"Kyo, Yuki! Let's go! Today is the resistance run. We can't be late!" Tohru was in the main room. Yuki and Kyo were in the kitchen with Shigure.
"I'm not going to that stupid race! I'm stayin' here." Kyo called from the kitchen. "I don't intend on Hatsuharu tripping me again."
"I guess I could come, Miss Honda. But, I'm not promising that I will run."

Ever since that incident when Yuki had broken up with me, he had been depressed. I have too, but I never show it. He thought I have cheated on him with Kyo. That's not true at all. I was sick that day, and I was sleeping. I had no control over what anyone was doing! I explained that to him, but he wouldn't believe me. Shigure doesn't even talk to me any more. He also makes his own food instead of eating mine. Kyo seems to be acting weird around me and I don't know why. I think my life here is coming to an end.

Yuki walked into the main room. He was really upset.
Tohru looked at him with such concern. "Do you have all of your things?"
He nodded slowly, and sadly. But, other than that, he ignored everything she said and done.

What am I going to do to about this? He will still talk to me, but he often yells. This has made me really upset. I need to fix this. But, how? I'm only one person.

The two slowly walked out of the house. They were both upset now. Every time Tohru would speak, he would turn his head the other way and ignore her. He was hurting her feelings, but was not intending to.


Tsuki walked into her sad, empty room. Her room was the only room (other than the bathroom and kitchen) in her house. Inside her room was a beat up mattress and a bird cage. In the bird cage was her beloved pet bird.

Tsuki Ibuki was a blonde haired girl with bluish purple eyes. Unlike most blondes, she was actually intelligent.

Today was her first day of high school. It was the first day her of senior year to be exact. She had never attended high school before this.

"Goodbye boy. I have to go now." She said as she opened the parrot's cage and petted him on the beak.

She slowly closed the cage and the bird said "Goodbye." as she left the room.

I am going to school in the middle of the year. I hope my presence won't prove awkward. Still, I can't help but be afraid that my breathing will act up. I have no inhaler, so I guess maybe someone else will have one.

Tsuki grabbed her bag from the floor outside of her door, and started to walk down the street to school.


Tohru and Yuki had arrived at their school just in time to hear the warning bell. The two parted ways and went to their separate classes. Tohru walked inside hers and sat down at her seat that was in the back of the room. She glanced at the seat next to her and noticed that there was a girl sitting there.

Is she new? Or has she been here all year and have never noticed her?

Tohru's head became light and she thought she had blacked out. She was suddenly somewhere outside and the supposed new girl was with Yuki. Whatever was happening she couldn't see clearly, because it was blurry.

She suddenly came back to reality and noticed that the bell had rung and the teacher had just entered the room.
"Okay class. We have a new student today." He said as he slammed his briefcase on the desk. He made eye contact with Tohru and then began to speak again. "There she is." He said as he pointed in the back corner of the room beside the window. "Do you want to introduce yourself?"

Tsuki glared at the teacher and then said her name loud enough for everyone to hear.
"Very well, then. Anyways, let's talk about the route you will be taking for the run today."

Tsuki sighed and stared outside of the window.
Torhu lightly nudged the girl next to her. Tsuki quickly turned around with an annoyed expression on her face.

"What do you want, pest!" Tohru shrunk back a little, out of fear.
"Sorry.I just wanted to know if you wanted to run with me." She said in a squeaky voice.
"No!" She said, raising her voice slightly.
"You don't have to run, you can just walk!"
Tsuki started to get red. "Why would I associate with a pest like you?"
"I'm sorry!"

Tohru started to get dizzy again. She guessed that she was taken to the same place as before. This time, it was clear and detailed. Tsuki and Yuki were lying on the ground, gasping for air. Tohru assumed that it was an asthma attack.

"You'd better be sorry." She turned and laid her head on her arms.
Tohru remembered her vision and hoped to prevent it. "If you intend to run, then take an inhaler."

