Fate's Scribbles

Summary: Kurt Hummel never expected to wake up on his 13th birthday with his soul mates name written on the palm of his hand. However written quite clearly were two names; Blaine Anderson and Harry James Potter.

Pairings: HarryxKurtxBlaine (I'm following the current trend, sorry couldn't help myself!) SantanaxBrittany Will consider other pairing suggestions?

Warnings: Threesome relationship, Slash, minor femslash

-Written in British English – was planning to change this but I thought you'll end up getting a mixture of British/American English instead of just American English so decided againts this.

I do not have a beta – all mistakes are my own and I apologise for them


To find a name on the palm of your hand on your 13th birthday is the most special thing in the world. The name represents the fact you were never destined to be alone, that there is someone out there who fits with you perfectly. He or she is the lock and you are the key. They are your perfect match; the person is your perfect compliment. And it's only when you find this person you will feel complete, before this you won't realise how empty you felt without them. You will have a connection so strong that most people will envy the love you share. They are your soul mate the person who fate itself has destined for you.

While every child grows up knowing that on there 13th birthday, if they are one of the lucky ones (which most dream of being) a name will appear as if by magic the night before they wake up. Scientists have found no answer to the strange phenomenon. It has just been something that has always occurred – historians found evidence of soul mates in ancient times, and while there is no explanation as to how or why this has occurred the person is always deemed to be your perfect match.

However unfortunately it is not very common to find a name written on your palm on the morning of your 13th birthday. In fact Kurt Hummel had never met anyone personally that had the name of a significant other carved in the palm of there right hand in his previous 12 years of existence. But Kurt fondly remembered his mum telling him about the only soul mates who she had met, an old couple that she had known while she was growing up, he remembered her telling him how much they loved each other, how they had 6 children, numerous grandchildren and a few great grandchildren before they had died (aged 89 and 85) within 2 days of each other – The old women was said to have died of grief after the passing of her husband after living a long life as soul mates. Kurt remembered when he was 6 years old he told his mum that when he met his soul mate they were going to have a story exactly like that except everyone was going to remember them being the most fashionable couple ever and he would knit his great grandchildren the most beautiful clothes and only then would they would die in there sleep with their arms around each other.

"Are you ok there buddy?" Kurt's dad Burt Hummel asked as he went to get a glass of water from the fridge.

"Yeah I'm just thinking about mum's story about the old couple she used to know" Kurt replied distractedly

"She loved that story" Burt replied smiling sadly. "Tomorrows the big day then"

"Dad you know the chance of me having a soul mate is slim to none right? How many people actually wake up with names written on their hands?"

Burt smiled at him and replied "Your mum always believed that you were one of the few that were going to be blessed with a soul mate Kurt, and even if you aren't, whose to stop you from finding someone you love? Your mum and I loved each very much even though neither of us has each others names written on our palms."

"I know dad, it just… can you imagine if there is a name written? If I do have a soul mate and we do end up like that old couple mum use to always go on about?"

"You were always the romantic Kurt, and if it's meant to happen it will happen. But right now get into bed it's the only way we'll find out once and for all if you do or don't have a soul mate waiting for you" with that Burt gave Kurt a hug and together they left the kitchen. When Kurt lay in bed after finishing his moisturising routine he stared at his right hand, and fell asleep hoping and praying that when he did wake up a name would be carved on his palm.

It was 4 hours after Kurt had fallen asleep that a golden glow surrounded his right hand and writing appeared. Written quite clearly were two names, Blaine Anderson and Harry James Potter.

Authors Note: So thoughts? I've been reading a few soul mate fics recently which I've really enjoyed so they inspired me to try and write my own fic. I would like to apologise for any mistakes I've made in this story I haven't studied English since GCSE - I'm now going to start my third year at university studying science so I haven't written anything creative in a while. So all feedback is appreciated. I have detail plans for most of this story so hopefully will publish chapter 1 soon.