Chapter One

Card Captor Sakura


~* Teardrop of Twilight *~

Rating: Pg13


Plot: Syaoran is part of an underworld conspiracy , and is ordered to kidnap rich Sakura K. for ransom. He has been taught to hate her , but what happens when he falls in love with her? Will he sacrifice himself for her safety? Or keep his word to the conspiracy? R&R!


Fire crackled on torches that stood all around them. Dark shadows swept the rooms haunting the walls with their changing shapes. Sounds echoed in the room , as one word enveloped the entire hall.

" Delix."

Heads bowed , in one fluid motion. No one raised their heads as the footsteps racked the halls , thundering loudly in the silent room. The footsteps resided as the man took his place at the front of the room and spoke in the voice that haunted children in their sleep , that brought sweat to the foreheads of even the mightiest of men.

" Rise."

They all rose , keeping their heads down in respect. Another man walked out of the orderly lines to bow down to his master. This man was respected by all of the people in the room , for he had never failed on any mission before. He was someone to look up to....and now even more for he was about to be graced to carry out Delix's most dangerous mission.

" Syaoran Li. What a way you've come from that feisty child you were , to the strong man you are now. You have made up for your handicap situation by the stealthy way you go , thieving the most precious jewels we have here. You have even stole this costly crown that rests upon my head. Therefore , you have been chosen to carry out the most respected mission ever to grace our Underworld Conspiracy. In return , if you complete this assignment , you will be promoted to High Order Captain. Right under me."

Syaoran kept his head down. His handycap sitution was something he was embarrased of. He could not kill anyone. He knew he could...but he just couldn't. He had tried before , but ended up running away.

Syaoran knew what Delix was talking about , but he didn't know what the mission was. No body knew , and from the corner of his eye , he saw that everyone was leaning over inconspicuously anticipating the words that came out of Delix's mouth next.

" You , Syaoran Li , are to kidnap the daughter of the richest man in Japan. You are to kidnap Sakura Kinomoto , for ransom."

The entire assembly gasped. Syaoran whipped his head up from the respected bow. He was to what?? That was...impossible!! Mr. Fukachi Kinomoto had the most dangerous body guards , the costliest security , the most high-tech security systems there ever were! There was no way...

" You have three and a half weeks to complete this mission. You will be staying at a nearby hotel , already pre-booked. You must study their security systems , and kidnap her only when possible. It is a dangerous mission , but ," here Delix leaned his hooded face down to Syaoran's and whispered , " I have complete trust in you."

Syaoran gasped. No one had ever seen Delix under his robe. Now Syaoran saw Delix's sunken cheeks , greedy black eyes , stringy hair. He was old , and needed a successor. Suddenly Syaoran was hit by the truth. The High Order Captain was the successor , and if he was actually promoted to that position...

Syaoran looked back with determined eyes.

" I will complete this task , master. I will bring the Kinomoto daughter back to you."

Delix gave Syaoran a crooked smile , and leaned back , dismissing him. Syaoran bowed , kneeling so that his forehead touched the dirty stone floors. He turned away , but not before Delix shouted out ,

" You are to leave tomorrow."

Syaoran stopped. Tomorrow?? That was so soon... he needed time to plan...

" I will be ready , master." was all that escaped Syaoran's lips , as he resided back to his normal spot.


Syaoran lay on his musty bed , thinking. He flipped a coin up and down , watching it twirl high above him , before falling back to his hands once more. He sighed , remembering his childhood. He was a happy child , living in a big house with lots of people in it.


He remembered his three year old self , wandering the halls with a paper sword , smacking it at people who passed by. They laughed , watching him wander off , making sounds under his breath.

He wandered into a big room ,with a table bigger than his head. He jumped catching the edge , but he still wasn't able to see over it. He jumped and jumped , but suddenly hands picked him up and set him in a chair.

Suddenly he could see everything!

He gave a squeal of delight , as he saw his sisters sitting around the table laughing at his glee. His sister beside him , squeezed his cheeks , and he batted the hand away , angry. They laughed again , squealing about how kawaii he was. He grew red with embarrassment , and cried out for his mom.

A regal woman swished into the room , and picked him up , scolding the other girls. They just giggled ,and walked out of the room as Syaoran hugged his mother , happy that she saved him from his sisters.

She hugged him close to her and whispered , " My Xiolang. One day your sisters will respect you , and you will be the greatest son a mother could ever have." She kissed him on the cheeks , and put him down.

" Now go make me proud , Xiolang."

Syaoran grinned , not understanding all the words his mother was saying , but happy for the attention. He ran away with his sword , giggling as he whacked another servant. He could hear his mother's laughter tinkling like glass behind him.


Syaoran smiled as he flipped the coin once more. I was a happy kid , he thought , looking around the cobwebbed room , dark and musty and cold. He sighed as another memory swept through him.


It was only a couple of months after , and Syaoran had tears running down his chubby cheeks. His house had been burned to the ground , and no one had come yet. He picked through the ruins , screaming for his mommy.

Suddenly he spotted a pale hand , stuck out of the ruins. His mommy! Joy enveloped Syaoran as he ran , tripping over the splintered walls , the glass , the burned wood. He fell , ripping his pants , but he didn't care. It was his mommy , ready to take him away...

He grabbed the hand , but let go as soon as he held it. It was ice cold...mommy was always warm! He carefully removed the wood , and his mothers blackened sooty face came into view. Syaoran screamed at the sight.

His mommy...He was alone!

Crying he backed away as fast as he could , but bumped into a man. He whirled around and saw the man looking at the ruins and at the boy. Suddenly he picked Syaoran up. Syaoran wailed , but he clapped a hand over Syaoran's mouth.

" I'm taking you somewhere safe! You should be thankful you ungrateful brat , that master is interested in you. Your family is dead , little boy. And you will too , if you don't shut up!"


Syaoran sighed. He had cried , night after night when he arrived here. Soon his heart grew cold , as he discovered the purpose why he was brought here. He was here to serve his master...

Syaoran had to drop his childhood memories. They did nothing but create a dull ache deep in his stomach. He didn't need that! He was an important person now...he mattered. He was especially picked for this mission..

And he wasn't going to let his master down.

He knew know what he was to do. His path was straight. He was going to kidnap Sakura Kinomoto , and bring that rich brat to his master. In the years to come , he would soon be master too. And everyone would be bowing to him.

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