Chapter 2- On the Rodger

Captain James Hook awoke sweating from the nightmare he just had. In his nightmare, that blasted crocodile had tried to eat the rest of him while Pan laughed at the sight of him screaming like a girl. He got up from his bed and grabbed his red coat and went outside for a smoke.

It was very usual for him to have nightmares. He has had them for as long as he remembered. Ever since Pan brought that blasted girl, they have gotten worse. Sometimes the Songbird joins Pan's tauntings, but it is rare. Hook only sees her if she is on his ship stealing or with the Indians.

As he approached the port of the ship, Hook lit his double cigar and stood by the railing of the ship. He knew it wasn't good for his health to smoke but it helped calm after the nightmares he had.

He stared out at the sea and thought until his cigar was thought of many things like how Pan's Songbird tried to rob him again, or his nightmares.

Hook through the little piece of it left into the sea and started to walk back to the door which led to his quarters.

Hook was almost to door to go back inside till sunrise came, a scream ripped through the air. He reacted by jumping over the railing and into a lifeboat. Hook rowed as fast as he could towards the island to find the maker of the scream.