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I try to keep my breathing calm when the door to the room opens with a loud creak. My heart starts racing in my chest in anticipation of the things to come. Of the things she's about to do with me, to me. I can't wait to finally meet her in person.

The door opens and her stilettos click loudly on the wooden floor. I want nothing more than to raise my head to take a look at her. I don't dare to though. The instruction email they sent me told me to keep my eyes down unless she tells me different.

Ever so slowly, she walks around me, reminding me of a tigress getting ready to attack her prey. Something feathery tickles up and down the bare skin on my back, sending an instant wave of lust down my spine and straight to my core. I exhale in a low moan and a split second later the hard leather of a whip slaps against my backside.


"Be quiet,"

Damn it, I was so determined to make a good impression on her and now I managed to mess up during the first two minutes. She won't be pleased about that. Aro has told me she's a strict Domme.

I close my lips, pressing them together as tightly as possible to keep silent while she hits me a second time. It hurts but the stinging pain is not unbearable. I can do this. I want to do this. Maybe, I need to do this.

"Eyes on me," she instructs and automatically I respond, meeting for the first time the bright hazel color of her eyes. She is nothing but beautiful. The black leather corset hugs her narrow waist and exposes her full breasts which look milky-white against the dark fabric. Her hair is thick and falls down to her hips in soft waves of chestnut curls. I hope she'll let me touch it.

"I don't like punishing you but I will. Are we clear about that, Alice?"

She leans down, brushing my earlobe with her warm breathe. My insides tingle pleasantly.

"You may answer me."

"Yes, Mistress, we are clear."

Her flat palm smacks me against my left buttock and luckily I remember to suppress an audible response this time.

"I'll be your Mistress should I decide to find you worth it. Until that day comes, you're going to address me as Ma'am. Do you understand, Alice?"

"Yes, Ma'am,"

She grabs my hair roughly and kisses my mouth. I part my lips and her tongue glides between them, touching mine. There is nothing hesitant about this first kiss. It's like she's knew me all my life, knows how to circle the underside of my lower lip, how to suck on my tongue so temptingly that I can feel my thong getting damp with arousal.

When she eventually pulls back, her breathing is a bit ragged, her cheeks are red but her voice is still perfectly calm.

"Aro hasn't promised me too much. You are nice to look upon."

"Thank you, Mistr…Ma'am," I tell her in a hoarse whisper.

"It doesn't make up for your lack of discipline. How much training did you have so far?"

"Not much, Ma'am. I'm sorry about that."

"So am I. Training new subs isn't exactly my favorite thing to do. They tend to mess up too often. Now, sit up straight, hands flat on your thighs, fingers not touching. "

She lets the whip tickle down my spine, making me straighten my back before she hits the flower tattoo on my left hipbone very lightly.

"But maybe I'll make an exception for you, should I find it interesting enough to work with you. Stand up and keep your eyes down. I tell you when you are allowed to look at me."

From behind me, she cups my breasts in her hands, pinching my nipples while her teeth graze the shell of my ear. I moan deep within my throat.

"You seem to have trouble with keeping silent. I'm going to put your mouth to better use. Walk over to the bench and lay down."

My knees are trembling, sweat pouring down between my breasts as I lay down on the cold wooden bench. She grabs my wrists and ties them above my head with a silk scarf.

"Feet up on the bench, thighs parted. Keep them still or I shall tie them up as well."

She leans down over me, rubbing her full cleavage over my face. The scent of her skin is intoxicating and I want to drown in it. When I swirl my tongue up and down over the soft flesh she stands up abruptly, smacking me against my left thigh.

A moment later her bare pussy is above me, her wetness moistening my lips.

"Serve me with your mouth." she commands, rocking her hips back and forth. I lick her greedily, my tongue flickering her clit and down to her entrance. Her taste is tart and delicious.

"Faster," she groans. "Move your tongue faster. Yes, like this. Keep going. Make me come all over your tongue."

I don't think, I just act to her commands; thrusting my tongue deep into her dripping pussy until I can feel its insides clenching around me.

She shudders on top of me, her panting noises sending electricity-like pleasure to my sex. I press my thighs together to relieve a bit of the tension.

"Keep your legs open like I told you to."

Her fingernails dig into the sensitive insides of my thighs, her fingers circling upwards so that they are almost touching my soaked underwear. Finally she shoves the thin material to the side and her thumb brushes feather-lightly over my swollen clit.

"Do you want me to let you come?" she asks me, two of her fingers stroking down to my entrance.

"Yes, Ma'am, please."

"No tonight. You need to learn some discipline first and I shall be the one to teach it to you."