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D: Detention


I walk down the vacant halls of Brewster High School at 9 AM on a Saturday. Finally, I drag my feet to Mr. March's closed classroom door. I nervously reach my shaking hand up to the doorknob and slowly turn it. Once I turn the doorknob all the way, I push it open. I lick my lips before stepping inside the classroom. The clack of my heels seem louder than ever as I walk towards Mr. March, who is sitting behind his desk while reading a comic book hidden behind a newspaper. When he sees me, he sets his comic book and newspaper down then stands up.

"Let me guess. You're the princess that has never been in detention before?"

I gulp and nod. Not knowing what else to do, I show him the pink slip that I had a death grip on with my left hand. Mr. March takes the slip, reads it over, tosses it onto his desk, and turns to the rest of the classroom. I look towards that direction and see that I'm not the only one here.

A boy wearing a red Furious Pigeons hat and a t-shirt with a dancing pizza on it sat in the desk in the back left corner. Two desks ahead of him, the handsome new guy wearing a flannel shirt with a tiny guitar case strapped onto his back sat. In the same row as the new guy but on the right side of the room, Loserberry sat there with her faded Beatles concert black t-shirt and combat boots. Lastly, a boy sitting in the same column as Loserberry but in the front row sat there. He had nice blond hair, a Furious Pigeons shirt that matched the other boy's hat, and Converse high tops with a Batman design. He lifted his left hand and casually waved at me. I slightly raise my right hand and wave back.

Mr. March snaps me back to reality by announcing, "Alright, this is...what's-her-face. Don't chew her up just 'cause this is her first time in detention. That's my job."

He turns to me and instructs, "Go take a seat somewhere."

I nod and walk down the aisle of desks. As I pass Loserberry, she shoots me a glare. I brush it off and take a seat in the back right corner, two desks behind Loserberry and in the same row as crazy hat boy. After writing DETENTION on his board, Mr. March turns to us with his arms crossed over his chest.

"You know the rules. No talking, no eating, no leaving the classroom. Detention is two hours of studying and doing homework, not a time to socialize and talk about One Bieber or Justin Direction."

I quietly giggle at his mistake in the names. Fortunately, Mr. March didn't hear me. As he moves to sit back down in his chair, a phone ringing echoes through the classroom.

Mr. March turns to us and questions, "Alright, whose is it?"

The new guy replies, "Mr. March, I'm pretty sure that's yours."

Mr. March gives tiny guitar boy a look, picks up an old flip phone from his desk, and answers his call.

"Hello?...What?...How the heck did that...Well that's his fault!...I'm not going to help that idiot...Fine, fine...Yeah, yeah. Goodbye, Mom."

He hangs up his phone and slams it back on his desk stating, "My brother got a fishhook stuck in his lip and my mother wants me to take him to the hospital."

He grabs his coat from behind his chair, points a finger at all of us, and says, "When I get back, all of you better still be in here."

He rushes out of the classroom and slams the door behind him. After a minute, the honk of a car from outside breaks the silence. Loserberry, new guy, and Batman shoes boy immediately get up and walk over to crazy hat boy on the other side of the room. Loserberry hops onto crazy hat boy's desk while new guy sits in the desk beside them and Batman shoes sits in front of new guy.

Loserberry crosses her arms, leans back on the wall behind her, and asks me, "Why are you in here?"

Since all the eyes in the room were on me, I turn to her and answer, "Kacey and Molly made Andy Bartlet run around the school in a hot pink miniskirt, so the principal punished me for it."

New guy leans back in his chair and questions, "Why did he punish you if Kacey and Molly did it?"

I shrug and explain, "They made me take the blame for it because the Perfs have a sale to go to at the mall."

Loserberry scoffs, making Batman shoes roll his eyes. He turns to me and responds, "If it makes you feel less intimidated, this is only Zander's second time in detention."

That earns him a glare from Loserberry. While she quietly argues with Batman shoes, crazy hat boy turns to me and introduces, "I'm Kevin, by the way. That's Zander, this is Nelson, and you already know Stevie."

I furrow my eyebrows and question, "Stevie, is that your name?"

Loserberry scoffs, "Did you think Loserberry was actually my name?"

I shrug and reply, "Kacey always called you that, so I thought..."

Loserberry, I mean Stevie, interrupts, "Listen, Perfy. Since this is your first time in detention, I'll go easy on you. But if you call me that in front of my friends, I'll introduce my bass," she picks up some kind of guitar from the floor beside her and continues, "To your face."

As she puts what was apparently her bass back on the floor, Zander/new guy says, "Don't listen to her. It's an empty threat."

Stevie narrows her eyes and challenges, "Want me to test out my empty threat on you, pretty boy?"

