Warning, this chapter is sad. It may make you cry, especially if you cry easily. TT^TT

Pouring from the sky the water had already formed puddles on the street. The two were soaked by the time they had got up the hill.

"Hey Cecilia, lets cross the road, there is a place we can stand under to wait for the rain to calm down." He said hopping off in that direction. Wilson turned to see headlights shining in his face something pushed him throwing him to the ground, but it wasn't like a car, it was soft. Looking up Cecilia laid next to him on the ground. She had pushed him out of the way of the car and instead had gotten hit.

"Wilson,... are you ok." She mumbled her voice weak.

"Yeah I'm fine! Cecilia, why you.. you... why?" He asked his voice shaking.

"I wanted to protect you, you are my friend, even... even if it means I get hurt." She whispered her eyes slowly closing.

"Cecilia? Cecilia!? No no.. don't close your eyes! Open your eyes! God damnit open your eyes!" He shouted. Nudging his nose against her body he felt his body shake and tears fall.

"You Can't die! Don't die." He yelled breathing heavily. Nuzzling his nose into her body he tried to wake her up. "It's not time to sleep, get up please. I need you.. I need you, wake up! Don't leave me!" walking over to her face slowly he set his head on her cheek and softly nuzzled her. " Wake up, Cecilia please open your eyes. I.. I love you.. I want us to be together.. I want to hold you. I.. I should have protected you. Don't die... you can't be dead. I should.. I should have been there for you.. to protect you to help you... it's all my fault." His tears rolled down his soaked fur landing on her face. She was cold and the usual smile was gone, like her. He couldn't believe it, he wanted to make sure, he had to. Slowly he laid his head on her chest to listen for a heart beat. Silence filled the air. Nothing. Feeling his body start shaking again more tears fell. Suddenly he felt some gentle beats against his cheek. He had a chance to save her, he really did, but how? He was just a bunny.

Finally noticing the fact that he was suddenly bigger and he didn't have fur any more. He had changed back, but he was butt naked. Wrapping his arms around her he stood, not caring that he was naked, and started sprinting toward the house. He would bring her to the hospital, but it was all the way downtown. He could call for help when they got home. Kicking in the door he booked it up the stairs gently laying her on the bed. Grabbing the phone he dialed in the number and put it to his ear, but it didn't ring. The power was to her terrified for if she would be ok. He didn't bother getting dressed as he climbed onto the bed with her lifting up the blanket pulling it over them. Wrapping his arms gently around her body he put her head on his chest. By now he only had a few scars and his body was strong. His blond hair was down in his face since it was wet. His eyes were swollen and red from crying. All he could do is hold her close and hope she wouldn't die. If she did make it, he would always protect her. He realized now how much he actually loved her. Closing his eyes he pushed his lips against her forehead and he held her close.

"W-wilson..." She whispered tiredly and confused. His blue eyes widening he pulled back looking at her bright golden eyes. His hand cupped her face and his eyes shook.

"I thought I lost you Cecilia, you idiot." He whispered more tears falling down. "I wouldn't have died even if I did get hit."

"I had to pro-.." She paused her face going red and she huffed out air.

"What is something wrong!" He about shouted concern filling his eyes.

"Wilson... you're naked." She stated her face going even a darker red.

"Oh yeah that...you know if you want.. you can get naked as well." He said smirking. Cecilia rolled her eyes and felt his chest.

"Man your ripped, you know you look really good without your suit as well.." She said looking at him. "And no, I'm not getting naked. You should get on some clothes."

"Hehehe... thank you." He mumbled smirking. "I would put on clothes, but they are all dirty... remember.. my laundry is dirty."

"Oh, I'll go do it.." Cecilia cheered trying to sit up. Pushing her back down he placed his lips against hers and held her down.

"No.. stay down get better.. I'll do it." He said looking at her with his hand placed on her cheek. Cecilia was blushing massively as she looked at him. "Oh, also Cecilia, I love you."

"I-i.. l-love you too..." She mumbled her face red. Wilson smiled getting up and leaving through the door, as Cecilia hid her face so she didn't see anything. Wilson looked down at the ground smiling. To think... this all started because of laundry. Speaking of laundry, he better go do that, it was getting drafty in here and he was cold.

Hope you guys liked it, personally I think it was ok. I tried my best. ^_^