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Chapter 3

Coming out to Mercedes was hard. It was the first time Kurt had actually 'come out of the closet' after all he didn't exactly come out to his dad. It was more like Burt telling Kurt he knew he was gay and Kurt not denying it, of course Kurt having two male soul mates made his sexuality even more obvious.

No one apart from Kurt and Burt knew that Kurt was one of the few who had soul mates. The fact was that Kurt never really had many friends helped with keeping it a secret. Over the years, Kurt had found ways to hide the palm of his hand without the need of gloves. The way he positioned his hand, he simply never let his palm show. As Kurt had never been popular, no one really paid any attention to him (apart from the jocks who liked to toss him into the dumpster and throw slushies at his face, but he just ignored them and went on with it praying for high school to end quick). Because no one really knew Kurt, keeping his sexuality and the fact he had two soul mates secret was really quite easy.

However the previous year had ruined the niche Kurt had built around himself, the niche that kept him invisible. On a complete whim he signed the form which held the auditions for the new Glee club 'New Directions' run by the Spanish teacher Mr Schuester. The first group meeting was actually quite atrocious with only a very few people actually trying out. Rachel Berry was the annoying bossy diva who assigned herself head of the group and believed that she was much more talented then the rest of them. Mercedes however was a member of glee club that Kurt instantly connected to. She understood fashion (Unlike Ms Berry sweaters with animals on them were not fashionable!) she was talented and she sang with her heart and soul. They became great friends, but unfortunately for Kurt, Mercedes started to harbour some romantic feelings towards him. And so while Kurt was discretely checking out Finn Hudson and wondering if Harry or Blaine had a body like his, Mercedes majorly misunderstood and believed he was in love with Rachel Berry.

Kurt didn't want Mercedes to believe he was in love with Rachel, but at the same time he was just not sure about coming out to her either. Mercedes was after all a devout Christian, and they were living in the very homophobic town of Lima. How would she react? What if Mercedes suddenly felt uncomfortable around him? What would he do? He didn't want to loose the person who had become his first ever best friend. And what about the New Directions? Surely they would find out once Kurt came out to Mercedes. Would they make him leave glee? He was enjoying glee; he had made friends and was doing something he had always loved – singing.

But the fact was that Kurt couldn't continue to let Mercedes believe he didn't want to date her because he was in love with Rachel. Mercedes deserved to know the truth. So Kurt came out and told her, she was the first person that he had come out to and with that everyone knew. As it turned out pretty much everyone knew his sexuality before he had came out (just like with Burt) and no one really had an issue with it. The glee club boys were a little uncomfortable; especially Finn who had got it into his head that Kurt was in love with him, while Kurt did find Finn quite pleasing to his eye he was simply not crushing on him – He had Blaine and Harry to wait for after all and he wasn't going to date anyone till he found them. However the New Directions girls were amazing, he made good friends with most of them and was even starting to enjoy the little bit of competition with the annoying Rachel. The girls and Kurt became close friends, they had all started going shopping together and having sleepovers.

It was during the summer, a few weeks before Kurt's junior year at McKinley High, that Kurt and the girls were at a sleepover at Tina's place. Tina was gushing about the time she spent with Mike Chang (a fellow glee club member) in Asian camp, and Kurt had to admit he thought Mike and Tina made a very cute couple. It was when Tina called Mike her soul mate (even though she admitted she wasn't lucky enough to have his name written on her palm) that Santana admitted that she didn't really believe in soul mates, she referred to soul mates as "A stupid fairy tale kids are told". The conversation however had Kurt wondering if he trusted his friends enough to tell them about Harry and Blaine. It was the following week that Kurt decided that while the New Directions loved competing against each other and insulting each other constantly, they had become Kurt's second family and so his friends deserved to know about his soul mates. (Kurt was also quite sick of keeping Blaine and Harry a secret from everyone!).

"When I turned 13, I woke up with soul mates written on my palm" Kurt told the girls over pizza after a shopping trip to the mall.

