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The always-obnoxious sound of Amy's alarm filled the tiny apartment. Groaning loudly, she sat up, blinking the sleep out of her eyes and gagging on the vile taste of stale vomit from throwing up that previous night.

Ricky stood next to the sink, washing the small metal skillet he needed to make breakfast before pouring a mixture of batter into it. "Rough night?" he asked a groggy Amy, as she stumbled towards the table.

Stopping to look at him, she stiffened, eyebrows rising. "What do you mean?" His finger motioned towards her appearance: hair in every which way, dressed in his oversized t-shirt, looking completely worn out. She ran her fingers through her messy hair before heading off towards the bathroom to shower.

Returning to making breakfast, he glanced at the green numbers flashing on the stove top- alerting him it was almost 7:30.

Ricky walked into John's room; finding the toddler in a very uncomfortable position, as his legs were slung over his safety rail on the bed. Fixing his son's body to rest on the bed, he patted John's shoulder "Wake up buddy, breakfast is almost done." John groaned at the interruption, rolling over on his side and wrapping his legs inside the covers.

Ricky shook his legs this time, causing John to wake with a whine, flinging his arms in his father's direction. Gathering the proper clothing from the closet and the small dresser, Ricky placed the clothes on the bed. "Get dressed bud, your pancakes are almost ready."

Sauntering into the kitchen, Amy wrapped her arms around the back of his torso- the scent of strawberry filling his nostrils. Ricky smiled, turning slightly to face her awaiting eyes. "Good morning, can I interest you in some non-burnt breakfast?" he asked sarcastically knowing how much she hated him for making fun of her awful cooking. She didn't return the smile, " I think I'll just have some juice. I'm not really all that hungry."

"You've never once passed down my homemade pancakes…" Ricky touched her forehead concerned, "…are you feeling alright?"

Amy took his hand, removing it from her forehead, "I'm fine, just… a little tired is all."

"You look a little pale… you sure your-"

She raised her palm interrupting him, "I'm fine! Really Ricky I am."

"Alright…" he surrendered before leaning in to kiss her.

Letting the door hit the wall behind him; Ethan stepped into the apartment. Heading near the breezeway- he got the full view of his brother and his almost sister-in-law in a near make out session- tapping his knuckles against the frame.

The two were still embracing each other when Ethan coughed loudly, snapping them out of their love session. "Uhhh hi…" Ethan announced once they stared at him, breaking their embrace. "Nice ummm…" he motioned towards Amy "…outfit", who was wearing another one of Ricky's old t-shirts that was just long enough to cover her near bare legs.

Amy blushed, raking her fingers through her wet hair. "I should uh… probably get dressed." Ricky nodded, "yeah that might be a good idea", he smiled, giving a little wink as she walked away.

It was just past noon, Amy was sitting in her summer school history class, listening to Mr. Johnson's monotone lecture about how the Stone Age was quote "A very important event in history" and how he wishes more young people would give more credit to it.

Yeah right, when will this ever apply to me in life? Amy thought to herself, causing a small chuckle to pass her lips.

Mr. Johnson stared at her quizzically, "Is there something funny about that Ms. Juergens? Do you have something to say about my lesson to the class?"

Amy was about to say something when she felt her stomach do a 360 and the bile creep into her throat.

She raised her hand; which caused Mr. Johnson to roll his eyes, "Yes, Ms. Juergens, what is it?"

"Umm I need to be excused."

"And why is that?"

"I don't feel good, I-I need to be excused, p-please"

Mr. Johnson cocked his eyebrow and motioned his hand to the door hesitantly, "I guess you may be excused then, hurry back Ms. Juergens, you don't want to miss my exciting lesson on- ".

She didn't have time to sit there or thank him as another wave of nausea came over her; luckily she just made it to the bathroom before emptying the contents of her stomach.

Lauren entered the girl's bathroom 5 minutes later to check on Amy who, was sitting cross-legged on the tile floor. "Amy? Amy you in here?"

