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A Christmas in a Magical World

From outside the door, Louise hear Saito's voice. She could hear the anger and she could hear his words. Just from those two simple things... she knew that someone, within the net few minutes, would die. Although she still hadn't caught her breath yet, regardless of how long it had been, and just continued to sit there, wondering just what the hell her familiar was doing. She began to rock back and forth in her cradled position, trying to ignore the sounds that were coming from within the room behind her. She thought it may be best to try and sleep, although the thought of sleep with her pissed familiar nearby, didn't seem like a very good plan to her. She waited for nearly five minutes, the noise had failed to cease, and by this point she was simply irritated.

She stood up from her resting spot, and wobbled from her lack of recent movement. Her head darted towards the door in slight anger, and she made her way to the door slowly. She reached out for the handle to open the door, and by the time she grabbed it, there was a thud coming from inside the room. The sound of this made her react on instinct, causing her to swing the door open. However when the door was fully opened, the image that was in front of her, was extremely shocking...

Six minutes prior...

Colbert's collar was in the grip of the pissed off familiar, Saito, and even for a rather powerful mage, he was currently scared shitless from the teenagers' intensity. The rage was clear on his face, and that didn't help to ease him in the slightest. He would have tried to continue the eye contact so as to figure out the source of his anger. Saito however, has a different thought in mind.

He lifted the arm he was using to grab Colbert, and in the process lifted him up. This action, needless to say, wasn't very comforting for the teacher. Colbert continued his gaze at at the young familiar from his heightened position and the look in his eye was not one to be taken lightly. The mage was forming a plan, but before being able to finish it the young familiar who had him in his grasp took the liberty of throwing the the teacher headfirst into one of the small bookshelves that had been laying in the middle of the room.

This kid is too strong for his own good. No wonder he beat Guiche! Regardless how much of an ass that kid was, he was considered to be quite strong... at least within his class... and compared to the girl with a habit of blowing up... He shook himself out of his thoughts as Saito began to walk closer to him. His head was looking up at the young familiar as he decided on his plan of action. As Saito continuously came closer, Colbert held out his arms, as though he ere shoving someone away. The confusing gesture did indeed make him come to a halt. His face held confusion as Professor Colbert retracted his right arm, but kept the left one out in a gesture that signaled to stop. He then used his free arm to push himself back up, hoping that the demon child would stay at bay long enough to get a few words in.

After he was now standing at full height, Saito had let both of his arms fall to his side, but continued his cold stare towards the teacher. At the very least he would have him say his last words before murdering the bastard. Colbert was well aware of the glare he was receiving, his final decision was the only civil one... compromise. He closed both of his yes, and balled his fist as he brought it to his mouth and cleared his throat.

After reopening his eyes he began to speak, "Ahem, I can see that you are... rather angry at me- Damn straight." He got interrupted, but decided to ignore it and carry on regardless, " However, if you are going to be angry... I would at least like to know the reason behind your actions." Saito's jaw dropped slightly and his began to squint, trying to process exactly what it was that he was just asked.

His mouth was closed, and his eyes had gone back to being stoic, a gaze that Colbert was not very comfortable with. After a few moments of staring Saito took action as he came forward in a fluid motion and once again had in his grasp by the collar. In Colbert's mind the sight of the eyes that were only a few inches in front of him, had pupils with the shape of a snake, and a gaze just as threatening. He was trying to hold on for breath, but no longer knew what to say at this moment of fear. H-how can a child, a mere familiar no less, be so terrifying? It's... it's like he's staring into my very soul.

(Yes Colbert... because Japanese teenagers can do that...)

Colbert, decided that it would be best to wait for the familiar in front of him speak first, which didn't take too long to happen. Their gazes never left each other and Saito began to speak in a voice that was slightly rather hushed yet also firm, so as to not arouse suspicion from others outside, "I'm sorry but... what the fuck do you mean, 'what am I angry about?' You broke my god damn laptop you bastard... what the hell do you expect?" Colbert could, at the moment, only stay quiet, but this time not from fear, but from confusion instead.

What is a 'laptop?' What a strange word... 'laptop' ... 'laptop' ... He continued to say the word over and over in his mind, no longer even paying attention to the person in front of him. He wasn't even aware of the fact that Saito was steadily shaking him, trying to recapture his attention. Needless to say, Colbert was to engrossed in his own mental analysis, that forcing him back to reality would only end in failure. Saito sighed as he pushed the teacher over, once again sending him to the floor. Surprising for Saito, this caught the professor's attention, and he was able to bring him back to reality. Colbert was sitting on the floor, using one arm to support himself, and the other to rub his head, which would definitely leave a bruise, if one hadn't already formed. After comforting his head slightly, he looked up at Saito, who by this point was no longer housing a livid face, but instead was holding one filled with pure irritation.

He would be lying if he said that he wasn't still slightly scared of Saito, however he could definitely say that the aura around them both was a lot calmer. He once again stood up, standing slightly taller than Saito was, and he cleared his throat, for the second time, to speak, "I...I assume you mean the book I found... so it is known as Laptop..?" His question could make Saito sigh, as he knew that he now had to explain quite a few things...

(Colbert... you are too forgiving, and you are an idiot, and to some of the readers standards, you are just a douche bag... have fun with your life, at this rate your going to die very soon...)

Saito ran a hand down his face, and began to stare at Colbert for a moment, after accomplishing this he opened his mouth to speak, "No... it is not a book... at all. It is a laptop... and before you ask your question, a laptop is something too complicated for a medieval magician, nitwit like you or anyone else in this weird-ass place." Colbert nodded in genuine understanding, which gave Saito huge relief, "Well so far, you've proven to be a hell of a lot smarter than Louise, and that Douche, Guiche. Although that isn't exactly saying very much..." Colbert gave a small chuckle as he shook his head at the slight praise.

He looked at Saito, a smile still treading on his face, and began to speak, "Well, of course, it's only natural that I would be more intelligent, I am their Professor." He seemed to have a high opinion of himself, and that was something Saito decided to take note of... just for future reference. Colbert continued to stand with a smile on his face, more or less expecting an agreement from the temperamental familiar. Seeing that, that was the last thing he was about to hear, he continued with their conversation, "Well in any case, I think I understand what you are getting at now, basically your anger was caused by the sight of the broken... 'laptop' ... which I will assume belonged to you...?" He seemed sure of himself, but needed to ask, just for confirmation.

Saito thought about it for a moment, thinking of the real reason he had the laptop. In the end he went with the answer that would be less complicated, "Yes, and you were the asshole that broke it." Though the words were harsh and blunt, his actual tone no longer held any resentment. This didn't go by unnoticed by Colbert, however he decided that it would be best to hold a conversation with a... less furious... child.

He let go of any fear he had before, and gave a, awkwardly nervous smile as he once again began to speak, "Well... about that. I don't think that it would be impossible to fix it..." Saito gave an intense look, mentally threatening him if this turned out to be a lie. Colbert, noticed this and coughed slightly, and began talking, "Yes, um... well I did take it apart, but the process of putting it back together should be rather simple... so long as I have my wand and can remember where the pieces went... and taking into account that I need to be alive." His face sent a stern look toward Saito, who in response only nodded.

"Alright... well... fix it now, I came here to retrieve my laptop, and I'm not leaving until I get it... or until you're dead." Colbert gulped and gave a small nod.

"Well I hope it's fine if I fix it...I prefer not to die, so if you would please grab my wand. It's laying on the shelf over there." He said, pointing over to the right side of the room.

Saito sighed, and gave a small, disapproving nod, "Why the hell do I have to get it, this is all your fault old man." His voice was filled with annoyance, and Colbert couldn't help but send a glare at him, whilst his back was turned.

What an insolent child, how can he speak to a noble like that!? It's a wonder that the child of the Valliere family can put up with him... He shook his head as he waited for Saito to return with his wand. Maybe with that wand, I can teach him a lesson... then again, he was able to defeat Guiche with relative ease... but I wonder how he would square off against a more elite mage such as I. He looked over at the familiar, who by this point, had made contact with his wand. However something neither of them expected began to happen. As soon as Saito grabbed the wand, and began his trek back over to the mage the rune on his hand began to glow, just as it did when he had a grasp on his knife, or the summoned sword. Colbert's eyes went wide, and he quickly turned away from his desk and began to run towards Saito, going as fast as he could. Saito, who hadn't noticed anything quite yet, was quickly tackled as his vision was filled with the shininess of Colbert's bald head.

Both the familiar and the teacher, tumbled over, landing with Colbert on top of Saito. Their position was extremely questionable and suggestive, but with no one in the room, there wasn't... too much of a problem. Colbert had one of his hands wrapped around Saito's, trying to grab his wand from it. His knee was positioned between Saito's legs, nearly landing a fatal blow. His other hand was positioned beside Saito's face, letting him stay in his somewhat hovered position. Their faces were at a distance of a couple of inches, Saito's trying to back away, but being unable to as he was already on the floor. Colbert's head on the other hand, stayed in the same place, trying to grasp the situation, and figuring out their position. Saito tried to struggle out, but he was genuinely pinned under the teacher.

At this time, both of their lives may have been screwed as the knob on the door began to twist open, and at this same time, Colbert began to realize exactly what position they were in, a blush of embarrassment came across his face. It was very bad for him, more or less so considering Saito's face was clear of any signs of embarrassment, just filled with annoyance. Regardless of being a teacher and around forty years of age, this was Colbert's first time being in such a position, with either male, or female.

Saito began to speak, as the door began to open, "Hey, asshole, mind getting the fuck off of me, before someone sees and misunderstands? Louise happens to be out there, and I'd prefer not trying to explain something else to that idiot." His voice was cold, and held harsh intentions, however Colbert was still too much in shock to move, or hear his words. The only thing that actually reacted to was the sound of the door, hitting the wall as it was now fully open, revealing a blushing, and shocked Louise.

Present time... and after those VERY eventful six minutes...

Louise opened the door, leading to Colbert's office, and the sight in front of her was one that she never expected to see. In front of her was her teacher on top of her familiar, in the most suggestive position she could imagine. Both of the males were facing her, Colbert's face carrying a blush, and Saito's an annoyed and disgusted face, which was directed to the older mage. She could only look at the scene, her face also holding a blush, and an endless look of shock. She began to stammer, but never got any words out. What could she say at a scene like this, what could she even ask? She didn't even know who to suspect, which to most would be rather surprising. Most would suspect the blushing teacher that was on top, however to her, it was all just a blur.

Saito decided it would be best to end this stare-down Colbert, obviously wasn't going to get off of him anytime soon, and Louise obviously wasn't going to do anything either. So regardless of being pinned, he was still able to move some of his limbs without restriction, and he sure as hell planned on doing exactly that. He looked away from Louise, who still couldn't say a single word, and looked towards the teacher above him, who also couldn't say anything. He sighed, in annoyance at the two of them, and began to move his leg as downward as he could, as though he were charging it to kick. And that is exactly what he did, as soon as he felt he had enough strength built up, he fired his left leg upward, slamming Colbert in his groin. This actin caused small tears to leak from his eyes, and tilted to the right, landing considerably close to Louise, whose face had instantly switch from embarrassment, to a face of complete shock.

