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~Chapter Four: Attack of the Onoe~

A man the height of 6 feet 3 inches paces around the large room. Hands tightly in a fist, biting his dry lips, dull brown hair framed his face, and each step he took was slowly taken, with a sigh or a growl.

"How the F*ck do I do it?" Ermete growled. "That way? Like I did to that famiglia?"

He stopped walking. "No… that won't work…" He started walking again.

He looked at his old pictures when he was a child that was hanging in his bedroom. "Ah! I got it!"

He quickly stomped back to his office, and started to write down his plan before he forgot.

He wrote…

'Attack Decimo on the 26th day of April'

'11:00 am'

'Bring team 1-4, and groups 1-4'

And sent the letters to each captain of teams, 1,2,3, and 4.

"Hahaha! It must work! I must get that gem back… I must get the Gems of Heaven and Hell… No… Its true name isn't that… I must get the Gemmis Horologii!

"Gemmis Horologii!" the voice rang in Tsuna's ears. "Ge-mmis… Horo-logii?"

"Tsuna?" Takeshi asked.

"You okay?" Hayato finished.

"Y-yeah… I am… Just was thinking of something… Yeah something.." Tsuna sighed.

"Dame-Tsuna." Reborn walked to the roof. "What did you hear?"

"He-hear?" Tsuna wondered. "… Gemmis.. Horologii…"

"Gems of the Clock?" Hayato Translated. "Those gems aren't even real!"

"They are." Reborn answered. "Those gems name's were changed 70 years ago."

"70?" Tsuna mimicked. "Isn't that when Vongola and Onoe Famiglia fought for the Gems of Heaven and Hell?"

"Yes, it was." Reborn replied. "Those gems real name is Gemmis Horologii. Which means Gems of the Clock in Latin. It was made by a crazy guy hundreds of years ago… It had a special power.. Like your Vongola Rings, but its power was odd. Ha, even I don't know its true powers."

"Even you don't?" Tsuna eyes widened. "But… Why.."

"Is the Oneo famiglia still want to attack us for something that is missing? They think we have the gem, which who knows maybe true?" Reborn smirked. "Dame-Tsuna, time for more training!"

"…HIEE?" Tsuna yelled.

"April 26"

"Dame-Tsuna." Reborn interrupted Tsuna from changing.

"HIE! Reborn!" Tsuna yelled. "W-what do you need?"

"Wear these ear rings." Reborn threw a box.

"What are these?"

"Gemmis Horologii in earring style." Reborn smirked.

"HIIIEEE?" Tsuna shouted. "Why? No how?"

"Nono said to keep it safe." Reborn replied. "He found it in the bank, the Vongola Bank."

"Hie… Why me?" Tsuna asked. 'Vongola left these earrings there?'

"No reason. Today is a very~ special day." Reborn smirked again and walked away. 'A very special day'

"What is Reborn planning again?" Tsuna cried out.



"HIIE!" Tsuna yelled. "Sorry!"

He ran out of the door and jumped onto Takeshi and Hayato, his face close to the 2, and sat right on there thigh. "hiiee!" Tsuna blushed and got off. "Sorry… again."

"It's okay!" Takeshi grinned. "But are you okay?"

"Hai!" Tsuna replied.

"lets go now!" Hayato grabbed Tsuna's soft hands.

"Hiee!" Tsuna softly said.


"Hah…. We aren't late… Finally!" Tsuna sat down face on his desk. "mou…. I wish I had breakfast before I left."

"Tsuna you forgot to eat?" Takeshi asked.

"….yeah I did." Tsuna confessed.

"Here Juudaime!" Hayato gave Tsuna a bag. "Melon-pan!"

"Wah! It's so warm!" Tsuna held the bread close to his face and bit into it. "It's really good! Hayato, Takeshi did you eat too?"

"ah… No…" Hayato and Takeshi sighed.

Tsuna broke the big bread into 3. "Here! I don't like it if I'm the only one eating!"

"B-but!" Hayato protested.

"Eat!" Tsuna commanded. "Or I'll be upset!"

The 2 boys accepted the bread and started eating. "That hit the spot!" Takeshi smiled brightly. "Thank you Tsuna!"

"Y-you're welcome!" Tsuna replied.

"Everyone sit down!" Nezu-sensei yelled. "Class is starting!"

The students scrambled to there seats. "Today we will be discussing about…."









The doors opened giving entrance to the men. "Gahaha!" Someone laughed. "Pathetic!"

"W-who are you!" Nezu-sensei shouted. "We are in middle of class!"

"Who am I?" Ermete laughed again. "Well then, I should introduce myself!"

He and the ? Men walked into the room with a trail of men behind them. "Onoeaccio Ermete! That is my name! I am the 6th boss of the Onoe Famiglia! Which one of you is Vongola Decimo?"

"Huh?" The students were confused by the tall Italian man. "Who is Vongola Decimo?" One student with guts asked.

