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Nadine was practically shivering by Sam's side and all the youngest Winchester could think that she was worried because of him. If he hadn't—

No, Dean was right. This wasn't his fault. His father had made his choice and Sam would keep saving people until they found someway to bring him back. He had to trust in Dean and Bobby, but more importantly, he had to trust in himself. The vision of Nadine's death would not come to pass, not while Sam was still breathing. Too many people had died before his eyes and he refused to be powerless this time. He would keep this young woman safe and he would find a way to free John.

He had to.

"You boys gonna tell me what the hell is going on?" Despite the fear that was visible on her face, Nadine's voice was schooled. Bobby had informed them that she was relatively new to hunting on her own, but Sam recognized a hidden strength within her. She wasn't a fool—she could tell that bad things were appearing on the horizon. In the driver's seat, Dean gripped the steering wheel a bit tighter, but an outside observer wouldn't have noticed this. His brother was stressed—had been stressed ever since they went on the run from their father—and he didn't share things easily with anyone now for fear it would somehow reach their father's ears. "Bobby?"

"John's gone rogue." Bobby replied gruffly and Nadine's eyes widened at that. It was rare, but sometimes hunters snapped and went rogue—they began to kill whomever they came across in some delusional quest to save everyone. It was the closest thing to the truth in John's sense, even though he wasn't trying to kill everyone.

Just Sam and anyone who tried to help him.

"Rogue?" Nadine echoed. "Jesus." She cursed softly, shaking her head in dismay. "So, now what?"

"We're gonna take you to a safe spot where we can—"

"Dean!" Sam shouted as the headlights illuminated a man standing the middle of the dirt road, a truck parked behind him. Quickly, his older brother slammed on the brakes and the Impala squealed as she came to a sudden stop, just a few feet from where the figure stood. "Dad."

"Hello, boys," John said with a lazy grin on his face. He twirled a gun in his hands with an easy confidence. The eldest Winchester's gaze rested on Sam, sitting in the passenger's seat. The youngest Winchester stiffened and he could hear Dean's muttered curses. "Let's talk, shall we?" John looked different since the last time they had seen him. He had a wild look in his eyes and he swayed a bit where he stood, almost as if he was experiencing too much of a caffeine rush. Dark bags hung under his eyes, though he didn't seem to be tired in the least.

"What do we—?" Nadine began, but Sam knew. He reached for the door and was out of the car before Dean could even attempt to stop him. Raising his hands up as John pointed the gun at him, the youngest Winchester forced his expression to remain neutral.

"Hey, Dad." His voice was muted and full of sadness. After all this time, he had foolishly thought that maybe something had changed, that maybe they could work this out. John's bloodshot eyes disagreed and it was with disdain that he glanced at his youngest son.

"Sam," His father drawled. Then suddenly, the gun went to face Dean as the eldest sibling also got of the car. "Make a move and I'll—"

"What are you going to do, Dad?" Dean challenged, his voice cocky, but his eyes betrayed him. He was scared on some level and why shouldn't he be? This was the man that had taught them everything. He knew all their tricks and he knew all of their hiding places. They had only been able to stay away from John this long enough because he had let them get away. "Shoot me?"

"If I have to," John replied calmly. Then, the gun pointed at Bobby as the gruff family friend also got out of the car, Nadine by his side. "Singer. Last time we met, you put a bullet in me, you bastard." John smirked and chuckled dryly as if the event had been a fond memory for all parties.

"This ain't you," Bobby insisted. "Look at you, John, you're threatening your boys."

"I'm just doing what needs to be done," John replied calmly. "I mean, c'mon! Sam sees visions of the future for God's sake!" Nadine stiffened and the eldest Winchester smiled broadly at her reaction. "Didn't know that, did you? Sammy here is a regular freak." Sam's hand tensed on his gun and he could see his brother had done the same. They were ready if things went south.

"John—" Bobby attempted, only for their father to sigh dramatically.

"Would you just shut up, Singer? There's nothing you can say that will change anything."

"But Dad—" Sam protested.

"So, how does it all end, Sam?" John questioned. "I mean, for the girl. You've seen her future, right?" Nadine's frightened eyes locked onto Sam's and the youngest Winchester looked away. "So, she dies, does she? And you thought you could save her from me?" With that remark said, John laughed full and deep and stepped towards the youngest Winchester.

That was the breaking point for Dean. Within seconds, the eldest Winchester had his gun out and pressed against John's back.

"Stay the hell away from my brother." The eldest Winchester brother growled.

"You choose the freak over me?" John questioned, astonishment coloring his tone.

"He's not the freak," Dean retorted hotly. "You are."

And that's when all hell broke loose.

Within seconds, John had managed to twist Dean's hand force him to drop the gun before slamming him into the hood of the Impala. Nadine had her gun out, but after a quick grin at Sam, John faced her and shot her point-blank in the head. She stood on her feet for a few seconds, swaying as blood rolled down her cheeks, like a river of tears. Then, she was down on the cement, eyes unseeing. Bobby returned fire with his own gun, but John chuckled dryly. Sam managed to pull Dean behind the Impala and his slightly groggy brother stared up at him with uncomprehending eyes. That was to be expected—their father had slammed his head down pretty hard.

"I'll see you soon, Sammy!" His father called cheerfully as the gunshots slowed and the next thing the youngest Winchester knew, their father's familiar engine started up.

And then all was silent.

"Sam, you okay?" Bobby were there, concerned evident on his expression, but Sam couldn't bring himself to speak. He had wanted to save Nadine and that was why he had insisted on picking her up. Yet, she was dead anyways. How many people would die because of him? How many pairs of lifeless eyes would stare up at him until it broke him? "Sam!"

"I'm fine," His voice was hoarse though he didn't know why. To be honest, he didn't really care. "Dean hit his head."

"It's a concussion," Bobby replied authoritatively. "He'll be alright. But we need to move before—"

Sirens began to fill the air. Sam nodded and helped his brother into the passenger's seat as Bobby took his place at the wheel. Climbing into the back, he helped reassure his older brother that everything was going to be okay and that, yes, he had to stay awake.

On the inside though, Sam could feel himself splintering apart.

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