Chapter One : Road Trip

"Come on... come on baby... let's go." I had to admit, if it would have been anywhere else, the stupid voice, paired with the little dance I was attempting to do for motivation would have never met the light of day... but this was for the good of nature, the good of the enviroment. "Come on little turtle, hurry up!" I called out, in that retarded little baby voice people used for cute little children, or mocking a whining teenager.

"Jesus Legs, just pick the damn thing up and move it off the road. I gotta get to the house and catch the game!" Peter called from the car as I glared back at him. If he wanted to get home so bad to watch the hockey game, then he could have driven himself, or rather let me drive here by myself... it's not like I made him come with me... he could have easily went with his mommy, and then he would have been there already. But no... he just had to backpack it with me.

"Hey! If I wanted your opinion... well I'd never want your opinion, so just shut the hell up!" ha, take that pussy.

"Damn you silly turtle! Get off the road!" I yelled as Peter got out of the car with a sigh and I leant down to pick the turtle up. It was about the size of my palm, with a dark green shell. I had to admit, saving it wasn't the stupidest thing I've ever attempted, I mean, lets face it... it's a defenceless little turtle. What was I suppose to do?

"Watch it bite you..." Peter smirked as I turned to look at him as he stood directly behind me. Sticking my tongue out, I shoved him towards the car where he sat on the hood and sighed, acting like a spoiled brat as I grinned and turned back to the turtle.

We could do this the easy way, or the hard way... hopefully more so the easy way considering the long drive we had to make to the next Tim Horton's before we made it into the city... because I needed a coffee, and not just any coffee... I needed a coffee paired with a delicious chocolate Chip muffin from the only Tim Horton's in what seemed like a millenia of traveling.

Because let's face it... there was a Tim Horton's in almost every city in Canada... and it was possibly the greatest creation ever known to man.

And living in Canada for that long, I decided I had been profously spoiled.

"Come on you little prick." I sighed as Peter laughed, before quickly shutting up after I sent a glare barreling in his direction. My fingers were inches away now...

With a grin, I brushed my fingers over his dry shell as unexpectedly, his long neck, longer than I thought EVER possible, whipped out. Sending his head swarming in my direction as his jaws snapped and I swear I saw death lingering in his beedy little eyes below me.

"You turtle bastard!" I yelled out, ripping my hands away as the turtle's head retracted and Peter burst out laughing at what I was assuming was my amusing face. Suddenly, my patience began to ware thin on this little expadition.

Two steps back, one to the right, I dove forwards and sent my foot flying towards the turtle. Sadly, I'm pretty sure I could see his face before he was sent flying into the field beside the road. With a sigh, I grinned slightly and shook my head. Technically it wasn't animal abuse, I mean... it's a reptile isn't it?

Peter went silent. "What the hell was that?!" he yelled out suddenly and I turned and walked back over to the driver's seat of the car. Getting in as I slammed the door behind me and motioned for him to get in the passenger's seat. But he remained motionless, standing there gaping at me like I had just intentionally started World War III, or tried to eliminate Cookie Dough IceCream from productions across the world... which in Peter's eyes would be worse than anything else.

"That... was a field goal. Now get in the damned car." I smirked as he scoffed and crossed his arms over his broad chest while shooting me a shit eating grin as he stood his ground.

With a sigh, I opened the door and stood up, glaring back at him as he chuckled at me. What? Did he really think I had the patience to wait for his stupid ass to get in the car. I had things to do.

"Peter... I have the keys, I have the map, and I have the Jones backup credit card... if you know what's good for you. You'll sit your attractive, but unavaliable ass down in the passenger seat of my car, before I drive off without you. Leaving you stranded at the side of the road with no money, no phone, in a foreign country, and a very large possibility for you to be abducted by a white van and brutally raped in the back compartment." I said with no emotion whatsoever in my voice as his face suddenly dropped slightly.

I'm telling you, I could have been an actor.

"Now... get in the car. I'm tired, I'm hungry... and I'll be damned if I have to wait any longer to get ahold of my Tim Horton's coffee."

"Oh, I didn't tell you?" he asked after a moment, getting in the car as he reclined the seat and turned over, facing me once more with the most wicked of grins I had ever seen before as he settled back into the seat.

"What?" I asked cautiously, almost too scared to see what the answer to my question would be.

"They've closed the Tim's down for renevations... Mom asked me to tell you when we left. I thought you knew already."

Suddenly, the car barreled around and began heading in the other direction.

"Where in the hell are you going?" he demanded as I sighed and checked the rearview mirror, making sure that there was no one behind me before pushing my foot closer to the floor. Grinning as the car gave a roar in protest before driving off faster down the road.

"Well, Peter... considering you failed to tell me Tim Horton's was closed... we'll just have to double back and hit the last one."

"Legacy! That was two or three HOURS ago!"

"Well... better get to mapping out the quickest route, and calling your mom, because this hot rod ain't stopping for nobody." I grinned as he smirked and looked behind him.

"You want me to tell her about the ticket your about to get too?" he asked with a smile as sure enough, I lookedi n the rearview mirror to see the cruiser pulling up behind me, his lights going off and the siren blaring out.

"Shit... God Damn this stupid friggin country." I sighed and pulled over slowly as the car came up and stopped directly behind us. "Okay, just play along Peter..."


"Play dead!"

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