He Who Protects the Living

AN: Hello everyone! Welcome to my first story, He Who Protects the Living! Tons of thanks to Gazzadcs, who was the one that inspired me to finally write this. Seriously man, thanks a ton for all your help with this story, without you, this wouldn't be here! Everyone, go check out this guys FSNxFable crossover, it's looking pretty good. This may seem just a rehash at first, so sorry. I have nothing else to say, so without further adieu, welcome to the first chapter, Reborn!

Chapter 1: Reborn out of Ash

'How did this happen?' Masaki despaired as she ran with her son.

There were flames everywhere. Smoke covered the skies as they heard the screams of the dying and injured. Screams pleading for help.

Masaki ignored all of them. The only thing that mattered to her was saving her precious son.

They were only supposed to stay for a week. Just one week. Masaki's parents had wanted her to visit, and little Ichigo had begged her to let him come with her. She just couldn't say no to that face.

Ichigo tripped and fell. "Mommy!" he cried out.

"Ichigo!" Masaki cried out. Quickly she bent down, when a creaking noise stopped her. They were underneath a burning building, and a broken beam looked about ready to fall.

"Come on Ichigo, stand up honey, everything's going to be okay." she told him. With a groan, Ichigo stood up, right as the beam fell.

With a cry, Masaki pushed Ichigo away. "Mommy!" he cried out, as the beam fell on her. Before she was instantly consumed by the flames and rubble of the building, she mouthed something that he couldn't hear.

Ichigo cried out, but his mothers form had already been completely covered. He collapsed, unconscious.

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Some time later, he woke up. He was in a burning town. He was the only one still alive, he noticed almost clinically. He slowly remembered the sight of a woman saying something he couldn't make out before she was crushed by the burning rubble.

He didn't know why, but felt that she was important to him. A few tears fell, before he started sobbing.

Slowly, sobs racking his body, he walked away. He decided, that if everyone else was dead, he should live. People, buildings, all were consumed by the flames. He was sure he was going to die, but kept walking.

The boy walked, ignoring everything around him. He felt nothing as he walked, listening to the cries of the damned. People pleaded with him for help, mother's asked him to save their children, but he kept walking.

Perhaps hours later, the boy finally collapsed. It was raining. In that moment, the boy hated the rain more than he had ever hated anything. Why couldn't the rain have come sooner, and put out the fire so that woman, and these people wouldn't have died?

Moments later, his vision was consumed by a man, a haggard looking man with black spiky hair, crying. The boy looked at the man, and noticed that he looked happy, even while he was crying. Then and there, the boy decided that he wanted to look as happy as this man looked.

The sheer joy on the mans face that he was at least able to save one person joined his thoughts of a woman being crushed by rubble, as he fell unconscious to the sight of a golden glow.

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A boy with bright orange hair slowly opened his eyes, then immediately shut them again at a white glare.

Again, a bit more slowly, he opened his eyes, and took in his surroundings. He looked outside and noticed the blue sky. It was indescribably beautiful after the rain that should have saved that woman and those people.

The boy took a look at the room he was in, and noticed there were more people other than him, most badly injured. But it was okay. It meant that they had been saved.

A few days later, the boy remembered. The burning town, the dead, the woman that meant something to him dying and trying to tell him something.

The boy was nothing more than a newborn. He could not remember anything except the burning and the woman.

He was alone. His parents were presumed dead in the fire, and as he could not remember anything, they didn't know if he had other family.

The boy simply accepted this.

On the day that the boy's bandages were taken off, he was visited by the man that had saved him. Black uncombed hair, stubble on his chin, wearing a ragged coat.

The boy looked right back, taking in his appearance and the man said "Hi there, you must be Shirou-kun."

Shirou. The name that the doctors had given him, as he could not remember his own.

"I'll ask you bluntly. Would you like to go to an orphanage or come with me?" the man asked.

I did know the man, but anything was better than an orphanage. I told him I would go with him.

He quickly and messily packed my things.

Then he turned to me and said "Ah, just one thing you have t know before you come with me. I'm a magus."

Shirou just nodded his head in acceptance.

