Long black hair twisted in the breeze that whistled though the cracks in the one-story buildin.

A slight whimper drew the attention of the female standing in the window to the boy curled on a heap of blankets in the corner.

"Hush, Kotarou." She murmured. "Your brother will return soon."

"Kohaku," He crawled into her waiting arms. "I'm scared."

"It will be alright." She assured.

'But then again, he could die. What would happen to Kotarou then?'

The sounds of battle grew louder, more frantic. Kohaku moved to set the now sleeping boy onto the blankets, then returned to the window.

Several yellow-eyed Kowloon children moved past, and she followed them with her brilliant green eyes.

Kohaku was a fighter. Not with a gun, or a sword, but with her fists and the scythe pair she could summon.

Of course, she could handle a gun, but used it only if she had nothing else.

Kohaku's cat-like eyes narrowed and she slid a glove of interwoven silver threads onto her hands.

The rustling of fabric drew the beastly vampire's attention, and the moment they set their sights on the female, they were vanishing into the wind. They were weak compared to her Old Blood, quickly disposed of an forgotten.

"I'm going to maim and, or kill Jiro when he gets back." She growled, white teeth bright against her red lips.

"Kohaku?" Kotarou called from inside. "I'm hungry."

The black haired female sighed.

"You'll have to wait, blondy. I'm hungry." She growled, tossing him a small bag of chips. O

'Jiro, I'm going to kill you.' Kohaku cursed in her head.