Ok, I hope you guys like this. This story was inspired by my stuffed bunny that I named Wilson after Deadpool. I don't own deadpool, but I do one Cecilia, just someone I threw together for this story. ^_^ Enjoy reading.

Sounds of a Mario kart on a racing track radiated off the tv. Wilson sat flicking his fingers at the many buttons on the gamecube controller. His body was so close to the tv his face was almost brushing up against it. Being completely absorbed into the video game he didn't hear Cecilia calling out his name from the kitchen.

"Hey Wilson, you need to clean up your room it's a mess, and you need to bring down your laundry I need to clean it." Cecilia said from the kitchen. There was no response from Wilson. She sighed and walked into the living room and parked herself right next to Wilson. "Hey, earth to Wilson, Please clean up your room and bring down your laundry. I am waiting for your stuff so I can do it."She said.

"Yeah, sure in a few minutes, I'm playing my game." He mumbled not removing his eyes from the screen to look at her. She moved her hands pinpointing them to her hips.

"I need to do laundry now, please just go do it. Then you can play your game again." She said her voice stern.

"No. I don't wanna." He said completely ignoring her request. Cecilia huffed out a angry sigh and stormed over to the plug in. Grasping the gamecube chord she yanked it from the wall and turned to him.

"Hey look you have time now, go get your laundry and bring it down please." Cecilia let out angrily. Her hand pointed to the upstairs where his bedroom was located.

"I was just about to win! No! I don't want to bring it down and you can't make me!" He whined grasping his knees and pouting like a little kid.

The thing is, Wilson is actually older than her, he just acted like a kid sometimes. Cecilia had let him stay with her because he had no place to go, and why not? She lived alone anyways, he could keep her company. Thats How she met Wilson in the first place, just stumbling down the road at night time.

"Wilson, please don't pout, I'm only asking this little thing. Please do it for me?"She asked bending down, and placing a hand on his shoulder. She didn't mean to make him pout, just it was such a completed task.

"NO! Stop asking me already you stupid girl! Your ugly and I hate you and I hope you die!Which I'll get my wish soon from your Cancer!"He yelled moving back and shoving her away. His body heaved in anger, when his mind facepalmed for saying all of that stuff about her.

"If you hate me so much, then why don't you leave?"She asked calmly.

"Fine! I will!"He shouted storming out the door and slamming it behind him.

Pondering about what he said made tears ran down Cecilia's cheeks. Is that really what he thought of her? Did he really want her to die? She knew it was just in the heat of the anger over something stupid, but why would he say such cruel things. She really did care about him, it hurt her to think that he might feel that way about her. Maybe he used anger to express how he really felt.

Wilson kept sprinting until he plopped down under a oak tree. What had he done? He just called her all of those names for such a stupid reason. Why didn't he just shut his mouth and do it. Was it that hard to do something so simple? What he said about her cancer,How could he say that knowing that he had had cancer as well? Under his red and black mask he felt the salty tears run down staining the inside of the masks fabric. He stood knowing he had to fix this, but how? Thinking of ways he could fix it and what to say, he wasn't paying attention where he was walking. He tumbled over falling into a deep pit of water. struggling to get up he flung his arms forward to swim upward, but he couldn't, something was dragging him down. It got darker and darker as he sank his vision of light disappearing completely.