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"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god-" Cece hit the girl. "Ow!"

She shrugged. "I can get someone to pick us up." She looked in the mirror, fixed her hair, pulled down her top, and pulled up her skirt. She looked at least twenty five. "Alright. Our car won't be broken down for much longer." Tinka rolled her eyes. If they weren't in the middle of nowhere, they would have cell phone service. Cece laughed, and walked up to the main road.

"And now," Tinka sat on the side of the car, "it's a prime opportunity to get rule number three, Abide By The Rules Of Love. Because, most likely, it's going to be a nice pretty lady, Cece going to fall in love with her, and I'm going to let you remind her about Rocky." She nodded.

"Okay..." She thought in her head. They leaned against the car, not expecting Cece to get anyone. Tinka closed her eyes, only to see a bright light through her eyelids. She got up, and saw Cece sitting in the passenger seat of a pickup truck.

"It's not Frank, but it's the best I could do on a short notice!" She laughed and ran up to Tinka. "No devil's eyes either. Name's Russ though. Looks nothing like Schwimmer." She giggled, and got the bags. Tinka's mouth was still propped open, but she grabbed the photo of Nell of the dash, and helped Laura into the car.

"We should of learned. I mean come on! What did we learn from Rocky? Always have a spare tire!" Tinka laughed as they started driving again.

"It's not all bad, Tinka." She laughed.

"I have no idea what you guys are talking about." She nodded at the truck driver. They were silent until they got to a small town. "My wife's in there. She'll give you guys a room."

"Well, here it is." They had made their way upstairs, and were being shown around. "Three small beds. It's not much but... It's not much."

"It's very nice." Tinka walked across the floor, and sat her luggage down. The lady jumped. Tinka eyed her. "And what's your name again?" She looked at the ground for a little while, before she realized she was talking to her.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Name's Lori." Tinka took a gentle step closer to her.

"And are you okay Lori? You seem a little distant." Lori nodded.

"I'm fine." Tinka looked at her, and she tightened up. "Alright, well if you guys need anything, we're down the hall." She walked out, almost roboticly.

Cece waited until she got out, and she peeked against the door. She closed it, and ran back over to the girls. "She's got something fishy going on. That's how my mother used to act with her boyfriend, right before she dyed her hair and moved."

"We met in the first grade." She nodded.

"We didn't move far. She just got a restraining order." They heard a knock on their door. Cece crept over to it. "Hey sweetie, who are you?"

"Ma said you guys had a girl 'bout my age." Laura stepped forward with Tinka. "Hi. My name's Beth."

"Laura. How're you?" She nodded.

"I'm fine. Nice to meet you. Dad'll... I'm not supposed to be up this late. She just said to come to say hi. Night." She walked into a room opposite from theirs. Cece closed the door again, and walked into the attached bathroom. She didn't even to bother to close the door, and she started to change. Tinka started to change too.

"Laura..." They laughed, already halfway changed. She had been looking away. "You can change. It's okay."

"Yes Laura, regrettably, you see all the dancers nude." Cece nodded.

"Yeah. For example, I know Tinks has a strech mark on her inner fat baby fold... Thing... Right beside her hip bone." Tinka glared.

"And I know the circle around Cece's nipple is shapped like a-" Cece threw a towellette at Tinka's head. "Fine." She finsihed changing. "It's shaped like a cat's head!" Cece threw her tooth brush, but Tinka caught it.

"Gunther has baby nipples." Tinka laughed.

"Can we get off the subject of nipples?" Laura walked with her clean clothes into the bathroom.

"What's with her?" Tinka shrugged.

She looked at her phone again. "Cece! There's spotty service here." Tinka smiled, and started to text Gunther. Cece nodded. Laura walked out of the bathroom, and got itno bed. Everyone fell asleep almost instantly, but Cece couldn't. She stubled down to the kitchen, using only her phone as light, and got a glass of water. She sat on the porch, and saw she have service.

"Rocky. r u up?' She took a sip of water until it lit up.

'Yeah. gunther got a text from t, he told me, i thought you had died, because i know my gf will always text me .:(' Cece frowned.

'It's kind of been a hard day. our car broke down in the middle of nowhere, it took 3 tries to send that last message.' She sipped the water mindlessly, watching her phone.