She kept switching her gaze to Saito, who was now getting up and brushing himself off, and to her teacher, who was keeled over on the floor, grasping his crotch, and holding back the tears threatening to come from his eyes. Her mouth was gaped open, as Saito walked over to her, his face as stoic as ever, and acting like he hadn't done anything. Saito looked down to Louise, returning her gaze and his head tilted slightly.

He opened his mouth to speak to the hot-headed female, however before he got to speak, her leg lifted up, just as his did previously, and her target was hit. Just as Colbert was, Saito was kicked in the balls by his 'mistress.' Needless to say, she has decided to blame everything she's seen so far on her familiar.

Her anger, annoyance, and, or confusion began to build up, and she began to yell, all of the emotion headed towards Saito, "W-w-what the hell were you thinking you idiot! You were supposed to be coming here to get your stupid book! Not assault my teacher and then kick him in the b-ba- groin! Who do you think you are!?" She would have continued to ramble on with her yelling, if she hadn't finally noticed that Saito was not on the floor, like her teacher, but instead was still standing, just hunched over slightly, with a grasp on his lower region.

He looked up from his position, at the moment, he was ever so slightly shorter than Louise, and began to speak in a voice, that was slightly tensed, and very much angry, "Y...you... bitch! I... am going to... f-fucking kill you! I never... assaulted that asshole..." His voice went into a whisper, as he continued to talk. He was rather dumbfounded by how strong her kicks were. Has she always... been this god damn strong!? What the hell!

He continued to stay in his hunched position, not being able to stand to full height yet. He continued his gaze at Louise, who returned it, with a different expression then she previously had. Her current expression was one of shock, probably realizing the truth in his words. Or perhaps just now realizing that her teacher might be gay. Said teacher, was just now regaining the strength to stand. Hi used his hands to support him as he lifted himself onto the ground, hunched over just as Saito was. He looked over to Louise, and her familiar. His face, no longer tensed, and went back to being stoic, and hers, which was staring at himself, with a look that signaled shock.

Saito decided that it was now a good point to try and explain the situation to her. He let out a sigh, and was once again standing at full height, and switching glares between the two mages currently in the room with him. Both of them noticed, and jumped slightly, not wanting to be beaten. At this moment, Saito was now aware that there were now three mages who were afraid of him, or in Louise's case, could easily be 'persuaded' to be scared of him. He scratched the back of his head, and closed his eyes as he sighed.

His eyes still closed, he began to speak to both mages, "Okay, first of all, I'm not about to hurt either of you, so chill the fuck out." His choice of words were questionable, but the meaning of them, did help to ease them. He reopened his eyes and continued to speak, " And second of all, I think that the asshole of a teacher, has some explaining to do for you Louise, and some explaining for both of us as to why he tackled me." They both nodded, not feeling in the mood to be hit, or chewed out by him.

Although Louise came up with her on question, which more or less had anything to do with this, "Sa- ... Familiar, I'm curious, why weren't you embarrassed at all? A blush never even came to your face, regardless of the position you were in. I mean Professor Colbert was blushing like mad." Colbert was also curious, and nodded in agreement.

He gave both of them a dumbfounded look and stared at them, "Are you two really that stupid?" Both mages couldn't help but feel annoyed by his statement, but kept quiet, and let him speak. At this he only sighed, he gave them both an irritated look of his own and spoke, "Since you both apparently aren't aware, it's because I am comfortable enough with my sexuality. Therefore, I'm not bothered to that extent by the whole event that took place. ... Him on the other hand, apparently, is not comfortable with his, and you Louise, were confused about both of ours." Colbert, was shocked by this information, and slumped over whilst walking to a corner. After reaching said corner, he knelt down in shame, whilst Louise and Saito only watched him.

I don't know my own interests? What kind of a person am I? Am I really... His thoughts trailed on to several things of the same topic, and Saito and Louise could only stand there, staring, both having awkward faces.

"...I only meant it as some sort of joke... I guess even after spending all this time her, everything I say sounds serious." He began to think some things over in his head, whilst Louise simply stared at him, awestruck by his obliviousness to the fact.

Colbert isn't actually gay is he? ...If he is, I'm glad I got away when I did... no telling what he would have done... Actually, what is up with these nobles? They contradict themselves a lot. First they are saying 'familiar's can only have romantic actions towards other familiars, and now they are so cautious about the whole thing... did something happen while I was unconscious? Just as Colbert's were, Saito began to fall into his thoughts, thinking over the multiple things that have happened ever since his arrival.

Louise continued to stare at her familiar, her own thoughts starting to take over. He is very strange... by nature, plebeians are supposed to obey nobles... and familiars are supposed to obey their masters... and he... he is both of those things, yet he still defies everyone, including me... Her thoughts continued to wander, her expression changing, flowing with her emotions. Ever since he got here... he's been nothing but trouble... From the very start he's been an idiot... yet he was also the first person to comfort me, instead of tease me about my magic... I wonder... if I asked... would he help me if I was in trouble? ...But that is supposed to be natural... but then again... he isn't natural. But, if I were in danger, I don't think he would just let me die... though he has tried to kill me himself... He's too complicated! He's also a pervert! That's when thoughts of one of their first issues came to mind, the time she was changing and he pulled his stunt... Then the thought of his 'flirting' with Flame came to mind... He's a flirt! ...He's... At that moment a memory of when he tried to comfort her had come to mind... a memory of him 'smiling' , He's... empty... and alone... Back then... when he tried to smile at me... it held no emotion... or meaning... it's like... it wasn't even there... He... who is he? I don't even know anything about him... he told me a bit about his family... but... I'm sure he was lying... Her thoughts continued to roam, endless thoughts of their short time together... She reached one conclusion... He's an idiot... and I want to help him... ... ... A noble willingly helping a familiar and plebeian... he'd better be grateful after all of this!

Louise was the first to leave her thoughts, even though she was the last to start. Her gaze hadn't left Saito for an instant, although his had, at some point he started to pace around, and his expression had changed to an annoyed one. She laughed to herself nervously, not knowing if right now would be the best time to talk to him. Deciding that it would be best if she didn't she looked over to Colbert, hoping that he had left the corner. However despite the hope, she wasn't surprised that he was still there. She looked back at her familiar, who by this point, had stopped pacing, and instead was looking in her direction. His gaze still contained rage, whilst her's contained a look of sympathy, a look that he wasn't very familiar with.

His gaze hardened as he began to speak, his voice full of spite, "What's that look for, there something you want to say? If so, just say it." His expression never softened, it only changed to one of indifference.

Despite he normal behavior, her expression stayed soft as she took a couple of steps of forward, silently asking permission to get closer. She received no answer, so stayed where she was, a mere five steps away. She knew that if she acted like she normally did, this would go straight to hell, so she decided to enter the conversation slowly and carefully, "...What about you... you look angry again..."

The fact that she had basically ignored his question irked him, but he was able to catch on to something... her voice... it was different. Her tone was light, and it carried small traces of kindness, too small for Saito to catch onto, but it was there nonetheless. Compared to her usual noisy, angry and bossy self, this was one hell of a change, and for Saito it was uncomfortable. If she were yelling at him, as she usually did, he would have taken this chance for a comeback, however considering the mass change in personality, he could only figure this as some sort of trap, and proceeded with caution.

He stared at her for a few moments, trying to figure out her true intentions, but obviously failing, he mentally sighed and began to speak, "That;s because I am. After your professor went to curl up in the corner," His gaze shifted over to the still thinking teacher, "I began to think about my time here. And I realized that you and your classmates, keep making this little trip hell for me." Louise expression changed to a shocked one, now questioning her previous motives. However this is something she should have expected from someone with a personality such as his.

The staring didn't let up, and Louise decided, that the only way to find out more about him, would be to continue this conversation. Our relationship can't get any worse... and I get the feeling that if I don't act now I won't get a second chance. She opened her mouth to speak, however her chance was ruined by someone else's words.

Somewhere behind them, specifically in a corner where a thought filled teacher used to be, a voice spoke, "Okay, now that I'm out of my over-thinking attitude, I have a request that I'd like Saito here to do for me." He looked over at Saito, a pleading expression on his face, but Saito only scoffed as he swung his head in the opposite direction.

"Before I do anything, tell me why the hell you thought it would be smart to tackle me." After thinking over his life here, his emotions started to become mixed, leading to his voice sounding, considerably tensed.

The tone in his voice was confusing, to Louise he just seemed angry, but from a more professional point of view, Colbert could tell that the familiar was troubled. And if his suspicions were correct, the source of his problems was the girl standing mere steps from him.

He looked over to Louise, a kind look on his face. He smiled slightly, and spoke to the confused girl, "Louise, if you wouldn't mind, could you step out of the room for a minute, me and your familiar need to have some privacy." Saito looked at him, mentally asking him, 'What the fuck are you talking about?'

Louise on the other hand, appeared as though she was fine. However in her mind, she was worried, over two things. The first thing being, that she didn't know if another chance to speak calmly with Saito would appear. ...And the second reason... the only other thing that was going through her mind, was what had happened by the time she walked in. She looked perplexed, but nodded, unsure as to what would happen when she saw him again. ...This sucks, I couldn't say what I wanted to. And on top of that, I'm now leaving him in a room alone with someone who may or may not sexually assault him... but I couldn't have just said no, regardless of sexuality, Professor Colbert is still my teacher. She sighed, as she look over to Saito, who now had a clearly annoyed expression. She then looked to her teacher, who only smiled in her direction, signaling that she should leave. She turned around, and walked to the door, unaware of what might happen once she leaves. But pride is still a large factor in her life, so she had forced herself to leave since she had agreed to do it. She twisted the handle and exited the room, not quite sure what could happen during their talk. Thoughts of eavesdropping had crossed her mind, but... with her luck, she knew that something would screw everything up. Not knowing where else to go, she began her trek towards her room.

~ Inside the room...

Saito was staring at the door, where his 'master' had left, an uncertain look on his face. His mind continued to skim through his thoughts, thinking of all the crap that he had gone through. However one thought had crossed his mind, something he hadn't thought about since he arrived... the one thing that he had always yearned for had finally come to reality when he was brought here... It's not boring here... That one thing counted more then everything else. It was the only thing he wanted, but was never able to obtain. Had he been able to bring himself to do it, a smile of affection would have come across his face, however the only thing he was able to manage, was a stoic look, a look that followed him around, regardless of who he was with or where he was at.

His endless staring did not go unnoticed, as Colbert continuously stared at the familiar, whose gaze was fixed on the door in front of them. The mage smiled to himself, and he turned around, so his body was also facing Saito and he began to speak, "Saito, about what I wanted to talk to you about..." His words hadn't reached him, Saito's stare was stuck on the door, not bothering to react to anything, or anyone else. Colbert continued to repeat his name, continuously failing at each attempt.

He said his name, about as many times as he was going to. He decided to go with a direct approach, he walked up to the familiar, and brought his hand forward to place on his shoulder. Of course, after doing this, Saito has no choice but to react. Once his hand had touched him Saito grabbed Colbert's forearm and brought it behind his back, threatening to break it. However once he was able to make sense of the situation, he let go of the mage's arm, not bothering to apologize. Colbert, looked at the familiar, rubbing his arm, he wasn't sure how anyone's life would turn out, if they got involved with Saito, but Colbert was about to take that risk.

