"What are you doing?" Arthur practically yelled at his teammate as he crouched down behind a storage container at the shipyard they were currently being chased in. Eames knelt beside him, gun in hand, and he carefully peered around the corner of their protection. "Are you trying to get us killed?"

Eames fought back the urge to roll his eyes. "No," He whispered over his shoulder as he watched one of their attackers come around a wrecked ship in the yard, "just you."

"Well you've almost succeed a couple of times now." Arthur snapped back, lowering his voice to match Eames'. He peered around the other side of the storage container they hid behind.

"Third times the charm then?" Eames questioned with a smirk he was unable to hide. He moved back to lean against the container for a minute out of sight. Arthur did the same, their shoulders touching as they crouched trying to catch their breath.

"We're not dreaming, Mr. Eames." Arthur stated for good measure, though he was fully aware that his teammate knew that the dangers they faced were dangers of reality. "I would like to, for once, return from one of our ventures unscathed."

Eames glanced sideways at the point man. "Cobb and Yusuf should be out any minute. Think you can managed to last five more minutes without being scathed?" He grinned.

Arthur glared at him as if to say, 'you're looking at the best point man in the business', before shaking his head and pushing himself away from the container to once again peer around the edge. "I can last as long as I need to, but with your little daredevil stunts it'll be cutting it close." He grumbled as Eames peered around the same side.

"Then we shall split up." The older man stated cocking his gun and preparing to dart out from behind their protection to draw the four gunmen's attention so that Cobb and Yusuf had more time inside of the building to find the files they needed. He turned back towards Arthur and grinned. "But don't stay away from me for too long, Darling. Meet me back at the rendezvous point in five minutes."

Arthur rolled his eyes, but nodded. Before Eames could turn back around, Arthur had ran out from behind the container, gun blazing and drawing two of the four men away from where the forger still hid.

"And he blames me for his misfortunes. Idiot." Eames muttered before aiming his gun at the men chasing after the younger man and shooting one in the back. The other disappeared behind the other boats on the lot, as did Arthur. Suddenly, bullets were flying by and without a second's hesitation, he ran out from behind the container with his own gun blazing.

Eames' legs burned with every fierce step they took as he ran around the ship yard dodging bullets. He could hear gunfire somewhere close by but off in the distance, which meant he was safe to assume Arthur was still holding his own. He saw a gunman appear at the end of the row of storage containers he was running through and quickly cut down through another row. He made a few left turns and a couple of right before suddenly emptying out into a wide open space near the edge of the dock with water from the lake crashing up against the wood. He came to a halt, doing his best to scan his surroundings for a place of protection. He came up empty and was left out in the open. Checking his gun, he realized things were going down hill fast.

He was out of bullets with two men who wanted to kill him coming up behind him.

Arthur dove to the left around a large ship at the sound of yet another bullet being released. His foot slipped in grease when he made the sharp turn causing his leg to skid across the pavement. He felt the sting as he clambered back up to his feet to keep running. He turned around and fired at the gunman chasing him. He missed and sped up.

He felt something warm running down the side of his leg and with a quick glance he could see through the rip in his pants it was blood seeping from the tears in his skin. He mentally cursed before skidding around another container to shield himself, then firing again.

The sound of returning gunshots and bullets hitting the container told him he had missed again.

He checked the chamber of his weapon.

He only had two bullets left.

Eames laid his gun on the ground before slowly raising his arms in surrender to the two men standing on either side of him, their guns pointed to kill, not wound.

"Easy, mates. Can't we go out for some brews and talk this over?"

The cocking of their weapons supplied a definitive no.

He wracked his brain for a plan of any kind. He heard the water hitting the wood of the edge of the dock behind him and knew that that was his only escape route, but one step in any direction he was sure to be dead before his body even hit the ground.

His only other option of survival was Arthur and the silence that had settled over the shipyard had him swallowing thickly. Either Arthur had dealt with the other gunman, or the point man had suffered the same fate Eames himself was about to meet.