Amy emerged from the stall, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

"Geez Amy, where you just throwing up?" Amy didn't answer. "Wow… it feels like Daja Ve asking you that, almost like freshman year…" Lauren trailed off as she put the pieces together "Oh my god Amy, no! Please tell me you're joking! You're not…" leaning in she whispered, "Pregnant again… are you?"

Amy stared at her with teary eyes "I really don't know Lauren!" with that she walked out of the bathroom and straight to her car.

20 minutes later she arrived at the nearest out-of-town gas station/convenience store she could, picking up the dreaded cardboard box she so desperately wanted to put back, as the stares of shoppers pierced her very core.

Ethan was waiting on the curb of the school when Amy's orange SUV pulled up beside him. "Sorry, sorry I forgot about you. Get in" she said hurriedly.

Ethan's eyes locked on a brown bag lying sideways in john's car seat, "what's that?" he asked noisily.

Amy saw the object he was staring at and quickly shuffled it out of john's car seat and into the glove compartment of the SUV. "It's nothing. Now will you please get in the car, I have work to get to!" Ethan nodded obediently and climbed into the passenger seat, his eyes staring intently on the glove compartment.

Ricky was helping out a customer when, the door chimed loudly and Ethan stepped inside. "Last day of summer school go alright?" Ricky asked when the customer went out the door, stuffing his hands into his apron pocket.

Ethan nodded "Yeah it was okay I guess. I'm an official high school student now, I suppose."

Ricky nodded, "Yep I suppose you are. Don't worry about it though it goes by pretty quickly… How did Amy take her last day?"

"She seemed really jumpy. Come to mention it… she had this bag, she refused to let me see what it was and acted like it was the most important thing in her car…. Maybe you should investigate it?"

"Umm thanks, but no thanks." He shook is head, chuckling "The last time I asked Amy about her personal property I nearly got my head bitten off by her. Her personal stuff, is hers, I'll stay away from that." He declared putting his hands up in surrender. "I have to get back to work, the apartment awaits you."

Ethan made his way to the stairs stopping mid step to peer around the corner. Ricky pulled out his phone, opening up his messages box, placing his thumb over the screens' keypad.

To Amy

From Ricky:

Did your last day of summer school go okay? You seemed a little jumpy this morning. Are you feeling any better now?

To Ricky

From Amy:

School sucks you should know this by now. I'm fine okay? I've just gotten my unwanted visitor and I know Ethan, he talked to you about the bag in the glove compartment, didn't he? Whatever it's nothing. I've got to go, anything else?

To Amy

From Ricky:

Nope that pretty much sums it all up. See you at home later. I love you.

To Ricky

From Amy:

Love you too.

Amy held her phone in her hands "That was close." She whispered, glancing down at her stomach.

Ricky whipped off his apron, waving a goodbye to Bunny as he walked up to his apartment. Ethan was sitting on the sofa, tossing a discarded rubber ball in the air and catching it. "So what did she say?"

Ricky was startled "What are you talking about?"

"You know, about Amy… what was in the bag?" he placed the ball on the sofa cushion next to him.

"If I tell you will you shut up and leave me alone?" Ricky demanded

"No promises. Tell me though!" Ethan begged

"I swear you're like a little kid sometimes. What is your obsession with this? Why are you so intent on finding out?"

"I have a strong sense it's something important and I care about important items. Plus the bag was from an out-of-town drug store… don't you find that just a little odd?"

"I'll admit it is a little odd but that doesn't mean anything. Amy told me what she bought, care to know since you have this great and powerful sense it was something soooo important, that you just have to know right this second what it is?"

Ethan nodded vigorously, giving Ricky his most serious look.

"Ok. Amy texted me back saying she knows you told me about the bag in her car, which you did. But anyway… her 'very important' item is… tampons. She's on her period this week dude."

"Ew!" Ethan's face scrunched in disgust, "You could have just said feminine products!"