"If you touch me by surprise like that, you may end up with a broken arm." His gaze was cold, but compared to his previous expressions, it was slightly softer.

Colbert began to laugh awkwardly as he stared at the boy in front of him, "S- so I see..."

"So what is it that you forced me to talk about?" His voice could have hinted sarcasm, but his expression held no signs of it.

Colbert turned away from the familiar, and proceeded to walk to his desk. Once he had reached it he looked over to Saito and began to speak, "I believe your name was... Saito..." Saito nodded his head to confirm, "Well then Saito, I'm sure that you're curious as to my recent actions." He received another nod, but not much else, "Err, well, I can assure you, I was not endangering my sexuality. I was simply trying to retrieve my wand."

"That's what you sent me to do, you indecisive asshole." Colbert slightly flinched, now aware that this may end up taking longer then he previously thought, but he's a man of nobility, so of course he wouldn't let anything discourage him.

"Yes I am aware of that fact. However it seems you hadn't taken notice to its glowing." He had now, at least, caught his attention, but probably not for very long. "I see that has caught your attention, but time to get down to business. The wand wasn't the only thing that I took notice of, I also saw that your rune was also glowing in response."

"Okay... so? It's a magic fucking school, things beginning to glow should be relatively normal." Although he didn't see much of a problem, he couldn't deny the fact that it seemed strange. If it was actually glowing, then it could be connected to whatever happened to him during his fight with Guiche. "Actually... scratch that, I think I can imagine the problem at hand... but you didn't need me in here to discover all of that, so why am I here?"

Colbert smiled, knowing that he now understood the situation, although mentally sighed at his next thought. "...Okay now Saito, follow me to my desk." He ha already started walking towards it, Saito following shortly after. As they reached it, Colbert sat down in his chair, which was slightly crooked from when he shot out of it, and stretched out his hand. Saito gave a confused look, which was shortly answered, "...Give me your hand." He spoke hesitantly, but to his surprise Saito hadn't hesitated, because thankfully, the boy knew it was for his studies.

Saito placed his hand into the professor's and was being studied shortly after. Colbert's eyes were focused on the runes, not seeming to have much care for anything else. To Saito it seemed like he had completely lost touch with reality, getting lost in his studies. He was about to get the mage's attention but was interrupted by his spinning body. Colbert had twisted around so that he was facing his desk, still grasping Saito's hand, and used his other hand to grab a book the was on the top of a pile, which was precariously set near the edge. Saito had to take a step forward to keep from falling down.

"Oi, cool it there. Did you find something yet?" Saito did receive any sign of acknowledgement, and that wasn't something he could accept, at least since he was currently being examined. He brought his hand in the air, and swung it forward, hitting Colbert on top of his head. Needless to say, he got acknowledged. Colbert swung his head towards the boy, a look of confusion on his face, and a look of impatience on Saito's. "I asked if you found anything out yet. So answer me."

"Possibly..." Before he was able to continue Saito had hit him again.

"It's a yes or no, don't get fucking vague with me... unless you want to get hit again." By this point, Colbert had gotten used to the familiar's blunt remarks, and decided to let it be for now.

He gave a slight sigh as he looked at Saito to answer, "Then yes, I have..." He once again got interrupted with a smack, he gave a groan of pain and his eyes darted towards Saito once again, half in confusion half in frustration.

"Don't say possibly when it was yes, it would have been better if you just said no." His face held a stern look and he let out an agitated sigh, one of which Colbert could have easily returned.

"Fine, can I continue now, or are you going to hit me again?" Saito gave a look that was saying 'both' but nodded anyway. "Alright then, well as I was saying before... if I'm not mistaken, the rune on your hand is the legendary Gandalfr..." Colbert had a look of fascination, but Saito decided to interrupt that with a question.

"And just what the fuck is a Gandalfr?" He began going over some suggestions in his mind, but one lingered around longer then others, ...Gandalfr... It sounds like a term for throwing up... ... ... I hope to God that, that's not what it means...

"...That's right, you're not from around here, are you? ...Well to put it simply, it mean 'God's Right Hand' and it gives whomever possesses it the ability to wield any weapon." He thought about this for a moment, I think it's reasonable to say that we're screwed if he learns how to control that power...

It was now Saito's turn to stand in thought... God's Right Hand? Well that's the most over-exaggerated bullshit of a name I've ever heard in my life. Come on now, all it did was give me strength. ...Actually I gave up trying to understand this world a while ago... He shook his slightly, leaving his train of though and looked towards Colbert, "Okay, so I have the right hand of God... what now?" Colbert seemed dumbfounded, he probably expected surprise, or some sort of emotion... but no he got a nonchalant 'Okay...'

He left his mouth gaped open slightly, but quickly came back to reality and spoke, "Well..." Actually Saito had a point, they found out that he had the Gandalfr, but what were they expecting to be done with it? He was just a familiar, so regardless of having the legendary rune, no nobles would accept help from him, and he wasn't a cliche' superhero that decided to fight for justice. He could only use it however he chose to, and for those that knew him, this could be bittersweet...

Saito had a look of impatience on his face, and not wanting to wait any longer, he spoke again, " ... 'Well...' What? If there's nothing to do now that we've found out, then I think it would be best for me to leave now." Not knowing what else to do Colbert could only nod. With that, Saito turned around and began walking towards the door. Although before he reached it, he stopped and turned his head towards Colbert, "If you think of anything you need to research about this... Gandalfr... come find me." He then faced forward again and opened the door, Colbert had a small smile on his face that lasted until Saito spoke again, "Also if you don't fix my fucking laptop, your dead." And with that Saito left the room, closing the door behind him and leaving a feeling of fear inside of the mage.

~Okay, well enough of that...

~Following Saito, trying to find Louise...

Saito sighed, after dealing with all of that, he can only wonder what he should do next. Although at the moment, the only the thing that made sense was to head back to Louise's room. The thought of having 'God's Right Hand' could normally drive other men insane with power, however with Saito, he's seen enough crazy shit to just not care. There's bound to be someone that could beat it... like maybe God's Left Hand. He now had the palm of his hand rested on his face, whilst sighing. He was continuing to walk, until he was suddenly brought to a stop. He had walked into something, it was soft, yet firm, so he could easily tell that it was human. Thankfully it didn't seem like anyone he knew, so he figured it safe enough to actually open his eyes.

He looked around but hadn't seen anyone, but a thought came quickly to his mind, and he looked down. He was right to think that the person had fallen over, and he was wrong to think that it was someone that he didn't know. He looked down and saw a girl with a blue hair and glasses. Aside from her looking up at Saito, she hadn't seemed to have taken notice in being knocked over. No emotion was portrayed on her face, nor did her aura signal anything negative... or positive for that matter. He didn't spend long trying to realize who it was, he didn't know her name so not much luck would come from that anyway.

He did a surprisingly gentleman like gesture and reached out his hand, signaling for her to grab it. She accepted the gesture, and took hold of his hand, and as soon as he felt her make contact he retracted his hand, putting little force into bringing her back up. Unsurprisingly she wasn't heavy, in fact he had to tighten his grip to make sure that she wouldn't fall over face first. After making sure that she was steady on her feet he let go of her hand and bent down to grab her staff and book.

He stood back to full height and turned around to hand her, her belongings, as he reached his hands out he began to speak, "Here... I apologize for not looking ahead of myself." He wasn't much for apologizing to others, and if this had happened to Louise or Guiche or some other annoying person, he would have left them be, Tabitha however had done nothing wrong yet. In response to his apology he had only received a simple nod before she turned around to leave. He would have let her go, but he felt like he might need to know her name, so he spoke up before she managed to leave, "Hey, blue-hair, mind telling me what your name is?" If she doesn't say anything, I'll just stick with calling her blue-hair...

She heard his question, and halted, she didn't turn around, but she did answer, albeit in a very quiet tone, "Tabitha." She spoke that one word in a very monotonous voice, and began walking again.

...No last name..? Oh well, I suppose it doesn't matter. Not like I'll be seeing her all that much anyway... so long as she doesn't end up like the blonde douche, red-haired slut, or my bossy yet interesting bitch of a 'master.' Needless to say, Tabitha was his favorite so far, and something told him that, that may not change anytime soon.

He saw no point in watching her leave, so he turned around and continued to where he was head, Louise's room. He wasn't sure if that's where she would be, but that's one of the only places he could go to without getting lost. He was more than halfway there, but to him it still seemed like a mile away. Especially since it was such an uneventful walk, normally a bunch of crazy bullshit starts happening when he leaves her room, or even if he's in it. He sighed and shook his, not wanting to go into a deep thought again. But whilst in the middle of shaking his head, he managed to walk into something again, this time he knew exactly what it was, and as lame as it may be to walk into it, he still ended up doing it. He walked into... a door, a simple fucking door, the door to the 'dorm' rooms actually. He wasn't really sure if they could be called dorms but for now, that's sure as hell what they are going to be known as.

He got back up, rubbing his forehead from when he hit the door and proceeded to enter the building. He began walking up the stares, partially not wanting to bump into anyone, and partially wanting something to happen. He had grown to accustomed to interesting things happening. It could be called a good thing, or a bad thing, so it was bittersweet, but regardless of what it is, if it happened to him in this world, it was all because of Louise... someone who he feels as though he needs to thank. And as strange as it may sound, coming from him at least, that's exactly what he plans to do. He had finally reached the door, and he was nearly gasping for excitement, almost as if he would die if something interesting didn't happen soon. He lifted his hand up, and knocked on the door... h heard no response, so he knocked again... still no answer, he was about to knock for the third time, but a thought came to his head, Wait a God damn minute, I live here to, why the hell am I knocking? And with that, he opened the door and walked inside the room, only to be greeted by the sight of a sleeping Louise. He stared for a moment, and noticed exactly where it was that she was sleeping... it happened to be his little hay pile.

For most adolescent boys, about a hundred different thoughts could have came from this, however for a boy who is oblivious to feelings such as lust such as Saito, he could only draw one conclusion, ...She must have fallen out of her bed. Whether or not this is true, will remain unknown, but he sure as hell didn't plan on asking. He sighed, knowing that he was going to have to move her back to her own bed, before he got accused of something that he couldn't be bothered with clearing up. He walked over to her as silently as he could, and made it to her without any cliche' floor creaking. He then bent down a picked her up, as he formerly had, one hand under her legs, and the other on her upper back. If she were to wake up, and see the position he had her in, she would more than like flip the fuck out. But of course, just as that comes to mind, he takes one step closer to the bed, and a creaking noise comes from below him. The noise on top of the fact that his hands were on her, ended with her waking up.

At first her eyes were only half open, slowly blinking, trying to get the 'morning feeling' out of her system, regardless of it being noon. She blinked a few more times, and instead of setting her down whilst she was doing that, Saito continued to watch her, somewhat curious of what her reaction would be. ...A few more blinks... vision was now coming to her eyes... it was filled with black hair, and a stoic face. She could partially tell what it was... but she could also tell that she didn't care, she just wanted to go back to sleep. And that's exactly what would have happened, had Saito not stopped her. Her head was considerably close to his, and he could tell the she was about to go to sleep, but that wasn't what was going to happen... no... instead of letting her sleep, and possibly avoiding some sort of misunderstanding, the familiar decided that it would be best to headbutt her.

