Alright here's my new chapter from the Jedi Knight point of view. Also involves a little bit of Smuggler and there might be some spoilers.

As Andrikina wakes up she realizes she's not on her ship. She is in a dark room on a bed with black covers and pillow with a black pillow case, all delicate and silky to the touch. She looks down to see she was back in her Padawan clothes, changed from the Jedi Knight clothes she remembered wearing. She gets off the bed goes up to the door of the room which slides open automatically at her presence. She walks out into the hallway coming to the conclusion that she is still unfamiliar with this place. Using only her gut instinct she turns left down the hallway. Stepping lightly she decides to turn right, where she stands at the foot of a temple entrance. Gazing at the ruined valley below her, she heads down a set of stairs to the first floor, finding there were many different hallways. Andrikina still moved by instinct, travels down the middle hallway in front of her. The hallway leads to an adjacent chamber that adorned familiar Sith statues and a large wall. In the middle she walked around it and found the entrance. As she slowly walks out she can't believe what she thinks she sees.

"This can't be what I think this place is." Andrikina said to herself in shock as she looks out at the red desert. The eyes soaking in the vast stretch of red velvet sand which slowly pelts away at the remains of Sith statues, ones that once stood with just pride and honour now weathering away.

Lost in thought, Andrikina suddenly hears footsteps coming from behind her from the temple's entrance. She quickly turns around to see it is a Sith pureblood male, who reminded her a bit of Praven. He appeared to be around her age, had short black hair with orangey-gold eyes that glowed. His skin held little scars on his face giving clues of battles once fought. He stood before her in Sith Acolyte clothes, his stance demanding her attention.

"This is exactly the place you think." he said. His voice was very intoxicating to her.

"Than what is this planet?" she said trying to keep her ground as the pureblood walked slowly up to her.

He left little space between her and him. "This is Korriban." he replied.

Then gasping in surprise as he reach his arm around her waist and pulled her to him. He gently pressed her against him, she looked into his eyes making her feeling like in a trance when she looked into those beautiful and intoxicating eyes. Then he kissed her on the lips and she returned that kiss.

The kiss ended and as Andrikina pulled way to look at the pureblood again, her own eyes open and she awoke from her dream. Gasping for breath, she realizes she was still in her quarters on her home ship. She rose from bed, foggy from what she has just seen, and changed into her Jedi robes. Pushing the dream to the back of her mind she approaches the bridge.

"Hi had a good nap?" Kira asked.

"Yeah you won't believe the strangest dream I had." said Andrikina.

"Please tell me it's not Doc that was in the dream" teased Kira.

"No it wasn't that idiot it was someone else." Andrikina reassured Kira.

"Oh then who was it?" Kira asked curiously.

"I don't know Kira, but I think it was…" Andirkina began to give her friend a theory of who it could possibly have been when she was interrupted by the T7, beeping louder than usual.

"What is it T7?" Andrikina asked puzzled as the droid never appears to have any problems.

"Someone knows about the stolen files!" T7 beeped

"How do you know that?" Kira asked.

"Been monitoring computer frequencies on Balmorra. Someone checked imperial computers from off world and find the files are somehow copied." T7 Beeped

"Do you know who has done this and where they did it from?" asked Andrikina

"Both unknown." T7 beeped

"This is not good. Whoever checked must be on to us." Kira concluded.

"They're not on to us. They're on to whoever copied the files." Andrikina pointed out.

"But they'll eventually figure out who did it and then they'll hunt us down." said Kira beginning to panic.

"Yes eventually but not now." Andrikina attempted to reassure her.

"Hope you're right" said Kira

Then the holo-terminal beeped in the other room at the end of the ship.

"I wonder whose calling." Kira said

"Don't worry I'll get it." Andrikina said tiredly, wondering to herself if she would see the end of this mess in one piece.

She went into the holo-communications lounge area of the ship and answered the holo. The image of the person appears.

"Hi Adrei" Nirayna greeted "How's it going?"

"Every things fine Nirayna how about you?" Andrikina responded.