Ricky laughed "Well now that you know all about my fiancée's personal business… either sit down and shut up or help me prepare dinner. Those are your options."

Ethan rolled his eyes "Fine."

John ran into the apartment, his mother's voice yelling for him to slow down behind him. Running towards his dad who was setting the table. Amy emerged in the doorway seconds later with a solemn look.

"Hey you two." Ricky smiled, giving Amy's lips a small peck while John attached himself to his father's leg, "hey buddy!" tousling John's hair. "I don't know about you two, but I'm starving and the lasagna is slowly starting to get cold, let's eat!" placing John in his designated seat before pulling a chair out for Amy and sitting down beside her.

"Sweet now we can eat!" Ethan announced, taking a seat next to John.

"I thought you left?" Ricky asked

"I was going to but Margret called and was like stay with you guys cause she has to do something at work or whatever." He exclaimed, "now are we gonna eat or what?"

Ricky blew air out of his cheeks, looking at Amy who had the same solemn look she had come in with.

During dinner John had made a mess with the Parmesan cheese bottle- spilling it all over his food, himself and the table.

After dinner was over, Ethan received a text from Margret saying he could come home now. Ricky volunteered to take him home, sensing how out of it Amy was.

"I want to go too!" John declared, covered in the ruminants of his earlier mess.

"John you're covered in cheese, why don't you stay home and let me give you a bath?" Amy asked him, although already knowing his answer.

"No! I want to go!"

"Fine, let's go then cheese boy!" Ricky teased, taking the messy child with him.

As soon as Ricky, Ethan and John left the apartment she knew what she had to do. When the door snapped shut Amy took the opportunity to run to the bathroom- pulling out the box within the paper bag. She took a deep breath, "here goes nothing…" and shut the door.

Ricky turned the handle of Margret's house, smiling at his adopted mother as she greeted them from the living room. "Looks like someone had a little accident with some type of cheese" Margret chuckled.

Ethan walked into the kitchen having John follow in stride

"I think John is beginning to really like Ethan," she said standing up from her chair.

"I don't know if that's a good or bad thing," Ricky questioned

"Ricky!" Margret swatted at him playfully.

"What?" he defended "Just stating the obvious, mom."

They walked into the kitchen, sitting down across from each other at the small circular table. "So where is Amy tonight?" she asked.

"She-" Ricky took a sip of the already made beverage sitting in front of him "-Is at the apartment right now, apparently she's not feeling well or something, I don't know. I tend not to get too much into her monthly issues" he deadpanned taking another sip.

"Says every man who deals with a woman during that time", Ethan walked through the doorway of the kitchen, propping himself against the fridge.

"Where is John?" Ricky asked.

Ethan pointed to the sofa where sure enough, John sat with something in his hands. "So." Ethan continued "Did you ask Amy about what was in the bag again?"

"Ethan I told you what she told me and I really don't care what was in it to be honest with you, I hear enough about those issues, if she wants to have things in bags I'm not going to ask" he stated.

Ethan scoffed "Watch her be like pregnant or something."

"Ethan!" Margret scolded.

"Amy's on the pill you idiot." Ethan shrugged as Ricky shot him a death glare before shaking his head at Margret.

3...2…1… beep! Amy's phone made the loud beeping noise as the final seconds were up on the timer. She reached down slowly, closing her eyes as she brought the small plastic stick to her face, flipping it over and opening her eyes. There staring directly at her was a bright pink plus sign. Her eyes filled with tears staring down at the test, the bile creeping back up her throat.

"I want everyone to be here on Sunday afternoon when Shakur gets back to town… talk to Amy about it ok?" Margret asked smiling as she patted his hand like always.

"I will I promise", he returned the smile before getting up from the kitchen chair, ready to go home. "John, time to go", he shouted down the hallway at his son.

John- who had now become shirtless- was trying to wrestle Ethan by grabbing the teens' legs with his small little arms; failing miserably as Ethan swooped across Johns back, lifting his small frame above his head. "No fair!" John shouted.