So he did exactly that, he leaned his head back as far as he could, and sung it forward, hitting Louise's head in response. The impact was quite brutal, or at least for Louise it was, and after feeling it she had no choice but to wake up. Her eyes were now opened, albeit squinted from the pain. Her hands had gone straight to her forehead, trying to lessen the pain, she still hadn't acknowledged Saito, or the fact that she was still being carried, but for Saito it didn't matter much, he was satisfied that she was now awake. A few moments had passed, mostly consisting of her whining, and rubbing the spot where she had been hit. After she was done with the repeated process she looked up, her eyes opened, and the sight in front of her was one that she should have expected.

She was going to yell at him, possibly whip him as she normally did, but she remembered the conclusion she had made when she was in Colbert's room. She was still going to try and help him... or at least make him chill the fuck out when he hits her. If worst comes to worst, they could at least work out some sort of compromise. But something told her that it would be hard to negotiate with him... the same thought would have been going through his mind if it was his idea though.

It had been a few minutes of staring, and Saito was confused, normally she would have freaked out, and possibly hit him... but something was different this time. Her eyes held no malice towards him, he took notice that they held no other emotion either... either she was once again in deep thought, or she was becoming like him... he genuinely hoped that, that wasn't the case. ...A few more moments of staring... and she finally looked down... and noticed that she was once again being carried in a princess fashion.

At that point, she lost all traces of kindness she had in her thoughts, and anger and embarrassment flared up. She had looked back up at Saito, who was simply looking down at her, an aura of satisfaction surrounding him. She instantly began flailing her arms around, desperately trying to hit him, but in her position, she failed miserably, only landing light taps on his body. Regardless of who he was, he should have at least been able to laugh at her struggles, although chances of that were slim.

He was about to speak to her, unsure of what to say, but simply by moving his mouth to speak, he had allowed her one good strike on his jaw. He was once again dumbfounded by her physical strength, because frankly, if he were a more normal person, that hit would have had a good chance of knocking someone out.

Note to self, if I get any weaker, try not to piss her off. That's something he may need to remember for the future, he may die otherwise... actually he may ie regardless if he has to fight her kind in general.

Louise had stopped swinging her limbs after she hit him, normally she would have been scared because he would have already threatened her by now. But instead she had a satisfied smirk on her face, and he had a stoic look on his. He couldn't exactly get angry at this, he knew what was going to happen, but decided to provoke her anyway. He could only sigh as he placed her on top of her bed. He was expecting some questions, and that's exactly what he got...

(Oh God... will this end up as another interrogation segment...?)

She looked at his standing figure from her now sitting position. Their eyes were locked, her face still held a smirk, but quickly changed to a frown as she began to question the familiar, "Why were you holding me again, what were you planning to do?" Saito could only sigh as he expected this to be her first question.

"I as moving you to your bed, because for some reason you were in mine... mind explaining why that was?" Hr face was housing embarrassment once again as a blush moved across her face, from the looks of it, this was news to her as well.

"W-w-what are you talking about stupid dog!? Of course I must have fallen out my own bed!" By this point, she seemed to have forgotten about helping him, or whatever the hell she was actually planning to do.

He stared at her for a few minutes, and began speaking, "That's what I thought, so alright." She was somewhat surprised that he had dropped it so quickly, but took it as her own victory, and decided to let some noble pride slip out.

"Hmph! Of course that was all, how dare you try and blame your mistress of doing something as pathetic as sleeping in her familiar's bed! One would think that you would understand things after being here for a week!" Her face was in the air, in a snooty fashion and it was easy for Saito to tell that she was already over-thinking things, and was starting to revert back to her normal self. And frankly, that was preferable for him, its much easier to handle a rowdy person than a kind one... wherever the logic in that may be is a mystery.

"...No, I wasn't trying to bla- Did you just say a week?" Had he really spent a week here? No, that can't be right... that means that it's only two days... His thoughts were interrupted by Louise's voice as she began to speak.

"Yes... a week, are you really that stupid?" he could have said something insulting to her about that, but he could only make thoughts about the day to come.

...It's a world with magic and two fucking moons, any god damn thing is possible you stupid mage! But none of that... if it's been a week, that means that it's two more days until Christmas... Why this was important to him is unknown, even to himself, but regardless something was going to have to be done.

(Especially for the progression of this god damn chapter...)

Louise was somewhat curious of his silence and was about to ask about it, but instead of asking the question he had answered it.

"That means Christmas is only two days away..." Once again he had something that was unknown to her. And little did she know, that word was going to be a big deal, at the very least for Saito it was.

"Ku-rees-must? What's that supposed to be?" She only received a sigh as Saito realized that he would now have to explain something again.

He began to contemplate on how he was supposed to answer, and decided that it would be best to answer as simply as possible, "...Of course you don't know what is... No matter, just leave the explanation to me." A more jolly tone could have been useful in the explanation, but he stuck with his normal voice, "On the twenty-fifth of December, or whatever the months are called in this world, you are supposed to celebrate. In those celebrations you should spend time with the people you care about, or in my case the people you can tolerate. Having a type of banquet is normally available, ad at some point in that day you give the people the that you are celebrating the day with a present." His explanation actually ended up long-winded, but so long as she understood it didn't really matter, the only issue was if she actually understood... and from the look in her eyes, she seemed to have understood quite well.

Her eyes were basically shining, a look a fascination was plastered on her face as she soaked in the meaning of the word. After seeing her face, Saito was already becoming worried about how this would turn out, it only had two ways it could turn out, either with something blowing up, and him being the one blown up, or with her doing something stupid and him hitting her. In his mind the idea of something good happening, simply wasn't possible. Well that's how his mind was processing it, her mind was processing it in a completely different way.

Just for formalities sake he decided to ask regardless of if he knew the answer, "So do you understand it no- Let's have one of those!" He was quickly interrupted, yet his unspoken question was also answered. He should have expected this, her face was practically oozing out that exact statement.

"...Okay... although if you want to have one, we only have two days to get it done, you think you can handle it?" He received an eager nod, and he sighed, This is going to be a long two God damn days. He has mixed feelings about it, but at least he would be able to celebrate this year.

A large smile was plastered on her face as different thoughts were going through her head, This can be my chance, I may be able to help him through this! It's going to be so much fun! ...But do I really have to get him a gift..? I spent most of my money on those herbs... and if we have to have more people as well... Her motivation was quickly fading, as she realized how much work this would be. First she would have to invite some others for the celebration.

(Also I realize that it may be strange for nobles to be having a celebration in a small group... and one of those people being a familiar, but for the sake of progression... FUCK LOGIC!)

In general she wasn't on the best terms with the other people in her class, so she may leave invitations to Saito, who happens to be on even worse terms. She had a feeling that it may just be the two of them at the 'party.' Although, she still knew this would work out in the end. As for Saito he already had a bad feeling about what the girl in front of him was planning. I better get ready to fight some pricks... Completely different thoughts were swimming through the both of their heads, but both relating to their 'work in progress' of a party. The only thought that they both had was that the food would be retrieved from the cafeteria, and that Saito would be the one to do that as well. Basically, Saito was going to have to do everything.

"Okay, dog I have it planned out!" Saito could already tell where this was headed, and he didn't like it.

He stared at her, she was still sitting on her bed, but looked as though she was going bounce up at any second, and because of that he took the liberty of taking a step back. Louise hadn't noticed his backwards step, but she could tell that he had reluctance in his eye and frowned at it, whilst she waited for him to respond.

He did this quickly, but his words weren't very enthusiastic, which was somewhat odd to her since he was the one that seemed so worried about it in the first place.

"...Yeah... and what plan might you have? ...And don't call me dog." She responded with a look of impatience, probably towards his last few words, but decided to not pay mind to it at the moment.

A smirk returned to her face and she stood up, as she was at full height, but still a decent bit shorter than Saito, she walked closer to him and began poking his chest. Her smile didn't let up, but she did begin to speak, "You, my otherworldly familiar, are going to go invite other people and you are also going to retrieve the food from the cafeteria." This is exactly what he thought would happen, so he didn't bother getting annoyed, he only sighed and waved her off.

"Fine, fine, but just what the hell are you going to do?" He may not have been aware that he was basically doing her chores, but if he was he didn't care.

She smiled, as she headed towards the door, "I'm headed to town to get presents for everyone you invite." She stopped for a moment as she continued to speak, "By the way who are you going to get to come?" She still hadn't turned around, but was still expecting an answer.

He could only stand and think for a moment, aside from Louise he only know around four people, two of which he didn't like. He thought about the other two for a moment, Well one of them seems to be scared of me, and the other seems too serious to actually come. This is going to be a very lonely party...

He figured he would would get kicked in the balls again if he said no one, so he decided to go with the only people he knew, "I could only invite the people I know, so probably the blonde douchey prick, the red-haired slut, and timid maid, and Tabitha." Tabitha was the only one he couldn't really insult, and therefore was the only one he actually named. Louise picked up on it, but decided to leave it for later, as she did many other things when it came to Saito.

She nodded her head, still not turning around, and began to walk out the door, until she was stopped by Saito, "Hey, do you even have enough money? I hear that you spent most of it on buying some herbs to fix me up... it tasted like shit by the way." She had twirled around, and a stern, yet embarrassed look was on her face.

She obviously didn't want him to know what she had done, be it because of pride or the fact that he may misunderstand, the reason was unknown and she wasn't going to say it either, but she was certainly going to say something, however it wouldn't be very insightful...

"Shut up you stupid dog!" She didn't bother asking who told him, or how he found out, she just wanted to leave the room as soon as she could. And so she was about to, as she turned around again, and opened the door. It would have been a bad way to leave things, but Saito had his own way of fixing it.

Just as she was about to leave the room he muttered something, she never would have expected him to say. Just the sound of him saying it made her feel better, it even turned her upset frown into a small smile. Neither of them could have known that a simple 'thanks' could have done that much, probably because neither of them had ever planned on saying it before now.

~With Saito and his invitations and food gathering...

he watched as she left the room, a much calmer aura surrounding her. He wasn't sure why he decided to say it at that moment, however he knew that he needed to say it at some point, so it was probably best that he said it then. He sighed, unsure of what his plan of action should be, he was basically forced into two options, inviting people, or getting food prepared... the big day wasn't for two more days so it should be reasonable to wait until tomorrow for the food. The young familiar walked out the open door, and closed it as he left the room, unlike Louise, who had left it open.

The trip downstairs would have remained uneventful, but Saito had bumped into someone yet again, it's a hobby today it seems. Although since he was going downstairs, the person he had bumped into was going up... that person happened to start sliding down the stairs, a grunts of pain after each step. Saito's had enough of this crap, he ran down the stairs, trying to at least see who it was that he bumped into. After he had caught up with the still sliding figure, he noticed somewhat short blonde hair, and he knew exactly who it was. But knowing who it was meant that there was no chance in him helping out. He just continued to walk down the stairs casually, watching as the boy slid down the spiral staircase.

After about a minute they had finally reached the bottom, and the lying down figure had surprisingly shot up, standing at full height. ...Normally people would be knocked out... or dead after that, guess mages have stronger bodies... or maybe he just has endurance built up from all the times he had gotten beat up by girls.