Then more joined. "Yeah! Who is he?"

"Oh?" Ermete grinned. "You don't know anything? Wow this room is a prefect spot for having hostages!"

"Hie!" Tsuna squeaked.

"Well Vongola Decimo is the tenth boss of Vongola, the strongest mafia famiglia! I heard he is currently living in Japan! So I felt like "visiting" him." Ermete replied. "and he is also going to this school." He made an evil grin.

*BAM* He shot a bullet at the floor. "So then, you better all stay still so I can find him."

Tsuna, Hayato, and Takeshi hid there rings while everyone had to sit on the floor in the corner.

"Ermete-sama!" A man yelled. "I found one of Decimo's friends!"

A male teen with purple hair was kicked in the room. "Kufufufu…." He winked at Tsuna.

"Oh. We found one… So who is Decimo in this room?" Ermete asked.

"None of them are Decimo if you like to know. I would tell the truth, I don't really like him. Decimo went somewhere else, I think hiding, Kufufufu." Mukuro replied with a hint of laughter.

"Okay then." One of the men kicked Mukuro to the corner.

"Hello Tsunayoshi." Mukuro thought.

"…How did you get caught and why?" Tsuna replied.

"I got caught on purpose, not that hard." Mukuro laughed.

"eh… okay… odd…" Tsuna sighed. "You have a plan?"

"Yeah, but that includes something you hate."

"Which is?"

"Tell them you are Decimo!"


"It's that or you think of a plan."

"F-fine… but how?" Tsuna cried.

"Kufufufu…" Mukuro laughed. "When they turn around I will make a illution to cover the students, and you and your 2 puppies will knock them out."

"WHO YOU CALLING A PUPPY?" Hayato yelled.

"Maa Maa! Hayato calm down!" Takeshi begged.

"Tsk, I am not a puppy! I don't like that plan!"

"Kufufufu. But that is the only plan I got."


"Hayato…. It's okay. In the end everyone would find out about me…"

"But Juudaime…"

"Maa Maa! If Tsuna thinks it's fine, we should trust him!"

"Fine… Juudaime."

"But where are your bodyguards?" Mukuro wondered.

"I sent them somewhere else to protect other students, took me a while but, I can do this, but the others need protection…"

"Kufufu, you ready?" Mukuro asked.


"5, 4, 3, 2, 1!"

The man turned around right when Mukuro said 1. Tsuna quickly put on his mittens and ate 2 pills. *HIT*

"GAHH!" The man yelled. Mukuro put an illusion on the students.

"NOW!" Tsuna yelled. Hayato and Takeshi got there weapons and hit them.


"Sistema C.A.I.!"

"Kufufufu." Mukuro and the scared students was stunned, well only the students.

"Isn't that dame-Tsuna?" One student noticed.

"Why the f*ck are you doing!" Another student yelled.


"Gomenasai Minna." Tsuna whispered.

Ermete barged into the room hearing the noise. "Oh~. So you are Vongola Decimo."

"Vongola Decimo? Who?" A Moron student yelled. Hana tried to shut them up.

"Tsk Tsk, I thought you kids would realize this faster." Ermete sighed. "Vongola Decimo, today you will meet your death."

He shot 4 bullets and Tsuna dodged them with no sweat. This was nothing comparing to Reborn's. He activated his HDWM, and got Natsu out of the ring. "GAO!"

Quickly before Ermete got up from the roar Tsuna grabbed him.

"Oneo Sesto… you will now regret doing this." Tsuna growled as ice encased Ermete.


"Oh?" Tsuna smiled. "You said more men?" Tsuna let Ermete see ALL his men captured by his bodyguards and the other guardians. "Please, tell me where they are."

"Sh*t…." He whispered.

"Dame-Tsuna." Reborn went in the room and dragged Ermete. "Good job."

"WOAHHHH TSUNA!" The students yelled. "JUST YOU ARe YOU?"

"… eto… um… welll.." Tsuna tried to speak.

"Just tell them." Reborn added before he left.

"I'm Vongola Decimo…" Tsuna sighed. "The 10th boss of Vongola, a mafia group in Italy."


"Hai…" Tsuna closed his eyes.

"WOAH…. No way!" One yelled.

"But he did kick that guys a**!" another boy added.

"He's Vongola Decimo you got a prob?" Hayato growled.

"Haha! He is!" Takeshi commented.

"how do you know?" A girl asked.

"Well I'm Juudaime's Right hand man and storm guardian!" Hayato said proudly.

"Haha! I'm his left hand man! Seeing that the right hand man is taken by Hayato. And is his rain guardian!" Takeshi smiled.

"Hayato, Takeshi…" Tsuna whispered. "We have to go now…"

"Aww already?" Takeshi whined.


"Bye!" Takeshi yelled.

"Tsk." Hayato growled as the trio flew off.

'The world is a scary and odd place if Tsuna is part of the mafia!'


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