"Life isn't fair dude" Ethan rebutted, sticking his tongue out at him.

Ricky chuckled, "Alright buddy time to go… Where did your shirt go?"

Ethan put John down on his feet, pointing towards the couch where, his green and blue polo laid. "Daddy, tan I st-ay at gam-ma's house?" the child asked his father to the best of his 2-year-old ability.

Ricky bent down to his level, "You want to stay here tonight with Grandma?"

"Yeh! I want to play wit E-tan!" John exclaimed to his father

"What about mommy? Don't you want to be with her? And you're covered in cheese, who will give you a bath?"

"Gam-ma can! pweeeassse dadddyyy pweassseee" the boy pleaded, clasping his small hands together. "I be good daddy, very good!"

"Well who could argue with that?" he laughed, "Did grandma say it was ok though?"

John shifted his foot, twisting the tip into the carpet. Margret entered the doorway of the living room. "gam-ma tan I st-ay wit you? I be good I pwomise!" he asked, causing Margret to smile at her grandson.

"Sure! You can take a bath and then we can have a sleepover, just you, me and… Ethan."

"What?" Ethan asked, clearly not paying attention to anything anyone else was saying.

"Yayyyy!" John cried with glee. Ricky patted John's head playfully and kissed his son goodbye before thanking Margret and heading for his car.

After puking for several minutes Amy leaned her head against the cold wall- so many thoughts flooding her mind. She stood to look into the mirror. Tears started running down her face as she stared at her reflection-pale and ghostly looking- reminding her of that same girl, barely 15, holding that same familiar piece of plastic, cowering in her fear.

"How could this be happening again?" she asked herself.

The sound of a door click startled her back to reality. Her hand slipped around the test, covering it, before sliding it in the back of her pocket. Great just…great

Ricky's shoes squeaked against the wood as he was putting his keys on the bookshelf. Noticing Amy wasn't in the room, he shrugged and started to remove the cushions on the couch.

Amy silently made her way out of the bathroom, quick, but quite, in her footing, not to be noticed as she went into the kitchen to retrieve a glass and filling it with water.

Hearing the noise of the faucet caused him to turn. She could feel his eyes staring at her back and hear his hands fiddling with their sofa cushions. But the silence was concerning.

Ricky watched her hand move over the faucet, shutting it off; seeing her feet start to pivot towards his direction, he turned around, placing one of the last remaining pillows on the bed.

"Where's John?" she asked while his back was turned to her, unable to see the tears starting to peak in her eyes.

"He wanted to stay at my moms tonight with her and Ethan, she said she'd go ahead and give him a bath…Oh! Before I forget… my mom wants us over at her house on Sunday for dinner since my dad is returning from his trip. I told her I'd talk to you about it."

"Oh… ok that sounds fine" she sniffled, getting Ricky's attention, causing him to turn around.

"Amy what's wrong?" seeing the shift in her eyes as she adverted his.

More tears started falling down her face; using the long sleeve of her shirt, she wiped them away. "Nothing…" her voice cracked.

Ricky walked towards her; wrapping his arms around her body as it began to shudder with impending sobs "I'm sorry Ricky."

Confused he asked, "Why?"

She broke their embrace, wiping her face with her sleeve again before reaching into her back pocket and handing him a delicately wrapped piece of plastic inside a shiny package, with the top ripped off.

His gaze met hers for a split second, confusion and worry playing in his features. Hand reaching in slowly, his fingers attached themselves to the object, pulling it out of the shiny package.

There, in the realms of the webs in his fingers- nestled now between his index and middle finger- was the thing Amy had dreaded to show him. Ricky's eyes bulged, seeing the dimly colored white and blue plastic. There it was the two solid parallel lines crossing themselves together to form a big, bright pink plus sign. "w-w-what?"

Amy started to cry again, letting all the tears escape her eyes in massive heaps, her heart slowly starting to chip in pieces. "I'm pregnant…"

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