Tsuki picked up her head and her expression turned to astonishment as she turned her head around. "How do you know about my breathing problems?"
"Uh, well I actually saw it in a dream."
"A dream you say? It seems you know much about me. Maybe you would understand what I have been through. You know, I'm an orphan. But, you probably don't care." Tsuki said. Tohru could tell that she was starting to gain her trust.
"I am orphaned too. Maybe we have much in common!"
"How do you live on your own?"
"Well, I live with three other people. They are all guys. I am the one who supports them." She said awkwardly.
"I live by myself. It's just me and my parrot."
"You live on your own? Maybe you should come live with me! Shigure would let you if I asked him." Tohru asked.
"Okay students, get changed into your gym clothes for the run." The teacher announced.
"As long as my parrot is allowed to come, then I'm coming too." Tsuki laughed as they both walked to the locker room. Tohru smiled because she just found the key to a nearly impossible heart.


Yuki had cut class and he was sitting in the boy's locker room. He pulled up his sweatpants and walked out of the room. He was going to try to run, but he didn't know if he would be able to go on. Yuki pushed on the door that led outside. Then he heard a sudden voice that made him almost jump out of his skin. He accidentally slammed the door on his foot.

"Hey Yuki, how ya been? You okay?"

Yuki turned around to see Haru.

"Oh you know, still upset that I was used. She cheated on me for no reason. I guess no girl can be trusted." He said sadly.
Haru looked at Yuki with concern. "You know that is not true! Take Tohru for example. Would she do that?"
"You idiot, she was the one who cheated! I saw her in bed and lying down with Yuki. Then she made up some lies."
"I am sincerely sorry for whatever happened, but I am sure that it was not what you thought it was."
"I don't care. Now she can love that stupid cat. I don't give a shit." He said as he stormed outside.

Haru face palmed himself and then went outside to sit in a tree to keep an eye on Yuki.


"Hey Tsuki I have a question."
"Yes?" she said as she pulled up her green gym shorts over her bottom.
"Do you think you would like to meet my friends before the run?"

Tsuki looked at Tohru nervously. 'I-I guess I could. As long as they aren't mean. I hate those kinds of people. Always thinking they can be mean to anyone and do what they want."
"My friends are nothing like that. I promise." She said nicely.
"I hope you are right." Tsuki said as she sat down on the bench in the locker room.

Tohru finished putting on her shorts and Tsuki stood up, then they both headed outside to warm up for the run.

When they got outside, Tohru noticed Yuki sitting on a bench in the corner of the garden. She started walking towards him and Tsuki followed closely behind. As they got closer, Tsuki's heart began to race and when they reached him, she hid behind Tohru. She peered over Tohru's shoulder.

"It's okay. He is only a friend. He is completely harmless and will never hurt you no matter what."
"So that's why you cheated? Because I was harmless and would not hurt you! You are just ridiculous. Why don't you just go die in a hole." He said, not caring what her reaction was.
"I TOLD YOU THAT IT WAS NOT WHAT YOU THOUGHT!" she yelled and ran away crying. Yuki turned around and crossed his arms.

Tsuki stood there, frozen in place. She could not move from her spot. Was she afraid of this person? No. He was no normal person. But, Tsuki just couldn't put her finger on it.

"I feel bad for what happened." It took a lot of courage to speak to this person.
Yuki turned around and saw the blonde girl in the red outfit. "I suppose you are a friend of Tohru's." he said.
It was hard for Tsuki to muster up the courage to speak anymore. But, she managed to do it. "Y-yes I am her friend." She whimpered and cowered. "Don't hurt me!"
He took a few seconds to laugh at her. "No need to be nervous. As Tohru said, I will not hurt you."

She did trust this person, but was still very afraid. Nothing he said made her feel any better.
"Here, why don't you sit here next to me?" He said as he patted the bench.


