This is it. This is the end. I'm done for.

Arthur moaned, the piercing howl of agony that had escaped him still ringing in his sensitive wolf ears. Already his leg was going numb- he could practically feel his precious blood draining from his injury... but the sharp steel of the trap clamped around his appendage assured that he couldn't heal himself. Any movement made the bloody slices deeper. So instead he laid down and waited, stomach twisting, for the end to come.

There were gunshots in the distance. He could guess what each bullet was piercing- the calls of his pack were proof of it. They were being slaughtered, one by one. Would any of them make it out alive, without his leadership? Belarus would probably put up a good fight, but there were some things not even she could defend herself from... and the pups. What about the twin pups? Would those poor, helpless newborns be spared? Arthur gritted his teeth. Probably not. Filthy humans! When I get the chance, I'll extract my revenge- slowly, and painfully.

That is, if I get the chance...

His being captured made sure that he was out of the fight, the fight that was impossible to win. But it also made sure that he would be next, without a way to run or fight. So, was this what it felt like to be prey instead of predator? It was interesting... it was also horrible.

There was such pain involved...

A little flicker in the woods caught his attention. Slowly he lifted his head, though movement was painful enough to bring whimpers to his throat, trying to see... ah, yes, there were the rustling leaves again. Curious, and hopeful, his ears flicked as he tried to hear.

"Who's there?" he called, catching a glimpse of wide blue eyes. They seemed unfamiliar, and too innocent to be a wolf's... the smell of rabbit was hot and sweet in the air, along with the delicious scent of prey's terror. In his current position, however, the thought of eating made his stomach churn. "Come out, come out, wherever you are..." he taunted anyway, finding a little comfort in strengthening the fear.

Whatever the poor bunny was doing here, it fled as the wolf took to his hands and knees. All well and good- the last thing he needed was the humiliation of his prey watching him in this helpless state. Sighing, having already come to terms with his fate, he slowly curled into an impossible position to clean around the trap. The saliva and pressure caused the wound to sting more; he grimaced, but forced himself to continue. After all, it was something to take his mind off death.

All at once the shooting stopped. The howling ceased. Was that it, was there no-one left alive? Oh, but what was the use... even if there was, he had proved himself an awful leader. Whether dead or not, he could no longer show his face to them... they would have to appoint another alpha male. Maybe Matthew?... England cringed at the thought. Matthew wasn't fit for leadership- he was too soft, and needed to be led.

Hmm... another creature in the woods?

Surprised that the blood and shooting hadn't scared off whatever it was by now, he looked up to see a tall animal with a red cloak- the hood concealing his face- striding towards him quite nervously. Funny, hadn't he seen that piece of clothing lying on the ground a while back? Curious.

"What are you doing so deep in the forest, Little Red Riding Hood?" England growled, smirking and showing his razor-sharp canines. He watched the thing in red pause at that, his harmless-looking hands trembling, fear coming off of him in tantalizing waves. But for once, what Iggy didn't smell was of more interest to him- the man lacked the disgusting stench of metal or gunpowder that clung to a human's body. "Wearing human clothes, and you don't even have a weapon. Strange... don't you think?" he chuckled, amused at the creature's attempt at seeming human. This was a nice distraction from his plight.

The man began to move again, falling to his knees beside the wolf. "Why would I need a weapon? You're already totally helpless-"

Iggy snapped his jaws at him, and burst into laughter as he shrieked and scrambled away. "Say 'helpless' again, morsel." he challenged, grinning.

"Well I was gonna help you, but if you're going to be like that..." he countered, trying to sound brave. His squeaky voice betrayed him.

"I don't need your help." he stated, going back to licking his wound. "In fact, I'd get out of here before I eat you up."

"You wouldn't eat me. I'm a human! We don't taste good..."

"Humans taste fine, they're just hard to catch. Besides, you smell like rabbit." he noted thoughtfully. "Actually, the same rabbit hanging around here earlier, I'd bet."

"N-no...!" the creature exclaimed desperately, its entire soft and delicious body quivering with fright. "I was just helping a rabbit out first- one got caught too, and-"

"Alright, alright, so you're human. Supposedly. It doesn't make you any less edible." Iggy concurred, licking his lips. "Whatever you are, you're either brave or stupid. Which means, all in all, I'll be doing your species a favor by killing you before you mate." Even though he said that, he laid his head down and relaxed his muscles- trying to look harmless, and let the man do what he was planning to do. "You do realize that cloak you're wearing is for females, though. Right?"

"I-I make it look good..." he bluffed weakly, his cheeks flushing. Although it was true... Arthur's mating instincts made him think so, at least. "Don't move..."

He took ahold of the jawlike trap, slowly and painfully prying it apart. At first the wolf could take the pain... but as things progressed at this snail-like pace he tensed and lowered his head, growling under his breath. "Couldn't you go any faster?!" he spat, fisting his hands.

"I'm doing the best I can, dude! And hey, at least I'm trying something! Which is better than what I should be doing..." the man replied defensively.

A couple moments later he lost his hold on the trap, making it bite forcefully into Iggy's leg once again. Stars exploding behind his eyes, he screamed and spun on the little rabbit- human- whatever the hell it was! Luckily for him, he managed to jump back before his teeth sank into his flesh.

"Your assistance is no longer wanted!" he shouted, panting. His skin was becoming shimmery with sweat.

"L-lay back down..." the little thing whispered, his voice nothing more than a high-pitched whine.

