Tsuki Ibuki awoke to find that Kyo was still asleep and hugging her. But Yuki wasn't there.

Where could he have gone?

Not to mention that Tohru has not came out of her room in days.

Was she even still living in this house?

She felt as helpless as ever now. Every time she would move, Kyo would squeeze tighter. She whimpered quietly, but it didn't seem to do anything.

Eventually he began to stir and he woke up. When he opened his eyes, he saw Tsuki lying helplessly on the bed with his arms wrapped around her.

He freaked out and quickly released her. "S-sorry!"

They both sat up.

"Sooo..." Tsuki started to say. "I guess I should go for my daily run now..." she stood up.

At the sound of the word 'run' the bird fluffed the feathers on his chest and wings. Tsuki laughed and walked over to the bird.

"I guess he really loves his excersize huh?" Kyo asked.

Tsuki simply nodded and opened the birdcage. She petted him quickly before closing it again. The bird made a confusing noise and Tsuki laughed again. "Its too cold for you to come outside, silly!"

The bird mewed with dissatisfaction.

She grabbed her jacket and slipped it on, then ran outside.

"Wow. It takes commitment to run everyday like she does." Kyo's smiled.

His smile turned into a frown once he remembered his conversation between Yuki and him late last night.

"Yuki? You know how you are mad at Tohru and stuff like that?"

Yuki stretched his neck to look at Kyo. "Yea? So?"

Kyo nervously rubbed the back of his head. "Well... I forced myself on her while she slept.."

Yuki grew silent for a moment, then quietly got up and let the room. It was obvious that he was mad at Kyo.

He looked down to see Tsuki was pressed up against him. Kyo grinned then went to sleep...

Yes he felt bad about it. But, he thought if those two had broken up, then he could ask Tohru out. That was his intention before Tsuki came along.

His head was a jumbled mess. He wished that he could tell Tohru how sorry he was, but Tohru left to live with Momiji days ago.

Kyo sat in silence for a few moments before standing up and walking out.

It would be weird if he would stay in Tsuki's room all day.

He turned right and walked past Yuki's open door.


Open door?

Yuki always kept his door shut.

Kyo walked backwards and peered into the room.

Inside, Tsuki stood frozen.

"Tsuki?" Kyo said cautiously.

There was no answer so he walked inside and stood behind her, peering over her shoulder.

She clutched a piece of folded paper.

Her facial expression was all but happy. It actually seemed like she was in pain.

Tsuki was in her own little world right now. She was haunted by the paper.

Memories of just two days ago flooded back...

"Tsuki. This pendant is beautiful."

Yuki reached his hand up to her neck to get a better view of the turquoise pedant.

Her eyes twinkled. "Its beautiful." Yuki repeated.

"Here. Let me put it on you." He reached his hands behind her and snapped the pendant on. "I found it at my favorite shop..."

Tsuki grabbed the pendant and took it off of her neck.

She dropped it onto the ground and stomped on it.

It was instantly crushed.

She dropped the letter sadly. "Its my fault..." she whispered.

Tsuki teared up and left the room, leaving Kyo wondering what the letter said.

He picked it up and read it:

Dear whoever reads this,

I am leaving and never coming back. You won't find me so don't bother looking. I am trying to get over something so I will need some time alone...

Sincerely Yuki.

Kyo balled up the letter and threw it on the ground. "Man, that Yuki is a cry baby. He needs to get over it now!"

He kicked the paper ball and left the room closing it behind him...

Meanwhile, Tsuki ran to her room with her eyes full of tears.

She plopped down onto her mattress and began to cry softly.

It was all her fault that he left...


The next day was Monday, and the snow had thawed enough for the students to attend school.

Tsuki, Tohru, and Kyo all walked to school together but once they entered the building, Kyo went the opposite direction as Tsuki and Tohru.

When Tsuki and Tohru got into their class, they were cornered by the 'Prince Yuki' fan club.

They were completely trapped and none of their peers would help. There was not even a teacher in the room.

"I see that yet another female is allowed to stay at the home of our beloved Prince. We just might have to teach you two a lesson." The leader of the group taunted them both.

But, anger flooded through Tsuki.

She punched the arrogant leader in the face.

The leader yelled out of pain and covered up her nose. She scowled at Tsuki. "Bitch I dare you to do that again."

Of course Tsuki didn't want to make this fight boring. She proceeded to do the 'belly to back suplex'.

Tsuki grabbed the leader and lifted her up, she tilted back like a bridge then slammed her head onto the ground.

The leader was in obvious pain, but she stood up and furiously rubbed her bleeding skull. "You are the reason why Yuki left..." she said before motioning her posse to follow her.

To Tsuki, that last sentence from the leader felt like a pang of a thousand tiny icicles. She gripped her chest where her heart was located and Tohru put a soft hand to her shoulder. "He left because of me. Not you. Don't worry about it.."

Tsuki sadly nodded and remembered more about what happened just a few days ago..

Yuki took the necklace in his hand and observed it. "This necklace looks like it is fragile so please take care of it."

She had let Yuki down. She had destroyed the necklace and she felt terrible.

"Come one, lets go sit down." Tohru said gently.

Tsuki nodded and they slowly walked to their desks.

Moments later, the teacher walked in.

The bell ran shortly after.

Another boring day of school... Tsuki thought with a deep sigh..

After classes where over, Tsuki dashed out of the school building.

She didn't even give the others a chance to catch up with her.

"What's her problem? She usually waits for us!" Kyo asked.

"Today we got jumped by Yuki's fan club. They said some hurtful things to her."

Kyo looked at her, surprised. "But she is stronger than that! Can't she just take the insults like they were nothing?"

Tohru shook her head. "Not when those hurtful things are about the person she loves."

Kyo stopped and stared at Tohru, then a mischievous smile grew across his face.

His brain, for once, hatched an idea. He ran ahead of Tohru.