Arthur took off running yet again, but as he rounded the corner of a row of ships he could faintly make out the outlines of three men. At first, he thought that Cobb and Yusuf had finished up inside and were standing with Eames, but as he got closer he realized that wasn't the case at all.

He noticed Eames hands raised in surrender and knew they were in trouble. He glanced back and saw the man chasing him a ways back. He looked back towards the dock. Two men had the forger at gunpoint. Remembering he had only two bullets left, he cut down back to the other end of the shipyard, the man chasing him following quickly behind.

"What are you doing here?" One of the men yelled. "What do you want?"

"What I want is to put a bullet in the both of you and kick the point man's ass."

Eames grounded out, scanning the shipyard for any sign of Arthur.

"Point man, huh? So what was this? A little game of cops and robbers with your friend?" The other man asked, his gun still aimed at the forger's head. "I hate to be the one to tell you this, but your friend didn't make it. I saw his body myself." Eames did his best not to clench his teeth. "Oh, but don't worry. Looks like he went down a fighter with a few bullets holes in him."

The other gunman chuckled. "Yeah, he was like a cockroach. Just couldn't quite kill him, so we left him to bleed out."

"Just like were going to do to you."

Eames took a deep, raging breath through his nose as he watched the two men steady their weapons and prepare to shoot. He took one more breath, preparing to charge the man on his right, because he would be dammed if he didn't go down without a fight, when the sound of two gunshots rang through the air.

Arthur ran as hard as he could, as fast as he could. The man was catching him, but Arthur was getting closer to Eames. With one last turn, he followed the isle of containers until he spilled out on the dock. He raised his gun with a sense of vigorous determination and deadly precision, killed the gunman on the left, killed the gunman on the right and kept running towards Eames.

Eames wasn't a man to be surprised very easily. While he had refused to believe Arthur was dead, he couldn't quite stop the pang of relief that flooded him when the point man suddenly appeared on the dock. The relief was short lived however, as Arthur never ceased his running. He didn't even slow down.

His brow twisted in confusion, before Arthur charged right into him, the point man's arm wrapping around his torso in a tackle like motion. Eames was barely aware of being pushed backwards into the lake because all of his attention was on the gunshot that rang out.

Arthur knew that the only way to keep the last gunman from killing the both of them right then and there was to make it to the water. He knew that the man was gaining on them and realized he wouldn't have enough time to relay his plan to Eames. Although Eames was bigger than him, he would have initial feeling of surprise on his side as he ran as hard and as fast as his legs would carry him towards the forger and at the very last second he wrapped his arm around the man and plunged them both backwards into the lake.

He didn't feel himself hit the water. But he did feel the bullet.

Eames came up out of the water coughing and spluttering the liquid that he had swallowed upon hitting the water. He wiped the water out of his eyes and looked around for the point man. He felt his stomach begin to twist when the younger man didn't appear. He was about to dive back under to search for him, when Arthur emerged from the green lake water beside him.

Arthur's head bobbled up and down, in and out of the water like he couldn't swim. Eames knew he could and that only sent fire through his veins.

He carefully wrapped an arm around Arthur's torso and swam under the dock so the gunman wouldn't see them at first. He knew that the man would think to shoot through the walk, so he knew he had to think of something quick, but first things first.

"Arthur?" He questioned in a hushed tone as he spit out some of the lake water that had slipped through. He felt the younger man twist and swim out from under his arm, but was hesitant to let him swim on his own.

Arthur grimaced as he stayed above water just by kicking his legs and moving one arm. He left his other dangling in the water by his side. "Ah, dammit!"

The forger glanced up through the cracks of the wood of the dock, knowing the gunman would appear at the edge any second. "We can curse your misfortunes later. Right now, we have to-" Eames' reply was cut off by more gunfire.

But this time it wasn't directed at them.

