One by NautiBitz

Summary: With Faith leading the way, Buffy learns to live it up a little... or, a lot, really. And by "a lot", I mean "experimenting with lesbianism and threeways". Yay Buffy! Ah, if only you were this slutty on the show...

Timeline: Season 3, mid-'Bad Girls'

Originally Published/Completed: September 2001/July 2002

Stats: 3 parts | 2,697 words | Buffy the Vampire Slayer | Buffy/Faith, Spike/Buffy, Spike/Faith, S/B/F | NC-17/M (not for kids)

Genres: Smut, Drama, POV

Awards Won: "Ultimate Threesome Fic" from the FMYA Ultimate Awards, "Best Three Character Fiction" 2nd Place Winner from the Believe Awards, and more.

Author's Note: Told from 4 different POVs. The first two are easy to guess. The last one is a surprise. Each piece can be read as a standalone. Thanks to my beta readers for 'Two' and 'Three', Toga, Rabid and Moose.

Disclaimer: Buffy, Spike and Sunnydale, et al, are property of Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox Film Corporation. I merely use them as pawns in my perverse fantasies, and sometimes for chores.

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Chapter summary: With Faith leading the way, Buffy learns to live it up a little...

The world is opening up for me.

In the pulse-quickening, horizon-broadening kind of way — not in the Hellmouth-caving-in-to-swallow-me-up way.

It's like this primal part of me has been chained in a dark basement all these years, biding its time, waiting to be unleashed... and then Faith comes along and sets it — me — free.

When we busted in on that vamp lair in broad daylight today, I knew exactly what I was meant for. And that nothing could stop me — stop us.

It's weird now to think how much I disliked her at first. The way she found slaying 'fun', the way she never thought before she acted. I thought she was missing the point.

But I was so wrong.

This is right. The way it should be.

I don't expect anyone else to understand it. Anyone but us. But that's okay, because I'll be happy just being with her, as long as she keeps making me feel this alive.

As Faith takes a hold of my hand on the dance floor, lifting it into the air, I feel our bond. I feel her heat transferring into me, her blood pumping through my veins. We smile because we've finally found each other. We're complete. We're One.

The pain and fear that separated me from her is melting away, forgotten, leaving behind only What I Am. What We Are. Wild. Fierce. Hungry. Free.


Male bodies surround us, wanting to step into our light, but they keep a respectful distance, sensing our power, our uniqueness — our aloneness in this world.

Faith pulls me closer and I feel it even more. As the pumping bass matches our heartbeats and her slick collarbone grinds against mine, our bodies meld into a single, pulsing force.

Her hot breath burns my cheek. She looks down at my body and her eyelids lift slowly, revealing dark unfathomable mystery.

I want to know what she knows. I want to learn.

Girlfriend's got so much to learn.

Where I come from? It's not about sunlight or shopping or teen puppy-love. It's also not about sulking your power away, wishing you were someone else twenty-four-seven or marking the calendar 'til you're six feet under.

She needs to know what my world is about. And she wants to know, I can feel it. Her eyes are almost daring me right now, and her lips...

I give her a down-up read.

Buffy's a honey, no doubt. Hot in a wholesome kinda way. Strong — maybe stronger than me, but delicate. Soft and hard. Obedient and stubborn. Angora and leather. So many opposites wrapped up in one tiny little package topped with a bright yellow ribbon.

A sexy bright yellow ribbon.

I've got this theory: you never know someone until you really know someone. And this here's the perfect opportunity, 'cause the way she's shining tonight, she looks open to just about anything.

Well, far be it from me to hold back on the schooling.

Our faces are so close, the air between us is thrumming with shared adrenaline and chemistry and pure, primal connection. I'm searching Faith's eyes, wondering what she has in store for me.

Whatever it is, I'm ready for it.

Okay, not exactly ready for her taking my head in her hands and kissing me, but...

Faith is kissing me. And it's really, really...

Her lips are soft, full and teasing, tasting of Revlon and sweat. Her tongue touches mine and I swear little sparks ignite at the point of contact.

We break apart and Faith smiles at me, slow and mischievous.

B smiles back, a shy little curl of her tasty lips. But then...

She pulls my head towards her and suddenly we're at it again. This time, her tongue is assertive and sure. Yeah, she's ready. And hell, so am I.

My arms go around her waist and I slide my hands up and down her back.

Buffy matches my every move, finally tangling her fingers in my hair.

She moans into my mouth.

Holy shit, I want this girl. I want this girl now.

This is it.

This is what I've been resisting.

This is what I've been denying.

This is what I've been waiting for.

She's the One.

Oh, but that's not all, folks...

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