A few seats behind Bailey, it was panic as well. Cody and Zack had heard what the radio said and they were trying not to freak out. Zack then turned to Cody and looked at him with a horrified look before he spoke.

Zack: Cody, you could try to save the plane! You've tried to steer a plane before.

Cody: I've tried it one time, Zack! And there was with a pilot helping me.

Zack: Come on, Cody! You need to believe in yourself. You can do this!

Zack sent Cody a begging look and Cody was kind of amazed. His brother was for once as terrified as himself. Cody sighed and closed his eyes for a moment. The worst thing that could go wrong was…Well it technically was that the plane would crash, but that was already kind of happening, so Cody looked at his brother.

Cody: Zack, I'll go to the cockpit and see what I can do. You'll go sit with Bailey, keep her calm and make sure that she doesn't leave her seat.

Zack: What? Why?

Cody: Because she's afraid of flying so right now she must be terrified, and the last thing I need is that she'll do something stupid.

Zack: And you don't think that I am terrified?!

Cody just sent Zack a serious look that probably would shut him up.

Zack: Okay, I'll go sit with her.

Cody: Good. Wish me luck.

And with that Cody quickly turned around and started to walk towards the cockpit. But before he could get too far away he heard someone call his name, so he turned around and saw Zack standing up and look at him. Before Cody could do anything, Zack walked up to Cody and hugged him.

Zack: I love you, Cody.

Cody: I love you too, Zack.

Cody then calmly pulled away and sent Zack a sad smile, before he turned around and headed for the cockpit again. Cody wasn't quite sure about what he could do about all of this, but he was going to try!

As Cody made his way towards the cockpit, Zack was walking towards Bailey's seat. He was about to fall a few times because of the plane shaking so much and losing height all the time. He finally reached Bailey and laid a hand on her shoulder. Bailey quickly turned around to see who it was, and saw that it was Zack. Zack quickly sat down next to Bailey, fastened his seatbelt, and then he looked at Bailey again. He'd never seen her so scared! Her face was completely pale, she had teary eyes and she was trembling a little.

Bailey: Z-Zack? What are you d-doing here?

Zack: I came here to make sure that you're okay. Cody told me to.

Bailey: But where is Cody then?

Zack: He went to the cockpit to see what he could do.

Bailey: WHAT?!

Zack: Calm down, Bailey!

Bailey started to tremble even more, and a little tear rolled down her cheek. She started panting, and finally spoke again.

Bailey: I need to go help him!

Bailey quickly opened her seatbelt and tried to stand up, but Zack held her back. Cody had told him not to let her leave her seat, so that was what he was going to do. Hold her back! Bailey tried her hardest, but gave up after a few minutes and sat down again.

Bailey: Let me go, Zack!

Zack: No! Bailey, you're in chock. You can't help him when you're like this.

Bailey: But I need to tell him something really important!

Zack: What?

Bailey's eyes were now filled with tears and she was about to break. She knew it. Zack knew it. Everyone knew it.

Bailey: I need to tell him that…

Bailey's lips started to tremble, and she couldn't hold it back anymore. And she didn't care! With a big, loud cry, she let out the last few words, that she wanted to tell Cody so badly.

Bailey: I love him!

Bailey buried her face in her hands and let all of her tears and cries out. Zack could feel his eyes getting teary as well, but he held them back and stayed strong. He needed to stay strong for Bailey, and without another thought he wrapped his arms around her, pulled her close and tried to sooth her down. It was like the time stood still. Everything was so unreal to Bailey. Was this really how she was going to leave this world? She had so many things she wanted to accomplish! Would she ever get the chance to tell Cody how much she loved her? Bailey didn't get to think about that twice, because next thing she knew there was a crash, and everything went black..!

To be continued...

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