AUTHOR'S NOTES FOR THE WHOLE COLLECTION: "Different Types of Togetherness" is the umbrella title for this collection of stand-alone ficlets and shortfics. As with my other umbrella title "Notes from the Pirate Era", each "chapter" is a complete piece in itself. Most of the pieces here are under 1000 words, but there may be the odd exception.

All the pieces herein have some kind of pairing or at least romantic feelings in it, though it might not always be a mutual attraction. Note: While the collection as a whole is rated M, the same doesn't go for all pieces in it - several are T and others may even be just K+.

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AUTHOR'S NOTES FOR THE FIRST FICLET: This one was originally written for the prompt "Games" at the challenge comm. onepieceyaoi100 on Livejournal. The pairing is Usopp/Zoro, word count 295, rating a strong T or a weak M.

-Spring Fever-

In general, Zoro has little time for games, particularly games of pretense and make-believe. He likes things to be simple and plain and straightforward. You are what you are and want what you want, so you may as well say it from the start.

Usopp is not like that, of course: Usopp is all about playing games and pretending, about boasts and masks and going at things in a round-about way. But that's okay – they don't have to be the same just because they like each other.

Most of the time, Zoro feels this way. However, there are times when he might just... compromise.


A spring night on a spring island, the air fresh and rich with scents, shimmering with life and possibilities. Sitting under an apple tree in a secluded spot, the straying pirate swordsman finishes up his booze in private... only to get tracked down by the Great Bounty Hunter Usopp, to be pounced on (with some small attempts at being quiet), pinned down and bound with enthusiastic fervour and brand-new ropes. Hands that are no longer tentative but confident and skilful roam all over him. Zoro grunts, holding back a grin.

There are apple blossoms in Usopp's hair, on his nose. A second bottle of booze is waiting by their feet for later, and the blackbirds just won't shut up.

"Heya," he mumbles. "Wasn't sure you'd get here."

"Shh, pirates should be seen and not heard," whispers Usopp, kissing him. Zoro grins unabashedly. What a terrible line.

Usopp manages to work up a scowl. "You're not playing along," he mutters, nibbling Zoro's ear.

"Like hell I'm not," grumbles Zoro. Then he drops his voice. "Maybe you need to make it more interesting, then." Compromise has never been this fun.