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Chapter 1


"You are being such a good boy. Would you like some more cereal sweetheart? Here you go" An old woman said to her young son. She walked by his side and put some more cereal in his bowl. Suddenly her husband got in the kitchen with their other son who was screaming and kicking uncontrollably.

"He's really being a monster again today. Trudy goddamn it help me" The man said furious.

"Oh, can't you be more careful?" The woman said to her husband who had just brought her mould down.

"I'm doing the best I can. He's out of control"

"Sit still. Stop it!" She started to get really angry.

"Oh, why can't you be more like your brother?" She told and that made the boy crazier.

"Be quiet. Shut up!" She finally said. The boy scratched her hand causing it to bleed. Without second thought she slapped him in the face.


" There's a place in Tribeca for three thousand" Paige pointed at a newspaper eating a French fry. Carly looked at her with a depressed expression.

"That's too expensive. The money I saved up won't cover two months rent . I'm gonna have to work every second I'm not in class until graduation.

"Carly, don't even think about not going"

"I'm not" Carly said determined .

"Good. Because you know how proud I am of you" I said getting into their conversation and smiling at Carly. My name is Sabina. I'm Carly's best friend and I have known her since junior high. She knows me better than anyone else and I love her as a sister. We decided to follow Blake to that game because he begged us. It was also a good chance to have fun and relax a bit. That was going to be a very long weekend. And of course not in a good way. Our group kept secrets and disruptions and it was difficult for all of us to communicate. We were all so same but also so different. We had different lives and personalities and sometimes very intense reactions. Paige was probably pregnant from Blake and she didn't know how to tell him. Carly was going to move to New York and she expected from Wade to follow her. Nick was supposed to be the badass but he wasn't. I knew he only wanted to play it cool but in reality he had a great soul that he hide very well. Dalton was the sweet "clown" of the group who took our problems away with his jokes but he was not a moron. He was trying to hide his huge love for Carly who was tugged with Wade. Wade was confused and not ready to move. And I, myself, I was the only one who was single. No boyfriend, no love, no butterflies in my stomach. I was enjoying being a college girl and having fun with my crazy friends.

"Aha, it's only an internship" Carly answered.

"At Instyle magazine" Paige added.

"Or would you rather stay at the Waffle House as a waitress forever?" I teased her.

"No Sabina, thanks"

"Yeah, of course" I said looking away.

"She is kind of weird" Paige whispered to Carly, but I could hear what she was saying.

"No, not at all. She is fine" I heard Carly saying but I didn't talk.

"How are you so sure?" Paige insisted but I kept ignoring her.

"She has no boyfriend, no pregnancy and no moving" Carly said and I noiselessly laughed at her smart comment.

"Whatever you say" Paige finally answered with a small grin. I turned and I saw Wade coming. That man was so tall that I had to lift my head quit high to face his pretty eyes.

"Hey babe" Wade said and kissed her cheek.

"Hi" Carly simply said.

"Sorry, there were two rednecks in the bathroom.

"Really?" Carly said surprised.

"There's no rednecks in New York" Paige said teasing them.

"No. There's not. Wade answered a little annoyed .

"There are rednecks everywhere. Don't listen to her" I smiled at him and he did the same.

"I'm gonna go see what Blake's doing. He seems to like that car more than me nowadays" She said and left us behind.

Now that we have a second… And I'm not trying to make this a big deal. You know I want to have a good time on our trip this weekend. But why on earth did your brother have to come with us?" You said your parents weren't gonna post his bail anymore" Wade started and I felt sorry that he thought like that about Nick. Nick was a great guy but he was misunderstood.

"They didn't. Blake did. He invited him" Carly apologized."I guess he makes him feel more badass, I don't know"

"Good. Blake invited your brother . Sabina came with us, Nick carried his little girlfriend, Stacy, with him and even Dalton brought Maribel with him" Wade complained as he always did.

"Wade you become worse than Nick. We know them, we are in the same college. They seem very cool. Dalton happens to have a girlfriend and Stacy is able to control Nick.

"Yeah, maybe" Wade finally said.

"I'm sorry Wade I thought you enjoyed our company" I said to him a little pissed.

"No it's not like that, I'm sorry Sabina, I smiled at him and I left the table.

"Blake?" Paige asked her boyfriend who was having little fun by listening to music and playing with his GPS.

"Blake" She tried again but she received no answer.

"Fine" She turned to leave.

"Baby come back here. You know it ain't like that. I was messing with the GPS and I saw a shortcut. I think it'll save us an hour. So we can spend more time" Those two were extremely mushy sometimes.

"Oh my god Dalton why the hell did you have to bring that camera with you?" I asked him boringly.

"Come on, relax, we'll have many great moments. I have to film them all.

"I want them all!" I teased him and he punched my arm a bit.

"I'm serious!" He said with a stubborn look on his cute face.

"Yeah sure"

"Sabina don't be like that" He begged me and I could not resist him.

"Alright" I finally answer and I felt his hand on my arm.

"Come on, let's go have some fun" He said and dragged me where Paige and Blake were. He turned his camera on and he approached them.

"How are you doing? Hello!" He said laughing at them.

"Dalton put that camera down" Blake ordered him.

"God" Paige added.

"You guys are lame. I'm out of here. Come on Sabina. See you squabs" He told me and I followed him. We sat up with Carly and Wade when we saw Nick coming out, Stacy following him.

"What's up crow man?" He said to a beggar holding his beer in his hand. Stacy looked at him with a sad expression. He took a large gulp and he said to the miserable man to get a job. He finally sat with us and Wade tried tried to break the ice.

"So, what do you think, guys? Gonna be a sweet game tomorrow, huh?" I looked at Dalton and he did the same. Carly lowered her head and Nick answered him as if he was drunk.

"Yeah" Dalton turned his camera on again.

"Dalton, please don't film me" Carly said.

"What? I'm not filming now" He lied.

"But the red light is on" She said.

"Put the camera down. She doesn't like having people up in her face. She falls under pressure" Nick said looking at her insistently.

"You got something to say to me, Nick?" Carly asked angrily.

"No, I think you've already spoken enough for the both of us, don't you?"

"Guys please" I finally said and Nicked stopped it and kissed Stacy tenderly on her forehead then he took her in his arms still staring at Carly.

"You guys are… oh let's get out of here" Dalton said nodding at me and he went to stand up.

"Where the hell is Maribel, Dalton? Shouldn't you have known?" I asked grinning at him cutely.

"You are right. She should have already been there"

"My god is she still in the bathroom or…" I sighed worriedly.

"Don't worry I'll go check it" Dalton said and he went to find her. After a while he and Maribel came out. I noticed that Maribel was quite pale.

"Maribel, are you okay?" I asked her and nodded smiling at me.

"Ok let's go then" Dalton said and we headed to our cars.

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