Ten Years later, Emiya Residence, Shed

With a groan, Shirou woke up and took a look around. It seemed that he had once again fallen asleep in the shed. He took a look at the time and gasped, he had woken up late. That was rare, but his concern was that soon his kohai Sakura would be here.

Shirou was about 5'9" (174cm). He had bright orange hair and an athletic physique.

Quickly, he put away all the stuff around him, and quickly made a sword, which looked like an oversized katana, as long as he was tall, disappear in a flurry of black particles.

'Just in time too.' he thought as he heard a familiar voice calling out to him.

The shed door opened, revealing a beautiful blue haired girl, a red ribbon in her hime style hair, wearing a school uniform.

"Senpai, it's very unusual for you to be up this late. I'll go get started on breakfast okay?" she said with a kind smile.

This was Sakura, Shirou's kohai. About a year ago Shirou had gotten sick, and Sakura came over and helped him out. Eventually, she just kept coming. They had a very close relationship.

"Ah matte Sakura, I'll help you." he said as he quickly approached her. She giggled and pointed to his clothes. "No need for that senpai I can do it. Besides, you should get dressed before Fujimura-sensei gets here." she said.

Shirou grimaced at his dirty and oily overalls, which he had been using to work and train last night. "Alright Sakura, I'll be right up." he said as he turned around and grabbed a uniform, which he kept in the shed in case something like this happened.

"I'll go get started then." proclaimed Sakura as she turned around and walked toward the house.

Shirou quickly dressed, then put the stove he had been fixing the night before away. The shed was filled with junk.

Shirou emerged from the shed and into the yard. He had a Japanese style home.

Quickly, he went to help Sakura in the kitchen, but he was too late. She had already finished.

"Oh senpai, your here already." she remarked as she looked through the cupboard.

"Here already? I woke up late, usually I'm already here. You just go on ahead Sakura, I'll take care of taking everything out." said Shirou with a small scowl on his face as he went to load the plates.

"Oh, that won't do senpai, let me help. I'll load the plates and you take them out." she said, quickly blocking my path.

Shirou decided not to argue with her. "Fine, do what you want." he said, his scowl increasing the slightest bit.

Sakura giggled, "You should stop scowling so much senpai, your face could get stuck like that."

Blushing a bit, I nevertheless put on a small smile and grabbed the plates as she loaded them and carried them to the table.

Breakfast was quiet, except for when Fuji-nee switched the labels of oyster sauce and soy sauce for calling her by her nickname the day before.

Fuji-nee was Shirou's caretaker. Or, as Shirou remarked, a freeloader.

After breakfast, Sakura was looking at the news. There were gas leaks taking place in Shinto, the neighboring town, and many people had been hospitalized.

"Worried Sakura?" he asked her as he put the dishes away.

"Well, senpai, isn't your workplace in Shinto?" she asked him.

"Yeah but it's a small place, I doubt anything like that's going to happen." Shirou told her.

Afterwords, they quickly locked the place up and hurried to their school so Sakura could be on time for her Archery club.

They arrived quickly, and Sakura turned to Shirou and asked "Senpai, would you like to come to the dojo today?"

"Sorry Sakura, Issei asked me for help today, so I have to head for the student council room." Shirou responded back.

"Ah, okay then Senpai, I'll see you for dinner tonight." she responded, looking sad, and a little...ashamed?

'Odd.' thought Shirou, but he quickly went on his own way.

-This is a page break-

Ryudou Issei was a good friend of Shirou. He was the big guy on the council. He had a rather plain personality, but he was a good friend.

He often asked Shirou for help fixing things. The schools budget favored the sports teams, and so there were often things that needed to be replaced.

As Shirou was looking at a heater, he asked Issei, "I'm almost done, can you step outside please?"

"A delicate operation huh? Sure, thanks for your help." he responded, making his way out of the room.

Shirou placed his hand on the heater and began to use Structural Analysis.

Structural Analysis. A spell. One of the ones that Shirou's father, Emiya Kiritsugu had taught him before he had died.

Kiritsugu had been a magus, and about eight years ago he had taught Shirou magecraft after he had begged him enough.

He couldn't do much with magic, but structural analysis was one of the few spells he was good at.

