Summary: Izaya has been gone for four and a half years. When Shizuo sees him again, Izaya is with a little girl. Will Shizuo ever get rid of the annoying information broker? Or will he want to? Who is this child that is with Izaya? And when Izaya's demon returns will Izaya be able to stay strong for those he loves? Or will he finally crumble under the demon's voice?

When I reappear…

Chapter Rating: T+

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A/N: Tada! Here's the sequel. I had already written this chapter so I figured that I would give it to you guys once I was finished tweaking it. So here it is, tweaked and ready to be read. This IS a sequel to the story 'Is This the End?' and I suggest you read 'Is This the End?' first but you don't have to. It makes understanding this story a lot easier.

Chapter One

It had been a long four and a half years since the Flea had disappeared after we had sex. There had not been any note, letter, or phone call from the informant either. It was obvious Celty knew where Izaya had gone but she was stubborn and wouldn't tell anyone. When Shizuo, Shinra, and Shiki-san had reached the Flea's apartment, it was empty of most everything personal. The only personal thing left was the chess board and a black queen sitting on it. Shizuo carried that black chess queen around in his pocket everywhere he went. It was a constant reminder of how he had screwed up and helped him make better choices. He now had a job at as a bartender in a club in Ikebukuro at night and as Tom's body guard during the day. He no longer lost control of his temper. He no longer owed the city any money and was actually doing pretty good. No one ran from him in fear. Life was doing him good. Until THAT day; the day when he saw Izaya again.


"Papai, Papai. Can we go to the sweets store? Please." Ayame asked her father. Izaya smiled.

"Of course, my little iris. As soon as Daddy gets some sushi for us to eat for dinner, we'll go to the sweets store and Papai will get you a big piece of fudge." Izaya said tickling the little girl in his arms. She giggled and hugged him around the neck. Izaya was dressed in a pair of jeans and a red long-sleeve shirt. He wasn't wearing what used to be his trademark black jacket with the white fur lining because it was too obvious. The last thing Izaya wanted right now was for Shizuo to see him.

"Will I ever get to meet Dad? You said he lived here in Tokyo. Will I get to meet him?" Ayame asked curiously. Izaya chuckled

"No my iris. Remember when Papai said that Dad didn't like your Papai. And that if we met him you were to go to Shinra's apartment and ask for Celty. Papai doesn't want you to get hurt and your Dad is a very dangerous man." He said.

"Okay." Ayame said disappointment in her voice. Izaya smiled as they approached Russian Sushi. Izaya turned and entered the small sushi shop.

"Can we have some fatty tuna please." He asked Simon. Simon glanced at him, wrote down the order, frowned, and then looked at him again.

"Izaya? You come back to Tokyo!" Simon exclaimed. Izaya smiled and resituated the shy child on his hip.

"Indeed. Would you mind keeping it between you and me? The less people who know I'm back the better." Izaya said. Simon nodded

"I keep secret. Shizuo has been better. He no more has anger problems." Simon said as he cooked up their fatty tuna.

"Still, it's better if he didn't know I was back." Izaya said.

"Who's little girl? Yours Izaya?" Simon asked smiling at Ayame.

"Yes, she's the reason why I left. I didn't want to raise her in this place but things happened and I had to return." Izaya said taking the container of fatty tuna from Simon.

"Simon understand. You come back for more fatty tuna Izaya. Simon missed you." Simon said as they left the sushi shop.

"He spoke funny." Ayame whispered to her father. Izaya smiled.

"He isn't very good at English. But he speaks fluent Russian." He said.

"To the sweets store!" Ayame said smiling. Izaya chuckled at her short attention span.

"Yes, to the sweets store." He said softly. They waited at a crosswalk. Ayame was humming a tune to herself and sucking on her thumb, a habit Izaya had been trying to break her of. Izaya felt a sensation of being watched. He turned his head to see Shizuo standing farther down the street staring straight at him.

'Shit.' Izaya swore to himself. The walk sign lit up and Izaya quickly sprinted across the street and into the crowd. They passed the sweet store but Ayame had picked up on her Papai's worry and didn't say anything. She was perceptive for a four year old. Izaya glanced behind him to see Shizuo following them. He ducked into an alley way and set Ayame down.

