What if the girl you love has changed beyond recognition? What if she has turned into everything you despise? Everything she used to despise? Would you still love her? Would you stick around and try to find that girl you know is hidden somewhere within? What if you had to do it on her conditions?

A little warning though: Rory is waaay out of character, and probably Jess too, but it's still them, it's just the circumstances forcing them to be. Maybe they'll find their way back? Time will tell…


"I hate this." He watched her as she got dressed. She should hate it too. The Rory he had known would never have cheated on anyone. The Rory he had known couldn't even kiss him without being drawn back by guilt all those years ago at Truncheon. The Rory he had known would have despised all the sneaking around and lying they were doing. This Rory didn't.

She smiled and leaned over him as he was still lying in bed.
"I know you do." Her tone was slightly condescending as she ran her hand through his hair. "I know you do, but there's no other way."

Yes there is, he wanted to scream. You could divorce your husband and we could be together for real. On the inside he was screaming, on the outside he smiled towards her. It was a superficial smile, a smile that had no connection whatsoever with his heart, but he knew that if he didn't smile, if he didn't play along, he would lose her. She might not act like his Rory, she might not talk like his Rory, she hardly even looked like his Rory anymore, but still he knew that somewhere deep inside that designer-dress clad body was his Rory.

He hated himself for playing along, he hated himself for letting her talk to him in that condescending tone and he hated himself every time she walked out that door and went back to her husband. But he couldn't help it. He had tried to cut her out of his life, he had tried to forget her, he had tried to move on and those years was bar none the worst years in his life.

"Okay, so…Logan has a business trip on Wednesday, he'll be gone over night. Would that work for you?" She puts her phone/pocket computer/whatever fancy, expensive, electronic device it was in her hand bag and looks at him, waiting for confirmation.

He sighs. It always works for him, she only asks him because that's the polite thing to do. Rory Huntzberger always makes sure to do things by the book. She even cheats by the book.
"Yeah, Wednesday sounds great."

She looks down at him from her standing position, tilts her head and smiles.
"Ah, come on pretty boy, no pouting." She leans down and gives him a light kiss on the lips. It has to be light, otherwise the lipstick she just put on would not look as perfect as it had to when she left. They had been over that before.
"It's just a few days until Wednesday." She blinks at him. "Oh, and remember…"
He interrupts, knowing all too well what the next words coming out of her mouth are.
"You call me, I don't call you." He says with a bitter tone which she conveniently chooses to ignore.
"Exactly." She smiles. "You're getting the hang of this Jess Mariano. I told you you would." She smiles again before she blows him a kiss and leaves.