Hello, agian! This is kind of a poem- creative- writing- thingy (O.o I'm not too sure. Probably a poem, haha.) written from Falsetto's point of view about. Which is odd because I wasn't a huge fan of her. I took inspiration from the author Ellen Hopkins's books, which are brilliant. However, I had to make it look different and painfully generic to the original because of stupid Document Manager. In the end I just got a ruined idea, and really pissed. -.- I worked hours to originally space it, so in honor I am publishing it anyways. Anyhow, this is rated T for heart break, depression, and my language. Disclaimer: I wish, but I do not own Eternal Sonata and all it's people.

He is Blind

I- He is blind to the

have- attempt to shine in his mind's shadows

always- To the hurt

been- He is blind to the fact

right- that I hide when I see him and melt

here.- To the broken heart

begging- He is blind to the way

for- I act tough to hide my heart's real hurt

you- To the act

to- He is blind to the joy

see- That I feel when he is home after a long journey

my- To the bliss

longing,- He is blind to the drowning

languishing,- In my own sorrow when he kisses her

lamenting,- To the rejection

and- He is blind to the fate

everlasting- I will have in the shadows of his mind

love.- To my death

Well, that's the end! It's a bit different, and if anyone reads this I haven't the slightest idea if they will like it. :D Either way it's fun to share. Also if it is hard to understand I am sorry. Just message me or review if it bothers you that much, and I will try to explain. It isn't my fault. Although, I might just be dumb, and not know how to work it. :P