I swore to myself I would not make ANOTHER story… f*ck… I just did… I am sorry! Shonen-AI! Pairing…

Summary: Over a Year past since Tsuna became Decimo. Almost half a year since dating Takeshi and Hayato. Reborn, "Satan's spawn" forced Tsuna to have bodyguards with him. Will the school find out about his connections? SHONEN-AI

592780! Hayato x Tsuna x Takeshi (srry… i couldn't make up my mind)

6996 Mukuro x Chrome

Ryohei x Hana




~Decimo's New Lifestyle~

-Chapter One: Bodyguard-

Tsuna, Hayato, and Takeshi was walking to Namimori Middle school when all of sudden Reborn, curse broken, now an adult, popped up. "Dame-Tsuna." Reborn grinned.

"R-reborn?" Tsuna replied. "What do you need?" It's been over a year since Tsuna became Decimo, he got used to it. Sadly he still sometimes reject it, but he is now slowly accepting the sad fact. Tsuna grew about 2-3 inches now 5' 4", age 15, grade 9.

"… Just felt like saying Hi." Reborn smirked.

"I know you have a reason, besides saying hi." Tsuna sighed. His Hyper Intuition helped him a lot, although he still acts "Dame". Tsuna actually is now smart and is called prodigy in the mafia world.

"Hn, you noticed?" Reborn replied. "You'll find out.."

"I have a bad feeling…" Tsuna hoped it won't kill him. "Hayato! Takeshi! We are going to be late!"

"Juudaime!" Hayato and Takeshi ran to school.

"Omnivore… Herbivore…" Kyoya glared. "Kamikorosu…"

"HIE!" Tsuna yelled. Tsuna and his guardians now say each others first name because Nono said it would be better, Tsuna didn't mind, but Kyoya at first did. "K-kyoya! We are going to be even MORE late if you don't let me and my friends past!"

"Fine…" Kyoya grunted.

"Thank you…" Tsuna sighed in happiness.

The day past fine until after school when it was dark…

Hayato, Takeshi, and Tsuna was at the park, it was 7:45 pm. Men in Black (no pun intended: my friend kept laughing…) surrounded Tsuna.

"Juudaime! I'll take care of these fools!" Hayato yelled.

"Ne…" Said one of the men. "We need that boy over there."

"Yeah, we do, come on!" Another said.

"F*cken Morons." Hayato growled. "TRIPLE BOMBS!"

Takeshi took out his sword. "Beccata di Rondine!"

The men was all knocked out. The ones who was still conscious ran off with their unconscious men.

"Arigato… Hayato, Takeshi…" Tsuna smiled. He gave them a kiss in the cheek.

Reborn smirked at he saw the trio. "This is going to be an interesting year…"


"Tsu-kun! Wake up! It's 7:30!" Nana yelled.

"H-hai! Kaa-chan!" Tsuna jumped out of bed. He took a quick shower, changed into his uniform, and brushed his teeth and soft hair. "Morning, Kaa-chan, Reborn, I-pin, Lambo, and Fuuta!"

"Morning Tsu-kun!" Nana smiled.

"Good morning Tsuna-nii!" Fuuta and I-pin replied.

"Morning! Tsuna-nii!" Lambo laughed. (In my story Lambo and I-pin will be 11-12, Fuuta will be 13.) Lambo matured a lot for the past months, he is now in 6th grade with I-pin, and Fuuta is now in 7th grade.

A LOT of things changed… Tsuna, Hayato and Takeshi is now dating, Lambo and I-pin got much more closer, Reborn is now an adult, and they moved… and didn't at the same time… With Vongola's connections they moved the other houses in another area, but no one knows… and built a huge mansion but still the old house and back yard is in the same spot, no one knows that the people who life there actually own the mansion… they just think they are lucky to be the closest to the mansion… Lets just say Reborn planned it ALL out.

Reborn looked at Tsuna. "You are going to have bodyguards with you, and go to school by the car."

"REBORN?" Tsuna chocked on his toast made by his mom. "Why?"

"Because Dame-Tsuna… I said so." Reborn smirked.


"No buts or do you want to do extra training today?" Reborn grinned like a cat.

"N-no… Fine…" Tsuna sighed. He had a feeling Reborn was going to do something big.

*Ding dong* The door rang. Tsuna ran to the door with his bag. "Hayato! Takeshi! Hi! I'll be going now!"

"Bie Tsu-kun/Tsuna-nii/Dame-Tsuna!" the others said.

"Decimo. Good morning!" The butler said. He bowed down while smiling and open the car door.

"Hello Alfeo!" Tsuna reluctantly sat down. Hayato sat on his right while Takeshi sat on his left.

Alfeo started the car. "I will be picking you guys up after school."

"Thank you Alfeo." Tsuna smiled. The butlers and maids all loved Tsuna, he was a nice master.


Next Chapter: Tsuna is in the limo he wishes he wasn't.

"Dame-Tsuna? Why is he in a limo?"

"Why are they calling you Dame-Tsuna, Decimo?" Alfeo growled.