An image of the heater appeared in Shirou's head, and he quickly noted what was wrong. He quickly fixed it, once he knew what was wrong the rest was easy.

Shirou's father had once remarked that it was a worthless talent that he had with that spell. In truth, Shirou was not very good at magecraft. There was only one thing that was his saving grace, and he didn't understand it at all really.

It had happened the first time that Kiritsugu had taught him. It had confounded the both of them, and he still didn't understand it.

He headed out the room, and saw Issei conversing with a girl. Huh. It was Tohsaka Rin. She was a girl that lived in a mansion, athletic ability, good grades, modest, everyone in the school considered her the perfect woman.

Shirou personally did not see it. She was just a girl to him. She gave him a quick calculating look when he came out the room, then went back to her act.

Issei didn't really like her because he felt she was hiding something. Shirou had to agree with him. He could tell she put on an act for everyone, though he was clueless as to why.

Shirou quickly told him he was done, and they went off to the next room. Right before that, he looked at Tohsaka and remarked "Your up early Tohsaka."

She looked surprised, but threw him another look, like she was looking at his soul, then left.

Shirou and Issei quickly finished up then headed to homeroom.

There, Shirou saw Matou Shinji and scowled. Shinji was Sakura's older brother. Shirou disliked him a great deal, though Shinji seemed oblivious to it. He treated Sakura really roughly, and he was just an all around dis likeable person.

"Emiya your noisy today. I see you've been helping out Ryudou again, I hope you don't do anything to bring the club into disrepute." he told Shirou with an arrogant smirk.

Scowl deepening, Shirou looked at him and asked "What do you want Shinji?"

Looking a little taken aback, Shinji put on a brave fave and stuttered out "I-I j-just came to tell you how well the clubs been doing, especially now that a certain attention hogger is gone."

"I see." Shirou responded. "Mitsuzuri must be doing a good job." He took private delight in the look that Shinji made.

"N-no, I'm the one that's made the club as great as it is! Don't an outsider like you pretend he can understand our club issues!" he spoke against me.

Shirou raised an eyebrow. "I see. Well, have you been taking proper care of your bow? I know you tend to pull to far and it gets strained."

Shinji put on a rather humorous embarrassed/outraged face, but finally left. Afterwords, Issei asked me if I was alright, and I reassured him.

School was largely uneventful, same as any other day. After school I went to work. They needed me for inventory work

On my way home, at the bridge, I noticed something. A flower vase was knocked over, there were some punks hanging around.

Scowling deeply, I went over, and promptly kicked one of the punks in the face.


"Teme! Who do you think you are!" said one of the guys, wearing a beanie. The guy walked up to Shirou, who kicked his face into the ground, which cracked.


"What is this guy?"

"One. What is that?" asked Shirou, pointing to the vase. "You!" He pointed at one of the guys.

"Umm, an offering to some dead guy?" he stammered out with a nervous smile.

"Correct. And why is it knocked over?" asked Shirou, a deadly expression on his face.

"E-eto, b-because we knocked it over with our...skateboards?" he stuttered out. A foot came out of nowhere and smashed him into a wall.


"This guys a monster!"

"Oh man, oh man!"

"Now, you should apologize." Shirou said, a smile on his face.

"We're sorry, we're sorry!" said the rest of them bowing down over and over.

"Not to me, to her!" shouted out Shirou, pointing to a figure the thugs could not previously see. It was a little boy, brown hair, perfectly normal except for three things.

One: He was floating.

Two: There was a chain coming out of his chest

Three: There was a bullet sized hole in his forehead, dried blood all around his face.

Screaming out in pure terror, the thugs, crying, ran away apologizing.

"Alright, those guys probably won't bother you again. I'll bring you more flowers tomorrow." he said to the little boy with a kind smile on his face.

"Thank you so much Onii-san!" exclaimed the boy. "Now I can rest."

The boy faded away as Shirou sighed. That happened a lot. Ever since he could remember, he could see ghosts. The dearly departed. The dead.

It was something that confounded his father Kiritsugu, who presumed his magic leaned to death. He never found out why it was that Shirou could see the dead. He also did not know what to teach him if his element or origin was death.