"Every things good just doing stuff you know." explained Nirayna

"How are things with Skavak?" Andrikina asked raising an eyebrow to her sister to physically show her seriousness of the question.

"What are you talking about?" asked Nirayna trying to avoided the subject.

"Because I have heard you gotten your star-ship stolen by him and you have a bounty on your head!" Andrikina loudly pointed.

"Look I know this looks bad but hear me out. I gotten my star-ship back and am going to get back at that idiot for doing that." Nirayna said defensively, knowing this would be coming from her sister.

"You never learn do you Nirayna." Andrikina barked back.

"I know revenge isn't the answer to everything. But if I don't stop him who knows who he'll steal from next."

"That is a good point but still I worry about you." said Andrikina.

"How do you think I feel? Every time the Jedi send you to whatever crazy or insane mission I think we won't see each other again. I may make different choices for myself, but you have council ordering into harm's way which you walk blindly into." Nirayna pointed out.

"It's never blindly little one" Andrikina smirked, " Now what have you heard?"

"That you stole some cloaking device plans, some location of a space fortress and some other files of Sith that you encountered or something to that effect." said Nirayna

"All of it is true. I think the Sith I encountered on Alderaan and what my mission is could be somehow connected." Andrikina explained.

"I'll be heading to Alderaan soon, maybe I can dig something up there for you." Nirayna offered, something she rarely would do but would enjoy the chance at helping her sister.

"If you could it would be most helpful." said Andrikina appreciative of the offer.

Then T7, Kira and Doc walk in.

"Hey, what's going on?" asked Kira

"Just talking to my sister Nirayna." Andrikina explained.

"You're Kira right? Heard a lot of about you." Nirayna called over the holo-gram.

"Oh really, like what?" Kira asked.

"Good friend but can be little crazy sometimes." Nirayna confessed.

"Sounds almost like me." Kira laughed.

"What you hear about me gorgeous?" said Doc giving a failing attempt at trying to flirt with NIrayna.

"That if you call me gorgeous I should shoot you in the leg." Nirayna promised "By the way Arcivan Kimble… you owe a friend of mine a few credits."

"Just call me Doc please." Doc begging embarrassingly.

"That's your name, Arcivan Kimble" said Kira "Seriously?"

"Ok I think that's enough Kira, Arcivan and T7 will you please leave?" Andrikina asked.

"Sure we'll leave." Kira agreed "Come on Arcivan." Kira couldn't help but let this new tidbit be played with.

"Please just call me Doc." he begged still embarrassed by the revelation of his true name.

Now alone Andrikina and Nirayna continued their conversation.

"I'm guessing you had T7 inform you about my mission." said Andrikina.

"Yeah you caught me. I just wanted to make sure you're ok." Nirayna confessed.

"Well he'll let you know when he can. I'll also be keeping tabs on what you're doing." Andrikina replied.

"Did Corsso or Risha tell anything?" asked Nirayna

"Corsso might have told me something's, but I have my own way of figuring out what's going on with you." said Andrikina.

"Right, just like a sister would. I hope we get to see each other soon." said Nirayna.

"Have fun on Narr Shaddaa and let me know when you're on Alderaan." Andrikina wished her sister well and then the transmission ended. Standing for a moment in the silence, Andrikina hoped to see her sister sooner than later. Pushing yet another thing to the back of her mind, Andrikina made way to the bridge of her ship.

"So just catching up with your sister?" Kira popped up.

"Yeah it's been a while since I've seen her in person. She was once a Jedi Padawan but she left. She never liked the no attachment rule. Now she's a smuggler doing who knows what in different parts of the galaxy." Andrikina explained.

"Whatever she's doing maybe she's doing good." Kira suggested in hope.

"I hope so." said Andrikina

"So what was that dream you were going to tell me about?" Kira asked

"Now isn't the best time. Maybe I'll tell you later, as for right now we have to get back to work." said Andrikina. Then she left the bridge to her quarters still thinking about the dream for what could be a vision.