'Well, lucky 4 u, u have a SUPER AWESOME AND SUPER NICE gf. :) MISS YOU!' Cece smiled.

'Miss u... :) LOTS OF LOVE! XOXO Love you...:)' She pressed send, thinking she may of gone over board.

':)' Cece finished the water, and walked in.

"Hey." Lori jumped. "I'm starting to get the picture of what's going on."

"There's no picture..." Lori got up from the table, and took her glass.

"You bump into the doors? He hits you cause he loves you?" Cece growled.

"He doesn't hit me at all..." Cece snorted.

"Cece." She looked down. "What's that scrape?" Lori looked at her arm.

"I fell." Cece moaned.

"Goodnight. Thanks for the lodging. We really needed it." She walked off. "And you need it too..." She started muttering under her breath, all the way to her room.

Tinka tossed in her sleep. "Gunther... Scoot over..." She shoved her brother on the coutch, in their old home. "You're hogging..."

"Oink, oink." Tinka laughed at her brother.

"You know... Gunther... We've been... I think... I think what about to say, we both feel." He looked at her. "Gunther, I love you."

"Aww, I love you too sister twin." She shook her head.

"No... Like Mama loves Papa..." He looked at her, and started to glare at her in discust.

"Witch!" He lurched up, and Tinka ran up with him. She knew, somehow, what he was trying to do. "Evil being of the night..." He got a match and lit it. He threw it at her, and Tinka engulfed in flames. He was uttering a spell, but she couldn't hear.

Tinka woke up in a cold sweat, and couldn't fall back asleep. She looked at the clock. Two in the morning. It was an early start, but she was ready. She got her smaller sewing machine out of her bag, and the fabrics out from under it. She fired it up, and she was sewing before she knew it. She didn't have anyone to match with, so she just drew her free will. It ended up being a loose pink top, and a loose black cardigan,with a frilled, poofy, black with some pink ruffles, skirt. She got some pre-made leggings, and slipped on some clean pink silk flats. She walked into the bathroom, and did her hair. She put it up halfway, a pink bow that matched her shirt, shoes, and skirt, tied her hair out of her face. She looked at herself in the mirror. The illusion was good. It made her look like she was just fat. She didn't like looking fat, but it was less on a conversation starter than pregnancy. She walked out. Six thirty. She groaned in her head, and walked to the window. Already, there was the hustle in the small town. It reminded her of the old country, everyone up early, with something to do. She saw someone that caught her eye, and she was down the stairs.

"Hello." The man looked at her over his shoulder. "I would like to try and milk that goat."

He laughed, but got up. "Sure thing city girl. Just don't get mad when he runs away." Tinka smiled and sat down. She looked at the goat, and adjusted the milk bucket. She laughed, it wasn't even half full yet. She started on the goat.

"Done." She smiled, and got off the bench. It had been less than a minute and thirty seconds. "I'm the best goat milker in my old village." The old man started awestruck at the bucket of milk, and and at the goat, who didn't appear to be affected at all.

"You... You're really good at that. We have a few more goats." Tinka nodded.

"Oh, just bring 'em to Tinka." She smiled and sat back down on the bench. Pretty soon. there were two buckets more of milk. "Ahh!" She clapped.

"What are you?" She smiled.

"I'm the best goat milker in our tiny mountain village." Cece and Laura walked up behind her.

"What?" The man looked at them.

"Hey ya'll. I didn't recognize sparkly here at first, she was milking the goats." He walked them halfway across the flat, non paved surface of the town.

"Cece, I'm sure it was like the old country. I was a child when we left, so I had to milk the goats only. Gunther took care of the pigs. Mama fixed the food for the household, and she helped her mama in the castle. Papa was the butcher, and he took care of the town pound." She looked at Cece. "Yes. It's exactly what you're thinking." Her yes widened.

"Eww!" She gagged in her mouth.

"It's a tough meat. Like the texture of horse, llama, goat, and salmon all bunched together in a cute little doggy." Cece gagged even more, as Tinka laughed.

"if you ever mention that again..." Tinka laughed.

"You'll get over it soon enough." She grunted softly as little Cece kicked her in the gut.

"How long will it take to fix?" He looked at Cece.