Just as Shirou was coming up to his home, he noticed something odd. A little girl, with silver hair and red eyes, coming down the hill. As she was passing by, she told Shirou "Summon it soon Onii-chan. Otherwise, you'll die."

'What?' thought Shirou, but quickly dismissed it as the girls imagination.

Before she could go, he leaned down and grabbed her hand.

"Hey, what's a little girl like you doing out here all along?" he asked the girl, who turned to him with a surprised look on her face. "It's dangerous to be out alone at night these days, where are your parents? Never mind, come on I'll walk you home."

Ilya looked at him with a stunned face. She didn't know what to do, she hadn't expected him to do anything like this. Conflicted, she quickly kicked him in between the legs and ran away.

"Itai!" yelled out Shirou, a pained look on his face, bent down in pain. "Chotto mattekure!" he called out, but she was already gone. Wincing, he stood and decided to go home. She probably thought he was the bad guy he thought, limping home. He doubted she was in trouble though, wincing. She had a hell of a kick.

-This is a page break-

Dinner was eventful. Full of Fuji-nee telling Sakura about Shirou as a kid, proclaiming he'd be an Ally of Justice.

It wasn't a dream Shirou had given up, despite her teasing.

After dinner, Shirou asked Fuji-nee to walk Sakura home. Shinji didn't like Sakura coming over to his place, and while Shirou could easily put the fear of God into his heart, he didn't want him to take it out on Sakura. Then he might just kill him. Besides, Fuji-nee could take care of herself.

When they were gone, he went out back to the shed. Kiritsugu had taught him that he must train in magecraft every day. Shirou did so with gusto. He had not wanted Shirou to learn magecraft, but Shirou was insistent.

Kiritsugu had taught him to use magecraft for others, and that to practice magecraft, was to walk hand in hand with death.

Fitting, for someone like Shirou, who could see the dead.

Shirou invoked, "Trace, On." and summoned a katana, as long as he was tall, and very wide. Looking at it, Shirou thought back to the first time Kiritsugu had taught him. When teaching him to make an artificial circuit, pressure had erupted from Shirou's body.

Black particles had come out of him, and formed into a sword. This sword. It was something that had confounded Kiritsugu. He had had no idea of what it was. It was clear however, that Shirou was a strong magus, especially for not having a magic crest.

A magic crest was a compilation of a families studies in magecraft, and their circuits. They were rejected by those without the families blood. As such, Kiritsugu could not give Shirou his magic crest.

Their was only one problem however. Shirou, despite his seemingly powerful magic, could not do any spells. He had seemingly no talent for magecraft. There was only two spells he could do. Structural analysis, and reinforcement.

According to Kiritsugu, both were worthless skills. Nevertheless, Shirou used reinforcement to strengthen his sword. For some reason, it was hard for Shirou to use it on anything but his sword, and surprisingly, himself.

After using reinforcement just once on his sword, it never wore off. Shirou often checked, but it never wore off. He was also able to use reinforcement on himself, near perfectly.

This had caught Kiritsugu's interest. Why could he use it on himself and his sword, but not anything else?

They never found out. From that point on, Shirou no longer had to create an artificial circuit. Power just came out of him when he needed it.

'Enough reminiscing.' thought Shirou. 'I need to get to work.'

That night, Shirou trained in swordsmanship, which he had studied just as fervently as he had archery so he could properly use his sword.

He also tried his hand at reinforcing other objects, but did not succeed.

Leaving the shed and looking at the sky, he thought, 'Old man, I get closer to being an Ally of Justice everyday. Just you wait, I'll fulfill your dream for you,'

That night, Shirou dreamt of a beautiful golden sword.

The Next Day

The next day was nothing special to Shirou. He woke up, made breakfast, then trained in the dojo.

A magus had to be physically fit after all.

When Sakura arrived, he noticed a bruise on her wrist but said nothing. Shinji liked beating on Sakura, it was why Shirou hated him. He would deal with Shinji later.

He then went to school and met Mitsuzuri. They talked and she remarked that he made a first-year quit the club. Apparently he had been shot down by Tohsaka Rin when he asked her on a date.