The figure in front did not look happy, but they didn't look angry either, just annoyed. He was glaring at Saito who simply stared back at him, but before Guiche got to spaz out, Saito interrupted him.

"Hey, Louise is holding a Christmas party in two days... attend it." Guiche's expression switched from irritated to confused, be it because he didn't know what Christmas was, or the fact that Saito was inviting him to a party didn't matter, but he did ask questions.

"What the hell is that? Actually why are you the one inviting me?" He was very suspicious, yet somewhat eager to hear about it, but not like he can express it, he's a noble prick after all.

"I'm not fucking explaining it again, and I'm inviting people because Louise is in town... just come and bring presents for the people attending. And before you decide to bitch about it, no you don't have to get me anything. ...And yes you get gifts too." If he wasn't going to go before, he sure as hell was now, but he still felt like he needed to be convinced further.

"Hmph, what gives a peasant like you the right to invite me, I'm afraid further convincing is required." And if Saito wasn't going to punch him before, he sure as hell was now... however somehow the thought of losing a member of the party, didn't seem too thrilling, so he decided to put up with him. But regardless of a good offer or not, Guiche was already planning to go.

Saito sighed before giving out his final offer, if Guiche continued to act like a dick after this, he's going to have a lot more than a scratched face, "Okay then, think of it this way... this party could help you make things smooth between you and that girl you were with before. You screwed up pretty bad, so inviting her to this party and getting her a gift may work wonders for you." Guiche's eyes were now sparkling at the thought of being together with Montmorency again, Saito's actual thoughts consisted of beating the crap out of him until he submitted, but a civil way works too.

Guiche no longer had anything to say, and just eagerly nodded his head. Saito nodded, acknowledging his acceptance, and walked away, leaving the mage at the bottom of the stairs, with his thoughts of love, and probably cheating, swimming around in his head. If nothing else, this should at least put the two of them on 'average' terms. Or at least bring them to the point where they don't kill each other every second they get.

He was now outside, thinking about who he should try and find next, Siesta could probably found in the kitchen, an Tabitha he figured her to be in the library. Considering he didn't know where either of those two place were, he decided that finding Kirche would be the easiest to locate, after all she normally just appeared behind him at random times. After that thought passed, he turned around just to make sure, but of course he didn't see anyone. However when he turned back around, he once again found himself in a familiar situation, pressed against the chest of the very girl he had been looking for. Whether this was a good or bad thing he didn't know, but it was more than likely a bad thing. It always was when it came to Kirche. He began to back up, away from the girl, only to stumble over backwards by a conveniently placed salamander.

What a conspiracy... I don't think I want to invite this girl after all... but I already told Louise I would... damn it! He began to stand up, watching where he moved his feet, he didn't want to end up on the ground again. Wouldn't be much fun if you were defenseless on the ground with a crazy lust-filled person like Kirche standing above you. Thankfully he was able to stand up without any problems, but another problem lied within inviting her. Just how was he going to that that, the answer is... not very subtly.

He brushed himself off and looked at the fire mage, she had a seductive look in her eye. She still had the idea that she could seduce the boy, if only she could just figure out that he wasn't interested. Their gaze on each other kept up until Saito broke the silence, "Try to come to Louise's party in two days... and bring presents for the people there." He was about to walk away after that, but was stopped from her hand on his shoulder. Obviously she wanted to know more, but Saito just wanted to leave. But at least after Kirche was invited, the other two would be easier to talk to.

She had slightly turned Saito, her right hand still on his shoulder, and her left one trying, but failing at grabbing his hand... subtlety was definitely not in her area of expertise. She decided to still go on with her statement, regardless of not setting the 'mood', "That girl is holding a party..? So, is she making you do all of the hard work? That just won't do, how about instead you come to my room in two days, and we can have some... 'fun." Subtlety certainly was not her strong point, bold and blunt would be the best words to describe her. But unluckily for her, Saito was very dense when it came to this type of conversation.

"...No, I'm already in the middle of planning with Louise. ... Later." He had now escaped her grasp, and was walking away, as fast as he could without running. It was disappointing for Kirche, but she still couldn't resist licking her lips. 'The Fever' known as Kirche obviously enjoyed a challenge, but decided to let him retreat for today, she always had the party to get him.

A sigh escaped his mouth as he had finally gotten away from Kirche, and was ready to get this whole thing over with. Why the hell did I bring up Christmas to Louise? Anything that leaves my mouth and enters her ears is bound to cause trouble. He was getting ready to find the next person on the list, the idea of her being in the kitchen was likely, but he didn't know where the hell that was. His best guess was around the Cafeteria, but the problem there lies with the fact that he got lost when he was walking away from Kirche...

He could have spent hours trying to find his way to the kitchen, and he would have, had he not seen a familiar face walking by. And luckily it was someone that he needed to find anyway. He walked up to the slow-paced girl, and was only able to catch her attention when he stood in front of her. The blue-haired girl looked up at him, a continuous stoic expression remaining on her face. They continued to stare for a moment, before Saito realized that he needed to speak first.

"Louise is having a party in two days in her room. If you can you're welcomed to come. Presents for the others aren't necessary but are certainly welcome." So far he has been the most formal with Tabitha, though of course it was because she was the least annoying person that he knew.

Her answer was simple as he only received a nod, but he didn't know whether that meant that she would go, or that she acknowledged him. But it didn't really matter, he got the invitation to her, so regardless of if she came or not he wouldn't be blamed. He only had one more thing to say to her, or more precisely, to ask her.

She had already started to walk, and she didn't halt when he asked his question, "Tabitha, do you know where the kitchen is? I'm pretty much lost."

She hadn't stopped walking, but she did answer, however he needed to strain his ears to hear it, "Outside, the large building." He had heard her, somewhat clearly, and was dumbfounded that he couldn't simply remember that, it wouldn't have been that hard. If nothing else he could have just tried to sniff out the food. He sighed as he began walking the opposite way he had previously been doing. So far, the invitations alone had taken a lot of trouble, but he still needed to get the food ordered as well. Finding Siesta in the kitchen was only on a whim, so he could only hope to fin her in there, but if she wasn't at least he could try and get some food prepared. Just the thought of a cooking staff actually making food for a small group of six seemed unrealistic, however he needed to at least ask them.

The way outside was uneventful, and it stayed uneventful, as was the way to the cafeteria. But when he was inside, he was surprised that it was completely empty. There wasn't a single person in sight, and the only sound was coming through a door at the far end of the room. Saito could only imagine that it was the door leading to the kitchen, so he walked over to it and opened the door, only having a whim to base his suspicion on, he wasn't actually sure what would be behind the door.

However he was quite satisfied that his thoughts proved to be right, he had turned up inside of the kitchen. There were ovens, piles of food, and multiple workers. It's just like he would have imagined a kitchen to look like, yet he couldn't help but be dumbfounded by how diligent they were. There wasn't a single person in the mess hall, but they were still steady making mountains of food. How it was stored and kept from spoiling was a mystery, but at the moment Saito wasn't worried about that. He walked up to a man who looked like he would be the head chef.

He was taller than Saito, and his hair was blonde, as was most of the students at the academy. Although he may have been taller, Saito didn't have much problem tapping his shoulder, and catching his attention. The older man turned around, a look of satisfaction on his face, probably from the progress that his cooks were making. He looked down at Saito, and Saito looked up, their eyes had met, and almost instantaneously the man had started laughing, a large smile on his face. The sound of their 'leader' laughing, made all of the other cooks stop and turn to the familiar. After Saito's appearance had caught the eye of the others there, a smile appeared on each of their faces.

The young familiar couldn't help but be a little creeped out. He didn't know any of these people, nor did he know how they knew him. It was all a bit strange to Saito, and he couldn't just let it slide by without getting something cleared up. But before he was able to get anything out of his mouth, the chef in front of him spoke.

"Well, if it isn't 'Our Sword!' What are you doing here?" The man had a loud voice, it kind of irritated Saito. But he could't help but wonder just what the hell the old man was going on about with the 'My Sword' thing. Saito had received a lot of nicknames since he got here, but that was the first he had heard of this one.

He had a confused look in his eye, and was ready to question the cook," We can get to that later, but what the hell do you mean 'My sword?' I can't tell if it's a compliment or an insult..." The head chef couldn't help but laugh at Saito's comment, of course he expected him to be confused, it was Saito's first time meeting them, but they had sure heard a lot about him. Enough to give him proper respect at least.

The smile had refused to leave the man's face, and he began to speak, his voice still as loud as it was previously, "That's just what us chefs started calling calling you after you beat up that blonde asshole. I mean you, a plebeian, beating a noble aristocrat in a duel! It's unheard of!" Saito was about to punch him since he was too loud, but refrained since he was being praised.

He could only nod, not knowing what else he should do. but then he spoke, trying to make them come to an understanding, "Thanks for the name and respect and all, but I didn't do it for you guys, I only beat him up because he was an annoying prick." There was a moment of silence, but it was quickly broken by the sound of the man's roaring laughter.

"Hahaha! The point is that you brought a new name for plebeians, not that you're doing it for us! But tell you what, let us know if you need anything. We will try our best to make it happen!" Saito pondered the thought for a second, and decided to bring up the reason he was here.

"Actually there are two things you can do for me. Could you make some food, enough for seven people by the time span of two days? Me and my...friend are planning on holding a party." It felt unnatural to call Louise a 'friend' but it wasn't like he could call her anything else.

Saito half expected a no, but instead received yet another laugh from the chef, "Of course we can do that! In case you haven't been able to tell, we make food quite frequently around here!" Saito then took notice of exactly how much food there was around the kitchen, the chef most certainly had a point, so Saito nodded to him and the Chef began again, "So, what was the other thing you needed?" Saito thought for a moment, almost forgetting what it was, but he was quick to remember, and spoke his request.

"Actually, is there a girl named... actually I forget what her name is, but she has short black hair, and was wearing a maid uniform." The chef instantly knew who he was talking about, and was more than happy to share what he knew.

"Ah, you must mean Siesta! Such a sweet girl, but unfortunately she isn't here at the moment." Saito slightly frowned more than normally did, he may have wasted time coming here to invite her, but at least he was able to get some food ready.

He was about to leave but an idea came to his head,"Alright well if she isn't here, can you pass a message to her for me?" The man nodded and Saito went on with his message, "Okay, then when you see her please tell her that a party will be held at Louise's room in two days, and to come if possible. Also to bring a present for the other attendees if possible." He had said this same thing four times now, it was growing tiresome, but it was the only way he could get the invitations through." He got an eager nod of confirmation from the chef, so he bid them goodbye and began to head back into Louise's room. He wasn't sure how this party would turn out, but at least his job was done. Now all he had to do was wait for Louise, I wonder how she's doing...

~How about we find out? On with Louise!

Louise had made it to town, it was quite large, but not large enough to easily get lost in. She had a job to do, and frankly she wasn't sure how hard or easy it would be. She had to get presents for five other people, but she had the feeling that she made need to get another one for a female... She had put most of the work on Saito, so her job should be simple. But with the people that Saito had planned on inviting, it may prove to be difficult, especially with the fact that most of them teased. The only ones that proved to be an exception were Tabitha and Siesta, but Siesta had to treat her properly, after all, she was only a plebeian. If only that damned dog, could learn how to be like that... She sighed, Maybe if I do get him a present, he will be more obedient towards me... but it would have to be a good one. At this point whatever logic Louise had to begin with had basically been lost. Even though she knew what he was like, she somehow expected a present to make behave like an actual dog.