Arthur grabbed Cobb's outstretched hand with his good arm while keeping his right, injured arm drawn against his body. He was vaguely aware of the extractor pulling him up out of the water because he was doing his best to scowl at the forger who was pushing against his butt to help Cobb get him out of the water.

The extractor guided him to sit down and lean against a wooden post of the dock, while Yusuf helped Eames from the lake. He had noticed the blood trail on the way and knew that the wound was bleeding heavily. He knelt down next to his friend, black hair plastered to his forehead making him look much younger, his face pale and body shivering, and removed Arthur's jacket slowly. Upon the younger man's hiss, he quietly apologized before taking off his own suit jacket and draping it over Arthur's legs and torso. He watched skinny, fumbling fingers grasp it tight as the point man tried to bury himself down in it.

Eames and Yusuf had come up behind him and were squatting down beside their teammate. One look at Eames and his un-shivering body, told him that the water wasn't cold enough to make Arthur as cool as he was. His gaze met the others'.

Eames nodded at him and Yusuf began ripping a piece of material from his own jacket sleeve. Cobb spoke in a practiced calm demeanor. "It isn't a through and through. The bullet is still in his shoulder. We'll have to take him to a doctor."

"Devohn owes me. He will treat him. I'll call him on the way." Yusuf responded as he helped the extractor wrap the profusely bleeding wound in torn pieces of material.

Arthur groaned and arched his back at the pressure, but Eames caught him gently by the biceps and kept him steady. "Hey, don't you think you've ruined my shirt enough with that disgusting lake water? No need to be getting blood on it, now."

Eames watched as Arthur did his very best to glare, but the glazed look in his eyes made it hard to appreciate. "I...I saved...your-r life. But of cour-rse...all you care about...is your ugly shirt." The point man was shivering almost uncontrollably so. Shock was setting in quick. They had to move.

Eames grinned, despite the feeling in his chest. "Let's not start with the dramatics just yet. I don't think that was such a daring rescue. I had it under control." He shot back, before glancing up at Yusuf and Cobb. Yusuf stood and ran to get a vehicle, while Cobb maneuvered himself so that he could help Eames left the point man into a standing position.

"Yes...Mr. Eames. I'm...I'm sure you d-did." The sarcasm that Arthur's voice should have been laced with was non-existent. But all three of them knew it wasn't because Arthur was serious.

"I think Yusuf and I saved the both of you. Arthur, can you walk?" Cobb asked.

The younger man snorted. "Yes. Of course. I...I was shot-t in the..s-shoudler. Not the..the kneecaps."

"If you get blood on my shirt, you just might be able to put that on the list." Eames supplied, pulling Arthur's good arm around his shoulders while Cobb carefully supported the other arm. They heard the injured man say, "You ran out of bullets." before both men stood, pulling the youngest one with them.

"So did you." Eames shot back.

They were still a few moments, giving Arthur's apparent dizziness to subside, before attempting to make it back across the shipyard to where Yusuf could pick them up.

The first few steps were fine, but the ones that followed progressively got slower and more difficult as the point man began sagging between them.

Eames was the first to say something about the man's fleeting consciousness. "Hey, remember saying that you wanted to come back from one of our ventures unscathed? Well you can't very well do that unless you come back from this one, can you?"

"Almost there, Arthur. Come on, stay with us." Cobb encouraged, but it was of little use.

The point man's feet were practically dragging the ground and consciousness was soon to be lost. Cobb glanced at Eames, who glanced back before reluctantly stopping.

"Alright then, darling. Have it your way. But just so you know, just because you may have taken a bullet for me doesn't mean I can't hold this against you later." The forger stated as he picked up the point man in an uncomfortable bridal hold, careful not to jar his shoulder too much.

He awaited the much needed retort and protests, but when he received none he looked down to see that the point man was no longer with them.

AN: This was going to be a one-shot, but seeing as how I've ended it where I have I suppose it will be a two-shot. Let me know what you think and if you're interested in the second half. Thanks for reading!