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"Yes! I win again!"

I hop off of the couch, game controller still in my left hand as I pump my fists in the air. On our large flat screen TV, the video game is loading to the next level. Sitting on our fancy couch, Stevie groans and leans back with a pout.

I laugh and sit back down next to her saying, "Level 37. You now only have one life left."

She sits up and asks, "Wait, didn't the golden egg give me an extra fifteen lives?"

I sigh at how empty her mind is and explain, "You lost eleven of those lives in Levels 19 through 34. In Level 35, you lost two lives by blowing yourself up with the stink bomb. Then you lost your fourteenth life when I gave you the ghost bird."

Ignoring most of what I said, she complains, "But I don't want a ghost."

I roll my eyes and tell her, "Well nobody wants a ghost. You have one, you have one. Deal with it, princess."

Stevie narrows her eyes and raises her hand with her game controller in it.

I put my hands up in surrender and apologize, "Sorry, sorry. This winning streak power is getting to my head."

Both of us turn back to the TV as Level 37 starts. Immediately, I push some buttons on my controller, making my Furious Pigeon move towards the Haunted House. I reach the silver egg and gain three more lives right as the doorbell rings.

Still concentrating, I shout, "Niles!" (A/N: Who knows what show "Niles the Butler" is from?)

Looking at the TV as well, Stevie replies, "Niles isn't here, idiot. Mom gave the whole staff a day off."

Using my catapult to fly over the ghosts, I respond, "There's no way Mom would be willing to do all the chores around here for the staff to relax."

"It was when she was hyped up on her bacon."

"Ah, that explains it."

Someone out in the hall (probably Dad) walks over to the front door and opens it. There's some muffled small talk before I hear footsteps enter the living room.

A voice, obviously belonging to Dad, questions, "Neither of you could've answered the door?"

Stevie and I continue to play ferociously as she replies, "Sorry, Dad. I have to get back at Nelson for giving me a ghost."

Behind the couch and talking to one of his guests, Dad quietly says, "Nelson doesn't have many friends so his sister has to play a lot of these video games with him."

Not turning away from the screen, I state, "You know, I can hear you saying that I'm basically a lonely loser."

I press the red button on my controller to put the game on pause. Stevie and I put the controllers on the coffee table in front of us and turn our heads around. Standing behind the couch, we see Princess Pop (a.k.a. Molly) and her Perfs (a.k.a. her staff). Molly and her agent Mr. March walk off with Dad into his office, leaving her designer/background singer Grace and her songwriter's friend Kevin with us.

I stand up saying, "With our dad and your boss rambling about Molly last night at dinner, I guess we never got to really meet. I'm Nelson, and this is my sister Stevie."

Stevie waves at them, still sitting on the couch.

Grace takes off her sunglasses and introduces, "I'm Grace, and this is Kevin."

I smile at how perky and loud her voice is, but my jaw drops at how pretty she is. I didn't really notice since I was busy with my video game last night.

The guy, Kevin, questions, "Is he okay?'

Stevie nods and says, "It's the Nelson Face. Learn to get use to it."

She hops off of the couch and asks, "Is Zander here?"

Grace puts her sunglasses in her purse and answers, "He wasn't feeling well, so he stayed in the limo."

After a few seconds of an awkward silence, Kevin widens his eyes and exclaims, "Is that Furious Pigeons: Haunted Eagle?!"

I nod as he walks around the couch and sits down in my spot. Stevie gets up and stands beside Grace while I sit down next to Kevin.

"Yep! It's not even supposed to be released till Halloween, but my dad pulled a few strings. Want to play?"

As if it were the most obvious thing in the world, Kevin shouts, "Of course!"

He picks up Stevie's game controller while I pick up mine and press the green button, making the game start up.

Behind us, Grace says, "Kevin always makes me play Furious Pigeons with him, but I'm bad at it so he complains that it's not enough of a challenge."

Stevie replies, "Finally, someone who feels my pain."

She puts her hands on mine and Kevin's shoulder then continues, "While you two ladies have your little tea party, I'm going to go give Zander some company."


"Hey Ross, could you turn on the radio?"

I lean forward and see that our oh-so-classy limo driver is sleeping. I laugh, open my door, pick up my ukulele case by it's handle, and hop out of the limo. After shutting the door, I walk around the limo and sit down on the trunk. I take my ukulele out, put the strap on, and set the case behind me.

After I strum for a while, I hear a voice say, "Hey, don't want to join the party?"

I turn my head to the left and see Stevie exiting the gates of her house. I chuckle as she sits down beside me.

"I'm not really in the mood to sit through a dinner where Molly is mentioned in every sentence."

She laughs and responds, "At least you had the good sense not to come in. So, what were you playing before?"

I shrug and answer, "Just a new song I've been working on."

"For Molly?"

I shake my head and reply, "Nah, it's kind of personal."

Stevie nods. We sit there silently yet comfortably. Not knowing what else to bring up, I tell her, "Hey, I watched some of your covers on YouTube. You're really good."

She scoffs and jokes, "Well don't sound too surprised."

I smile and say, "Seriously, you're a great singer. Like your cover of Bubbly is amazing."

"Thanks. Fun fact: I found out about you from your covers on YouTube, not 'cause of Molly."

I laugh and respond, "Yeah, right. The Stevie Baskara actually watched my YouTube videos."

Stevie laughs and replies, "Believe it or not, it's true. I saw your cover of She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5 with your friend Nick, and I was instantly taken away. You're pretty good yourself."

I turn my head to her and grin. Instead of looking back at me, Stevie drops her gaze to the ground beneath her, smiles, and bites her bottom lip.

I furrow my eyes and question, "What's up?"

She finally turns to me and states, "Nothing. I'm just...feeling wonderstruck."

My grin widens. I open my mouth to say something, but the sound of a phone vibrating interrupts me.

Pulling out her phone from her back pocket, she apologizes, "Sorry, sorry."

Stevie glances at her phone and sighs. Hopping off of the limo, she explains, "It's just a text from Nelson saying that dinner's ready."

Stevie puts her phone back in her pocket and asks, "Are you sure you don't want to come inside?"

I shake my head. "No, it's okay."

She smiles, spins around on the heels of her combat boots, and starts running towards her mansion. As if they were automatic doors, the gates to the mansion open once Stevie approaches it. When her feet start jogging on the green grass, she turns halfway around and waves at me. I put on a small smile and wave back. After Stevie runs into her house and shuts the front door, I put my ukulele back in its case, despite the fact that I hardly played it. Needing to find something else to do with my time, I pull out my iPhone, unlock it, and go onto Twitter. I refresh my homepage and scroll all the way to the top. I light up when I see that Perfectly Imperfect tweeted some new lyrics just seconds ago.

Perfectly Imperfect notjustashadow
I'm wonderstruck, dancing around all alone. I'll spend forever wondering if you knew, I was enchanted to meet you.

My smile soon turns into confused and straight lips as I scan over the tweet again. After I reread the first line, my mind immediately replays Stevie's earlier statement.


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