Chapter Six : Good Day

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"Where have you been?" Peter asked as I walked through the front door. Damn webbed asswhole left me stranded at the top of the building! So being as awesome as I am, I had to crawl down the fire escape, drop to the ground, and walk home from down town New York! And that wasn't an easy task. When you consider the fact that they have the highest crime rate, the scariest people, and some of the weirdest places to shop. Like, damn... I thought I was going to have a heartattack just walking past Good Life. Yeah... It was that bad.

"I was making out with a porn star." I mumbled with a chuckle as Peter's head shot up and he stared at me with a gaping look.


"What?" I cut in quickly and walked into the kitchen to find Maria cooking. Yay.

"How was your tour of the school?" Maria asked with a smile as I smirked and dropped my backpack off to the ground, feeling like I dropped the entire weight of the world off my shoulders. Which was completely understandable considering how tight I had it strapped to my back, paranoid that I'd need it for a good weight to take someone out if they came at me on my way home. With a grin, I laughed and glared down at the stupid bag that may just be the death of me in the end... and damn, it felt pretty friggin great if I don't say so myself.

"Oh it was greeeaaatttt... the Barbies were like 'oh my God, be my best friend, let's by shoes!' and the guys were like 'damn, you rock girl'... and the nerds were all 'you're pretty smart, you don't need school, join the chess club!' and I was like, 'you guys are so nice, and I owe this all to my brilliant, loving, and gorgeous mother and father!'." I grinned as she rolled her eyes and turned back to the stove as I gagged.

Now, normally, the stereotype was that female scientists couldn't cook. And most times I'd say 'Screw Stereotypes!'... but I'm not kidding, once, just this once, I agreed with them. I mean we couldn't even convince the dog to eat her cooking! If I didn't know any better, I'd say she sucked at it on purpose and was trying to kill us... brutally and painfully, in the worst way possible... but that was just me.

Now Jeremy, he could cook. And not like that ChefBoyRD or whatever his name is... No this was like some friggen Gordon Ramsey shit down here... and it was delicious. Now if only we could convince mom to let dad cook more often, then we'd be all good.

"So it was good then?" she asked with a smile and gestured her hot pan towards me as I smiled slightly and politely declined, cringing as the scent wafted towards me and I barried my face in the fridge, looking for something a little more substantial, and less gag-worthy.

"Hurry up fat-ass!" Peter yelled as I grinned and stood in the very center of the opening on the fridge. Far enough out on both sides that I could easily block any attempt for a grab at food.

Battle strategy.

"Hmm... now I could eat an apple, or a banana, or the last plate of that lasanga, or rest of that smoothie..."

"Move it lard-o! That smoothie's mine!" Peter yelled as I smirked and picked up the cup just as he made a dive for the now empty spot in the fridge. Grabbing at me again, I laughed and sprayed spit all over the top of the smoothie. Not enough to drench it, but enough that any sane person would turn it down. Laughing, Peter's face turned a cherry tomatoe red as he lunged for it again and grabbed me around the waist as I held it just out of his long reach.

"MOM PETER'S MOLESTING ME AGAIN!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as Jeremy walked into the kitchen, followed by the rest of the family.

"Peter, leave your sister alone!" mom demanded as he dropped his grip and grabbed a cold slice of pizza out of the fridge before muttering curses and heading back to the cover of his room.

"And so the beast returns to his cave..." I snickered and took a drink of his smoothie as he shot me a deathly glare.

"Go make out with a porn star..." he hissed as Jeremy wacked his head and made Peter cuss again.

"Peter! Language..." mom warned as he scoffed and shook his head.

"Vous vissez tart de cul..." he shot back and dissapeared as Luke turned to me with a confused expression on his face.


"He said 'Screw you ass-tart'..." I offered as mom glared at me and waved her dirty spatula at me accusingly. Oh no... I've been threatened with the kitchen utensils!

What I ever did to deserve to be threatened with her food, I'll never know.

"tadeIn Sie mich nicht Mama..." I grinned as she sighed with a slight smile and shook her head as I retreated to my own room. Chuckling as I did my mini victory dance.

First the sexy tutor. Then the porn star. Then the smoothie... and now getting away with my life, and my appetite still (somewhat) intact... I'd say this was a pretty successful day to be honest. And it wasn't even dark yet.

"Mom! Hunter peed on Legacy's shoes again!" Isabel yelled as I stopped mid track.

"That little shitter!"

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