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The video ended and silence took over. After about a minute of silence the minister began the usual long drawn out speech that a funeral always comes with, asking different people to come up and talk about the deceased.

Amy was called to say a few words; her movement was slow and shaky as she made her way to the podium, taking the microphone between her hands.

"Amy... you may speak now" the minister spoke softly. She sucked in a deep breath "R-Ricky w-was t-the lo-ove o-of my-my life-e" she began but after the word love her sentence became an array of sobbing. The minister gently patted the grieving young woman's back "That's ok Amy, you may sit now if you like" Amy unable to control her sobs took her seat as the service progressed.

The minister spoke for a few more minutes before releasing the crowd to the casket for the last time. Amy and John were last in line; they wanted to be the last to say their goodbyes to the only man who made them feel whole.

John was in his mother's embrace the tear stains clear on his tiny cheeks. He kissed his father goodbye for the last time, clutching his mother's arm crying once more. Amy lingered over the man she was supposed to share her life with cursing herself inside her head for letting herself be so stupid not to trust him in the first place. She took his cold lifeless hand for the last time "I love you Ricky, and always will, Now and Forever my love" placing a gentle kiss on the inside if his palm.

After the service and the burial everyone went their separate ways with sad eyes and broken hearts.

Amy and John drove to her parents' house. John ran off with Robbie while Amy sat alone in what used to be her room.

She stared around the room, hardly anything had changed but it felt so empty, so lifeless, much like her.

She hugged a pillow to her chest and just lost it right there; pounding the pillows until her hands hurt, releasing all those screams and loud cries she held in for the sake of John. She curled into a ball on her bed and closed her eyes.

Amy opened her eyes but she was no longer in her old bedroom, no she was in a land of peace.

Her thoughts soothed as she felt the grass prick her feet; looking to the left then the right she saw John behind a tree, a big grin on his face. He looked different, older and happier and was chasing a small little girl through the grass.

The little girl had thick curly brown hair draped down the sides of her face in pigtails with emerald-green eyes and small dimples on her cheeks. She was wearing a light pink dress with white lace trim.

The small girl looked over at Amy and smiled before running over to her, wrapping her small arms around Amy's legs.

Amy looked down, smiling as she bent down to the toddler's level and stared straight into her green eyes. It was like looking into a mirror, the child looked just like her.

John ran over to them the smile still on his face.

Amy took the girls tiny hand "who are you sweetie?" she asked confused.

The girl smiled while pointing "da-ee!" she shouted as she ran away giggling.

Amy arose still confused "why would she say daddy?" she thought but that's when it happened; "Hey you… its Amy right?" she turned around and saw him standing there.

He was dressed in a white shirt and white pants, a giant smile graced his face when he saw her.

She stood speechless, there was Ricky right in front of her not a damage done to his body; not a bruise or a scar, no cast or bandage, he was perfect.

Amy's steps where shaky and slow but the teary eyed smile grew with each step she took towards her one and only.

Ricky's features were fixated on the beauty walking towards him, fully aware his smirk was making his oh so famous dimples sink deeper into his cheeks.

She reached out, her hand brushing against his firm torso; half expecting her hand to go straight through, like he was a ghost and would vanish into thin air at the feel of her touch. Afraid she would go back to the cold loneliness of reality; but when she touched him he didn't vanish, instead he held firm and solid like his body had never left.

Her eyes were filled with joy as she moved into him closer; their faces just mere centimeters from each other, as she wrapped her arms tight around him.

He looked into her green eyes and moved his lips to hers, kissing her so passionately with so much power and love it pained him when she pulled away, the joy in her eyes never leaving.

Amy placed her hand into Ricky's and just stared at him "why are you staring at me like that" he questioned.

She sighed "because this doesn't feel real I'm expecting for you to just be ripped away from me at any moment"

His smile lessened into just a sliver as confusion filled his face. "What do you mean Ames I'm right here?"

She was about to say something when a loud giggling little girl ran up to them with arms up wide shouting "da-ee! da-ee!"

He looked down the smile back on his face as he reached out and picked the girl up giving her forehead a gentle kiss "hey baby girl what are you doing?" She smiled and pointed to john who was nearby "on! Run on run!" he chuckled "yeah that's john go get him!" he placed the child back on the grass and she took off running after john again.

