Author's Note: Hey everyone, Joey 066 here with my first fanfic.

I recently got Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne, a really fun game. One of the characters, Pixie, was someone I really enjoyed. Now, thanks to the-albeit little- information I have of this game, I still decided to do a little oneshot about her and Demi-Fiend reminiscing.

While the game IS rated M, I am trying my best to keep this K rated, since my first fanfic is apparantly SUPPOSSED to be rated K..

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Pixie floated behind Naoki, a small smile on her face. They were almost at the top of the Tower of Kagutsuchi. It had been a long and pretty painful journey.

Naoki stopped, chuckling slightly. Pixie gave him a strange look. "Naoki? What is so funny?" She fluttered in front of him, crossing her arms while having a adorable pout.

Naoki waved his hand slightly. "Ah...Nothing...I was thinking..."

Pixie tilted her head, curiousity adorning her features. "Thinking? Thinking about what?"

Naoki looked at his two other demon teammates, waving them to go and scout ahead. He then turned to face Pixie, his crimson eyes closing in thought before opening them, staring right at her. "All the things we have been through...Remember when we first met? I had just become a half demon, and I was lost...I ran into you, and we joined up."

Pixie nodded, losing herself in the memory. Granted, she just wanted him to bring her to Yoyogi Park, but they quickly became the best of friends. "Yeah...And instead of getting rid of me, you decided to keep me around..Why?"

Naoki shrugged, absently scratching his cheek. "In all honesty, there were a couple reasons...One, you were the first actual friend I made since becoming a demon..And I trusted YOU a lot more than everyone else.."

Pixie giggled, covering her mouth with a gloved hand. "Aw...You ARE a softie..." Seeing Naoki give her a scowl made her giggle harder, her diminuitive body shaking rapidly.

A sigh escaped the Demi-Fiend's lips. "Yeah..But no matter what, we had a lot of fun...Well, as much fun as one could have in a post-apocalyptic world, that is..." A smirk formed. "Anyways..All I really wanted to say...was thanks..If it wasnt for you, I would have been killed in that hospital..."

Her wings fluttering rapidly, Pixie sat on Naoki's head. "No problem...Well..Shall we get going?"

"Yeah...Let's go!" And with that, Naoki charged, ready to remake the world.

This journey had it's ups and downs, but anyone can agree that this team would be the one to bring order to this chaotic world...

Author's Note: Oh dear Kagutsuchi, I gotta admit...This is probably not my best work..I felt kinda repetitive...And I did not wanna go explaining the entire story of the game...Especially cause I JUST got it a couple days ago...

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