Shirou took secret pleasure in this. He told her that he and Shinji were not friends or anything close to it. She seemed surprised, but accepted it.

They said their good-byes and Shirou headed to class.

At lunch, he and Issei talked about a murder that had been down apparently with a sword.

After school he had gone to work. He got off the bus, but decided to visit the park. The place he had been saved.

He sat on a bench, and thought it looked too desolate. The city could surely fix the park up. Plant new trees, new grass. He thought back to the day that he had told Kiritsugu that he would be a hero who saved everyone. He hated the thought that the people who sacrificed so much did not get a happy ending.

He took a look around and remembered that day. The screams. The dying. That woman. Shirou still had not figured out who that woman was. All he could remember was what she looked like. Her death. Her mouth, saying something he could not hear.

She meant something to him, but he could not figure out what. Her memory, spurred him on to trying to save people. He didn't want someone like that woman to die. He didn't want anyone close to him to die.

Hearing the bell, he stood and headed to work.

After work, he started walking home, when something made him stop and look up. Seeing something strange on top of a tower, he reinforced his eyesight, then saw a figure. 'Tohsaka?' he thought, then she vanished.

He idly wondered what she was doing, but paid it no more attention.

When he got home, Sakura had already left. He conversed with Fuji-nee for a bit, seeing a poster she had brought home, an army recruitment poster, with a metal plate on it of all things. Eating dinner and saying goodbye to Fuji-nee, he went out to the shed when she left and did his usual routine. Finishing up around 1 o'clock, he went to bed.

Little did he know that next day would be one of the longest and most important of his life. A day that would change his life.

The Next Day

Shirou woke with a gasp. He had dreamt of the night of the fire. The woman. Shaking his head, he noticed the time. It was late, and he could hear Sakura working in the kitchen.

At breakfast, Fuji-nee remarked on how he was late and asked if anything was wrong. Shirou simply told her he had a dream of his past.

After breakfast and walking out the door, Sakura told me "Senpai, I won't be coming to help this weekend, but please, come to the dojo if you need anything."

"It's fine Sakura don't worry about it. I'll come to the dojo if I need anything." he told her. She nodded, then gasped.

"Senpai, your hand." she pointed out.

"Ara?" Shirou looked down. His left hand was bleeding. A welt ran up his arm like a snake.

"Don't worry Sakura, it doesn't hurt or anything. It's nothing, it'll heal quickly." he told her. Sakura didn't quite look convinced, looked a little odd really.

Shirou attributed it to the blood, and dismissed it.

They quickly arrived at school and parted ways. When Shirou crossed the gate, he froze. There was something wrong, like there was a membrane in front of him. Shirou shook his head and passed it off as his imagination, but took an uneasy glance at the gate.

After school, Shirou helped Issei with the things he couldn't the last time, and before he knew it, it was sundown.

Walking out of his classroom, he walked into a blue haired boy, a couple of loud girls behind him. Shirou put on his usual scowl. Matou Shinji.

Then, he suddenly internally grinned as he took a look at the girls. A perfect chance to get at him without resorting to violence.

"Oh, your still here, Emiya? Oh but of course, your always helping out the student council right?" Shinji asked him, a mocking grin on his face.

"Yes that's right. We're the ones using the things, so it's only right we fix them right?" Shirou responded back.

"Heh. Haven't I told you I hate it when you act like a good boy?" he said to Shirou, his grin still on.

"Oh, I didn't really notice. It just seemed like the kind of usual thing you say, so I probably just ignored it." he responded back, internally grinning.

The girls behind Shnji began giggling, Shinji began gritting his teeth, but forced himself to relax.

"All right, so you're going to fix everything?" he asked me, no longer grinning, a strained smile on his face.

"That's impossible. I'll fix what I can, no one can fix everything." Shirou responded.

"I see. In that case, would you care to clean the dojo and string the bows for me? You should help us out too, not just the council." he asked me, thinking he had the upper hand.

"Huh? Fujimura-sensei told us not to do that senpai. You could get in trouble." one of the girls told him.

"Well didn't he say that he used to be a member?" said one of the other girls. "Maybe we could let him do it."

