..I can tell by the way you carry yourself
If you let me, here's what I'll do
I'll take care of you
I've loved and I've lost

I was honestly too lazy to turn the loud sound of Rihanna off, even though I loved her voice to death. I turned my head to the right side of my room, where closed closet doors faced me.

Sunlight dripped though my shades and lavender curtain, it made the room brighter and it gave me a headache. But the music gave me more of one.

"Turn it down…." I grunted, no respond.

"Hello?" I called again, still no answer. Am I home alone? I managed to pry myself out of my bed and make way to the mirror that showed a horrifying image.


Black hair sticking in all different directions, pale chocolate skin, sandy eyes, and wrinkled purple PJ's.

"Meh." I grunted again, exiting out of my bedroom. I heard the sound of sizzling and talking going on downstairs in the kitchen. Little tiny whispers, tiny little…whispers.

What are they doing?

The stairs creaked at every step I took; slowly I touched the cold tiled white floor. I whipped the sleep sand out of my eyes as I passed the living room and made my way to the kitchen. Everyone was standing there whispering, chatting, giggling, and….cooking?

They never cook together! WHO ARE THEY?! Wait, WHAT ARE THEY DOING IN MY HOUSE?

"Maya, you wouldn't believe what we got in the mail!" My mom cooed in pure bliss.

My father, two older brothers, and older sister looked at me as if I was the last slice of pie.

Which crept me out.

She slipped a sky blue letter into my hands as if it were a small baby.

I bet it's a bomb.

I ignored my inside voice and turned over the letter.

Maya M. Spade

I stared at it, ignoring the fact that they put my last name as "M" and replaced it with "Spade" which was my pen name online.

Ripping open the letter, I saw.

"You've been invited to "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" as our honorary guess. Congratulations, Maya.

~Master Hand."

You have to be joking, since when did I enter a sweepstakes. Or whatever it was called, why did I get this letter?

"That doesn't mean you don't go to school though." My sister, Mikala, smirked. Oh shut up.

I have to admit, on the way to school I actually felt proud of myself! Well, not too much! I wasn't a BIG HUGE fan of the Smashers, they did okay. Everyone else but me watched it, I knew the characters but I never got into the second season of brawls.

Have you've ever had the feeling like your being watched? Yeah, right now I have that feeling. Peers and teachers were staring right at me as I entered my class. Room 204.

What could go bad?!

Don't quote what I just said.

I know it's short but I haven't written in a while so don't blame me. I will not put my last name because well...It's my last name! Fill my last name in with any M. you want. XD If you want to give flames, don't freaking do it. If you want to give advice, it's needed just don't be harsh. If you want to give me good reviews, then...I love you. XD

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