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Chapter 1

No more boring days

My name, is Saito Hiraga, I am 17 years old and I live in Tokyo, Japan. I do decently well in school and sports, however I'm constantly referred to as a delinquent due to the fact that I have quite the negative view on life and see it as somewhat dull, as well constantly getting into fights often (most of which I don't start, but it always ends up seeming like I was the culprit). I've never had many friends due to my normally passive attitude (Although when angered or annoyed that attitude is the last thing I seem, though aside from anger I can only seem to fake an emotion) attitude, with the exception of maybe two because they see it as some sort of incognito(1). Regardless I still get numerous confessions, because apparently I'm the "good type" of emo or I come off a cool guy, however I decline them all (I don't know half of them damnit!).

My life home-wise isn't the best either, I normally head straight to my room not bothering to converse with either my mom or my stepdad since it would either end with my mother nagging that I am useless and incompetent or my stepdad getting drunk and "disciplining" me to a harsh extent. Although the good thing is I don't scar easily since his "fatherly" acts seem to have increased my endurance significantly. In a sense, my school life sucks and my house is a hell...but it's still my home I suppose (damn...). Though regardless myself caring (stubborn as I may be) and try and help someone when they feel down (Physical pains can go screw themselves.).

"Why the hell, do I have to go get my damn parents' laptop fixed? I don't even know where the hell I am." I mumbled to myself on the way to...somewhere.

Someone put their hand on my shoulder and i grabbed a pocket-knife (instincts from that damn house) out of my pocket and turned around.

"Woah there sonny, I was just going to help guide you." An old man nearly yelled in a frightened tone as he swung his hands in the air.

"...sorry" I simply replied as I withdrew my knife.

"Oh good lord I thought I was dead, but I suppose a less direct method could have been used to get your attention" The man said nervously.

I nodded and stared at him expecting an answer to my whereabouts.

"Ah you want an answer, right well you are currently in the Warui Shiri district"

I stared at him thinking he was joking, but it appeared he was serious.

"Thank you...I'll be going"

"No problem at all" he answered, still a little nervous from our encounter.

I walked about a quarter of a mile further and noticed a pale green...thing in front of me. I looked around but it seemed I was the only one to take notice in it. My common sense was telling me, "Stay away!" however my curiosity yelled "f**k common sense!" of course I decided on curiosity (Who wouldn't? It's the most interesting thing I've ever seen!). I put my hand through it and felt a tingling sensation, but when I tried to take my hand out I was stuck, soon after I was pulled in.

"Oh hell!" I yelled while I was going through

~starting at Louise's P.O.V. (bout time :P)

My name is Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere, I am 16 years old. Today is the day I'll stop being Louise the Zero, the day we summon our familiars. I know I will do just fine (I hope). I get dressed and start to walk out the door before realizing I hadn't grabbed my wand.

"Umm, where did I leave it?" I muttered to myself while searching my room.

I started opening my drawers and looked under the bed. Luck wasn't on my side. I started to groan in frustration. After I searched my entire room I heard snickering coming from the halls. Reality hit me and only one thing came to mind: Damn you Kirche!

I dashed into the halls, I was red with anger.

"Damnit zerbst! Give me back my wand!"

She looked at my with livened eyes and trying not to crack a grin.

"Oh, and what makes you think I have it Zero?" She said while looking at the ceiling nonchalant.

"Because you're the only one in the school that goes around purposely trying to make me mad... and stop calling me zero!" My face now looked as though steam was about to flow out of my ears.

"Oh fine here you go." She gave my wand back in a somewhat teasing manner.

I snatched my wand back and threatened to turn her to ash if she did this again. I ran ahead of her to get to my class, since I didn't want to have to walk next to her. When I walked in I glanced over to the teacher, it appeared to be a substitute. I guess our original teacher got sick. I walked over to my seat, however not without getting some annoying side comments, all of which adressed me with the name Zero. I gave them a death glare, but even though they shut up they were still trying not to mock me.

Class was going to begin soon.

"Okay class it's time to begin" told us. "We will be changing the material of these pebbles to a different mineral, Bronze is preferred."

He demonstrated the process for us, and started to look for a volunteer.

"You, loli girl taking notes, try this spell."