"I don't mind. You were never good at stringing the bows, right Shinji? You always put them on too tight and they snapped on you." Shirou told him.

Once again gritting his teeth at the giggling girls, Shirou didn't know them, they must be newcomers, Shinji thanked Shirou with a strained expression on his face and told the girls to go.

Waving at the girls, who waved back, still giggling, he grinned as Shinji left. It might not leave the same taste as punching him, but humiliating him was good revenge too.

Shirou went out to the dojo, remembering the day he had gotten injured. Something had fallen and left a scar on his arm, and Shinji had suggested that he leave since his school practiced traditional shooting. Men shot with their right shoulders uncovered.

He had never missed except for a single shot. That shot he missed deliberately, to see if it would miss. He was a natural at archery, and Shinji had always been jealous of his talent.

Cleaning every spot, he finished a few hours later.

Walking outside, Shirou remarked on how cold it was. He could see his own breath. Resolving to go home quickly, he walked on, then froze.

He just heard something. 'What was that?' he thought, frozen in place.


There it was again. Like metal striking on metal. It sounded like it was coming from the schoolyard.

Ignoring a sudden sense of unease, he hurried to the schoolyard to see what was going on.

Arriving at the front of the school, he paused, and squinted. He could see figures.

Once again, walking hurriedly towards them, he suddenly froze. 'What...Is this?' was his stunned thought. There were two figures. One dressed in blue, one in red. His gaze moved to the red figure. Something about him looked familiar.

They had weapons out. The figure in red had two swords out, one black, one white. They drew his gaze, once again, seeming familiar.

He looked at the figure in blue, a sadistic grin on his face, wielding a long red lance that felt of death to Shirou. It was not a bad feeling to him.

They were fighting, but beyond the capability of any normal human being. 'Mages?' was Shirou's stray thought, before he dismissed it. No magus could possibly fight at this level.




Shirou kept on hearing the clash of metal on metal as he stared at the two figures, fighting at such speeds Shirou could only make out blurs while they were moving.

Shirou reinforced his eyes to watch, wondering what these two beings were doing there. Beings. There was no way they were human.

Suddenly, they stopped. The blue figure turned for a moment, and Shirou took and unconscious step back.


In the sudden silence, the cracking of a branch as Shirou stepped on it rang out. Cursing a storm in his head, he reinforced his body, though he wondered what use it would be against beings like them, and ran.

He could feel someone following at his back. He ran faster. Running into the school, he finally stopped inside a vacant classroom, as he felt the presence disappear. Panting, he took a quick look at his surroundings.

Then, he stiffened as he felt the presence once more.

"Well, well, you run quite fast for a human. Are you done already? I was enjoying the chase." Shirou turned around and swore out loud as he faced the same blue figure from before. Now up close, Shirou took in the figures clothes, his blue hair, red eyes and his long, red spear.

"Sorry about this, but you weren't supposed to see that." the figure mentioned nonchalantly, right before he thrust the lance at Shirou.

Cursing, Shirou dodged right, but the lance made a cut on his left arm.

"Trace, On!" Shirou spoke, a huge sword appearing in his hands. Grimacing, and taking a quick look at his arm, was relieved to see it wasn't a bad cut. It didn't look like it would stop bleeding however.

"Oh?" the figure remarked. "Projection? Your using a useless spell like that to fight me? I am impressed that you dodged however. Well, not completely." The figure said, a smile on his face, looking at Shirou's arm.

"Alright gaki, I'll give you a chance to fight. Give me a good fight now." the figure said, as he once more thrust his lance.

Shirou quickly parried and gave a swing downwards, but the figure was already gone. 'Behind' he thought, as he hurriedly turned and blocked another thrust.

The figure thrusted his lance at Shirou with increadible speed, his thrusts looking like he was striking ten times at once. Shirou desperately swung his sword over and over. Clangs filled up the room.

Shirou was putting up a fight, but it wasn't good enough. He was steadily receiving more and more cuts as time went on.

Blood streamed out of Shirou, as he striked at the figure. He was starting to get tired. Despite his seemingly large reserves of prana, Shirou was weakening. Sustaining his reinforcement, and moving as fast as he could was taking it's toll on his body.

