Chapter One-The Hunt

Baby Doll quickly shot up out of bed, shaking and breathing deeply. She looked around to make sure she want we here she was in her nightmare. She quickly slipped out of bed and got dressed. Her outfit consisted of a pair of worn brown pants, a brown satchel, awhite dirty brown shirt.

She slipped out of the tree house with her bow and arrow. She began her routine that she did when the nightmares woke her up.

The cool air of the night was calming on Baby Doll's burning skin. She was careful not to make to much noise or she would scare away all the animals. Hunting made her relax when she couldn't sleep because of the lost boys's snoring. At times she was jealous that Peter had his own room. He was lucky but she was stuck with all the snoring little boys.

She aimed her bow at the bird in the tree. Baby Doll breathed in calmly and released the arrow. The arrow hit the bird and it was dead before it hit the ground. She grabbed the bird and took out the arrow and returned it to her sheath. Then she quickly stuffed the bird into her satchel and ran towards the nearby lake.

The lake was still and no ripples were there. The forest surrounding Baby Doll was quiet, too quiet for it to not be suspicious. She quickly caught some fish and hurriedly put them in her bag. She started back towards the direction of the tree where she lived with Peter and the lost boys. Then out of the blue, she was grabbed from behind. The first thing that came to Baby Doll's head was to scream and scream she did.