I stared down at him with a slightly tempered face after he said such a thing, but proceeded my way down to the desk.

"Yes sir, and my name is Louise." I said trying not to let my hateful thoughts get the better of me.

The class had mixed reactions, some started laughing and others had worried looks on their faces. Everyone however had their desk flipped over as a type of shield. Well all except Tabitha who was smart enough to walk out of the classroom.

"Oy, teach I don't think that is such a good idea. Her Success rate in magic is zero, she'll just blow everything up!" Guiche yelled from his desk shield.

"Now that is nonsense what kind of mage can't perform magic?"

"Her, she's the definition of zero!" Kirche said while trying to sound worried, but I could sense her mocking me.

"Grr, shut up I'm going to do it because he chose me damnit!" I exclaimed, earning so respect points from the teacher, seeing as he hasn't actually seen this next part.

"Well said now please begin."

"Very well." (I don't remember if there are any incantations here so screw it)


Everyone in the classroom (aside from me) was black in the face and the teacher decided it was a good time to pass out.(skipping where the Headmaster speaks with the lady)

I sigh as I walk down some stairs after my talk with the headmaster, and sigh even more when I see Kirche, Montromency, and Tabitha walking up towards me (well no real problem with Tabitha) I try hard to just ignore them until they stop me.

"So Zero how did your meeting with the headmaster go, are you finally going to be expelled?" Kirche asks mockingly, quickly followed by Montromency's giggling.

"Oh just shut up, and no I received no punishment whatsoever" I replied in a tired tone.

"Huh!?" Kirche and Montromency asked while Tabitha continues reading her book. (I wonder what it is).

"He said that since, you and Guiche tried to warn him that it wasn't a good idea, it was partially the teachers fault." I said with a depressing sigh.

The blonde and read haired girls couldn't help but to laugh as hard as they could.

"Hey it's not funny!" I roared.

"Quite right, it's actually just that pathetic" Said Guiche as he seems to have overheard the conversation. (The hell did he come from!?)

I glare at him for a minute before speaking. "All of you just shut up shut up shut up!" (Reference anyone?)

They all stared at me with wondering eyes as to where this is headed (Even Tabitha looked up from her book, I have to admit it made me quite proud that I averted her attention to me).

"I will prove that I'm NOT Zero Louise, today is the familiar summoning and I will summon the strongest, smartest, and most elegant one you likely to ever see in your lives!" I exclaimed roaring with confidence (The hell did all that come from!? Why did I say that!?)

I was stared at for a few minutes with eyes of admiration and somewhat of intimidation from my new found confidence (well aside from Tabitha). However that was short lived, because about two minutes after my claim the room was clouded with laughter (I don't have to say it anymore do I?).

"Haha, right, sure whatever you say Zero, I'd like to see you summon anything besides an explosion." Montromency said, slightly discouraging my confidence I had just built.

"W-w-well you'll see!" I yelled, quickly rushing down the stairs before the conversation could go any farther.

2 hours later

(Summoning time)

Everyone had summoned there familiars, Kirche got a salamander (Damnit!) Tabitha summoned a dragon (Damnit!) Montromency summoned a small frog (I don't know what to say about that) and Guiche summoned a mole (Haha take that ya douche!) and I was the last one, however I tried not to be seen, to avoid going as long as possible.

"Okay is there anyone that hasn't gone yet?" Prof. Colbert asked (Will I really not have to go?)

"No sir, Louise hasn't gone yet." Kirche exclaimed. (Damn you! and now you decide to use my name!?)

"Alright, Louise step up and begin your ritual" Prof. Colbert says.

I give a disappointed sigh and walk over. I begin my incantation. (Alright I do NOT remember it so ima just wing it. k? great!)

"Oh great divine, grant me a familiar with the of strength, intelligence, and beauty!" I recite full of hopes.

"The hell kind of incantation is that?" asked Montromency

Soon after there is another explosion. (damn)

"Haha, I knew you were all talk before, so much for getting your own familiar Louise the Zero!" Kirche yells, followed by a sea of laughter.

I felt like I was about to cry, but once the smoke cleared off I saw a figure, and I started to become filled with joy. Then a storm of depression swoop over me as the smoke continued to clear and then I saw a boy with a blank stare sitting on the ground looking at us.


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