(( This is a Fanfiction of - The Calling - a video game for Wii, This is my first Story ive uploaded , please be nice. ))

Hello Im Hiromi, Hiromi Sanjin.I'm 15, I have green eyes and bright blonde hair, and recently i found a chatsite called 'The Black Page' . I had heard rumors about it, but had never asked anybody to confirm them.I wouldent be able to talk to my parents about it, they would get mad at me for talking to strangers over the one night once evrybody was sleeping , i turned on the computer in my room and searched up this infamous site.I typed in a witty username: San-Hiromi-Chan* , and logged onto the chat site.I sat in my dimly lit room, Tapping the keys on my computer.

San-Hiromi-Chan Has logged on.

GeishaLuvLuvU Has logged on.

RockIntheBed Has logged on.

SexySmileLove Has logged on.

San-Hiromi-Chan : Hey guys, how are you?ALL

SexySmileLove : Sup Hiromi? You come here cause' of the rumor?

GeishaLuvLuvU : hiya, Hiromi.

San-Hiromi-Chan : The rumor...The one about those three girls who died after coming onto this site?

GeishaLuvLuvU : Bingo! Rumours travel fast!

RockInTheBed: Yeah, Heard it was true,so i came online here to see if i would die LOL.

SexySmileLove: Wow, funny but true, and rather blunt. LAWL.

GeishaLuvLuvU: And somewhat suicidal, what if its true?!

San-Hiromi-Chan: I hope its not true..

SexySmileLove: Oh Geisha, dont proably fake,we're not going to die.I'll be darned if we are..

FriendshipBraclets Has logged on.

FriendshipBraclets:Hello Everybody,ALL

San-Hiromi-Chan: Hi there FriendshipBraclets.

RockInTheBed: LOL. bunch o' new people! Welcome!

FreindshipBraclets:Not for long..

FreindshipBraclets Has disconnected.

GeishaLuvLuvU: That was dark O_o

RockInThe Bed: You don't suppose friendship was talking about how the people died, and how the people in this chatroom are next?

SexySmileLove: God, Probably just a troll wanting ignore Friendship.

San-Hiromi-Chan Has disconnected.

That last post from FriendshipBraclets scared me so bad i decided to Disconnect with any further words.I stared at my monitor, The Black page homescreen still up on my monitor.I took a dry gasp of air and looked down at my light on it lit up and i knew somebody was calling ringtone (Dancing Samurai-Gakupo- Vocaloid) started playing and i staired down at it with horrified eyes.I grabbed it quickly, flipping it open and putting it up to my ear.I stood up and started pacing around my dimly lit ,Brown and yellow room. There was nothing but static.I panted, taking the phone way from my ear and looking at my went fuzzy in my eyes, and i fell down. I then closed my eyes, and shifted into the cold black darkness.

When i awoke, i found myself in my school. I was laying down under a table in the Nurse's office.I layed there, Unmoving and cold, the floor was dirty, there were little balls of dift and dust underneath here.I squrimed out from underneath the table and looked up.I was definetly in the nurse's was cold, and dirty on the floor. Why am I in my School's nurseing office?! This makes no sence~! I stood up and looked top of the table I was underneath had a cellphone on it, i picked it up and squeezed it in the palm of my sweaty hand.