I smile and state, "Aw, you two are so cute together."

Zander smirks and winks at Stevie while she just shoots him a look.

Kevin leans back in his chair, puts his hands behind his head, and jokes, "This is the start of a beautiful friendship."

Zander, Nelson, and I laugh. Even Stevie cracks a smile.

I shift in my seat so I'm facing them a bit more then ask, "What are you supposed to do in detention, anyways?"

Nelson/Batman shoes tells me, "Do homework, study for upcoming tests, and sit quietly."

I raise my eyebrows. "And when Mr. March isn't in the classroom?"

Kevin answers, "Vandalize the bathroom mirrors with Stevie's red lipstick, throw old cafeteria strew to the lockers, and break into the locked doors of the school."

I laugh then question, "So, how did you guys get detention?"

Taking off the strap of his tiny guitar case, Zander explains, "Stevie almost got into a fight with one of the Perfs, I flirted with the principal's daughter, and Kevin and Nelson...Mr. March just doesn't like them."

All of us share a glance with each other then just burst out laughing. Maybe Kevin's right. This really could be the start of a great friendship.

After Zander opens the door, everyone walks out of the classroom except for me. As Kevin, Zander, and Stevie run down the hall laughing, Nelson stops halfway and turns around to see me still in the doorway.

He walks back to me asking, "Is everything okay?"

I shake my head. "I don't think we're supposed to be out of the classroom. What if we get caught?"

He laughs and states, "The school's really cheap, so they turn off the security cameras after hours."

"But...Kacey and Molly wouldn't like me hanging out with you guys."

Nelson sighs and questions, "Grace, do you want to hang out with us?"

I nod, causing Nelson to say, "Then don't let Molly and Kacey stop you."

He holds out his right hand, gesturing for me to take it. I bite my bottom lip and think for a moment. Well, the Perfs aren't really here to find out...I smile brightly and take his right hand with my left. Nelson grins then runs down the hall the others went down, dragging me with him as I laugh. Once we run out to the courtyard, I see the others in the lunch ladies' area.

I turn to Nelson and ask, "What are they doing?"

He lets go of my hand, sadly, and explains, "The lunch ladies are too lazy to put their 'food,'" he puts finger quotation marks around 'food' which makes me laugh and then continues, "Back in the cafeteria on Fridays so they leave it out here until Monday. Whenever we have detention, we always grab the stew and just throw it at the lockers."

"Don't you ever get in trouble for it?"

Obviously hearing the conversation, Stevie walks over to us saying, "We always do, but the school just gives us another Saturday detention. Basically, it's the schools fault that we destroy their lockers."

Right after the words leave her mouth, Kevin and Zander walk over to us, each with a pot of some sort of stew.

Zander holds up his pot of stew and says, "Let's do this."

Him and Kevin turn around and start walking back into the school. Stevie follows, then Nelson and I. After all of us stop in front of a set of lockers, Kevin and Zander put the pots on the floor. All of the sudden, they dunk their hands in the pots. I scrunch up my nose, making Nelson laugh beside me. After Kevin pulls his hands out of his pot, Stevie shoves her right fist into it, stirs it around, then pulls it out. Her and the guys step back to the other side of the hall. Nelson walks me over to the pots and kneels down beside him. When I shake my head, he pouts his lips. I sigh and eventually kneel down beside him.

"Okay, ready?"


He laughs and dips his hands into one of the pots. After he pulls his hands out, I see that their covered in what looked like pizza goo. Ignoring all the protests in my mind, I lower my hands into one of the pots.

"Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew!"

The others just laugh as I pull my hands out. Great, now my perfect manicure is covered in gross stew. Nelson and I stand up together then walk over to the others.

Stevie looks directly at me and says, "Just throw whenever you want to, okay?"

I nod and smile at her. She softly smiles back then turns back to the lockers. Kevin and Nelson throw their handfuls of stew at the lockers first.

Nelson jumps up once his stew hits the lockers and shouts, "Ha! Mine made a bigger splat!"

Kevin groans and walks back over to the pots. Next, Zander and Stevie throw their handfuls. They go over to the pots with Kevin as Nelson walks back over to me.


I slowly nod and turn to the lockers. This is so un-ladylike and the Perfs would kill me for doing this, especially with 'losers'...but I close my eyes and throw the stew in my hands to the lockers anyway. When I open my eyes, I see that the stew landed on the locker. I did it. I did it!

I turn to Nelson and exclaim, "I actually did it!"

He smiles and responds, "Great! So, think you're going to hang out with losers like us more often?"

I smile back at him and reply, "Let's just say that I won't be at a sale next Saturday morning."

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