Six hours later Emily is approaching a hospital room door.

"But I'm fine," JJ insists to someone. "Both impacts merged into one big hematoma and I just have one bruised rib." There is a pause. "I swear, I am okay." Pause. "I love you, too. Bye, Liz."

Emily walks in, a surprised look on her face. "Liz? As in my mother?"

JJ's eyes brighten as Emily enters. "Yep, your mother. Found out through a friend there was a bit of an incident and I was injured."

Emily stares at her wife. "A bitof an incident?"

"Her words, not mine. I'd say it was a completely fucked up situation that I should get my ass kicked for," JJ admits.

"Why do you think that?" Emily asks.

"We walked into a trap, Em. How fucking stupid were we?"

"Not stupid at all, Jen." Emily walks over and takes her wife's hand, stroking her other hand through soft, blonde hair. "Catarina called her partner to make sure he got anything that could help their case out of the warehouse. When he got caught, he told them that he had word police were on their way. They killed him, rightly assuming he was an informant." JJ winces. "They then set up the ambush. They left 6 men assuming a whole team was coming." Emily leans over and kisses JJ's forehead. "Little did they know it was just two badass FBI agents. It was hardly fair to them, really."

JJ manages a small smile. "Maybe." The smile fades. "Derek is hurt, Em. Badly."

Emily shakes her head. "He'll be fine. Rossi met Reid and I at the airport. Docs say Derek will be out of the field for a few weeks but back to normal in no time. He got damn lucky. And you saved him, Jen. You got him to safety, covered him, and neutralized the threats to both of you." She leans down, her forehead against JJ's. "I am so fucking proud of you. And so fucking glad you're okay. I love you, Jennifer Prentiss."

JJ rubs her wife's cheek. "I love you, too. Em, I didn't even have time to be scared in there. Now…now I'm terrified."

"I know, sweetheart. That's the way it goes in situations like that."

"Lying here…I keep thinking of the case where Easter left your ass hanging in the wind. Was it like that for you then?"

Emily slowly nods. "Yes. I was able to turn my fear to anger and use it against the bad guys and Easter. Jen, please try to turn your fear to relief that you and Derek are alive and pride that you saved yourself and your partner. Please don't go down the path Lauren…I had to take."

JJ stares into Emily's eyes. "With your help, I won't. I promise."

The two share a kiss full of love, relief and hope. As it ends, JJ asks the next question.

"Are Hotch, Rossi and Reid helping raid the Gutierrez house?"

"Nope. We're out of it. Ryder thinks we need to step back or it may look like we're going after revenge, especially if there is another shootout. Katie Cole's team will take the lead for the FBI. A team from ICE is coming in to take over their part of the investigation. Turns out Catarina, her handler and her partner had been going a bit rogue on this. Too many people died. Their careers are over but maybe we can at least stop this batch of traffickers with what eveidence they did collect."

"But there will always be more out there," JJ notes sadly.

"True. But that's for Cole and ICE to worry about. We're done for now," Emily states.

She pulls JJ as close as she can considering the blonde's injuries. They are still like that an hour later when Reid walks in.

"Morgan's out of surgery. Supposedly he's hitting on the nurses already thanks to the drugs."

Emily chuckles. "That has nothing to do with the drugs and we know it."

"True," Reid agrees. "But blaming those should keep him from getting his butt kicked by his caregivers."

The trio laughs…though JJ winces and quickly stops. "Fuck…that really hurts."

"Look at the bright side. Being on injured reserve will give you plenty of time to study for your next test," Emily points out.

JJ grins. "True. Let's see, it's February 27. If I time it right I can take my next test on March 20. That would get me certified by March 26. Well, if I pass, that is."

Emily kisses her temple. "You will. You're a Prentiss, after all."

JJ smiles. "Yes, baby, I am."

Reid grins. "You two are so cute."

The Prentiss women just smile at their friend.

JJ is released from the hospital late Saturday afternoon. Morgan was going to be in the hospital at least a week. Hotch decided Sunday morning was soon enough for them to fly home. Emily is glad that Katie Cole has managed to find another hotel room for the night. When the Prentiss' get to their room, Emily pulls JJ close.

"My heart almost stopped when Reid told me what happened. And it made me feel a little better to manhandle Catarina…or whatever the hell her name is. Jennifer Andrea Jareau Prentiss I am so fucking proud of you and I love you so much. You saved my best friend, you saved yourself, and you helped bring these bastards to justice." She kisses JJ's temple. "But you still owe me a Butterfinger."

