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I cross over the terrible lyrics in my notebook with my black pen. Since the whole page is full of scribbles, I rip it out, crumple it up, and toss it to the trash can in the corner of the studio, joining just about fifty other pieces of paper balls. I groan, shut my notebook, and toss it to the orange couch beside the trash can. Deciding that there's no use of trying to get some inspiration, I hop out of the spinning chair and walk over to the couch. I sit down next to my book, grab my laptop from the other end, set it on my lap, and open it up. As I turn it on and wait for it to load, my eyes fall onto the recording booth that the window and wall separate from this room. Inside is a microphone and a set of headphones resting on it. I sigh, shake my head, and turn back to my laptop.

From the last time I was on it, my Twitter profile is on the screen. I click the Home icon in the top left corner, making the screen change to the latest tweets from the people I'm following.

Kevin Reed _kevinreed_
Heading out to Brewster with Zander 2night! Feeling like Molly's roadie...

Grace King PerfGracie
Super excited for you guys 2 see Molly's outfit at her show in Brewster 2morrow! Totes adorbs! :)

Molly Garfunkel Perf_MollyG
Hi, Perfs! FYI the rumor about me slapping my old manager is totes a lie! I would never hurt a human!

Max Antariksa maxantariksa
So, the rumors are true. I am no longer managing Molly Garfunkel.

Kacey Simon KaceyLuvsU
Hey, Kaciers! Just want 2 let u know that I'll be visiting a friend in Brewster so if u see me, stop by and say hi! :)

I laugh at Kevin's tweet and roll my eyes at Molly's before scrolling down beneath Kacey's.

Perfectly Imperfect notjustashadow
"If only we could reach out our hands, and somehow just understand. See what this world has planned, we'd be rising from quicksand."

I smile at the original lyrics then favorite and retweet it. I click on the name "Perfect Imperfect" which takes me to the person's profile. I look at their bio and start reading.

I am not perfect. I am not a shadow. I am perfectly fine being imperfect. I am my own person.

My smile widens as I start scrolling down some of PI's recent tweets.

Perfectly Imperfect notjustashadow
"Holding back your feelings, you're building up the walls, Screaming through the window, crawling through the halls."

Perfectly Imperfect notjustashadow
"And now you're older, you're lonely, You'd walk home and you'd follow me."

I favorite and retweet all of the tweets that I haven't seen yet then scroll back to the top. PI must be really secretive about his/her identity because their profile picture is of a wrist that has "Someday" written on it in purple washable marker while their background image is of a collage of lyrics. I sigh, shut my laptop, and set it on the other end of the couch.

I cross my arms over my chest and whisper, "Perfectly imperfect."

This chapter wasn't very good, but I promise that it will get better once Zander meets Stevie! I think it will be the next chapter or the one after that where they meet. So, if you're confused about the characters in this, let me simplify it.

Zander- As if I haven't made the point clear enough, he's a songwriter for Molly. He's scared of what others think so he doesn't want to become a singer himself. He might work with a super famous celebrity, but he's a bit of a nobody. He dropped out of school and decided to pursue music after his parents died. All everyone knows him as is Molly's shadow.

Molly- She's a famous and snobby singer that takes everything she has for granted. Her dad owns Garfunkel Records which is why she gets away with everything. She doesn't have any imagination to write her own songs so she hired Zander to do it for her. She thinks she's "perfect" so she calls her fans and her employees "perfs". Spoiled, bratty, and conceited are some ways to describe her. Fun fact: She actually did slap her ex-manager.

Kacey- Just like Molly, she's a famous singer. Although Kacey can get a little carried away sometimes, she's not as cocky or conceited as her nemesis. Let's just say Kacey stole part of Molly's spotlight when she first got into singing so that's the reason for their rivalry. She hasn't met Zander yet.

Grace- She's Molly's costume designer. Although she's a "perf", she's definitely not mean. Grace is a bit of an air head, but she makes amazing clothes. Her and Zander are great friends, practically brothers and sisters.

Kevin- He's Zander's best friend/roommate who isn't really famous. Like his friend, Kevin's parents are gone. When he found out that Zander got the job as Molly's songwriter, he dropped out of school in hopes that he could become Molly's drummer. Even though she doesn't let him play drums at her concerts, Kevin still goes on tour with her and Zander.

So, that's a little bit on the characters. Wondering where Stevie and Nelson are? You'll see! Again, I know this chapter isn't very good but this story will get better! If you have any questions or you just want to share your thoughts, be sure to review!(: