Dylans's POV

Rain came in and I started trying to figure out a way to escape.

"Don't even try, or do it doesnt matter anymore." She wispears barley loud enough for my supersonic hearing.

"How did you know?" I ask stupified.

"I am a mindreader. I know you love Marie and she will love you soon." She still wispears.

"It is really hard for me to hear you you know?"

She nods. "Ezra is outside trying to find my sister. Derek and Chloe are going to go try to find a new hotel ,and Tori is flirting with guys in the lobby."

Why did she tell me this? Is she suicidle? Cause I can't abondon my mission even if it means Marie will hate me.

"I am telling you this so the others will be left alone. You can take me now and save them."

I stared at her. She is the brave. She is selfless. I don't know why Jordash wants her dead.

"Because I am a threat." She wispears that one were I would have missed it if I hadnt been waiting for her to talk.

"There coming back. Now or never." She says looking me right in the eye.

I shake my head. "No. They were wrong about you."

I see her surpised look before she dashes out of the room. Just then Ezra and Marie barge in.

"Damn it! Rain I told you not to come in here!" Ezra yells. Oh you must love my brother.

"Rain. You know I agree with him for once so yah..." Marie trails off.

Marie comes over to me. "What did you to talk about? Tell me now you ass." I roll my eyes.

"She wanted me to take her to and I said no." She slaps me.

"Don't lie!" She shouts. I love her breath.

"He isnt." A timid Rain says from across the room. Ezra and Marie spin on her.

"WHAT THE HELL!" Ezra screams as he grabs her wrist.

Rain backs up into the wall terrified. I don't know why I mean I knew Ezra he was a teddy bear, but then I hear the crack.

Just then Chloe and Derek come in frowning.

Chloe's POV

We had found a perfect rental cabin up in the woods. It was really hidden and pefect for all the training I had in plan. I grabbed Derek's hand as I pull him to the hotel door. I think I hearde Ezra yelling about something. I run in ready to help ,but what I see when I come in scares the shit out of me. Ezra is being tackled by Marie and Rain is crying and holding her wrist. I motion for Derek to pull Marie off of Ezra ,again, while I see what is wrong with Rain.

"Rain, sweetie, what happenend?" I ask.

She looks at me. Her different color eyes sparkle with tears. "Ezra hurt me." She whispers. '

I turned around to see Derek barley holding Marie back. Ezra was laying there looking like he wanted to be killed.

I attacked him. Thing is it was hard to punch him when he didn't even fight back. I felt really heartless. "Ezra what happenend?" I ask him as I stand up.

"I lost control." He had his eyes closed and blood was flowing quickly from his lip, one eye was swelling and I think Marie had broke both his hands.

I shake my head, and turn to Derek. "Marie go help your sister. Derek go get Tori have her put Dylan asleep. Then put everything in the new van. Got that?" He nods quickly then goes to do what I said.

I walk back over to Ezra who is muttering things like. "Stupid ass idiot. You diserve torture then death."

I sigh knowing what is like to hurt your mate from Derek. "Ezra would you like to see shes fine?" I ask him.

"I don't deserve to be around her ever again." He says as if every second kills him. I bet it does.

"Ezra she will forgive you. I know she will. She will forgive you because let me guess you worried about her?" He nods. "So she did something stupid. You just care about her so she will forgive and forget. I swear ,and if you want advise let me just tell you ask Derek. He knows 'cause he hurt me before." Ezra opens his eye. Yes I meant eye as in one. The other was swollen shut ,but I could see he was healing slowly.

"Do you think she will forgive me?" Ezra ask.

Then Dylan chooses to speak up. "Dude for a smart person your a moron." Ezra was up in a second punching him in the stomach.

"Hey atleast I wasnt talking about that sweet thing you have in the other room." Punch in the face from Ezra. "Aww come on! You know my mate is her sister. Damn good resemblence though." Punch from Ezra and Marie came in swiftly punched his neck once then left. "damn I picked a fisty one! You Ezra have an esay job. Breaking Rain. It will be easy when they start using the mind control chips. I mean I wish I could join you guess and kill the creeps but if I try they will mind control the last three were-wolfs they got. Yes Ez lied to you Marie!" He called out.

I hear Ezra sigh. "Marie I am sorry! God I don't know how many brothers we have. We might have twenty more for allI know."

Marie shouts from the room. "I would come in there and slap you but Rain needs me." Ok that was a low blow even for Marie. Ezra flinches.

"Chloe we need to get ready to leave." I nod in agreement and we start to pack up everything while Dylan talks about Eli. There other brother.