JJ laughs but quickly stops as it hurts her rib. "You're right, I do." She looks up at her wife. "I love you, Emily." She rubs the brunette's stomach. "Is Rocky okay?"

Emily sighs. "Well, I'm sure my blood pressure raced a little today but Rocky is fine. Being so far removed from what happened by the time I knew to worry about you I knew there was nothing to worry about." She strokes JJ's cheek. "But I still don't want to do this whole 'investigate in different cities' thing again any time soon. I didn't sleep for shit being away from you last night."

JJ smiles. "Me neither. I almost crawled into bed and cuddled with Katie."

Emily grins. "That would have made for an interesting inter-department report. Now, why don't you lay down while I go fill an icepack for your chest."

"That, Mrs. Prentiss, sounds like a perfect idea. I'll find us a mindless movie to watch."

Emily kisses her. "Good."

By the time Emily gets back JJ has settled on a SyFy channel movie. Emily grins. "Malibu Shark Attack? Yep, definitely mindless."

JJ grins as Emily settles the ice pack on her chest. "Oh, that feels good."

"Damn, Jen, it looks so bad."

"Feels bad, too, so the truth is in the advertising."

Emily just shakes her head. "What am I going to do with you?"

JJ had once asked Emily the same question. She figures the same answer should apply to this case. "Never let me go?"

Emily leans in and gives her a deep kiss. "I think I can handle that, Mrs. Prentiss."

Soon after take off the next morning JJ falls asleep on the couch. Emily tucks a blanket around her. She brushes a lock of hair off her forehead, lest it tickle her and wake her up. She looks to the chair Morgan should be sitting in and sighs. She makes her way back to the galley to make a cup of tea.

She isn't there long when Rossi joins her. She glances at him and sees a strange look in his eyes.


"I owe you an apology," he states.

Emily thinks a second then shrugs. "For what?"

"We called Garcia yesterday. She said she was running a special ops check for you. We both…Morgan and I…we thought…"

She stiffens. "You thought I was checking on Doyle's network."

He nods. "Yes. Garcia was frazzled. That's not normally like her," he justifies.

Emily leans against the wall, her arms crossed in front of her. "So that means she's running something I swore her to secrecy on? Fuck, Rossi, I'm sorry I didn't tell you all about Doyle. I had been assured if the bastard ever got out I'd get warning. Tell me, do I know all your dirty fucking secrets?" She takes a deep breath. "It's not exactly a time of my life I am proud of. And besides that I took an oath of secrecy about the whole thing to protect myself and my team. Not that it helped them in the end."

Rossi stares at her. "You should be proud of it. I understand how covert ops work. But you're special to us, Emily. Makes us a little more…well, nervous that something could happen to you again. Not to mention I still have nightmares that we don't get to that hunting lodge in time." He takes one of her hands. "I want to apologize because I should have trusted you. Like you said, we all have secrets. You told JJ. And, most importantly, you're here because you never stopped trusting us. You risked your life to bring him to justice twice. I'm damn proud of you, Emily. I swear I'll never doubt you again. Oh, and, no, you don't know all my dirty secrets." He smiles at her. "My wives would give you the world if you did."

Emily smiles in spite of herself. She wipes away the tears on her cheeks. "Thank you, Dave. I…You…you have been a father to me even when I didn't think I needed one. I swear this is the last dirty secret in my closet."

Rossi smiles. "Good. But don't think I'm about to reveal any of mine."

She chuckles. "Never."

They exchange a hug. "Damn glad you made it back to us, kid. Damn glad."

When they get home that afternoon, Emily sends JJ right up to bed. She walks in a few minutes later with Henry. He giggles.


JJ smiles. "Hey, Little Man. How you doing? I missed you."

"Now, Henry, Mommy has a boo boo. So be careful, okay?" Emily warns him as she sets him on the bed.

Henry crawls up and kisses JJ on the cheek. He pats her shoulder. "Boo."

JJ smiles at his way of making things better and pulls him as close as she can. "Yes, Henry, all better. Thank you, sweetheart."

Emily smiles and lies down on the other side of him. "So, Champ, think you can help me sing Mommy a lullaby? She needs a nap."

Henry nods and cuddles close to JJ. Emily starts to sing, hoping the little boy will fall asleep. She smiles as both her loves slip into slumber. She spends an hour just watching them sleep, thanking God for JJ's prowess with a gun…and for Kevlar.