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A: Apocalypse


I look around at the lunch table and at my band mates. Kevin's shoving his burger into his mouth, Kacey's reapplying her lip gloss, Stevie's picking fries off of Zander's plate while sitting on his lap, and Zander's laughing at her with his arms wrapped around her waist. Everything would've been peaceful if the Perfs weren't loudly rehearsing Rules To Be Popular at their table.

Trying to break the silence, I ask, "If there was an apocalypse, what would you do?"

With a full mouth, Kevin answers, "I'd kill it with a fly swatter."

Kacey rolls her eyes and puts her lipstick in her purse while saying, "An apocalypse means a disaster that ends the world, not a bug."

All of us stare at her in shock. She sees all of our expressions and snaps, "Yeah, I have a brain, too!"

Zander rolls his eyes and states, "Well, I'd find my girlfriend then tell her she's beautiful and that I love her."

That earns him a peck on the lips from Stevie.

When they pull away, she asks, "And your real answer?"

Zander shrugs and confesses, "I'd play my ukulele in front of my fan girls one last time."

After rolling her eyes, Stevie asks, "What's with this apocalypse thing? Nelson, are you watching too much House of Anubis again?"

Kevin, with a new mouthful of fries, questions, "Is it because the world is ending in December?"

Kacey groans and yells, "Just because the Mayans ended the calendar there doesn't mean the world is ending!"

Steve cheers, "Go, Kacey," before the two girls fist bump.

I shake my head and explain, "The idea's just been in my mind since I got my new Apocalypse video game."

Kevin swallows his pizza and responds, "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Why am I not aware of this new video game?"

"Because you zoned out when I mentioned it had to do with Science."

Kevin replies, "I did? Sorry, dude, but I don't do well with words that end in -ience."

Zander nods in agreement. "Or -ology."

Stevie adds, "Or -ography."

Kacey continues, "Or even gym."

Kevin shouts, "Now you're just listing stuff!"

I roll my eyes. My friends, ladies and gentlemen.


I hop up from the couch and do my victory dance as the aliens on the TV screen retreat back to Planet 51. (A/N: Lets say they have a TV.) When I hear the sound of Level 74 starting, I immediately sit back down and grip my video game controller with my hands.

"You're going down, aliens."

I press the green button as the level starts, killing four UFOs coming towards our planet.

"Die, aliens, die!"

As I continue to dodge my spaceship against the aliens' laser beams, I hear the door to the band room open and the clacking of heels walk around the couch.

Not looking away from the TV, I say, "Kacey, if that's you, could you grab my tinfoil hat? I want to get into character."

The voice of the person, obviously not Kacey, responds, "I have come to deliver this letter to you."

I turn my head to the girl and widen my eyes. "Grace?"

From the TV, I hear the sound of my spaceship crashing.

I turn back to it while shouting, "No!"

Great, no more lives left. As mean as it is, I keep my eyes focused on the video game rather than Grace.

After killing an alien, I ask, "What's the letter for?"

She answers, "Molly's therapist is making her express her feelings about Kacey. She wrote this and wants me to give it to you so you can give it to your lead singer."

I laugh at the thought of Molly having a therapist. Instead of taking the letter, I question, "Could your read it for me? I'm a little busy."

Out of the corner of my right eye, I see Grace shake her head before she replies, "My mother does not allow me to use most of the words Molly put in here."

I nod and mumble, "Um, you can put it on the table."

Grace narrows her eyes and states, "When a Perf is in the room, you must pay all of your attention to her."

I don't really listen but pay attention to blasting the head of these aliens instead.


I try zoning her out since I only have half of my last life left.


Right when an alien is about to shoot me, Grace snatches the controller out of my hands and presses a few buttons. When I look back at the screen, I see that she killed all of the aliens and has passed to Level 75.

I widen my eyes, turn to Grace, and ask, "How the heck did you do that?"

She shrugs as she puts the controller on the table. "I used to play video games with my little brother, but Molly made me stop because it's too boy-ish."

I stand up, holding my controller and Kevin's. "Well, Apocalypse has a multi-player option. Want to play?"

Grace looks at the controller with wide eyes. She shakes her head and hisses, "Apocalypse is for losers."

I sit back down on the couch with a depressed look then look back up at Grace.

She pulls a video game case out of her purse, holds it up, grins widely, and exclaims, "Apocalypse 2: Journey to the Center of the Earth is for winners!"

I pay attention the top of the TV screen since I'm the alien/villain while Grace's part is the bottom where she's the human/hero.

She leans over to me and questions, "Nelson, my fingers go here, right?"

I look down at her video game controller and answer, "Yeah, that looks right."

Before I can turn back to the screen, I hear the sound of an explosion. I look back to realize that Grace shot her laser beam at my alien.

She hops up and shouts, "Yes, I win again!"

I toss my controller to the other side of the couch, lean back, and groan. "You tricked me!"

Grace laughs and says, "Don't be a sore loser."

I stand up, and we laugh together. She swings her purse over her shoulder saying, "I should probably get back to the Perf bathroom. Molly's probably wondering where I've been for an hour."

I nod. When she starts walking out of the room, I suggest, "Hey, maybe we can play again another time? Apocalypse 3 is coming out soon."

Grace turns around in the doorway, smiles, and states, "It's a date."

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