Shirou jumped back at a swing of the figures lance then immediately regretted it as he felt a wall behind him. Putting up his sword as a shield, the figure grinned before he thrust once more, braking through Shirou's sword, and into his stomach.

Shirou stared at the lance in his stomach. Blood poured out.

"Well kid, you put up a good fight. In the end though, you were just a human." the figure told him as he removed the lance.

Shirou gasped. 'Is this how I'm going to die' he thought. His eyes slowly closed, then shot open again.

'Huh?' was Shirou's only thought as he looked around. He was in a different place. He looked around and saw a barren desert, swords all around him. Then he saw a figure. A man, with a black coat that seemed like flames at the bottom. He had long black hair and was wearing sunglasses.

"Welcome Ichigo." the figure told him.

"Where are we? Why did you call me Ichigo? My name is Shirou. Emiya Shirou" he both told and asked the figure in wonder. "Who are you?"

"My name isn't important right now. Why I called you Ichigo is likewise not important right now. We are in your soul, Ichigo. The source of your power. Your 'magecraft' as you call it." The figure told him.

Shirou stared at him. 'His soul?' he wondered.

"However Ichigo, you are dying right now. See how this place crumbles. If you want to live, you need to find the source of your power. Your zanpakutou. Your true sword." the figure told him.

"Wait a minute!" Shirou cried out to him. "How am I supposed to find one sword in all of this? It's impossible!"

"Nothing is impossible Ichigo. You just have to feel it." the figure explained to him. "You must hurry now. This world is crumbling, and you won't live much longer."

Frowning, but acquiescing to the man, Shirou looked around. He saw flames coming from out in the distance. They were closing in too fast for Shirou's liking.

He closed his eyes, wondering what he was supposed to sense. He couldn't feel anything. The scent of smoke filled his nostrils. The fire was getting closer. Wait. Shirou took a sniff. What was that smell he wondered.

Shirou opened his eyes and sniffed the air. That smell. It smelled like...death. Deciding it was better than nothing, especially as the flames were close enough he was starting to feel the heat, he ran towards the smell.

Minutes, hours, he didn't know. All he knew, was that he had to find that scent. The other man, followed him, gliding. Shirou ignored him. Finally, Shirou came upon a hill. There was a sword on the top.

It could only be described as a giant cleaver. There was no tsuba(guard), it was black with a silver edge. Ignoring the sense that felt like there was something missing on that hill, he ran up and grabbed the sword, just as the flames reached the hill.

Darkness consumed Shirou's vision. Suddenly, he heard a voice. 'Remember Ichigo. Abandon your fear. Look forward. Move forward and never stop. You will age if you hesitate. You will die if you retreat. Now, shout out my name! My name is -'

Shirou opened his eyes, standing and surprising the blue figure with the lance as he roared out - "ZANGETSU!"

Black exploded out of Shirou. The blue figure moved back, his face set in wonder as he saw Shirou.

A sudden pressure fell on the blue figure as Shirou's sword turned into a giant cleaver.

'What is that? That's not a sword, it's a giant slab of metal with a hilt and an edge!' the figure thought as the pressure lessened but did not die down. White suddenly exploded out of the hole in Shirou's stomach.

Shirou thought nothing of it, there was something more important in front of him. He turned his swords hilt on himself and broke the mask.

He looked at the figure and prepared himself, when something unusual happened. Unaware to him, a circle back in his shed at home glowed a bright red as dried blood started moving on it.

All the blood on the ground, Shirou's blood, gathered into a circle. Shirou looked on in wonder as it suddenly formed into a ritual looking magic circle.

His blood, the circle glowed a bright red as a flash overtook the room. When it died down, Shirou suddenly felt a pull on his prana, and a figure appeared. Shirou stared at her. Moonlight streamed from one of the windows in the classroom.

She was blond, wearing what looked to be a blue middle ages style dress, underneath a load of armor.

She looked at Shirou, and he wondered at her looks. He thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Shirou looked at her green eyes in wonder.

The girl suddenly spoke to Shirou, something that made him a little confused.

"By your summoning, I have appeared. I ask of you, are you my master?"

-This is the end of Chapter 1-

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