Regardless, with on her mind, the first present she went to purchase was his. She didn't know where to start looking, but then again she also didn't see much reason that she needed to get him anything. Hmph, he should be grateful for the sole fact of me allowing him to be my familiar! This is degrading... so long as no one knows who I'm purchasing for it should be fine... She hadn't seemed to realize that he never said that she had to get him anything, or the fact that if she did the others attending the party would see her give him the present, so either she would need an excuse or she would need to wait until they left before giving him anything.

She was still walking around town, unsure of what to get, as it was said before, she didn't have much money. She had spent most all of it on medicine for Saito. She was walking around for about another five minutes and was about to give up. That was when she came across a shop in an alley at the back of the town. it appeared as though it sold weapons, and that's when it came to her that the only weapon he carried was his knife, he didn't have anything else. And with his reputation with his fight with Guiche, he may need something larger to fend off any other challengers. Although the thought of him having something even bigger to threaten her with didn't sound too appealing.

She shook that thought out and walked into the shop, after all Saito wouldn't threaten her with something she got her... actually she wasn't sure what the hell he would do with it...

Inside the shop, multiple weapons and armors were hanging on the walls, and on racks. Some looked deadly and others looked majestic. They all looked so wonderful... and too expensive. But regardless of that she walked over to the counter, where a man with a long nose was standing.

(HOLY SHIT! Squidward is that you!?)

He seemed middle aged, and looked like he would have a somewhat squeaky voice. But simply based off appearance, it would be difficult to tell. Louise was about to request for a sword, but the seller spoke ahead of her.

"How may I help you young girl? Is there something I can help you with?" Louise was correct in thinking that he had a squeaky voice, it was somewhat annoying but it was tolerable.

She looked up at the man behind the counter, and spoke whilst looking at his inventory, "Yes, I'm looking for a sword, I'm getting it as a gift for someone." The man suddenly had a gleam in his eye, he obviously expected big money for a gift, after all it was only natural that you would want to by something nice for someone close to you. Little did he know, that it was for a plebeian familiar who wouldn't have much spent on him.

"What kind of sword can I interest you in? Something flashy? Or maybe a classic, or do you want something that could strike fear into others? I have a wide assortment of weapons here so take your pick." His eyes definitely screamed 'money!' But those eyes would soon be filled with dullness considering her lack of money.

The things he had said, sounded interesting, but they definitely sounded like they could end up expensive, so she would have to pass on those, "...Something cheap if possible." The man's smile instantly went to a dull frown, and his gleaming eye had vanished, leaving him with a tired expression. He had been expecting big money, not the word 'cheap' to come out of her mouth. It would be hard to make any money with her, but at least he could make some kind of profit.

"Alright then... how about this?" His formerly peppy voice was now dull, but Louise couldn't be bothered with noticing. He had pulled out a giant sword, that looked to made of pure gold, from under the counter. It was shiny, and sharp, and looked sturdy as well, it would have been perfect, however the price may not have been.

"It looks wonderful... but how much is it?" Her voice obviously held suspicion, and the squidward-faced man could only sigh at it.

"You said you wanted cheap and here's a cheap blade, it's four hundred forty three gold." Louise mouth gaped, slightly, cheap her ass. That was more than all the money she had, and she still had to get presents for the others.

"No! I can't spend that much! What's the cheapest thing you have?" The old man sighed even more, this was not turning out to be a very profitable purchase, but he did know just the thing to get her.

He walked around the counter and behind Louise, and stopped next to a little container, that looked like a tall flower pot. He grabbed one of the items from it, and what he had in his hand was a rusty sword, with different patches of metal covering its grip. It looked shit, but definitely looked cheap. It was what she was looking for, regardless of how it looked. She sighed as she decided to ask for the price, it should be extremely cheap, she was expecting it to be about thirty or fifty gold, however she was sorely mistaken.

"How much is that one?"

"One hundred twenty gold." The price for something that looked so used up, was ridiculous. She only had around three hundred eighty gold, and about a third of that was going towards her familiar. The whole thing seemed like a lost cause, but it was the only thing she could think of that would bring her and Saito to a standing ground.

She sighed, but nodded towards the man, who now had a small smirk on his face. She dug into her small bag and grabbed a little bag of gold, the amount was exactly three hundred eighty, so she took out what was needed for the sword, and reluctantly gave it to the man in font of her. He accepted it with eagerness, and handed her the shitty looking sword. She didn't know if it was worth it, but it better have have.

(Okay I'm going to be straight here... I don't know what to put for the other's presents... so I'm just going to go into her thoughts of buying them a present, and will come up with something later...)

Louise had gone to multiple shops, getting things for the others, she had gone to one shop and got something for Guiche, albeit she wasn't too thrilled about getting him anything. Stupid dog, why is he inviting that guy!? He doesn't like him, and he knows that I don't like him... or at least he should know... So why the hell is he doing it!? Needless to say, she really didn't want the blonde haired douche bag to come. The only way it would turn out would be with him teasing her, and in the process, something blowing up. The little party wouldn't be very enjoyable because of him alone, although there was one other person that she got disliked even more. And that's the person she had to get a present for next.

That exact person was the one Louise least wanted to give a present to. She saw no merit in it, if nothing else, she liked the blonde douche, also known as Guiche by a small population, more than Kirche. And speaking for a lot of people, that was saying a lot. Sheesh, why did Saito invite a slut like her? I bet he just wanted to stare at her ... ... He always confused her, in her eyes he constantly stares and gropes Kirche's chest, even though he said what he did when he was 'comforting' her. However in reality, he's always getting pissed off by the girl's random appearances. ...Hmph, it's not like I care what he does, but if he does anything it will reflect back on me! The whole thing is actually a paradox, regardless of if he does something or she does something, someone's going to get pissed and then it will all fall on Louise anyway. For her there, was no way to win. She was about to head into a store that sold skimpy clothing, not like it didn't suit the fiery mage, but Louise ended up thinking of something else she could do. After deciding on what to do for Kirche's present, she began walking to the next store, thinking about possible situations at the party, If either of them try anything on each other, I'll give em both hell! This pink headed mage, was now only pissing herself off with strange thoughts. It's quite possible that she had already forgotten her original goal of this party... a noble's pride is a frightening thing.

The next stop was a shop where she would get the 'timid maid's' gift. The only maid Louise could think of that Saito knew was Siesta, but in all honesty, Louise saw no point in getting the plebeian servant anything. Although for the sake of the 'Christmas spirit' she decided it may be best to get something. But of course it wasn't going to be anything extravagant, more than likely something cheap from the market, such as a kitchen utensil. She didn't know what plebeians liked, and frankly she didn't care either. She just needed to get something so she wouldn't have deal with an irritated Saito. He was rather fond of the entire Christmas thing, so it wouldn't be to surprising if he got mad because she didn't get someone a gift... but she still wasn't all to enthusiastic about getting Kirche anything...

There were only two things left, one for Tabitha, an one for the person she had a feeling would come. Regardless of basing it off of a whim. She decided to go for Tabitha's present first, since the other person may or may not even be there. She didn't know much about Tabitha, only that she read books, and that her familiar was a dragon. And with the gift being based off of those two things, getting a book seemed to be the most reasonable thing. She would just have to risk Tabitha already owning the book. ...Tabitha... Every time she thought of her name, she remembered how she was the only one that Saito actually spoke of formally. It was very strange to her, then again she knew how quiet the wind user was, it was quite likely that Saito just doesn't see anything annoying about her. Which could have been true since even she didn't hold anything against Tabitha. The blue-haired girl was the only one in her grade that didn't tease her for her lack of magic skills, although that could simply be because there was no merit in doing so. If only my other classmates could be like her, then my school life would be so much easier. She sighed at the thought, it would make things better for her, but she knew it wouldn't be so. It was simply too easy to make fun of her, and even she would admit it, albeit with plenty of reluctance.

There was only one more gift, and it was for the was for the girl from Louise's intuition. She didn't know who it could be, or if she would even be there, but she decided to take the chance. It was a mystery on what to get, so Louise ended up wandering around town until she finally found something that looked decent. It wound up being a well priced necklace, that was within her budget. Which, needless to say, meant that it was very cheap, especially since most of her money ended up being spent on the other items.

Louise sighed as she looked into her money pouch, it was now lacking something... oh right, money. In the end she only had around eighty gold, regardless of the fact that everything she had gotten was on the cheap, save for the sword. Maybe it would have been best if she hadn't gotten so eager about the idea of of Christmas. But the idea of it sounded wonderful, and she could resist it. It made her wonder about what Saito's world was like, were there more celebrations like Christmas, what were the nobles like and she began to wonder what the plebeians were like. However she didn't know his world had given up on that stuff a while back. She would have to ask him more about his world at some point.

She checked over all of the items that she purchased, making sure that she got one for everyone. As she thought about it, a thought came to her mind, Why is he inviting so many girls? She could easily come to multiple conclusions, just not the right one. The thought of why she cared, hadn't crossed her mind either. Probably because she didn't. She didn't know the reasoning behind her question, perhaps it was due to simple jealousy, or perhaps she just doesn't want her familiar to become 'more' perverted than he already is.

(Or perhaps the author is just fucking lazy and wants to speed up the god damn dere'ness.)

She couldn't think of reasoning for her question, but she did know that she was done with what she needed to do, so she began to head back home. She was somewhat eager for the party to start, and couldn't help but wonder if Saito had done what he needed to do...

~Damn, he's been done...

~...They meet up again...

Saito had been lazing around the room for about an hour, it was dark outside and Louise still hadn't made it back. He was hoping that she would be back by the time he was done, but he was not that lucky. He was about to say 'screw it' and go to sleep, but that's the world decided to screw with him again, by having Louise enter at that moment. He looked at her from his upside down position on her bed, she had a confused look on her face from it, but instantly let it drop, as she question him about his job.

"So did, you do what I said?" She had a stern look in her eye as she hid the multitude of presents behind herself, to which Saito didn't take notice.

"Yeah, it all got done, I didn't spend the day screwing around like must have done." His voice was filled with low level of seriousness, and a high level of boredom. But regardless his words, irritated Louise, yet she stayed silent, refusing to let him get to her.

"I did nothing of the sort, I did my errand quite diligently! But at least we are both done, and we don't have to worry about doing anything tomorrow." Saito nodded his in response, but by doing so he got a slight headache, since most of the blood in his body was rushing to his head. He released his hand to hold his head, but was rewarded by him hitting his head on the floor.

The girl in front of him could only laugh as he began to curse at his clumsiness today. Something must have been in that herb crap she gave me, I've never been this off this much before. That's when he finally realized that he was still upside down, his head on the floor, and blood continuously headed there. Okay how many fucking drugs were in that stuff? He got back to his feet, a little dizzy from all of the fluids in his head. His vision was slightly blurred as it all rushed back down to the rest of his body, and he waited for it to clear up. Louise just stayed amused at his troubles, a smile staying on her face until Saito sent a glare her way, silencing all of sound she was making. As he looked away and crouched down near his hay pile, they both sighed, and the same thought came to their head, The next two days are going to be very tiresome...

