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"It's all about tonight."

I smile down at my guitar after I strum the final chord of my new song, the one Kacey will be singing tonight at her free concert. The concert! I look over to my ocean blue alarm clock on my night stand.

6:30 PM

I groan and carefully set my guitar at the foot of my bed. I jump out of my covers and jog over to my fold-in closet. I pull out the outfit that Kacey already set aside for me and change into it. After putting on some accessories that matched my clothes, I walk over to my full-sized mirror and tilt my head at my reflection. My outfit currently consisted of a leather vest, black skinny jeans, my signature black combat boots, a white loose tank top that read 'I'm in the BAND' in black letters, a red fedora hat with a black strap around it, three pairs of earrings (black hearts, gold owls, and diamonds), a black cuff bracelet with gold spikes, and two music note rings. (A/N: Outfit link on my profile!) I smirk and head out of my bedroom, not forgetting to grab my bass case and Aviators on the way out. As I trudge halfway down the stairs, I notice that Nelson is already standing at the bottom, wearing his green Furious Pigeons sweatshirt and skinny jeans.

Once I hop off the bottom step, he whines, "Do I have to go?"

I roll my eyes and reply, "Yes, Nelly, you have to go. You're the keyboardist, remember?"

He childishly stomps his right foot and states, "You could always get Spicy Brown to fill in."

I sigh and respond, "Nick's sick at home. Besides, you just want to stay home so you can play your stupid video game."

Pointing a finger at me, Nelson shouts, "Furious Pigeons is not stupid!"

I scoff, "Whatever, Nelly. Just suck it up. On the bright side, that cute girl you met the other day's going to be there. What's her name? Grace?"

Immediately, Nelson stands up straighter."How do you know Grace's coming to the concert?"

I shrug and answer, "I gave Zander backstage passes, and he's close friends with her."

Noticing the little flirtatious gleam in his eyes, I quickly yell, "It was Kacey's orders!"

Nelson chuckles and raises his eyebrows. "And you always do what Kacey says?"

I bite my bottom lip and stomp toward the front door while muttering, "Shut up, dork."


The first thing we see when we enter the park is hundreds of screaming fans, a.k.a. Kaciers. I use my right hand to shield my eyes from the blinding bright lights lit up everywhere. A stage was built in front of the trees and rows of chairs were crowded together in front of it. I don't see the point, though, since all the fans are jumping up and down and not sitting.

Shouting over the screaming Kaciers, Kevin says, "This place is really packed!"

I nod in agreement. Fans were everywhere! In the trees, on the playground, and even on standing on cars.

I sigh and mumble, "I can't believe I gave this life up."

Zander turns his head to me and asks, "What'd you say, Grace?"

I shake my head, put on a smile, and reply, "Nothing. Come on, let's go find somewhere to sit."

After searching for what felt like forever, we found three seats at the end of a row of chairs in the middle that fans weren't jumping on/in front of. Oddly enough, all of us stayed standing. I notice that Zander was on his tip toes, scanning his eyes through the crowd of people.

I smile, lean over to Kevin, and say, "He's looking for Stevie."

Kevin notices as well, grins teasingly, and does the same thing.

I furrow my eyebrows and question, "Who are you looking for?"

As if it were the most obvious thing in the world, he explains, "Kacey Simon. Duh. I've had a crush on her since she was on that Nickelodeon show 7 years ago."

To my left, Zander comments, "It's true. When we were 10, he'd watch her show and kiss the TV."

I laugh and start looking around myself. Nelson, where are you? Please be here...Before I can think anymore, the screaming of the Kaciers deafens me. I cover my ears and look towards the stage. Walking out from backstage is none other than Kacey Simon, dressed in a gold and black dress with gold heels. (A/N: How To Rock A Singing Telegram outfit!)

She holds her signature sparkly pink microphone up to her mouth, smiles, and exclaims, "What's up, Brewster?"

The crowd cheers. I smile and clap along. Kacey continues, "Thank you so much for coming out here tonight! I've got a great show in store for you, including a brand new song!"

The Kaciers applaud and scream even more. "Awesome! Now, let me introduce you to my band!"

She takes a step back and points to the right of the stage. "On the guitar, I've got the one-and-only Daniel Karp!"

She moves her hand to behind her and announces, "There's the great Beau Evans on the drums!"

Pointing to the left of the drummer, Kacey says, "Then we've got the amazing Nelson Baxter on the keyboard!"

I look to where she's pointing and see Nelson standing behind his keyboard, wearing skinny jeans, a navy blue v-neck, and a blazer. (How To Rock Cee Lo outfit) Wow, Kevin's right. I'm observant when it comes to clothes. Perks and cons to being a designer. Back to Nelson. When I see him, I start waving my right arm in the air. Surprisingly, he sees me! Nelson actually looks at me, smiles, and waves back!

Nudging me with his shoulder, Kevin jokes, "Look at the little lovebirds flirting."

I roll my eyes and push him off as Kacey finishes her role call. "And last but not least, we've got my bass player, my songwriter, and most importantly, my best friend. Give it up for Stevie Baskara!"

The crowd goes just as wild as it did when Kacey first walked on. I look over to Stevie and see her waving with a small smile on her face. Out of the corner of my left eye, I see Zander smile brightly.

Oh, the things we do for love.

8:25 PM

Kacey's already performed her (technically Stevie's) songs Move With The Crowd, Hey Now, Just Do Me, and Move With the Music. As her band's getting ready for the last song of the night, Kacey steps forward, smiling with her perfect white teeth.

"Are you guys ready to hear Stevie's new song?"

All of us cheer. Stevie laughs, steps up to the microphone, and says, "I just write the songs, Kacey's the one that sings 'em amazingly."

Kacey rolls her eyes while smiling and shouts, "Hit it!"

The drummer, Beau, counts them down then starts hitting his drums. Soon, the rest of the band joins in with their instruments.

"I bought a new pair of shoes. I got a new attitude when I walk."

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