morning—a perfect sunrise—yet Sam couldn't help but feel trapped by it all. Nowhere was safe for him. John would always find him, would always catch up to them, no matter how hard they tried to get away. What was the point of running? Their father had so many more years of experience than they did—somehow, someway, he would always get the upper hand.

"What if I went to Dad?" Sam mused.

"Excuse me?" Dean echoed, voice tinged with fear and sheer rage. Sam continued to stare at the sunrise, though he could hear his brother crossing the short distance to stand beside him.

"I mean, if I went to Dad and gave him what he wanted, maybe we could—"

"Hell no!" His brother exploded, shouting. "Sam, Dad wants to kill you! He won't give up until we either free him from that bitch that's possessing him or he has your dead body in front of him."

"But Dean—" Sam interjected, prepared to outlast his older brother's outburst in order to explain rationally why this was the best course of action.

"I'm gonna agree with Dean on this one, Sam," Bobby began calmly, eyes never leaving the younger brother's gaze. "Your daddy is too far gone to be brought back by logic. We gotta figure out to free him from this ghost or—"

"You'll die," Dean stated firmly, gripping his brother's shoulder like it was a lifeline. "He'll kill you, Sammy."

"Dean—" Sam began softly.

"Promise me you won't do anything stupid, Sam." Dean growled.

"I can't—" Sam protested.

"Promise me!" Dean shouted, voice breaking as his eyes misted over. Sam nodded his head slowly, unwilling to be the cause of such pain.

"I promise, Dean." He opened his mouth to say more, when Bobby's phone rang, derailing his train of thought.

"Singer," Bobby answered gruffly and it brought a small grin to Sam's face. Despite the current crisis they were in, the two brothers could always count on the older hunter to remain the same Bobby that they knew and loved. "Easy there, Nadine, what's going on?"

Nadine slumped over in the chair as blood flew everywhere from the impact of the bullet—the bullet that John had shot. The girl had died because of him, because of the lengths that John was willing to go to get Sam.

"Slow down," Bobby chided. "Who's following you? Where are you?"

"Dean," Sam whispered, trying to contain the sheer anger that was boiling within him. There was no way that this girl would die because of him! He wouldn't allow his vision to come true. "She's the girl." Dean nodded his head slowly, digesting this new piece of info.

"Nadine, listen to me, you stay in a public place, alright?" Bobby ordered calmly.

"We'll get her." Sam told him.

"Sam—" Dean tried to interject, but his younger brother waved him off.

"Just tell me where she is." Sam directed at Bobby who nodded in response.

"Nadine, I'm coming with some friends, okay?" The older hunter soothed. "You just stay put and we'll get you." The girl said something frantically on the other end of the line and Sam grimaced. This was all his fault—this girl was in trouble because of him. If it were the last thing he did, he would save her. "Hang on, Nadine." With that, Bobby hung up.

"Let's go." Sam said quietly.

They headed out.

To be honest, John Winchester had never expected to be making a deal with a ghost. It went against everything he stood for—everything he had taught his sons—but looking back on it now, it was only right decision. Sam wasn't normal. He had visions and he was going to go evil sometime soon. As his father, John had to put him down. It was the best thing he could for his son and by far the kindest. When word got out about "different" Sam was, other hunters would go after him. It was better to be killed by a family member than by a stranger.

Death is the greatest gift.

John smirked as he nodded his head in agreement with the ghostly visitor. Across the bar, he could see poor Nadine Young anxiously staring at the door, awaiting rescue no doubt. It was too bad that she wouldn't really be saved, but her death would serve a greater purpose.

Sam's death would keep the world safe.

"Nadine." Bobby called to her as he entered the bar, Sam and Dean flanking him. John stayed out of sight—no one would see him unless he wanted him or her to—but he grinned as he laid eyes on his boys. It was a shame that Dean was so against this course of action, but John had faith that soon that his oldest would change his mind and join his old man. Dean looked strong—always a protector, always a warrior—and he walked in with a confidence that could even challenge John himself. Sam; on the other hand, was a bit more anxious. His eyes were darting around the room, resting only on Nadine once they found her.

"Thank God," He heard the girl whisper. "I thought that he was going to—"

"You're safe now." Sam assured her, a reassuring smile on his lips. John smirked. Sure, she was safe, but Sam wouldn't be.

Showtime, the voice called.

John couldn't help but agree as he faded into the crowd.

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