" Please don't die....Please..."

The doctors didn't know if they could save her. What the hell was the point then? What was the point of doctors if they didn't even know if they could save the only girl.....the only love...

The amber eyed boy buried his head in his arms and took deep breaths. He couldn't get emotional. Remembering his training from the Underworld, he tried to keep a mask free of emotions. As much as he hated the Underworld, he had learned a few tricks from the hell hole himself.

Suddenly the door opened and Syaran leapt to his feet.

" Sakura! How is Sakura? Tell me!" Syaoran demanded.

The doctor folded his arms and smiled. " Her artery wasn't severed. She has lost a lot of blood however, so she must stay in the hospital for some time...but her life has been saved."

Syaoran felt his knees give out and he sat back down on his chair with a thud. Thank god.....he didn't know what good things he had done in his past life to deserve this, but it was all he could do to stop himself from shouting in joy.

Sakura was alive....she was safe....her green eyes would twinkle one more with happiness....she would be able to do all the things he had fallen in love with....maybe fall down the hill one more time...

Syaoran smiled softly, but his happiness was short lived. A rough hand had grabbed his shoulder and jerked him up.

" You're coming with us, boy," The police officer said gruffly. " For kidnapping Sakura Kinomoto and working for the underworld, you will be trialed and sent to jail, if not the death sentence."

Syaoran gaped at them. This couldn't be happening.....but he deserved it. At least Sakura was alive....so Syoaran put forth his wrists and the police officer snapped a pair of cuffs around it and dragged him out of the room.

Two months later...

Quietly, the breeze drifted across the tops of trees and the sunlight shined down in rays of luminosity, lighting up the forest path for anyone to see. A sweet tune from a bid, high above, floated down towards them, and an atmosphere of serenity surrounded the two.

" It was a good thing," He said, his voice quiet. " It was a good thing that they let him go."

She smiled, her green eyes lighting with happiness. " Yes. Thank you for your help, Daddy."

Fujitaka grinned. " I couldn't let my daughters saviour go to jail, now could I?"

Sakura smiled brightly and bent down, kissing her father's cheek. Her father smiled gently at her and Sakura took the handles of the wheelchair once more and pushed her father up a small hill.

It had been two months since that fateful event, since the Underworld and the Kinomoto war. Fujitaka had a fatal wound in his chest, but since he was treated quickly, he had survived. Sakura was lucky as well. Her artery had not been severed, but the blood loss had been too much for her, which was why she had collapsed.

The main Underworld was finished. There were other criminal organizations of course, but the reign of terror Delix had surrounded the world with was done. The pain and tears he had caused the Li and Kinomoto families had finally been avenged.

Many men from both the Kinomoto solders and the Underworld had died that night. A week from the aftermath, Syaoran had also been arrested and held in trial, for kidnapping Sakura and being in the Underworld. Yet with her father and Wei's help, they had been able to save Syaoran from a lifetime in jail.

He had left however, that same day, to find out more about his family, and today was the day he would be coming back. Sakura felt happiness fill her heart at the thought of him coming back, coming back to her...

He loved her...

It was such a surprise, such a shock....She would never have believed it before. The cold underworld leader who had kidnapped her...loving her? It was so impossible so unbelievable...

But it had happened.

Those bright amber eyes....that smile that lifted the corner of his serious mouth ever so slightly...the way his chestnut bangs fell across his eyes....it made her heart melt. She never would've believed that the day would come where she'd fall in love with her kidnapper.

But it had happened...

Letting out a squeal of pure delight, she grinned at her father and twirled him on the spot in a circle. Her father laughed in surprise and grinned at her.

" What's with the good mood today?" Fujitaka asked.

Sakura grinned at him. " He's coming back..."

Fujitaka looked confused for a second, but comprehension fell over his face and he looked at her in surprise. " The Li boy? He's coming back today?'

Sakura nodded happily. She knelt down beside her father in the grassy field and grinned at him. " I couldn't be happier."

Fujitaka smiled and stroked her hair. " You deserve it, dear. You deserve to be happy. Even if your future may be with Syaoran."

" You know I love him?" Sakura asked, incredulously.

Fujitaka roared with laughter. " Know? How could I not? The way you two watched each other, and the fact that Syaoran had come to me earlier and had asked-"

" Asked what?" Sakura asked, interestedly.

Fujitaka grinned. " I think I should leave that up to him to tell you."

That was when he pointed towards the end of the field, where a figure was making his way across the field. Sakura's green eyes widened and she breathed, "Syaoran...."

She turned to look at her father and he nodded, grinning. " Go ahead."

" Are you sure you're okay with this?" Sakura asked, desperately.

" Yes, I am!" Fujitaka said, laughing. His voice grew serious. " I learned many things when you were away, Sakura. I was forced to endure the complications of my own bad decisions. I know right now, that before my business, before my wealth and status, you come first. You're happiness."

Sakura felt her eyes grow watery and Fujitaka smiled. " The only person you'll have a hard time convincing will be Touya. He has been quite protective of you lately since...that incident."

Sakura let out a choked laugh and Fujitaka patted her head. " Go ahead, daughter. Be happy."

Sakura got up on her feet and turned to the person who was getting closer to them by the second. Sakura tuned to smile one last time to her father, before she picked up her skirts and began to run across the field towards Syaoran.

As she drew closer to him, she saw him smile with a start and stop walking, halting as she ran towards him. She reached him quickly and stopped, a few feet away from him, breathing hard.

" H-Hi, Syaoran," She said, breathlessly.

Syaoran looked at her with those bright amber eyes and smiled slightly, the way he always did. He never grinned or smiled widely, but just that slight upturn of his mouth that made her heart melt.

" Hello, Sakura," He responded.

Sakura looked down at her hands. " I'm-I'm glad your back." He looked at her curiously and Sakura reverted her gaze to her feet. " Did-did you find out about your family."

" Yes....Delix had killed them all, and I wish I could remember them....but I can't. I'm thankful that Delix has been brought to justice," Syaoran replied, his amber eyes glinting with an iciness Sakura had seen only one too many times.

" Oh."

There was silence. Sakura fidgeted uncomfortably, wanting to run into his arms but not sure if she should. Maybe he didn't feel the same way anymore....maybe he came to tell her about soemone new.....maybe-

" Look at me, Sakura."

Sakura rose her eyes to meet his and he looked at her seriously. " Sakura-I am not a person of words. I cannot-I cannot give you words of love, or give you words of romance. I cannot....all I can say is that I need you right now and after that and forever. I need you."

Sakura's eyes widened. What was he saying? Sakura felt her body freeze up at the intensity of his voice and she watched him as he took a shuddering breath. " Even if I try, I cannot erase you from my mind. You are what I see when I close my eyes-and what I want to see when I open them. When you almost died on me-I can't bear that again and I won't! Don't-" He looked at her pleadingly. " Don't make me stand here and wait, Sakura. Just-"

Sakura couldn't take it anymore and she leapt into his arms, wrapping her own around him tight. " I won't," She whispered fervently. " I won't."

And almost with a sigh of relief and the moments spent away from each other built up to this one, he kissed her hard on her lips, pressing his body against hers as she rose her hands to bury themselves in his hair, trying to take all of him, all of him at once.

She needed him too...

Just once

Only once

The heart of the world

cannot take the pain

cannot take the loneliness

and as dawn emerged

shadows surround

both soul and mind

and no matter what

we cannot break through

until night falls

twilight before dusk

and finally can

the world let go

a teardrop

just once

containing all the pain and suffering

the heartache and loneliness

and finally can we be happy

as the world lets go

the teardrop of twilight

Just once

Only once