Everyone was mad at me and I don't know why. Ever since we got to this safe house they had started to ignore me ,and glare at me every chance they got. I was getting sick of it. Just then they all came into the living room ,laughing, till they saw me. They shut up quickly and started to glare at me. A felt a tear roll down my eye as I got up and ran outside. I felt someone follow me ,but I didnt care who.

"Chloe get back inside." It was Derek.

"No! How could you even say that with how you all have been treating me?" I ask him.

"What do you mean? And why are you crying?" Derek had a look of puzzlement on his face.

I felt more tears fall. "Derek y-y-you all have been ignoring me ,and glaring a-at me. If you all want me to leave because I c-c-cant help ,just tell me. I promise I will leave quickly." I say as I wipe the tears.

Shock and hurt come over his face. "Chloe I don't remember any of this. I would never ever want you to leave. I love you Chloe. Now come back inside." He sated it all gently.

"No Derek ,because t-the second I do you will h-hate me again." I was sobbing now.

"Chloe I will never hate you."

I look into his eyes ,and then into Royce's. I screech and fall as he laughs at me.

"Jumpy necro. I wanted you to meet my friend. Shes a witch that put the spell on your safe house. The one that makes everyone think your the enemy. There hostage ,the one that they can let escape." He was smirking at me.

I glare. "Royce leave us alone!" I shout letting Derek know who it was.

"I cant till I take you back to the EDG."

I look at the ghost witch and mouth run. She does. "Royce go to hell!" I screech as I mentally push him.

He glared at me and threw a stick at me ,that Derek grabbed. "Haha! Stupid necro ,I could kill you right now if I wanted. I could take over your body and kill your friends. Now get ride of him or I will." I stopped quickly.

Derek noticed that I had started to shake and looked at me. "Derek go get the others." I wispiered.

He looks at me sceptically. "Now." I say. He runs to go get them.

"Ok Royce what do you want me to do?" I ask him knowing there was a reason to this.

"Follow me and your freinds go free. But you have to return to the lab." I nod slowly.

"No one else will get hurt?" I ask un-surley.

He nods. "Ok I will go ,but let me write a note to Derek or something."

He slowly handed me some real paper and a pen. On it I wrote.


I am sorry ,but I have to go with Royce back to the EDG. I hate it ,but I love you all so I have to. You all will finally be safe! I hope. That's the reason I am going. Hope. I hope you all will be ok. I hope you'll still love me. I hope you all will still love me. I promise some day I will come back for you. I swear to it on my life. I will miss you all till I can see you. I love you Derek. Keep Simon and Tori from killing each other ,keep the order ,but please don't forget me. I love you Derek.


I finish writing and take off my hoodie. I lay it on the ground with the note that now has tears on it. I wipe my eyes and gesture for Royce to lead the way.