The Starwatcher Legacy

The story starts after Tython has been saved from Darth Angral's destructive super weapon

"I have defeated Darth Angral and the emperor no longer controls Kira."

"That's good but the council is concerned about your encounter with the sith on Alderann." said Master Satele

Andrikina and Kira looked at each other with concern. Kira didn't know who these sith were but Andrikina thinks she knows who these sith are.

"Yes we had encountered the sith but we didn't engage them. They seemed concerned about something else though." said Andrikina

"These sith were after Jeasa Willsaams parents to kill them and flush her out into the open. But it's been reported that the Willsaams were at the imperial space port. They have unfortunately sided with the empire." said another Jedi master.

"Makes me wonder why they would spare them in the first place. They could have easily killed them with no second thought." said Kira

"These sith have been known to have actions that reflect only light. Our Jedi investigator has discovered the light within these two sith." said Master Arvch.

"They won't give up their sith heritage but I know they possibly could help us and there is a possibility they're others like them." said Andrikina.

"Yes it's possible. Be wary of these sith during your next mission. May the force be with you." said Master Satele "And with you Masters." said Andrikina as she and Kira left for there next mission on Ballmorra.