Summary: Izaya has been gone for four and a half years. When Shizuo sees him again, Izaya is with a little girl. Will Shizuo ever get rid of the annoying information broker? Or will he want to? Who is this child that is with Izaya? And when Izaya's demon returns will Izaya be able to stay strong for those he loves? Or will he finally crumble under the demon's voice?

When I reappear I feel alone for you have moved on. Or have you? Will you hold me when the darkness comes? The demons that chase me are catching up. Will I be able to protect you? Is this the end or a new beginning?

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Chapter Eleven

Izaya still couldn't believe he was alive. He knew why he was thought. He had in fact died for a few seconds but in those few seconds he had destroyed his inner demon aka Chichu's origin. But after a few seconds he had been revived by the heat of the inferno that had raged around him thanks to his Dullahan abilities. But that had been their last gift to him. He was now completely human and thankful of that. The ability was rare and called Phoenix Rising; it revived the Dullahan or half-Dullahan, in this case, as a human. Izaya hadn't even known he had possessed it. But he didn't care anymore. He was free of his annoying abilities and didn't have to worry about the demon inside of him anymore. It had been months since he'd been found by the firemen, barely alive and buried in a pile of rubble. The firemen had believed that the rubble had saved Izaya's life, there was no signs that he'd cut his throat. Izaya was just grateful to be alive. He was sitting on the couch with his daughter in his arms. It was summer now. It had been winter when the incident happened. Izaya had just been released from the hospital. He had received several bad burns; broke his left leg and right arm; and one of his breastbones had begun to crush his lungs when he had been buried under the rubble. They had kept him in the hospital until his body had fully recovered which had taken a while. Everyone but Celty called his survival a miracle; they just thought he had used his abilities to blow Chichu up. Only Celty knew that he had actually died and that was how Chichu died. But Celty had announced that Izaya was now human.

"Papai, are you happy to be home?" Ayame asked as she curled up in his lap.

"Extremely; I missed my precious Shizu-chan and Ayame. Did you miss having you Papai around?" Izaya said stroking his daughter's hair.

"Very much, Daddy missed you too. He just won't admit it." Ayame said yawning. Izaya glanced at the clock; it was past Ayame's bed time.

"Looks like someone is up past their bed time." Izaya said standing up with Ayame in his arms. Ayame nodded sleepily and yawned again.

"I don't wanna go to bed. What if this all was just a dream and you're really not out of that funny smelling place?" Ayame asked.

"I promise I'm out of the hospital. This is real." Izaya said carrying her to her room and tucking her into bed. He was about to leave her room when she said

"Papai, stay with me until I fall asleep." Izaya smiled but returned to her side. He took her hand and began to rub soothing circles on the back of it until he small red eyes shut and she was breathing slowly. It was only then that he left the room flicking the light off and shutting the door behind him. He made his way to Shizuo and his bedroom and found Shizuo waiting for him there. Izaya got undressed and crawled into bed with his lover.

"Make me feel good Shizu-chan. Make me forget." Izaya whispered.

"Are you sure? You're still sore from all that debris falling on you." Shizuo said worried

"That's what I want you to make me forget. I don't want to remember what happened in that warehouse." Izaya said. Shizuo nodded and slid his PJ's off. He climbed on top of Izaya and crushed their lips together in a passionate kiss. He ground their hips together and Izaya moaned into the kiss. Shizuo let his hands roam Izaya's chest, pinching Izaya's nipples and running across Izaya's ribs making Izaya shiver in delight. Izaya wrapped his arms around Shizuo's neck as Shizuo broke the kiss. Shizuo let one of his hands slip under Izaya and tease Izaya's puckering hole. Izaya bit his lip as Shizuo pushed the first finger inside.

"Shh, it's been a while and you're hurt so I'm going to take it nice and slow." Shizuo whispered into Izaya's ear. Izaya nodded and groaned when Shizuo slowly began to move his finger. Soon Izaya was grinding his hips on Shizuo's finger and Shizuo was adding another. Shizuo was able to reach deep into Izaya and barely grazed Izaya's bundle of nerves. Izaya arched his back and gripped the sheets tightly. Shizuo smirked and grazed Izaya's prostate again. Izaya let out a choked moan.

"I'm, oh! Shizu...chan. cumming." Izaya whimpered as he came all over his and Shizuo's chest. Shizuo gave a fake pout.

"I wanna cum. I want to cum inside you." He whispered into Izaya's ear seductively. Izaya groaned but nodded.

"I want you too." He whispered back. Shizuo smiled and removed his fingers from Izaya's ass. He flipped them over so that Izaya was straddling Shizuo's hips and Shizuo was lying on his back.

"Ride me flea." Shizuo ordered. Izaya gave him a pitiful look but slowly lined himself up with Shizuo's dick. At an excruciatingly slow pace, Izaya lowered himself onto Shizuo. It took all Shizuo's willpower to keep from grabbing Izaya's hips and slamming Izaya down. But he knew that would tear his lover so he allowed Izaya to set the pace. Finally, Shizuo was fully sheathed in Izaya. Izaya sat there, panting, for a few moments before using his quivering legs to raise himself up so that only Shizuo's tip was still inside of him before slamming back down. Izaya's pace slowly quickened and his legs began to quiver even more. Finally Izaya collapsed, exhausted onto Shizuo's chest. His arms wrapped around Shizuo's midsection.

"I can't go on. Please Shizuo, don't make me continue." Izaya begged. Shizuo caressed Izaya's cheek before gripping Izaya's hips and flipping Izaya onto his hands and knees. He began to pound into Izaya with such a force that Izaya's arms gave out and his legs would have as well if Shizuo wasn't gripping his hips so tightly. Izaya buried his face in the blankets and whimpered as Shizuo hit his prostate with ever thrust. Izaya squeezed his ass muscles around Shizuo's length earning himself a moan from his lover. He did it again and again; Shizuo's sweet moans were like music to his ears. Shizuo reached around Izaya and began to pump Izaya's forgotten member as payback. Izaya threw his head back and cried

"Shizuo!" As he came. His walls clamped tightly around Shizuo and after a few deep thrusts, Shizuo came deep inside of Izaya's tight ass. Shizuo pulled out and collapsed on the bed beside Izaya. Neither one of them cared that they were a mess. They were both exhausted.

"Is this the end or a new beginning?" Izaya asked Shizuo softly

"It's a new beginning love. A new beginning with people who love you." Shizuo replied.

"Thank you Shizu-chan." Izaya whispered as he fell asleep in his lover's arms knowing that he was loved.



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