This led to a moments of silence after which he heard multiple exclamations of

"What?" "No way" "Show me?" "I don't believe you" "Lord Tubbington is my soul mate"

With that Kurt, for the first time ever, turned his right hand over, uncovering his palm. And written quite clearly for all the girls to see were the names 'Harry James Potter' and 'Blaine Anderson'

Kurt's junior year at McKinley High was not going well at all. His dad was still recovering from the heart attack he had suffered from just a few weeks ago. The heart attack had terrified Kurt; he was terrified he would loose Burt like he had his mother when he was younger. What would happen if Burt did die? The last memory Kurt would have of Burt would involve a disagreement between them, when Kurt was more interested in going out to watch a stupid musical then to attend their Friday night dinner.

The New Directions had all tried to help him by singing him songs about religion and telling him they were praying for Burt. However Kurt didn't believe in religion, he was not religious and didn't believe in any deity. It just seemed to him, that even though Burt was in hospital, the only thing his friends were interested in was shoving their beliefs down his throat. He didn't care that his friends were religious; he didn't mind that they believed in God. It's just... Kurt didn't and he just wanted his friends to accept that, to accept him.

However thankfully, Kurt realised that his friends were only trying to help him through this. They didn't mean anything bad from it; they weren't trying to push him to believe in God, they were helping the only way they knew how. They were praying for his dad to wake up, they were praying for Burt to get better. It was this, and the comfort he felt from his soul mate bond (Despite not knowing what was happening Blaine and Harry were really great, and their concern and comfort helped him a lot), that helped Kurt discover that even though he may not have a strong belief in religion, he did believe in him and his dad. Burt did end up waking up, and straight after he returned home from the hospital Kurt made up a very strict healthy eating plan for them which they followed religiously.

Another new feature to glee club was a new boy called Sam Evans, who had replaced their old member Matt. At first Kurt believed Sam was gay; as he had dyed his hair a horrendous blonde – no straight person would do that! However it turned out Kurt was wrong and Sam was completely straight, and became enamoured with Quinn Fabray, a cheerleader in glee club who went through a teen pregnancy last year. During duet week in glee club, Kurt really wanted Sam as his duet partner and Sam had agreed to however Kurt backed out once he realised that Sam may be bullied for singing with a known gay student. It was time's like this Kurt really wished that Harry and Blaine were here, either of them would duet with him he just knew it. Heck even if they couldn't sing, he knew they would still try and perform a duet with him. Being the only gay person at McKinley was becoming harder and harder; it was lonely. No one understood him and the boys were all afraid that they would either catch gay.

Kurt's bullying was getting much worse. Karofsky had made Kurt his own personal victim recently and not a day passed where Kurt wasn't shoved into school lockers or an ice cold slushie was thrown onto his face. Day by day his torment was getting worse and the worst part of it was that no one seemed to notice or care.

Kurt knew that his Blaine and his Harry were out there and he knew they cared about him. He knew that they would notice the bullying; he knew that they could already tell that he wasn't ok. He knew if they were here they would hold him, that they would comfort him. Kurt knew that they were waiting for him and that they wanted to meet him as much as he wanted to meet them. But they weren't with him now, and right now was when he need them. Kurt had talked with Burt about this he had explained that it was just hard to be without his soul mates knowing that they existed. But the fact was, Kurt would probably only meet his soul mates once he left Lima for New York. New York was where Kurt saw his future; it was where he knew he belonged. Despite knowing New York wasn't that far away (just 2 more years!), it was still just too long.

Kurt didn't know how the New Directions were so blind when in came to his bullying. They were supposed to be a family, they were supposed to help each other, to stand up and defend each other. It was a group for outcasts, for the people who didn't really belong anywhere, but it just seemed like they were just too involved in their own lives that they failed to notice anything else. Kurt felt as though he was the most underappreciated member of the New Directions, no one seemed to care about him. It was during Guys vs. Girls when they were asked to pick a song to sing about the opposite sex, that Kurt tried to help the boys pick a song about women, however he was completely ignored and Puck decided to order him to go spy on the Warblers, the group they would be up against during sectionals.

Kurt reached Dalton Academy after an hour long drive. The school was beautiful, that was all he could say. Walking around the school, he found that all of the students were heading somewhere, so he stopped a rather good looking student who was hurrying past and said

"Excuse me…"

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