"Like hell! Go on, get! Get away from me, you useless slab of meat!" he hissed angrily. But instead of fleeing, the man flinched back only slightly and rested his hand on Iggy's cheek. His palm was soft, albeit a little shaky and sweaty, and smelled like... daisies.

"C-c'mon, dude! You're scaring me shitless!" he exclaimed.

"Then why the bloody hell are you insisting on helping me?!"

"Because you're hurt, man! I don't like seeing things die! It makes me feel anxious and jittery... and maybe being the hero will end up saving me one day."

His hand pressed harder against Iggy's cheek, pushing Iggy's head to the ground.

"Lie still, okay? If you don't I might mess up again." he chirped. The trembling in him lessened as Iggy let himself relax again.

"Pray for your life that you don't." he threatened in a low voice, closing his eyes and gritting his teeth. This time, he would be prepared for any undue pain. But the slight pause of the little rabbit-human made his emerald eyes flash open again, not fully trusting the strange animal with his life.

"I, uh... kinda need my hands for this, or I'd offer to let ya hold it." he murmured finally, gripping the cold metal more tightly this time. "But you can use the end of my cape."

"I don't need it." he growled... tightly gripping the fabric in his white-knuckled hand. He could see very little of the man's face- the upper half of it was covered by the red fabric- but he could clearly see the smile that played on his pink lips, leaving england torn between fury and a strange sort of lust. It wasn't like the bloodlust he was used to; it was different, more ferocious and yet more gentle that what he'd usually have in mind.

"So what's your name, Wolfy?" he asked, beginning to pull the steel apart once again. Tensing as the pain began coursing through his broken veins, Iggy closed his eyes and breathed raggedly.

"I... I have many." he answered in a strained voice, hands fisting and loosening rhythmically in the creature's clothing.

"Whaddaya want me to call you, then?"

"It doesn't matter... you'll be dead long before you need to- to use my name."

"Then it doesn't matter whether or not I know it, right? Here, I'll make it easier- my name's Alfred."

"Arthur. But... I'm also- c-c-called Iggy-" the wolf gasped, his sight beginning to blacken as the pain became increasingly harder to handle.

"Iggy is a cute name..." Alfred grinned. "Huh... it looks like it crunched your bone up good. I'm surprised it's still attached-"

"S-s-stop!" Iggy shouted suddenly, tears welling in his eyes despite all attempts to stop it. "J-just leave it i-in!"

"But you'll be trapped still..." the 'human' whispered softly, continuing with his work.

"I-I don't c-care! Whatever ha-happens will be a l-l-lot less painful than th-this!" he cried, practically writhing in agony.

"Aw, c'mon. Be a brave little wolfy, it's almost out," he coaxed.

For the last couple seconds of pure agony, leaving him seeing nothing but glowing white fireworks set on deep black, Arthur lost all orientation and awareness. Vaguely he recognised the freeing of his leg, and the pained whimpers that came from his throat as his leg was re-positioned by conscientious teeth. Blood was thick in the air, so thick he could just about taste it on his tongue... and then, it was drowned by the smell of burlap clothes and rabbit-meat.

He came to with his tear-stained head resting on Alfred's lap... his soft hands stroking England's fluffy blonde hair.

"See? That's better, isn't it?" he asked, the tone implying that he didn't need to be answered. Which was all well and good, because Iggy couldn't do much more than lay still and listen to his own shallow panting. He tried to give an answer, anyway, with not much more luck than a shaky 'mm-hmm'. So it comes down to this... a hunter relying on his lunch. How am I still alive, after all this time?

After a short time recovering, an embarrassed Iggy sat up primly to more properly clean his wound. Without the metal in the way, blood was pouring from it much more thickly... the amount of it alarmed him quite a bit. Still, he hid it behind closed eyes as he licked the injury- he wasn't about to let on how frightened he himself was, and especially not to such a measly meal.

Looking up, he found that the creature in red was still staring at him.

"Don't you have somewhere else to be..." he sighed, raising his eyebrows at the man. His head tilted to one side.

"No, not really. Besides, you're cute for a little Wolfy." he grinned, humming happily to himself. Cute?!

Sitting on his haunches momentarily, he looked hard at the man. "Cute..." he smirked, taking his own sweet time in stalking towards the boy... taking great pleasure in the fear that began to course through his veins, making his jittery heart pound. Squeaking, the creature crawled backwards- at least, before his progress was stopped by the trunk of a large tree. And, unable to escape him, Alfred pressed against said tree and sank as low to the ground as possible. This made Iggy growl with pleasure, closing his eyes and smelling the scrumptious fear the man emanated. Taking his own sweet time he pinned the rabbit-human to the ground.

"Wh-what are you doing?!" the flighty little thing cried, shuddering so violently his movement disturbed the air. "I saved you, man! Y-you can't eat me...!"

"And that's where you're wrong."

Arthur smiled sadistically, his eyes narrowing as he drew his tongue along his sharp teeth. The soft animal's lip quivered, turning his face away. Wrong move. It bared his gorgeous neck, a neck so white it seemed to glow. Lowering his head, Iggy tasted his salty flesh.

"Human or no, you taste like food all the same. I told you, didn't I? You should've run while you had the chance... I feel no mercy for a tasty little morsel, just like you would feel no mercy for a blade of grass."

"N-no, please!" the wolf's next meal begged wildly, squirming beneath him. Iggy merely smirked, lunging for his beautiful neck...

I know it kinda looks like it's the end, but it isn't. It's a chapter story. So don't be fooled :)