~Fuck the system, and fuck the next day, I'm headed straight to the party!

Yesterday had been somewhat hectic for the familiar and his mistress, trying to get everything set up in the mage's room was one hell of a task. There were no decorations considering that this world had no knowledge of Christmas, and was just about to have it's first Christmas party, oblivious to everyone aside for eight people, including the chef who Saito had requested food from. Louise had stuffed the presents she bought under the bed, keeping them hid from wandering eyes, including from Saito, who wasn't even aware that he would be receiving anything. It had just become noon, and Saito had forgotten that he hadn't given anyone a specific time to come, he could only hope that they would just wander into the room later on. Louise was rather nervous, unsure how this would turn out, and seeing Saito's calm and stoic face somewhat irked her.

They were both sitting on opposite sides of the room, Louise on her bed, and Saito in one of the chairs by the table, which was covered in food. To be honest it was probably too much for just seven people, and he had a feeling that if she came, Siesta would bring even more. Louise seemed rather eager when she saw one of the dishes. It looked like pie, and Saito was rather sure that he heard the chef call it a crookberry pie, when he went over all of the items, but to be fair Saito wasn't paying him very much attention.

The aura surrounding the room was awkward, they hadn't spoken much to each other since they began waiting, and the most recent question was from Louise when she had asked 'what time did you tell them.' But of course, Saito's only answer to that was that he didn't know, he hadn't given a god damn time, so how the heck would he? Not like she could be blamed for asking, she wasn't aware that he hadn't said anything about that, but the fact kind of annoyed her.

It had now been an hour longer of waiting, the time now being around four thirty. That's when Saito thought of something that might work. For the past few days, life and fate had both been screwing around with the familiar, so he figured that if he did something, the waiting may finally come to an end...

So putting that plan in action, Saito got up from the chair an began walking towards the door, earning a curious look from Louise, "Where are you going?" Her voice was obviously curious, but Saito didn't see any reason to answer, but regardless he felt as though he should.

"I'm going to look for the everyone." He hadn't stopped walking towards the door, his consisted of him leaving the room, and when he left everyone would be there by the time he got back. And when he opened the door it ended in half success and half backfire.

As he opened the door, his vision became filled with tanned skin and a white blouse, as he was once again being smother by The Fever, also known as Kirche. He instantly umped back and took a defensive position and spoke, with an irritated tone, and unknown to him, Louise who was still on the bed, was almost as irritated as him.

"Why the hell are you everywhere I go! I know I invited you, but seriously what the hell!" His face held that of a predator, ready to attack, whereas Kirche's face was at first confused, but then switched to that of a... different type of predator.

"My, my, you simply can't get enough of me." On the contrary, Saito has had plenty, and he doesn't want any more, "Well it's as you said, you invited me here, so here I am. Most of us were lost, but the plebeian maid, informed us that your little 'party' would be here." Saito sighed as he remembered that he hadn't informed them with a location.

That's when he noticed the others behind Kirche, Guiche was talking with Montmorency, who was only half listening, the other half was ignoring his existence. I could have expected that... Surprisingly behind Guiche and his, whatever the relationship may be, stood Tabitha, reading a book as she normally did. Siesta seemed to be the only one that wasn't here, and the only edged on Saito's previous suspicions of even more food. He shook his head slightly at the thought, and stepped out of the door way, letting the others in. They didn't need to look around, since Louise's room was basically the exact the same as theirs, save for her personal furnishings. Everyone took their own spot, Guiche, instantly headed over to the table that Saito was previously sitting at, with Montmorency following behind him. And much to Saito's disapproval Guiche also took the liberty of taking his seat. Kirche had taken a seat on the opposite side of Louise's bed, which was unapproved by Louise, but she stayed silent about it. Tabitha, has stayed standing, too interested in her book to take any other position.

It had only taken another minute before Siesta made her way into the room carrying a tray of food. It looked big enough to hold three turkeys. But Saito wouldn't have known if this world even had turkey... somehow he doubted that it would. Siesta had begun to wobble, almost dropping the tray, but Saito for some reason, decided to act and held her steady before she, or the food fell. After seeing the performance, Guiche mocked a clap, to which Montmorency rewarded him with a slap to the back of the head. Saito was somewhat surprised that she hit him because of that, but gave a nod of approval regardless.

Another two minutes had passed and Guiche had stood up to call Saito over to the corner with him. The familiar was slightly suspicious, but against his better judgement he walked over to him. Saito gave a glance to Montmorency, who had seemed somewhat disappointed, showing that she still wanted to talk to Guiche. But for now he ignored it and looked back to the blonde twat ahead of him. He stopped about two steps away from him and Guiche leaned close to Saito's ear to whisper something.

"Peasant! You never told me that there would be so many girls here! I mean one of the is a plebeian and two of them are... meh, but still what the hell!" His face definitely showed a slight rage, to which Saito sighed at.

He looked back, somewhat thankful that know payed much care towards the two of them, for now they could speak freely without there being trouble. To be honest Saito wasn't a big fan on causing even more trouble between Guiche and his... something, at least for today he wouldn't try and screw them over.

"I'm not obliged to tell you anything, but what does that matter, I thought you wanted to get together with, the blonde girl." Guiche started to tense up, afraid that Saito would use this against him, but eased up when he saw that Saito's face held no ill-will towards him.

"Of course I do, but I feel like I'm being tempted, I'm surrounded by females, it's a mans weakness! You should know what I'm talking about!" He decided not to comment on the 'blonde girl' part, just for the sake of not having an argument.

Saito's only response to Guiche was him shaking his head, "No, I don't know what you're talking about." Guiche was somewhat dumbfounded, they were in a room with five beautiful girls, and he didn't feel a thing. The mage was going to have to investigate this.

"So you don't feel anything? Nothing at all? Are you sure you're male? Cause if you are, you would at least want to kiss one of them, maybe Zero, you seem to be close to her, you're alive after all." Guiche's investigation skills could obviously use some work, all he managed to do was aimlessly interrogate the familiar.

Once again Saito only shook his head, "No, one reason being, Louise would probably blow something up if I did that. And the second one being I simply don't see a point to lust and love, not like it would get me anywhere." Once again Guiche was left dumbfounded, the only thing that he found logical in that sentence was that Louise would blow something up, but that was because she always blew something up.

"W...what the hell, do you have any balls!?" Guiche's hand instantly went over his mouth, his voice risen but surprisingly only caught the attention of Louise, who had suddenly moved closer to listen better.

Saito hadn't payed any notice to Louise moving closer, nor to Guiche's risen voice, and spoke, "Yes I do, they got kicked the other day. But what does that have to do with anything?" Obviously Saito hadn't caught on to what Guiche really meant, which caused Guiche to sigh. He also had to stifle a laugh from the thought of getting kicked in the groin, he'd probably ask about it tomorrow.

"No I mean... Never mind what I meant, but seriously, what is wrong with you, what do you mean you don't see any point? That doesn't make any sense!" He managed to keep his voice to a whisper this time, but it was still speaking somewhat loud.

Saito simply shrugged, he didn't see anything wrong with what he said, and was ready to start questioning Guiche, but for now stuck with answering, "Simple, I don't need either of them to live, and they won't help me advance in life either, so I don't see any point." Just then, for a second, Guiche was able to see what Louise had once seen. An emptiness, as deep as the void, a loneliness that couldn't be avoided, a spirit void of emotions... a shell, born to hate.

He was about to answer Saito, although he was unsure about what he would say, but thankfully he got cut off by Kirche as she began to speak.

"Okay, how about we get to handing out the presents?" No one could tell if she was speaking confidently, or impatiently, but regardless no one had any complaints.

However Saito slightly tensed as a thought came to mind, ...Shit, well hope no one was expecting anything from me... He turned around and walked beside Louise, who had gone back to her original position after she realized that she couldn't hear anything. Guiche was staring at him, with eyes full of confusion, he didn't know what else to feel. he had never seen anyone with that looked like that, it was somewhat frightening. Somehow he had unknowingly made his way beside Montmorency, and that's when he began to hope that Saito wouldn't say anything to her about the beginning of their conversation.

Everyone, save Saito and Montmorency had gifts. Montmorency's only reasoning for not having any was because she wasn't told that she needed any, however Guiche covered for her in that aspect. In a way it would be his way of 'making it up' to her. Or at least a small portion of it, there's no telling how far he would go to try and get her back, only to end up cheating again, well that would have been Saito's bet anyway.

Kirche once again spoke, because for some reason she had decided to be the hostess of this party, "Well who shall we get to go first? How about..." She was pretending to decide, but the truth was, she already knew who she was going to make go first, "Zero, how about you?"

Louise slightly flinched, she obviously didn't want to go first, however she was going to, regardless of if she wanted to or not. She protested very little compared to how much she really wanted to, but also didn't want to be the one that screws the day over for them. So she walked over to her bed, bent down and started taking out the presents one by one, at some point they had all been put in separate boxes, that she got from God knows where. She grabbed a really small box and handed it to Kirche, who simply put it aside, waiting for the others. She had began handing them out, Guiche, then Tabitha, then Montmorency, Siesta was surprised that she had received everything, but not as surprised as Saito was. He stared at the box, partially thinking that it would explode, it was heavy enough to be carrying some type of bomb. Although the height of it wouldn't have fit a bomb, at least not from this not-so-advanced place. After thinking of it that was he became more at ease, but then a thought came to mind, Shit... does that mean I have to give her something too? ...God damn it, I hope no one else got me anything, that would be a pain.

Just as he said that Kirche handed him something as well, it had a larger width, and it weighed more, most would be happy, but this was just making his life, that much harder. Siesta had given different types of pies and cakes to everyone, and regardless of them being nobles they couldn't help but to thank her. The craftsmanship of each pastry was exquisite. Hell even Tabitha had given everyone something, although they were all books, and Saito wasn't able to read anything in it, but he still received it. In the end Guiche was the only one who hadn't given Saito a present, which frankly, at that moment Saito was thankful that he was such an ass.

Saito was the only one who hadn't given a gift to anyone, an they had all somehow silently agreed not to open any gifts until all of them were received. He didn't know how they would all like the news, but hell he was busy, he didn't have time to get god damn presents. Although he had to do something... He only had one suggestion that may work, My word is about a good of a thing that I can give, just gotta think of something that they might all like... fuck, I don't have any ideas, guess I'm forced to wing it.

He looked at the crowd of people who were all staring at him, save Tabitha, expectantly yet not very eager. He sighed as he spoke to them, "I wasn't able to get anything that has a physical form, so for now, I'll just give you my word for something." They all had curious looks, ones that he caught on to so he decided to let them know what he meant, "Basically I'm going to tell you something, and at a different time, I will do whatever it was that I said I would, or if it seems more appropriate I'll give you some advice, sound good?" Though they were all somewhat confused, he pressed on.

First he stared at Siesta, since she seemed like she would be the easiest to satisfy, "Okay you timid maid," Siesta was somewhat confused by her nickname, but ignored it, so she could listen to the boy in front of her, "for you, how about... ... ... I'll help you out with whatever menial tasks you have for three days." He genuinely didn't know what else to say, he really didn't want to do that, nor i he know if she would be content with it. But he could only assume that she was considering that smile she got on her face as a yes.