"Ayame, listen to your Papai. I need you to go hide in this alley and take Papai's phone press the two button and tell the man you want to speak with Celty. When she gets on the phone tell her your name and that your Papai is in trouble. Okay?" Izaya said quickly. Ayame nodded and Izaya gave her a kiss on the forehead before dashing out of the alley. He could only pray that Celty would get Ayame. He could only pray. He rushed through the crowd glancing back every few seconds to see Shizuo quickly gaining on him. He turned into an alley way that he had thought led into another alley but was actually a dead end. He turned to leave the alley but found Shizuo at the mouth.

"Merda." Izaya swore under his breath.

"What do you think you're doing Flea?" Shizuo growled. Izaya gave him a weak smile.

"Just visiting." He said backing up until his back was against the wall. Shizuo smirked and advanced

"Somehow I think you're here to stay." Shizuo said. Izaya swallowed the lump in his throat. This did not look good for the informant broker.

"I'm not telling you anything Shizuo." Izaya snapped. He was like a cornered tiger; vicious.

"Okay, how about I go find that little girl you hid in the alley a few blocks back. Maybe if I have her you'll talk then." Shizuo said. Izaya paled causing Shizuo to laugh.

"Did I find the great Izaya Orihara's weakness? A little girl? How pathetic." Shizuo said before he began to leave the alley.

"STOP! Please leave Ayame out of this." Izaya said grabbing onto Shizuo's arm. It was the second mistake he made; the first being turning down the alley. Shizuo turned to look at him, rage in his eyes. Izaya gulped.

"Did you just touch me?" Shizuo asked as Izaya let go. Izaya backpedaled away from Shizuo, half of him was glad that Shizuo's attention was back on him, as long as it protected his dearest Ayame, whereas the other half of him wished Shizuo would just leave him alone. Izaya felt his body go numb from the rain of blows that Shizuo was delivering. Tears streamed down his face but Shizuo didn't seem to notice. Shizuo didn't even notice when Izaya finally gave way to unconsciousness or when Celty arrived until Celty wrapped shadows around Shizuo; stopping his blows.

Stop Shizuo. Taking your frustration out on Izaya won't solve the problems. It'll only create more. Izaya's changed. He's a father now. Celty typed and showed to a slowly calming down Shizuo

"You're telling me that…that little girl…was Izaya's daughter?" Shizuo asked struggling to put it all together

Yes, and she's not going to be happy when she sees the condition her father's in.

"Oh." Shizuo looked at what he'd done to Izaya. Half of Izaya's face was swollen which probably meant that Izaya wouldn't be able to see out of one eye for a few days. He probably had bruises all along his chest and could possibly have a broken rib. Izaya looked so helpless. His eyes were shut and he seemed like he was just asleep.

Let me take him. You must be careful from now on. I'll make sure Izaya stays out of Ikebukuro but you have to let him enter it from time to time when he has to. You have to grow up and move on. Izaya has. Celty typed before scooping the unconscious Izaya off the ground and carrying him to her bike.

"Wait. Tell him I'm sorry. Tell him that I love him still." Shizuo said to Celty. She nodded before disappearing down the road. Shizuo had just fucked up again. Just great; he had thought he had lost the man he loved once and now he seemed to have done it again. Izaya just seemed to bring out the worst and best in him.


Two weeks later

Izaya was working as an informant for Shiki-san again. This time he was less reckless though. He had someone to return to at night. He avoided going into Ikebukuro as Celty had requested, for the most part at least. He sighed; he had to go into Ikebukuro, there was a man by the name of Sosuke Heroja that he needed information from. He looked at Ayame who was sleeping on the couch beside him. She was so precious. He wouldn't trade her for the world. She was his and his alone. He would never tell Shizuo that he was the girl's other parent. It would be too dangerous. Setting his computer aside he scooped Ayame up and carried her to her room. Tucking her into bed he softly kissed her on her forehead before leaving the room and closing the door. He yawned and decided the job could wait until morning.


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