"All of five minutes." Everyone sighed out relif. "When I get the parts next week." Tinka had to hold back a screaming Cece, and she and Laura dragged her to the coffee shop. Tinka got a black coffee for Cece, and water for herself and Laura.

Laura sat back and listened to the background music. "Hey..." She sat up, and shushed Cece and Tinka. She laughed. "Television man is crazy, saying we're juvenile delinquent wrecks. Oh man I need TV, when I got T Rex. Oh brother you guessed, I'm a dude..." Cece laughed, and joined her.

"All the young dudes, carry the news. Boogaloo dudes, carry the news! All the young dudes, carry the news, Boogaloo dudes, Carry the news!" Cece had to lay her head down she was laughing so much.

"Oh, come on Tinka! You have to like Bowie!" Cece looked at her. "Uh... Okay." She laughed again. "Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!"

"Turn and face the strain!" Cece smiled at the little girl providind the backup vocals in her high-piteched voice.

"Ch-ch-changes!" Tinka giggled.

"Time may change me, but I can't trace time." She laughed.

"It's not correct, but we'll take it." Tinka laughed.

"Good." She looked over at the table of ladies talking softly and pointing at them.

"Can we help you ladies?" Tinka gave Cece a death glare.

"We were just wondering. You sound like a person from the radio." Cece laughed.

"They're still playing Rocky and my shit?" She laughed. "Uh, yeah. My friend and I recorded some songs, got pretty famous in Japan. We dance on the television. We were actually heading to our graduation. Yeah, hoping to make it big on Broadway." She leaned back in her chair.

"And because you're on television you can put your feet on the table?" Tinka laughed at the barrista.

"Sorry..." She took her feet down. "So what are you ladies up to?" They uttered.

"We're planning the town festival-" Cece sprinted out of her chair and over to their table.

"A party?" She grinned. "We can help you make it awesome!" She jumped up and down. "We can bring cheer to this horri- Uh, a town that needs a little improvement!" Tinka had followed her over there with Laura.

"What's the celebration about?" The lady shuffled through the papers. She handed Tinka a log.

'Settlement of Holtsville.' She skimmed over. "You girls came just in time. It's our seventy-fifth. No theme yet. It's usually just balloons."

"That won't do..." Cece ran and got her bag. "I have some things in here more lively than that. Let's see..." She pulled out her wallet that she kept in there. "Oh... That's my friend who I sang with." She flipped through the pages. "That's her, and her twin brother, with the host of the show, me, and my friend. Uhh..." She squeaked. "Oh! This is my favorite one. That's when we did the oldies songs on the show. Life Could Be A Dream was my favorite. Shake Rattle and Roll was good, I didn't get to-" Tinka gasped.

"Cece... Shake Rattle and Roll. As a theme. For a festival." Cece's face could of split like the Joker's, she was grinnng so much.

"YES!" She gasped, and grabbed a pice of paper. Tinka laughed, and walked outside. She looked around town. She had overheard one of the lady's talking about a woman who hadden't spoken since her husband died. She knew how this played out. She looked around, and found the woman. She walked over, and sat on the rocking chair beside her.

"Hello." She smiled. "I'm Tinka Hessenheffer." She sighed, and looked around. "It's nice. Peaceful out here." She sighed. "Our car broke down. It was my fault, I wanted to bring the girl. But it's fine. Oh! And we found the picture of Little Nell, and it was signed in everything. Have you heard of her?" Tinka sighed, and closed her eyes. "She played Columbia in The Rocky Horror optional Picture Show. The Rocky Horror Show was the stage productions. Picture Show was the movie. Some people say they used to call them picture shows." Tinka opened her eyes, and Saw Cece lead them into a store. "Can you belive her? What is she going to find here anyway?" The old lady shrugged. "Anyway, Nell was the greatest. She has a daughter my age, actually. Her fist role was in a movie called Lisztomania. She played a nun that was suppposed to be a guy or something, and she was on set with Ringo from the Beatles."

"Barry McKenzie." Tinka smiled.

"Yes! I remember, she palyed Nerida Brealy, first role of hers. The stripper. You were never against a bit of a groping session at Seal Beach... Wait, did you just talk?" The old lady nodded. "Ooh! That's wonderful!"

"Wonderful." Tinka laughed.

"Wait. You're not going to start walking across water and making the blind see and stuff, right?" The lady laughed.