The other's seemed to have finally caught on to what he meant, and were somewhat curious to see what he would say when he got to him, whilst others were a bit... anxious.

He turned to Montmorency, already knowing what he would say, "As for you blonde girl," Once again he had surprised someone from his lack of name usage, "I'm going to say... it's safe to get back together with the douche wad beside you, I'll only do it once, or when I feel like it, but I'll let you know if he begins to cheat on you again." After saying that, Guiche tensed up and Montmorency's face grew a smirk. It was obvious that he had done something that she would appreciate, and technically he had done Guiche a service as well.

That's when he turned to said douche-bag, "As for you I have only one thing to say, "You're a dick, take my word for it." Guiche's mouth gaped open, and a few of the others in the room had to stifle a laugh. Guiche was about to get in the fighting mood, but he realized that would simply seem pathetic, so for now he let it slide.

"Okay now..." He looked at Kirche, who as usual, had a seductive look on her face, causing Saito to sigh, "...you. Well I can't stand being with you for more than an hour, and you seem to stalk me, so for one hour I will hang around you." It wasn't a very long amount of time, and it didn't seem all that appealing. However for one such as Kirche, she was more than satisfied with the gift. She was quite positive that she could catch her prey within one hours time. Saito suddenly felt a chill go up his spine, and turned away, looking towards Tabitha.

The girl was still reading her book, and didn't seem to care about what was going on, nor did she seem to acknowledge Saito's existence, but regardless of that, he went on with her 'gift' anyway, "As for you Tabitha, I on't know what to say to you, so for now just let me know if you're in any trouble, I'll try to help as best I can." He didn't expect it, but she nodded her head, letting him know that she had heard him.

There was only one more person left, and that was the person he spent most of his time with, Louise. He knew exactly what to say he would do, but he thought it might be best to wait until they were alone though.

His body was facing the petite mage as he began to speak, "As for you, I'll tell you later. It'll be best to hear it whilst we are alone." Louise didn't understand, and she was very curious, so she agreed to his conditions to wait until later.

Everyone began to open the gifts that they received, the first present that Louise and Kirche had opened were the ones that they had gotten from each other. both had a small box in their hand, and inside of both boxes was the same thing. A small strip of paper that had a language that Saito didn't understand. They both looked at each other, the same look of vexed mischief on either of them.

"I owe you."

"I owe you too."

If you looked between their face you may have been able to see static as they had their stare down. Saito couldn't understand it but somehow he was able to imagine what was written on the two slips of paper. He sighed as he noticed Guiche walk over to him.

"You, familiar, I hope you were patient for my present to you." Saito sighed, he genuinely had been hoping that Guiche wouldn't give him anything, he looked at the boy standing in front of him, seeing a strip of paper in his hand.

He took the paper from him, but looked at Guiche in mild confusion, "I can't read you language, what the hell is this?" Guiche stared at the familiar with a cocky smile on his face.

"Well then I'll give you the run down, it basically says that I give you the privilege of dueling me once again." His words irritated Saito, did he really think that he would be able to win? Fucking hell, the twat had already lost. However that sentence was the last he would be speaking tonight, as he had then passed out, due to the impact of a foot between his legs. There, duel won ya asshole.

The others that had saw the scene take place looked rather questioning towards it, but didn't ask any questions. Most of them knew Saito had a bad temper, the others really just didn't care. The only one that took action during the event was Montmorency, but even then all she did was grab Guiche before he fell. The party soon lost two members as Montmorency bid them all goodbye, dragging Guiche's lifeless body to his room.

Even though he got a stern look from both Louise and Montmorency after doing what he did, he still didn't feel apologetic, actually he still wanted to hit the bastard. Privilege my ass.

He looked down at the two boxed gifts from Louise and Kirche. For the sake of things, he opened up Louise's present first, inside lied a a really shit looking rusty sword. He stared at it, it may have looked bad, but it still had a certain air about it. He was somewhat interested in it, so he grasped its grip with his right hand and lifted it in the air. The sword was light, and seemed sturdy enough, at least well enough to fight at least. Louise had noticed him holding the sword and looked away, for some reason she was worried about what he would think. Saito saw Louise look away from him, and he had a feeling he knew why. The sword looked shit, it obviously would appear worthless to other, probably what Louise thought as well.

He sighed and walked over to her, once he was a few steps away he placed his hand on her head and began to ruffle her hair, "...Thank you, Louise." He had said it again. Within a time-span of three days, he had said showed gratitude twice.

Unknown to her Louise had a slight smile on her face, once again from that single gesture. She didn't know why but it certainly made her feel better, maybe it was because they were slowly beginning to open up to each other. Or maybe she felt safe with him. But what both her and Saito knew was that they should stop now, since there were still people in the room.

Kirche and Siesta both gave suggesting stares at the two of them, although Kirche kept up hers longer than Siesta, simply due to the fact that Siesta may get punished if she were to continue. Kirche switched and kept her gaze locked on Saito, causing Louise to send her a spiteful glare. Although it changed from Kirche to Saito in a heartbeat, trying to see what Kirche had gotten for him. When Saito opened the box and saw what was inside, his face formed a dumbfounded expression, and when he pulled out what was in the box, Louise's face matched his. Kirche had bought the golden blade that Louise had been shown at the weapon's shop. Her and Kirche exchanged glances, and looked back to Saito, who was now holding two blades, the rusty on in his right hand, and the golden one in his left.

Saito had only a single thought in his head... Holy shit, I can be K*r*to-kun... Burt he was interrupted from his thoughts as both of the girls grew ever closer to the him. And when he saw them, he knew exactly what they wanted... for him to decide. He sighed as he stared at both of the females in front of him, somehow, at the moment they both resembled felines, ready to pounce.

"You have two blades now, but a swordsman only needs one, so which one will you choose?" Kirche was speaking in a voice that most would describe a sexy. But for Saito, it could be described as though she had a hairball.

Louise remained silent, staring intently at the boy, obviously wanting him to choose her gift, regardless of how shitty it may have seemed.

He had half a mind to just not accept either of them, however instead of going through with that, he got an idea on how he could settle this. It may not have been the smartest of ideas, but it would do.

"...Well I don't want to choose, so instead I'll do a little test run." Both girls grew confused so he decided to demonstrate, he lifted both swords into the air, as though he was going to make them clash, "Basically, I'm going to slash each sword together until one of them breaks." To him it was a very simple solution, but to the both of them, it only sounded like somebody was going to have wasted some money.

Louise looked at both of the swords, she knew that the one she bought, wouldn't stand a chance against such a huge blade. Saito spread them far away from each other, and then brought them both clash, with as much force as he could muster. Louise closed her eyes, not wanting to see the sword she had bought, break in two. Se flinched when she heard the metal clash, and once more when she heard a thud hit the ground. One of the swords had broken already, and she had a good feeling about which one it was. But when she opened her eyes, she didn't see broken rust, she saw shatter gold. The top of the blade hat completely shattered, and the hilt of it on the floor. Both Louise and Kirche were dumbfounded, whilst Saito looked as though he had expected this.

"Figures, that one is just for decoration. After all, gold is a soft metal in the first place, it couldn't have lasted that long anyway." It was common sense to him, but for the two girls in front of him, they could only offer a confused look.

A minute had passed and finally Kirche broke the silence with a sigh, as she smiled, "Well I guess you got me there. I guess you won something against me Zero." Louise glared at her teasing, however was satisfied that she had won.

Saito looked behind Kirche and noticed that Siesta had left sometime during all of that chaos. It was understandable, not much more was going on after everyone received their gifts, and plus she probably had a lot of work to do as well. Although on top of the maid's disappearance, he noticed that Tabitha looked rather tired. At that moment was when Kirche looked in the direction that Saito was staring at. She notice her blue-haired friend starting to doze off, her staff being the only thing that was keeping her up.

Kirche sighed again, a sincere smile on her face, "That girl... she may be a second year mage, and a strong one at that, but she still has the sleeping habits of a child. I guess that's what she gets for staying out so late." That was when Louise and Saito both looked out the window, and notice the two moons were in the air... that still sounded strange to Saito.

Kirche walked over to Tabitha and picked her up, carrying her on her back. They were all about to bid farewell, but Saito decide to say something... unnecessary...

"Be careful that she doesn't piss on your back, I've had experience with that..." Louise instantly flared up in embarrassment, hoping that Kirche would just disregard it.

Which strangely enough, she did. She simply dismissed it as though it were a joke, chuckling to herself as she waved goodbye to them. After she left, Louise turned to Saito and punched his arm. It wasn't as strong as she had previously been hitting him, so he didn't really care much. He simply walked over to the hay pile and sat down, after being at a Christmas party that wasn't absolutely horrible, as he had experience with in his own world, he was completely tired. He couldn't be bothered with anything else. He was not standing up for the rest of the night, that was something he had just now promised himself.

Frankly Louise could have said the same for herself. She was completely pooped. It had been a long day, and it had been very... interesting. She was ready to just go to sleep in her day clothes, but then a thought came to her head as she lied down on her bed.

"Hey, Saito, what is my present? Everyone's gone now, so it's safe to tell me now right?" She hadn't received an answer for two minutes, so she thought that he had gone to sleep already, but then she heard him scoot to the side of her bed, and when she looked over, he was resting his head on the edge of her mattress.

He sighed as he looked her in the eyes, "It's simple, but there are two gifts I'll give you, for different reasons though." He had her attention, and she wasn't planning on asking any questions tonight. She just wanted to know what his 'word' for her was, "The first word is, though this is against my better judgement, I will do anything you say for an entire day. Although just be reminded I'm not responsible for anything I do the day after." That was certainly a good one, although the part at the end was rather unsettling. She waited for another minute waiting for him to speak again, and when he did, she could easily say that the second made her anxious, "And my second word... I'll let you ask any question you may have about me or where I come from. My reasoning for this has to do with the fact that... basically everything I told you before... at least about my family life, was just a lie... think wisely, because I'll only answer one, unless I feel like another."

She couldn't tell which one she liked more, but she did know that the distance between them could close or widen, depending on how she uses them... she needed to really think about it... the toughest decision she's had to make ever since her familiar got here, was about to be made...

It was a night of silence, neither of them were asleep... something was missing... three words from each of them to each other... and Saito decided to deliver them, and hope that she can understand the meaning behind them...

And so he spoke, lying on the floor, his eyes open, his vision filled with darkness, but he still spoke, his voice was cold and hard, but was sincere, "Merry Christmas... Louise."

Louise smiled, she knew nothing about the customs that his world had, but she was able to tell, that she needed to reciprocate those words... and so she did.

Just as he did, she spoke, lying atop her bed, eyes opened, staring to the right side of the room, where Saito would be laying, her vision, also filled with darkness, her voice was warm, and soft, a complete opposite of Saito, but it held sincerity, just as his did, "Merry Ku-reest-mas... Saito"

In that room... in the dark... in a magical world that knew nothing of the holiday... two people lay in comfort... unaware of what would happen in the morning... unaware of what would happen in two days, or in a month... unaware of the dangers that they would soon face...


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