Amy looked at Ricky more confused than ever. He noticed and stuck his hand out to her intertwining his fingers with hers "take a walk with me"

They walked through the grass hands locked together, before sitting on a small red bench. He sat first then gently pulled her towards him.

The sky was a pretty shade of light blue the gold from the sun shone over the horizon.

She laid her head on his shoulder her hand never leaving his.

It was silent for a few minutes only the faint sounds of children's giggles could be heard.

Ricky cocked his head to see the look on Amy's face which was something he couldn't place "Amy, you ok?"

She snapped out of the trace he thought she was in and looked at the ground "Yeah I'm fine just thinking that's all"

"Thinking about what? Come on Ames what's going on in that pretty little head of yours" he chuckled

"He misses you… you know… we all do"

Ricky's eyes were soft as he brushed her hand with his thumb "you know I miss you all too, but don't worry about me I'm fine but you're not" he took a deep breath "…Amy I've been watching you, seeing every tear you have cried, heard every word you spoke, every move you have made and it's so painful to see because when I look at you I don't see you; I see a lifeless and broken young woman who spends her days and nights beating herself up endlessly, even when she puts on a brave face her eyes are hidden not wanting anyone to see her"

He draws in another deep sign before continuing "I see the pain in her and it stabs me like a knife because I once knew the woman deep inside her. How her eyes sparkled when I looked at her, how she pouted when she didn't get her way, the way her long legs maneuvered when she walked, the strawberry smell of her hair and her beautiful smile that lit up a room."

He looked deep into her eyes letting a small smile cross his lips "I want to see the woman who even when she had a bad day it could be fixed with the slightest touch of happiness, the woman who stood up for anything she believed and wasn't afraid to fight for it, the woman who encouraged people to be their best and the woman who even though she was tired and moody always found the time to share a laughter filled moment with her son. That's the woman I remember, she's the one I want to see when I look down, not a broken one" he pushed a strand of hair behind her ear, his face stricken with a painful expression 'your blaming yourself for what happened aren't you?"

Amy said nothing only nodded as a tear was peaking its way to the brim of her eyes

"Amy it's not your fault, what happened wasn't because of you"

Amy looked at him with pain stricken eyes, tears sliding down her cheeks "b-but I-I'm t-he o-o-ne w-who pushed you away, the one who started the fight, the one who made you leave!" she softly shouted in protest.

"You know that's not true, I was the one who took the keys and drove, it's my fault not yours, quit beating yourself up over it, it happened Amy, I wish it hadn't but it did and there is nothing we can do about it. Let it go. Please. If not for me then do it for john, and…. "Ricky's eyes adverted to the grass as his words trailed off.

"And what? her gaze following his eyes. …"That little girl? Is sh- she…m-m mine?"

He sucked in a breath "she's… ours…yes"

Amy's lips puckered in the tears falling faster down her pale cheeks. Ricky watched as the tears fell from the brim of her eyes down her cheeks, using his thumb to brush them away "Please Ames, please don't cry anymore, show me the happiness I used to see. "He asked softly

"How am I supposed to do it?" she asked wiping a stray tear from her cheek.

"Do what?" he questioned with the slightest crack in his voice.

"raise 2 kids alone, they need you, they need a father in their lives right now, I'm not their father, I need you Ricky I need you more than anything please don't leave us!" she broke out into an array of hard sobs.

Ricky raised their intertwined hands giving hers a gentle kiss, before placing his other hand on her face, caressing her cheek as their eyes locked with each other's.

His voice was gentle "I'm not leaving you; I would never leave you, ever. I'm still with you every day maybe not in body but I'll always be in here" he raised their hands to her heart, "don't ever forget how much I love you. Every day you look up and see those precious angles we have you will see me. I'm always with you, Now and Forever baby."

He kissed her lips softly the tears making their way from the brim of his eyes, this time she brushed them away. He broke the kiss, cupping her soft cheek in his hands "Now do me a favor and open your eyes, the world awaits you show it your kind and gentle soul just like you did me. I'll be waiting patiently for you when time comes, but for now go on with life and be happy, raise our kids to love and laugh as you and I once did. Now open your eyes Amy, everything will be ok. Just open your eyes…"

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