Tohru ran inside the school and hid in the locker room. She hugged her knees and tears fell down off of her eyes. Her crying must have been loud, because Momiji came inside the locker room.

"Are you okay? Did Yuki hurt you?" He said while wiping her tears off of her face.

"Yes. But, it's fine. I probably deserved it."

"No you don't deserve anything bad. Don't ever believe that."

"Thanks for trying to cheer me up. Maybe I can still repair our friendship. Maybe he won't hate me anymore.."

"Just keep believing in yourself." He left Tohru alone in the room.

My life is so hard. I sometimes wish I was someone else. None of the Sohmas deserve me around. Tsuki is new and I bet Yuki has already warmed up to her. She is lucky…..Maybe I should run out my problems. Just keep running and never stop. It beats sitting here..

Tohru slowly got up and stumbled forward. She was depressed and needed to vent the depression somehow. Maybe running the race would help. She pondered this for a moment, and then went outside so she wouldn't miss the race.


Tsuki was happily talking to Yuki about some random stuff. Yuki was completely unaware that Kyo had arrived at school and was standing behind them.

"Hey new girl, hey." He said over and over as he poked Tsuki on the shoulder. Her attention was on Yuki. They were talking about something that seemed to poke at her interests. "HEY ARE YOU JUST GONNA IGNORE ME!"

Tsuki calmly turned around. "What do you want, stupid!"


Still calm, she stood up and Kyo prepared for a possible fight. She swiftly and accurately sung her left arm, hit him on the chest, and knocked him over. "I guess now we see who's a weakling and who's not." She said and sat back down to talk to Yuki.

"What are you doing here, Kyo? I thought you stayed home." Yuki said with an annoyed tone.

"That stupid dog would not leave me alone!"

"No reason to be mean to her over it." He said as he pointed to Tsuki.

But Kyo wasn't finished arguing with her. He picked her up by the collar and lifted her up off of her feet. She stared at him with a blank expression.

"I'm not finished with you yet."

Tsuki swung her leg and kicked him in the balls. He dropped her and started yelling out in pain. She was about to punch him in the face when she heard a yell.

"Hey, stop!" A boy that was sitting in a tree came over and stood between Kyo and Tsuki. "Don't fight in school! It's dangerous!"

"He started it. I had to end it."

"It's still not good to do that!" he said firmly.

"Yea, I know."

"Alright, students gather around! It's time to start the race. Racers get in position!" the announcer said.

All of the racers lined up on the starting line and were ready to run.

"Hey, babe. The name is Hatsuharu. You can call me Haru if you wish. Wanna race me and Yuki?" he was Black Haru now and he was itching for a race.

"The name is Tsuki and sure. Just be prepared to lose." She said confidently.

"I wouldn't mind a race right now." Yuki said quietly.

"Alright then guys! Get ready, loosers." Haru said, teasing the other two.

The starter pistol fired and they all took off running. The three were going at the same speed. Tsuki thought that she needed to take her speed to the next level. She smiled deviously and ran on ahead of the two boys. It took a lot of effort for her to go that fast. She had never gone that fast in her entire life.

Yuki moved his feet faster and faster to catch up with the girl. Soon he became far ahead of Haru and could even see Tsuki. He was closing in on her.

She looked back astonished. "You are fast!" Then she suddenly stopped.

Yuki stopped just before he smashed into her. "What's wrong?"

Tsuki walked shakily over to him and tripped, sending them both falling down the hill. Then they both started gasping for air.

An asthma attack.

"Where is Haru when you need him?" Yuki said in between breaths. He looked over at Tsuki, who was less than 6 feet away, and noticed that she could not last much longer. He started to panic. He never had to deal with someone else who had asthma. What did he have to do?

Before Yuki knew it, he had passed out. Tsuki had passed out as well.

When he woke up, Haru was carrying him and Tsuki to Shigure's house. It was not long before Yuki slipped back into unconsciousness.